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Stain was, for the most part, a patient individual. When he had been terrorizing the streets and taking out 'fake' heroes, he had to be meticulous in his process. He couldn't simply go out onto the street and take down his target in broad daylight. He had to wait for an opportunity to strike and often he would spend hours stalking his prey before unleashing upon them.

While those days had come to a screeching halt upon his tenure with the witch whom he now served, he was still a patient person.

"What's going on here?" growled Stain as he found himself staring at Rin who was holding a child in her arms. If that wasn't enough she was being accompanied by a white haired man wearing a ridiculous cape and some sort of fan girl by his side.

"What does it look like?" retorted Rin as she stormed past Stain.

"If I knew I wouldn't have asked," grumbled Stain.

"You must be Lady Rin's manservant," proclaimed Gentle as he closed the door behind him.

Stain truly wished that he could refute that statement.

"And you must be a lost circus performer whom she found on the street," countered Stain.

"I will have you know that I am Gentle, a villain who strikes at those who..."

"I'm Stain."

Gentle immediately silenced himself and La Brava visibly flinched. Having struck fear into their hearts, Stain walked away from the two terrified people playing villain and found Rin lying the sleeping girl down on a small bed which hadn't existed minutes ago. "What trouble have you gotten yourself in this time?"

"The kind where the odds of you spilling the blood of my enemies is high," declared Rin as she held her palm over the girl's forehead.

Stain's smile spread from cheek to cheek. "The best kind of trouble then."

"From reading Eri's memories, it seems that she was experimented on day after day. Some sins are forgivable, what they've done to her..."

"Tell me who to strike and it shall be done," said Stain, looking forward to the taste of an enemies blood once more.

"Not yet," said Rin as she gently stroked Eri's hair. "Let them panic about the loss of her and then when the time is right, we will enact Eri's vengeance on her behalf."

"As you wish," said Stain before he walked out of the room. Now seemed like the perfect time to sharpen his blades.

"Would you be a dear and head down to the shops and pick up some extra food for our guests?"

Or now would be a perfect time to get groceries.


"Here, let me," declared Yaoyorozu as she tried to pry the kitchen knife away from Shirou.

"I've got this," proclaimed Shirou, adamant that he didn't need any assistance in preparing dinner.

"You should be resting," stated Ashido as she joined the fray, trying to steal the knife away.

"It's not that hard," said Shirou adamantly. A hand did press itself against his back and before Shirou could figure out what was happening, his feet found themselves floating off of the ground. He continued to drift until he reached the roof where he could see Ururaka holding her hand out.

"Give me the knife and I'll let you down," she stated boldly.

"C'mon, I can do this," pleaded Shirou, not wanting to lose his position in the kitchen.

"How are you meant to hold what you're cutting if you're holding the knife?" questioned Ashido, putting her hands on her hips.

"I'll manage."

"Just let us do this for you," said Yaoyorozu.

If Shirou had a spare hand, he would have rubbed at his eyes. He knew that they were only looking out for him and as such they wouldn't take no for an answer. Hence he'd have to compromise. "Anything that requires..."

"I'm not letting you down until you leave the kitchen to us!" said Ururaka, boldly putting her foot down.

The argument continued for another twenty minutes, many of their peers entering the negotiating grounds only to flee when asked whose side they were on. It was a sad, sad moment when Shirou conceded the kitchen to the girls.

He would ensure they suffered during their next training session. There would be consequences for removing him from his position of power.


"How did this building survive the attack?" asked La Brava, gazing out the window at the utter destruction that had happened recently.

"Considering the damage that fiend caused, it must have been some kind of miracle that allowed this building to withstand his blow," proclaimed Gentle boldly.

"As if an attack like that was ever capable of damaging my workshop," stated Rin, stepping into the conversation.

"Workshop?" repeated Gentle, curious about Rin's choice of word.

"How is she?" asked La Brava, far more concerned for the wellbeing of Eri.

"She's currently dreaming about puppies and ponies," said Rin, having put the dream into Eri's head whilst she slept.

"Your quirk allows you to alter dreams?" asked Gentle.

"I can do much more than that," stated Rin. "However due to certain circumstances, I am unable to utilize my abilities to their fullest outside of this building, for the safety of both those around me and those unaffiliated with the conflict taking place."

"I see, using your quirk could result in dragging nearby civilians into danger," said Gentle, having understood what Rin was saying. "It is admirable for you to consider the lives of innocent people."

