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Chapter 1

"Good practice guys, everybody's really improved!"

Jay smiled as he watched Lonnie complement each member of the team as they made their way into the locker room. It was something she always did after a good practice, saying that her parents taught her the balance between encouragement and discipline. Jay thought it made sense, given the similarities between an army and sport's team. Though sometimes it made him think back to his days of running around the streets of the isle with Mal and the others. Back there it was all about fear and respect, and those who weren't feared were weak. His father had taught him that relying on anyone but yourself was the fastest way to get killed. Of course, since coming to Auradon, Jay had learned just how valuable being on team could be. He now knew that he could rely on his friends, his real family, and they would always have his back. And he would do anything to protect them. He had to wonder if the new VKs that Ben and Evie were bringing over would be able to adjust as well as they had.


Jay looked up from his spot on the bench to see Lonnie holding two swords in her hands.

"Up for some one-on-one?"

Jay smirked, "Always."

He took the sword from her left hand and placed it in his own before making his way towards the mats. The two of them faced off, saluted, and then began. Jay entered a low crouch making sure to stand shoulder width apart where he could remain in the defensive position. Lonnie quickly moved stepped into a thrust which Jay was easily able to block. He spent the next fifteen minuets blocking her attacks, while waiting for the right opportunities for his own advances. Towards the end of their session, Lonnie ran up onto one of the blocks and jumped off coming down at him like a striking cobra. Jay moved to lunge out of the way when Lonnie twisted in mid-air and struck his open chest. While the aggressive move worked, Lonnie didn't have time to recover and fell hard onto her side, her saber falling out of her grip. Jay moved to check on her, but she was already dusting herself off.

"I'm good." She said, shaking his hand.

"That move was amazing," Jay said as they moved over to grab their towels, "with a little more practice you could even stick the landing."

"Yeah, I was trying to work in a move my mom showed me a while back," she shrugged before taking a large sip of water, "granted it's used for a little more basic combat, but it's got a lot of potential."

She paused for a moment, before tossing Jay a water bottle, "Do you mind if I ask you something."

"Fire away." Jay shrugged.

"Have you always fought defensively?" Lonnie asked.

"What do you mean?" Jay asked confused, "the best offense is a strong defense, right?"

"I think the best offense is a strong offense," Lonnie chuckled, "but seriously if given the choice, you always default to a defensive position. I mean your defense is already as strong as a wall. So why not go for the attack more?"

Jay though about what she was saying for a moment, "You can't let your guard down. If you give someone the chance to strike, they'll always take it."

Jay wasn't sure what to think of the look on Lonnie's face, it was like the one she had worn months ago in the kitchen when Mal had been making the love potion. It was a look of pity, but what Jay didn't understand was why she had it on now. There was absolutely nothing wrong with being cautious, in fact…

"You know it wouldn't hurt you to work on your defense a little more." Jay told her, wiping off his face with the towel, "You managed to pull off most of those moves, but a few of them were a little risky."

"Well you won't get very far in life if you don't take risks," said Lonnie with a slight scoff, "my mom certainly wouldn't have been able to save China without a few chances."

Jay frowned, while he knew that Lonnie's parents were great heroes, he couldn't help but notice how often she brought them up. It was like she was constantly trying to measure up to them. Jay remembered all the time he had spent trying to live up to his father's legacy. Now he had realized that his father wasn't someone to look up to, but still Jay had to wonder if Lonnie had tied her own identity too much to her parents'. In fact, the more he looked around Auradon, the more he saw just how much unspoken pressure there was for the Auradon kids to be just like their parents. And when your parents were heroes, how could you argue against being like them? But Jay liked Lonnie for who she was, strong willed, compassionate, and a pretty brilliant strategist. And while he was sure her mother was those things as well, Lonnie showed them off in her own unique style. She could also be a little stubborn, eager, and even a little hot headed, not that he had any room judge there.


"What?" Jay asked.

"You zoned out on me," she said laughing, "I guess I worked you too hard on that last bout. I asked if you wanted to head to the cafeteria."

"Please, that was nothing," Jay joked standing up, "and I'm always up for food."

"Bottomless pit much?"

"Guy's gotta eat."

They both smiled and began to make their way toward the locker room when the gym door opened with a loud bang. A rather frazled looking Ben looked around until he saw the two of them, sprinting to catch up with them.

"There you are!" He exclaimed between pants, "I need you guys to come with me!"

"Whoa dude calm down." Jay said placing a hand on Ben's shoulder, "what's wrong."

Ben took a few more gulps of air before continuing, "The limos, carrying the new VK's that have decided to come over to Auradon."

"What about them?" Lonnie asked, though Jay already had a sinking feeling.

"Something's gone wrong." Ben said shaking his head, "We got confirmation when they crossed through the barrier. We even sent members of the royal guard to drive the limos, just for extra security. Fairy godmother and I also received word that the limos crossed back over the barrier, but they haven't arrived here at the academy."

"How long ago did you receive the confirmation that they had arrived back in Auradon?" Lonnie asked immediately moving into strategy mode.

"That was over two hours ago!" Ben exclaimed, "And it only takes about half an hour to get from the bridge to Auradon Prep!"

Jay and Lonnie shared a look before nodding, "Then let's go find them." Jay said.

Lonnie and Jay didn't even bother returning their sabers to storage before sprinting after Ben. As they ran Jay just hoped that whatever this was, that it didn't have anything to do with his father. But then again, Jay didn't exactly have the best track record when it came to hope.

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