O glorious leader

Warnings/notes : Schuldich + Aya, Crawford + Aya, Aya/Ken, Crawford/Schuldich, bits of fluff, sort of AU (you'll see why soon enough), Omi/Nagi

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written at 17th july 2003, by Misura part 14 of 14 (Yay! I finished it! ^^;)


Aya ran blindly, not caring where his feet carried him.

Thus, he ended up in front of the house where he had first met the real Schwarz, rather than the monsters he and the rest of Weiss had tried to hunt down so many times.

Yesterday, he had been glad they had never succeeded, that the four people who had lived here hadn't died at his katana or Ken's bugnuks.

Now ...

How can they be gone?

Just when I started to like them, they were taken away from me.

It's like a curse that haunts me.

Maybe it's for the best I never told Ken what I felt for him ; at least that way he'll survive.

:: Such dark, depressing thoughts, Ran. Tsk, tsk. ::

Aya's head snapped up.

I can't have heard that just now, can I?

Only one way to be sure ...

He walked up to the door and, finding it unlocked, opened it.


Ken sprinted down the street, occasionally asking people if they had seen Aya. Not many people had red hair, so he was reasonably sure the trail he followed was the right one.

He had no idea where Aya was headed, yet he was sure of one thing :

He wasn't going to let Aya slip away again.

Not before he had told the redhead of his feelings.


At first, Omi hardly noticed as the words 'You have 1 new message' started to walk over his screen. What would he care if yet another company had an offer made only to him, as one of the lucky few thousands?

After a while though, he became curious. Besides, it wasn't as if he had anything more important to read or write, was it?

He clicked on the icon that would show him the message.


The house was deserted, cleared of any sign of life. In a haze, Aya stalked through the empty rooms, remembering their contents.

In the basement, where Farfarello's room had been, he found the note.

He unfolded it with trembling fingers, detesting the weakness this gesture showed.


by the time you read this, you've probably heard the results of our encounter with Estet on the news. It's reasonably safe to say Estet will not recover from the blow any time soon, which means both Weiss and Schwarz will be safe from them.

Yes, we live, though at the moment I'm writing this, I can't tell you where yet. Nagi will e-mail our new adress to Omi, should you be interested in visiting us.

There are however a few more things you ought to know.

Firstly, Ken Hidaka is in love with you. He's been trying to tell you for some time now, but unless you give him some sign of how you feel, he may never work up the courage.

If you don't want him to die on some mission, I suggest you take the first step.

Secondly, your sister will wake up in two years, on the 21st of March. Be there for her when she does, and don't give in to the temptation of hiding yourself away from her.

If you try, Schuldich and Farfarello will take great pleasure in enscening your family-reunion.

Well, I think that's about all I can think of to say to you except two words :

thank you

Even if I don't know how, you have somehow enabled us to do what we did.

Take care of yourself and yours,


Aya pocketed the note, unsure whether he was angry with its author for making him believe Schwarz had died or relieved to find out they hadn't.


Ken frowned as he stepped up to the house Aya had entered, according to a passer-by. He didn't recognize it, had in fact never been in this neighborhood before.

The door opened smoothly, revealing an empty hall.

Something fluttered down and he reached out to catch it instinctively. It was a piece of paper, with some crudely written words on them.

"Aya loves Ken"

He looked up, finding no one who might have thrown the note.

Weird ...

This place gives me the creeps anyway.

I wonder what Aya's doing here, if he even *is* in here.

Another note was dropped. This time, he tried to see its thrower, rather than spending energy on jumping for the thing itself. In vain ; he still couldn't see anyone.


Well, can't hurt to go and see, can it?

If it's some sort of trap, they're in for a surprise.

He quickly located the stairs that led down.



They met halfway.


There seemed to be a slight blush on Aya's cheeks.

"What *is* this house?"

Aya blinked, as if that particular question had been the last he'd expected to hear.

"Schwarz lived here."

Ken snorted. "That explains it, I guess."

"Explains what?"

Ken's hand closed around the notes. "Nothing. Never mind."

I can't let him see the one that said he loves me, can I?

:: Why on earth not? :: an annoyed voice inquired, as his finger were slowly pulled apart and the note in question was picked up and launched to Aya.

It *seemed* like a gust of wind, only they were indoors.

Aya of course, caught the letter before Ken *and* read it before Ken could even *think* of a reason why he shouldn't, let alone say something.

The blood rushed to his cheeks.

When Aya looked up, Ken was surprised to see a hint of amusement in his eyes.

"And you?"

Ken blinked. "Excuse me?"

"Do you love me too?" Aya clarified.

"Well ... yes."

Aya smiled. Ken smiled back, a bit uncertain at first.

"Shall we go home now?"

Ken nodded, wondering where the hint of disappointment that Aya hadn't kissed him came from.

"Do you have anything to do coming Saturday?"

Ken shook his head as they exited the house. "Nope. Well, soccer-training in the morning but ... "

"Perhaps we could ... "

The door fell shut behind them.

Three people grinned at eachother with satisfaction, while one pouted.

"I wanted to see them kiss! It's not fair ; they saw *us* do it."