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Aizawa looked over his class in something akin to disappointment. It was their first day back after the traumatic events that should scar teenagers their age. Heavens knew that he had suffered during his youth and he still recalled that experience vividly. So it was moderately disturbing to see that his class was as attentive as always, far too focused for his liking.

He blamed Shirou.

"I don't care what level of bonding you've shared over the past few days of mourning," said Aizawa, placing the day's notes down on the table next to him. "I know what it is you've gone through and I know that it is commonplace to put on a brave face. However, under no circumstances are the lot of you to even think about getting vengeance against the League of Villains. The moment that you act as a vigilante, you will be expelled from this academy and hunted by professional heroes where you will be caught and suffer the consequences. I hope that I have made myself, very clear."

Aizawa watched as the students nodded in unison but he could see a few eyes glare back at him. They would definitely be the ones to keep a close watch on.

Surprisingly, Shirou didn't seem to show any animosity towards him. In fact it almost seemed as if he had predicted this kind of outcome. Who was he kidding? Of course Shirou would have seen this coming. The brat was a freak of nature. Even as crippled as he was, Shirou would still hunt down those who had killed his pupils without a second thought.

The real issue though was that even at a handicap there were still very few heroes who would confidently try to get in the way of the brat. The example he had made of his skills in front of a number of the big names had done the job he had wanted effectively. Very few of them would dare step in his path were he to step down a vigilante's path.

There was still a good chance that he already had. He had his companion, Rin Tohsaka, on the outside of these walls. There was a high possibility that the two of them were still in contact. If she was searching for intel on his behalf then it could be a matter of weeks or even days before he vanished. If he were to leave, how many of those who trained under him would follow?

As Aizawa began the first lesson of the day, he decided that he needed to get in touch with a few people that may be able to track down Rin. If he could cut off any sort of intel getting to Shirou then it would be a beneficial start but who knew what the girl was doing at that moment in time?


"Wow! Did you draw this Eri?" cooed Rin as she took the picture of the flower from the young girl. "You are so talented!"

Eri dropped her gaze to the floor, unsure how to take the compliment that had been sent her way. This did not go unnoticed by the other people in attendance. Surprisingly, it was Stain who spoke up. "Hey witch, why don't you stick it on display. The fridge is rather bland."

"What do you know? You can have some good ideas Stain," said Rin as she rolled her palm around for a magnet to appear in her hand before she walked towards the fridge. "Right in the middle feels like a good spot."

"Your quirk is rather astonishing," declared Gentle as he lowered his cup of tea. "Even after having seen it in action I am no closer to figuring out just what your limitations are."

"Hey Eri, what say we go to your room and play with your dolls," offered La Brava, knowing that the young girl probably didn't want to be around the adults when topics about quirks came up. After having delved deeper into her memories, Rin had informed all of them just what it was that Eri was capable of. It was understandable that she was terrified of her own power, especially when people tried to use it to their own benefit.

"Okay," said Eri, leading La Brava off to the sanctuary of her pink room.

"Did you learn anything else from her memories?" asked Stain as Rin reentered the room.

"Oh look, you didn't call Eri a naughty word you big softie," toyed Rin, raising her palm to her lips.

"Only because I enjoy not having to eat my meals through a straw."

"Fair," said Rin, waving it off. "From what I can tell, Eri was being held by a Yakuza group known as the Eight Precepts of Death. They were experimenting on her and using her blood to form a drug that, theoretically, has the power to rid a person of their quirk."

"Remove a person's quirk!" said Gentle in shock, almost dropping his teacup. "Such a thing..."

"You've already done that though," said Stain, not phased by Gentle in the slightest.

"True, but I was using a weapon of ancient legend, not the blood of a defenceless girl."

"Because that makes all the difference."

"Excuse me, but did I hear that right? You forcibly took away somebody's quirk?" asked Gentle, still trying to recover.

"If I hadn't she was going to blow us up," said Rin, brushing it off as if it was nothing before focusing on the main point of the conversation. "What I don't know though is whether they managed to make anything beyond a prototype. If such an item got onto the streets."

"I didn't know you were capable of caring about the populace," scoffed Stain.

