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Kurama: My take on Kurama—probably not true, but it's how I tend to see it in fanfics: Kurama, Youko and Shuichi are three different people...sorta. Shuichi is a human, and is what would have been, had Youko not died and his gone into the baby's unborn body. Youko is the infamous Makai thief. Kurama is a combination of Shuichi and Youko—consciousnesses, that is. Shuichi, or his consciousness at least, is dead, or perhaps buried, because of when Youko entered his body before his awareness truly had time to form. Youko is alive but not dominant in the body the three inhabit, his mindset being that of the cold thief. Kurama is the foremost consciousness of the three, and is part Shuichi and part Youko.


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  ~Planned Chapters for Broken Rose~

1:  Musings and Mercy

2:  Of Foxes and Fire

3:  Revelation

4:  Dream the Dark

5:  Youko Kurama

6:  Lost

7: Battle

8: Aftermath

Dedication and Closing

~*~Broken Rose~*~

Chapter 1: Musings and Mercy

"C-Com'on, you believe in mercy, don't you?"


Kurama turned and walked steadily back to his teammates, eyes straight and features emotionless. He and glanced back as there was a final, bone-chilling scream, to see beautiful flowers blooming from the fallen demon's body.

"How ironic," he murmured, "That such beauty could come from such ugliness."

Up in a private box, above the rabble of demons, hungry eyes watched the youko as he rejoined his comrades, a small smirk coming to the hard mouth.

"Beauty indeed."


Kurama refrained from commenting as Hiei once again made his observation of the youko's actions in his battle against Roto, instead continuing to tend to his wounds and ignoring the fire demon.

After Hiei's battle with Zeru, and Yusuke's with Chuu, the Urameshi team had retired back to their quarters in the hotel to recover from the rough day. Hiei, Kurama and Yusuke were in the main room, while Kuwabara was in his own room, probably dreaming of Yukina.

"It was probably a bluff."

"If it was, I wasn't about to call it, Hiei," Kurama said quietly, wincing slightly as he tied off a bandage around his ribs.

Hiei glowered at him from the windowsill, muttering, "Stupid," once more.

"Cut him some slack, Hiei," Yusuke protested, dragging himself into a sitting position from lying on the couch. "Would you have simply attacked if he had been threatening Yukina?"

Hiei shifted his icy glare to Yusuke, but the teen met his gaze steadily.

"First off, I was not the one who was fighting him. And second, I would have killed him before he even tried to threaten her."

Yusuke snorted and opened his mouth to reply when Kuwabara burst into the room, apparently already recovered from his injuries.

"Did I hear someone say Yukina?" The outspoken young man asked, eyes bright.

Yusuke laughed while Kurama smirked, but the youko's amusement wasn't coming from Kuwabara's childlike obsession with Yukina. Instead, Kurama watched Hiei fix Kuwabara with a death-glare, the fire demon obviously wishing that he hadn't used the Jao Ensatsu Kokuryuha quite yet, because he was absently flexing his charred right arm. Everyone but Kuwabara knew that Yukina was Hiei's sister, yet everyone, especially Kuwabara, knew how much Hiei disliked the teen.

"Nope, it must have been your imagination," Yusuke said as Kurama nudged him, nodding to Hiei's dark countenance.

"Oh." Kuwabara wandered out of the room bemusedly, muttering to himself. Kurama watched him go with a wry smile, absently rubbing the scar across his cheek.

Abruptly the youko leapt to his feet, picking up his jacket and pulling it on over the bandages.

"I think I'm going to go on a walk," Kurama said blandly. He didn't wait for a reply, already walking out the door.

Yusuke watched him go in perplexity. "Shouldn't you follow him, Hiei…? Make sure he doesn't get…well, killed?"

In reply, Hiei pulled out his katana and began sharpening it left-handed, obviously having no intention of going anywhere. "The Fox is perfectly capable of taking care of himself."

Despite his words, however, Hiei still had a strange feeling that something bad was going to happen, and soon, to the youko turned human.

Kurama wandered around the island aimlessly for hours, lost in his own thoughts and attempting to get control of them.

'What if I had attacked? Surely, I wanted to…but, what if it had not been a bluff? The demon certainly knew enough about my dealings in the Ningenkai.'

It wasn't a bluff.

Kurama froze, then shook his head at his own foolishness. Even if Youko rarely talked to him, he should have known the demon would eventually find some way to shut him up after the hours spent cluttering his head with uncertainties.

'Oh? How are you so sure?'

Because I am.

"Infuriating," Kurama muttered aloud. It was bad enough that he had Youko's thoughts and emotions intermingling with his own; having the demon talk to him was certainly unnerving, especially that, in a sense, Youko was him.

The demon has been following your—er, our mother for some time.

'And you did not tell me of this?!' Kurama demanded, enraged.

There was no need to, Youko replied offhandedly.  I did not see him as a threat, at the time.

Kurama shot various mental obscenities at the demon, none of which he would ever use aloud. Youko went quiet, but left amused silence in his wake.

Kurama turned abruptly and strode back down the dark forest path, heading back toward the castle. He felt almost petty smugness at Youko's discomfort, knowing the Fox didn't enjoy being within in the gloomy stone.

"Shuichi Minamino."

Kurama stopped in his tracks at the sound of his Ningenkai name, so unfamiliar here in the Makai. He sensed a presence to his left, and turned.


Kurama spun back around at Youko's cry of alarm just in time for a thin but strong piece of rope to wrap itself around him multiple times.

Fuuka Enbujin! Youko shouted again.

'I'm not a fool,' Kurama shot back even as he invoked the lethal power of the razor petals. They easily tore through the bindings trapping him.

Kurama dropped to a crouch, snapping his rose out and turning the flower into a whip instantly.

"What do you want?" Kurama called, searching for his attackers with his eyes, keeping the rose whip ready. He couldn't sense anyone…but then, rei kan had never been his focal point.

Abruptly Kurama felt something prick him in his side, going through even the thick bandages. His hand jerked to the thing and pulled it out. A dart, the tip covered in a dark green liquid. Immediately a feeling of lethargy swept over him.

"You," came the silky reply as Kurama spiraled into unconsciousness.


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rei kan: the ability of sensing other people around.

Jao Ensatsu Kokuryuha: Err…Dragon of the Darkness Flame. Y'know, Hiei's cool technique thingy.

Fuuka Enbujin: when rose petals surround Kurama and make him look all cool and shiat.

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