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Enough talking. Remember Amy is alone at home, Sheldon is not answering her texts…

Knock knock knock. "Amy."

Amy raised her head, startled and held her breath.

Knock knock knock. "Amy."

Was she imagining it? Was it really Sheldon at her door? She rubbed her eyes and wiped the tears from her eyes. She waited for a confirmation.

Knock knock knock. "Amy."

She stood up, shocked, and went to look through the peephole. It's him!

Amy opened the door.

"Sheldon?" She studied him. He wasn't wearing the same clothes he'd been wearing earlier. Had he gone to sleep and gotten dressed again? His appearance seemed a little disheveled. His hair was a bit messy. He was only wearing a single t-shirt instead of his usual double-layered attire. Odd. He didn't say anything. He just stood there in her door was, staring at her.

"Sheldon it's late. How did you get there?"

"Leonard drove me." He shrugged. "But he's gone. I think he's angry. He told me if I wanted a ride I should call my mother next time."

Amy shook her head slightly. "Why are you here?"

"Uhm..." Sheldon noticed Amy's hand closed over her chest, like she was clutching something in it. Amy noticed his gaze focused on her hand.

"Do you have the die there?" Sheldon pointed out with his finger at her closed hand. "Perfect. I need you roll it again." And with that he walked past her and entered the apartment.

"Sheldon this is ridiculous!" Amy turned and followed him. She closed the door though. She didn't want any nosy neighbours spying on her and her crazy boyfriend. He didn't say anything, he just went and sat on her couch. He retrieved his own die from his pocket and put it on the table.

"Here's mine. We can do it with both of them."

"Do it? Sheldon!" Amy walked towards to the couch and stood there, one hand resting on her hip, looking at him with widening eyes. "What are you talking about. Do what? Play?!" At that point, she wouldn't beat around the bush anymore. "Explain to me what's happening!" She started pacing the room under his attentive look. "First, all that happened in your bedroom. I thought you wanted to forget about it! You made me leave!" Her tone raised. "Leave Sheldon! Without an explanation!" She stopped pacing and faced him "And then you gave me this!" She showed him the die in her hand. "This! And then after all that you texted me and..."

"Amy." He said in a deep and calm voice.

Amy looked at him. She was breathing hard, she didn't want to scream at him all the frustration that had been building up inside of her. "And then..." She continued and couldn't contain her tears. She sniffed and tried to say something more, but her throat hurt trying to contain the sobs.

Sheldon flinched at her reaction. He hated to see Amy upset. But he had something to do. Something that still terrified him, but he needed to do it. He needed to know. "Amy, sit here with me." Sheldon patted the spot by his side. "Please."

Amy didn't know what to think, what to do. His gaze was intense on her. It almost took her breath away. Why did he come here anyway? Maybe to talk about what happened earlier? Whatever! He was here, so maybe it would be good to sit and let him explain himself. She sniffed, wiped her tears with her hand, and went to sit down. In that moment, sitting side by side, Amy thought about how weird this situation was. She was on her nightgown, barefoot, sitting on her couch late at night, with a fully dressed Sheldon (except for the fact that he was only wearing one t-shirt), more mysterious than ever. It felt intimate somehow, for their clothes, for the time, for the tension between them, or maybe all of it. She was still clutching her die in her hand but decided that maybe was better to put it on the table with his. Sheldon remained silent. Sometimes he could be so enigmatic. As she reached out her hand to set the die down on the table, he stopped her.

"Wait." His hand grabbed her wrist gently.


"You need it."

Perplexed, Amy looked in his eyes, searching for answers. She only found his piercing eyes looking back at her with...anticipation. Anticipation for something. Something she didn't understand.

"It's late at night..." He let her wrist go. The burning sensation was still present where his skin had just touched hers. "I'm here at your apartment..." He gulped. "What do you do?"

Amy blinked twice, speechless. She was so confused. "W-what do I do?"

Sheldon just nodded.

"I...I..." Amy stammered. "I ask you…why are you here?"

Both waited for the other to react. Amy for Sheldon to answer, and Sheldon for Amy to roll the die. Seeing she wasn't going to do it, he pointed to the die in her hand. "Roll it."

Amy looked at the die. Was that what Sheldon wanted to do? He wants to play? Now? Why? She sighed. She didn't know what this was all about, but it seemed that Sheldon was determined to make her play. She didn't seem to have any other options. If that makes him talk, I'll play. She rolled the die on the coffee table.

"2." Sheldon said out loud.

Amy was clueless about the number's meaning, even though they had played earlier. She depended on him for the meaning of the numbers in every case. She waited for his reaction.