"What's the plan then?" asked La Brava.

"As much as I'd love to trick them into coming here where I can reduce them to ash without a second thought, doing so would not be an easy feat," said Rin as cusped her chin between her index finger and thumb. "Any sort of invite would be seen as a trap and there is no guarantee that the right people would arrive. The battle has to take place there."

"In which case, allow us to provide our support," proclaimed Gentle boldly. "To ensure justice is done on behalf of poor Eri, allow us to be your sword and shield."

"Shield maybe, but you're no sword," proclaimed Stain as he stepped into the room.

"I assure you Hero Killer, I am more than capable of fighting off the toughest of foes when push comes to shove," stated Gentle, stepping forward to confront Stain.

"You may dream big but you've come to play in the big leagues boy now, you wouldn't stand a chance," said Stain, not intimidated in the slightest.

"Your name may..." started Gentle before both he and Stain found themselves being blown by an invisible force towards opposite corners of the room, crashing painfully against the walls.

"I'm not having you two brats competing in a dick measuring contest when there is more pressing matters at stake," declared Rin as both Stain and Gentle collapsed to the ground. "I don't need the two of you to play nice but under this roof you play under my rules. Do I make myself clear?"

Both men nodded in understanding.

La Brava stared up at Rin in a mixture of awe and fear.


"Look, I can iron my own shirt," declared Shirou as he tried to rest back control of the iron from Iida.

"You have done so much for us as a unit, it is only fair that you allow us to do all your menial tasks so that you can live in comfort," declared Iida, not relenting his grip on the iron.

"A life of comfort is also a life where I can do my own ironing," growled Shirou.

"You need not worry, I will ensure that your clothes are folded meticulously and put away in a manner fitting of you."

Shirou honestly felt that dealing with his housemates right now was far more painful than dealing with Berserker.


Eri looked up from her dinner at the people sitting around her. They had shown her kindness, a sensation she was completely unfamiliar with. Still though, she had been shown nice things before but they had always been laced with bad intentions. If she got given dolls or toys, it just meant that she would be hurt later.

She didn't like getting hurt, so she didn't like it when people gave her things.

They'd given her dinner, so they were going to hurt her.

Most likely the scary man with bandages over his face was going to be the one to hurt her. It was always the scary looking ones.

"How'd you sleep Eri?" asked the youngest looking one among them, a girl not much bigger than herself. Was she being held against her wishes? Surely she wasn't a friend of the scary looking man.

Eri directed her gaze straight at the food in front of her.

"You better eat that brat..."

"If you like having teeth to chew your own food with, you will not refer to Eri as a brat again," warned the older girl, scolding the scary looking man. Was she the boss here? When she had run away had she found herself trapped in another gang of bad people with someone at the top of the food chain?

"Hey Eri, if you're not feeling that hungry we could go into your bedroom and brush your hair," said the young girl.

Eri meekly nodded. It was true that she was still hungry but she couldn't eat with all these strange people looking at her.

Stepping away from the table, the young person took hold of her hand. Were she not wearing gloves (gloves which fit perfectly) she would not have taken hold of the offered hand and flinched away, knowing full well what her quirk was capable of. At first Eri had feared that it would be gripped harshly, far too much pressure being applied to her fingers. Instead though, the hand holding hers was doing so gently.

It was strange.

They made their way to the spot which had been dubbed as her room. It was moderately terrifying in a way. There was a comfy bed that she fit in perfectly. The walls were painted a light pink in colour and there was a case full of teddies and dolls. There was also a small shelf that had a collection of books that she had never seen before. There was also a wardrobe full of clothes that were just the right size for her. It had been there where she had found the gloves and put them on immediately.

She had only arrived here today, so why was there a room like this already here? Was she not the first child that had been held captive by these people? What had happened to the last person who stayed in this room?

"Your hair is very pretty," stated the other girl who helped Eri up onto the bed before walking over to a cupboard and picking up a hairbrush. It didn't take long before she sat down behind Eri and began to brush away.

There was silence that followed, Eri unsure of just how to respond to the compliment that had been given. Before the silence dragged on however, the girl behind her began to hum. It was a gentle melody and something that Eri was unfamiliar with. She'd never heard anything like it before.

It was nice.

This person was being nice to her and it didn't feel like she was going to do anything to hurt her.

That didn't stop her from being scared that it could very well happen. It was very possible that the person was just pretending to be nice.