"What I care about is the continuation of society," stated Rin. "Think about it, were one of the top heroes suddenly unable to protect people because they lost their quirk than heroes as a whole lose face. Your world is so focused on the idolization of the people who protect you that if that was to blow up in your faces the backlash would spread nationwide."

Stain couldn't counter what Rin had said. Even though he had spent a good chunk of his lifetime hunting heroes, they had always had a chance to prove their worth against him. None of them had proven worthy but that wasn't the point. The point was that they had still been willing to fight him. Were they to lose their quirk then they would simply sink away into the masses, another member of the faceless crowd.

"They must be stopped," declared Gentle as he placed his cup down.

"While I agree, I don't like our chances. If I am to engage them, which after what I've seen would struggle to prevent myself, I'd likely bring forth a far more powerful enemy."

"A more powerful enemy than the Yakuza?" questioned Gentle.

"I've seen who arrives when she fights, we don't need to deal with one of those," stated Stain, vividly recalling the battle Rin had gone through against Rider.

"These people aren't pushovers either. From Eri's memories I've seen what he is capable of doing. A single touch caused a man's torso to explode into nothing more than a blood splatter against the wall. There is likely more to it but that was all I could uncover."

"Was there any delay between the contact and the death?" asked Stain.

"Instantaneous," replied Rin.

"That prevents us from tipping off the authorities then," said Gentle. "Entire squadrons could very well fall against a man of that calibre. The Heroes would try to apprehend the man and die in vain. This is a man that has a perfect counter to somebody like All Might."

"Then it's settled then," stated Stain. "The witch here can't deal with it without drawing more danger our way so it's you and me. Time to see just what kind of villain you are."

"There are little things that I despise more than the thought of fighting by your side. However, dire circumstances require dire solutions. As such I shall fight by your side," proclaimed Gentle.

"Hold up you two," said Rin, cutting the two men off. "Before we get too hasty, let me make a phone call."

Stain and Gentle watched as Rin pulled her phone out of her pocket and dialled a number, casually strolling out of the room as she did so. The listened intently as she began to speak to the person she had rung.

"Sup, sup? Don't you 'sup' me Mister! Don't make me come over there and beat the lingo out of you, you're a fully grown man for Pete's sake. Look, I've got a situation I need your help with. What do you mean you can't help? An arm! You lost an arm! How the hell did you lose an arm? Oh...oh...yeah that would do it. Can you still make me a weapon then? Same as before. Yeah that'd be great. I'll let you know when I need it."

Rin made her way back into the room, pocketing her phone as she did. "Looks like we're going with your plan then Stain."

"Did your friend say that he lost an arm?" asked Gentle.

"It's nothing important," stated Rin.

Stain chuckled.


Shirou pocketed his phone as he considered what Rin had just asked of him. It wasn't too much to ask for and if she needed it then he assumed it was for a good reason. Or at least he hoped so.

He couldn't help but chuckle in regards to how she had reacted to the fact that he had lost a limb. She had reacted the exact same way that he thought she would which was why he hadn't been all too keen to inform her in the first place. To be fair, Shirou had fully expected her to ask for his assistance even with his handicap.

The fact that she hadn't meant that she had likely wished for his assistance by being able to take out a target from a distance. Without a second arm to draw back a bowstring however it would have meant that he'd have to shoot a blade using nothing but magecraft. That would, unfortunately, signal whatever force was bringing Servants into existence.

Breaking it down further, it meant that this was an enemy who would prove incredibly difficult to defeat in a close combat affair. If she needed that weapon to defeat them then it already meant that she had a plan in motion. It would be unlikely that she would be the one to use it. Shirou did know that she was keeping at least one person around whom he had met last time. Knowing Rin, she wouldn't surround herself with people that couldn't meet her expectations.

Or she'd just force them to grow and go beyond what she needed them for.

Still, it was good for him to know that Rin was still keeping herself occupied. He'd hate to learn that she was just sitting around bored.

"So here's where you were," said Yaoyorozu, the teenager stepping onto the roof where Shirou had been hiding out. "Lunch is almost over."

"It just means it's not over yet," said Shirou, gazing out into the distance.

"What are you looking at?" she asked as she stepped forward to stand by his side.