"Low number. You don't get any answer." Amy frowned. "My turn. I sit closer to you."

Closer to me? Did she hear him right? They were sitting side by side, with an appropriate distance between them, as specified in the relationship agreement. Sheldon rolled the die, but Amy wasn't paying attention to him, she was lost in her own thoughts. Why was she worried? It's not like he would do what he said. It's just words, It's how we played before.


Amy held her breath as Sheldon shifted on the couch and scooted closer to her. He was as close as their legs let them be, knees slightly touching.

"What do you do." Sheldon's voice dropped low.

Surprised, and overwhelmed by his closeness, Amy tried to come up with something. Think, think, think, Oh Gosh! She recalled how they were playing earlier that evening, maybe she could repeat something she'd said before. "I…. I attempt to remove your Elven armor…"



"We are not playing D&D anymore." Sheldon tone was serious. "We aren't fictional characters. We are us. You and me. So, I'll ask again." He gulped. This was it, Sheldon needed to know if she would say the same things to him. Was she just playing along or was she expressing through her character what she would do to him? And would she really do it? Sheldon was nervous, but his need to know was overpowering all of his fears. "What do you do…to me."

To him? Amy inhaled sharply. What was he trying to do? Was this a game? Was she asleep in her bed and dreaming? Sheldon was waiting for her to say something. Amy could feel the pressure of his gaze on her. She didn't understand what Sheldon wanted with all of this, so she thought about what she could say. What did she want to do to him? Oh, a lot of things but nothing I can tell him! She changed her previous answer, it was one thing when it was his character, another when it was him for real. Undressing him was too much now, even if it was just saying it out loud. They wouldn't do what they said or would they?!

"I…I…I reach out my hand to caress…your face." She said and rolled the die. She didn't even notice which number came up. She was still processing his words. This game was with them. They weren't playing D&D anymore. Then why the dice and all?

"10" Sheldon looked at her. "Do it."

Do it? Is he serious? Amy looked at him with wide eyes. But…that meant…that they would do all they say next? Was there a limit to that? Amy's heart was racing. That wasn't possible, was it?

"Do it, Amy."

She nervously raised her hand. She hesitated and stopped halfway. Is he really sure about it? He never let her touch his face before, not even when he asked her to inspect his ears for some nonexistent infection. He even flinched once when she instinctively reached out to clean a pasta sauce stain he had on his face on a date night. Now he was giving her permission to touch his face! She bit her lower lip and let her hand reach his face. Very gently, her fingers brushed his cheek and jaw. Sheldon closed his eyes at her touch. She continued, very slowly, touching his skin. She almost withdrew her hand when his breath intensified. Amy kept touching his face until she reached his chin and slowly moved her hand away and rested it on her knee. Sheldon remained in the same position, eyes closed. She waited.

"Your turn to ask." Sheldon said opening his eyes.

"W-what do you do…to me?" Nervous, Amy mimiqued Sheldon's question.

"I caress your face and neck..." He rolled his die. "With my hand."

Amy held her breath. He reached out his hand and slowly touched her cheek, her jaw and chin, just as she had done to him. Amy closed her eyes. The sensation was overwhelming. His fingertips were soft, tickling her skin. He caressed her cheek again and lowered his hand to continue with her neck. First the area below her ear and then lower, tracing a path to her collarbone. She thought her heart would stop. She didn't dare breathe. Sheldon fingers reached the hem of her nightgown and his palm rested above her breast. It was brief. A moment later, his hand was gone.

"W-what do you do?" Sheldon asked. He tried to sound calm, but his blushed cheeks and fast breath gave him away.

Amy didn't answer immediately. Her heart was beating fast and her skin was burning where Sheldon's fingers were just a moment ago.

"I…What… I…" What should I do? What do I want to do? Every single action in her head seemed too much. Would he let me…?

"I touch…your arms." Amy hesitated. "And chest…with two hands." She waited for his reaction. But Sheldon didn't seem to object, he just waited for her to roll the die.

"3." Sheldon looked at Amy. "Just one hand."