And that was what terrified her most of all.


"Everybody, outside, now!" ordered Shirou, his voice carrying to every corner of the dorms.

Even though it was at the time where people had been getting ready for bed, all of them knew that to deny Shirou's command would result in disastrous consequences. Hence it was no more than forty seconds after he had spoken that the rest of 1-A found themselves lined up outside with Shirou standing before them.

"Now, I'm not going to ask who did it because at this stage it does not matter," said Shirou as his eyes glared over each individual. "Removing from the kitchen is one thing, doing my ironing is another but pre prepping my toothbrush with toothpaste is taking it beyond ridiculousness. I know you guys care for me and are looking out for me but respect my boundaries. If you truly believe that I am incapable of looking after myself then I dare you to step forward and I will show you that even with one arm I can still put you all in your place. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes sir," barked the students of 1-A. None of them dared face the wrath of Shirou. They all knew what their level of combat prowess was. Having lost half his fighting capability did not mean that he had lost half of his strength. He was still more than capable of defeating them all.

"Now, it's a chilly night out here and we'd better warm ourselves up before we get sick," said Shirou who watched as a couple of those under his command started to head towards the door. "If you think for one second you're warming up by going back inside you are sorely mistaken. I reckon a lap of the entire campus should be a good way to beat the chill."

They wanted to argue, they really did. Parts of the campus had to be reached with the use of a bus in order to make it to class on time. Running the length of the campus would take ages.

Nobody dared question Shirou lest they ended up having to run two laps.


Eri had waited until everybody else was asleep before she made her move. Her soft feet glided across the ground silently as she went to the wardrobe and got the warmest clothes she could find. It was dark outside and she knew that it would be cold.

Once she was significantly rugged up, she walked up to her door and exited her room. She looked from side to side to ensure that she wasn't being watched before making her way towards the door that would lead to the stairs. She had had a chance to look out the window and see that they were very high up in the air. So there had to be stairs somewhere to go down where she could leave this building before they hurt her.

There was a small creak in the floorboard beneath her foot which made her freeze in place, afraid that that single noise had woken up all of the people inside. Seconds ticked by but she didn't hear anybody rushing to her position. She allowed herself to breath a small sigh of relief before making her way towards the exit once more.

It was only until she turned the final corner that she realized that somebody may have believed that she would make a break for it. Sitting in a chair in front of the door that would grant her freedom was the bandaged man, his piercing eyes glaring straight at her.

Eri found herself frozen in place in front of the man's eyes. "Just where do you think you're going brat?" he asked.

Eri couldn't find the words to answer. Time passed by before the man stood up from his seat and moved the chair out of the way of the door. Eri just stared at him in both fear and confusion.

"If you're going to leave, I won't stop you," he said. "Nobody should be forced to stay somewhere they don't want to be."

"I...can go?" said Eri slowly.

"If you want," said Stain with a shrug of his shoulders. "Just know though that the witch who brought you in is very determined to keep you safe. She will see that you're well fed, that you have warm clothes and that you never have to suffer again."

"People aren't that nice," said Eri, her gaze dropping to her feet.

"I know, I'm one of those people who isn't nice. I can be a very, very bad person when I want to be. In fact, when I find the people who hurt you I'm going to do very, very bad things to them because of what they've done to you."

"You can't! You'll die!" exclaimed Eri, knowing full well what happened to those who got in his way.

"Stronger men have tried," declared Stain. "I won't die so easily but even if I did die, at least I'd know that I'd died trying to rid the world of men who would hurt a girl like you. If you went back to them, then we'd just have to come get you back then wouldn't we. The witch wouldn't let me sleep otherwise."

Eri remained silent, uncertainty flooding through her system. She didn't want people to die on her behalf, far too many had suffered. If she just left and went back to him then these people wouldn't get hurt. Even if she did go back though, they would follow. They'd risk getting hurt so that she wouldn't get hurt.

"Also if you left, then I'd have nobody to share a big bowl of ice cream with," stated Stain as he started making his way towards the kitchen.

"Ice cream?" repeated Eri, unsure what that was.

"If you'd like some, then you better follow me," declared Stain.

Eri watched the man walk away before turning her attention back towards the door that led to her freedom. It was right there, right in front of her. Ten steps and she would be able to leave the room and find the stairs to get out of the building. Freedom was right there.

Eri followed Stain into the kitchen. Maybe the scary looking man wasn't so bad after all.


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