"We'll always be together... forever!"

Firmly gripping the Four Sword's hilt, Green plunges the sacred blade smoothly into its pedestal, concluding the long, strenuous journey he and the others conducted as four, and ready to finally return home as one.

A moment passes, Green opens his eyes feeling no different. Four coloured tunics still surround the shrine, sharing equally confused looks. Even the princess is at a loss for words.


"Wh-what happened?" Red asks, wiping away a leftover tear from their earlier farewell.

"We're still four?" Blue says in disbelief.

Green yanks the sword out, gaping at it incredulously. "But that's..."

"Impossible." Vio finishes.

The four and the princess look between each other, one shared thought spoken in unison,

"Uh oh."


A/N: Dedicated to my two children, Tadpole and Violet. One lost before their heart started beating, and the other whose heart stopped suddenly at 21 weeks. They would have been heavily exposed to The Legend of Zelda and likely would have grown to love it as much as their mom.

A/N 2: So I'm sure this challenge is pretty dead by now, but I feel like trying it out anyway. If anyone else wants to join the challenge go find a list of 100 Themes from DeviantArt or Tumblr and write away. Or draw. Whatever floats your boat. If you'd like to use the one I'm using try looking up 'Scribbling on the Computer's' 100 Theme Challenge. You can PM me your story's title if you post it, too. Anyway, see ya.