Amy didn't question or care what the die value meant. She had his permission, so she went ahead with one hand. She started touching his forearm. It was so odd that his arms were on display, since he was only wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt. Amy used that to her advantage and caressed his biceps until she found the hem of his t-shirt. She then continued over his clothes to his shoulder, and slowly to his torso. He was following her hand with his eyes and she did too. As her hand arrived at his chest, she could feel his heart beating very fast under her palm. She looked at him, trying to see if he was fine with her touch. Amy couldn't believe she was doing this to him. To Sheldon, her boyfriend who kept her always at arm's length. This was surreal, maybe she would awake in a minute in her bed and all of this would just have been a dream. But in the end, she knew it wasn't. She felt it on her skin. Sheldon was there, with her, touching her, letting her touch him. She still didn't know why he was doing this. Did their D&D exchange awaken something in him? No, that seemed even more farfetched. But wasn't this situation an anomaly between them anyway? Not that she objected, not at all! Sheldon was still looking at her hand. She rested it there, feeling his heartbeat for a while, lost in her thoughts, lost in her feelings. She finally withdrew her hand, thinking that maybe staying too long would be uncomfortable for him.

"W-what do you do?" It was Amy's turn to ask, and she was very nervous. What he would do next? She didn't know what to expect next from him. Would he want to touch her arm too? Would he want to touch her…breast? Would he run out from the apartment and never come back again? Amy wasn't prepared for what he said next.

"I… kiss you." Amy gasped. He rolled his die. "On the lips."

Before Amy could react, Sheldon leaned towards her. He stopped an inch away from her lips. Amy could feel his warm breath. Their eyes locked. Amy felt goosebumps all over her body. He was so close, and his gaze was so intense. Would he do it?

"Is that ok?" His voice was barely audible.

"Y-yes." Amy whispered. She held her breath.

And he kissed her. For the first time, he kissed her. He noticed how warm and soft her lips were, like he remembered from the times she kissed him. Just a moment ago, Sheldon was anxious. Would it be as good as he remembered from those two brief kisses Amy gave him? Would it be as he imagined later in those nights alone in his bed, or in the shower? Or how he imagined it when they were playing earlier that evening? Any doubts disappeared as he kissed her, and only one familiar word came to his mind: fascinating. The feeling was better than he remembered, better than he expected. They remained there, just kissing, for almost a minute. Amy was too nervous to move, she was stiff, just letting him kiss her. He moved slightly and tilted his head to the side, shyly resting his hand on her shoulder. Amy gasped at the unexpected touch. He stopped the kiss to look at her, but he didn't back off from his position. Is she ok?

The way she looked at him made his stomach flip. Her eyes were full of emotions that he didn't know how to read. Her pupils were dilated, and her breathing slightly irregular.

"What do you do?" Sheldon whispered to her.

Amy batted her eyelashes. His face was still very close and now his voice had sent her body and mind on a spiral of emotions. She tried to recover her voice but her throat wouldn't respond. Sheldon kissed her. That happened. It happened! And she wanted more, more of him, more of his soft and warm lips. How far would they continue this game?

"I kiss you back?" She said in a tiny voice, sounding more like a question than a statement

I need to roll the die. Amy waited for him to move back. But he didn't move from where he was. Her eyes left him briefly to look at the die on the table. Sheldon noticed it and grabbed her face with his hand to make her turn to him. In that moment, as impossible as that sounded, he didn't care about the dice anymore.

"Forget about it." His mind was focused only on her and on her lips. The game wasn't a game anymore. It never had been.

"But…the dice?"

"Just do it."

Like magnets, their lips collided again for another kiss. This time more hurried, with more pressure. His thumb caressed her cheek. She dared to put her hands on his biceps. She was startled by him resting his other hand on her waist. A gasp escaped her lips as that same hand traveled to her lower back and his palm stretched dangerously near her bottom. Using the fact that her mouth was slightly open, he tilted his head and deepened the kiss. It was a timid move, almost instinctive, and before they knew it, their tongues made contact and moved together. It was clumsy, but it didn't matter, they explored each other's mouth experiencing those new sensations. Amy's hands traveled up from his biceps, to his shoulders and the nape of his neck. Just as she said she would do, Sheldon realized, as his hand on her face lowered to caress her neck. He kept the other secured in the curve of her back.

At that point, dice completely forgotten, Sheldon's body was already burning with desire, and his brain was trying to process all the events at once. Her hands that were caressing his hair, her wet tongue that was inside his mouth, her skin that was burning under his palm, her bottom calling him to touch it. All these sensations were overwhelming, but at the same time, not enough. He wanted more. Dear Lord, I do want more! But how far could he go? Wasn't it happening too fast? When he decided to come to Amy's apartment, he knew that he wanted to try to make a step, to experience what he had imagined that evening when they played in his room. But he wasn't sure if he would be able to do it. Now they were making out! What would be next? Ravish her on the couch? Dear Lord! Was he getting crazy? Maybe he should stop all of this? He knew his body wouldn't be able to cool down, not after embracing his craving for intimacy and falling into a spiral of feelings.

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