"Everything," said Shirou before pointing out down a street. "Right now I could tell you how many people are crossing the road at that major intersection."

"Major intersection?" repeated Yaoyorozu, following Shirou's finger. "There's no major intersection near here."

"You're correct, there isn't," stated Shirou with a smile.

"Wait, are you telling me that you can see..." started Yaoyorozu before she cuts herself short. "Of course you can. You can see everything that's going on."

"No, no I can't," said Shirou as he turned and heading towards the exit, Yaoyorozu standing there somewhat confused by his statement.


Mirio walked forward with a spring in his step. He'd been working as an intern for Sir Nighteye for quite a while now and each and every day was a blast. The professional hero's power, while not the most visually astonishing (in fact it was almost impossible to detect) it had some real power behind it. Mirio couldn't think of any other quirk that could be used to gather necessary information in such a way.

Opening the door to Sir Nighteye's office, Mirio raised his hand in greeting. "Good day everybody!" he beamed.

Sir Nighteye paid him little attention as his assistant, Bubble Girl, squealed in laughter as the device she was trapped in tickled her mercilessly. "Good, you're here," he finally said, switching off the device and ending Bubble Girl's torment. "There is much we have to discuss."

"Have you considered what I said then?" asked Mirio as he walked over to release Bubble Girl from her restraints while Sir Nighteye made his way behind his desk.

"I have made my decision and I will not be taking on anymore interns at this time," declared Sir Nighteye as he took his seat. "I am more than aware of what they have recently suffered and I do not need any student freezing in the heat of the moment due to what they have witnessed. Or worse."

"Worse?" repeated Bubble Girl, rubbing at her wrists.

"Those who have witnessed traumatic events have different ways of dealing with the situation, some work and some do not," he said as he laced his fingers beneath his chin. "Depending on how they deal with it, it is impossible to predict how they would react when a similar experience occurs. I will not have the death of a child on my hands when we finally have some vital information."

"Oh, you found something then!" proclaimed Mirio as he pumped his fists.

"I encountered a member of the Eight Precepts of Death," stated Sir Nighteye. "He was searching for someone, a young girl. I stated that I had seen an unaccompanied minor down by the park and touched him on the shoulder. What I saw is that tonight there is going to be a battle like no other."

"We're engaging them tonight?" asked Bubble Girl, surprised by the news.

"That is yet to be seen," stated Sir Nighteye.

"How? Your quirk allows you to foresee the rest of their day," stated Mirio.

"Unfortunately, before I see whether or not we encounter them tonight, the man whom I touched dies."

There was a lengthy pause as this information set in.

"Do you know who kills him?" asked Mirio, his features sharpening slightly.

"It's a clean kill, a knife through the throat, tossed from the shadows. A professional assasination."

"A rival gang?" asked Bubble Girl. "Could they hire an assassin?"

"Perhaps," said Sir Nighteye. "We do not know if this party is working as another criminal or as a vigilante? The kill very well could have come from a hero who misjudged their aim or their weapon slipped, it is impossible to tell. The fact remains though that the Eight Precepts of Death will be assaulted tonight by at least one individual who is not afraid to get their hands dirty. Our job is figuring out how best to engage with whomever comes out victorious."


"Are you the acquaintance of Miss Tohsaka that I was asked to meet?"

Shirou blinked in surprise at the character in front of him. School had ended and Rin had requested that he meet her contact to deliver what she needed. At first he had assumed that he would be meeting the same person as last time. The person in front of him however...

"Are you alright young sir? You seem to be a bit flummoxed."

"Just...getting my bearings together," said Shirou, composing himself.

"I understand, Miss Tohsaka informed me of just what it is your quirk can do and I know what toll it must bare on your mind," declared Gentle. "Knowing that you have the power to craft a weapon capable of forcibly removing a quirk from a person, taking a piece of them and rendering it to ash. You must forever be in a state of conflict knowing that you are capable of such a monstrous act."

Shirou wondered whether the man had noticed that he was missing an arm that had occurred from his last battle.

"Trust me when I say this, I do not take this burden lightly. I am to step foot into battle with my life on the line and if this weapon is needed than I shall..."

"Here you go," said Shirou as he thrust the box containing Rule Breaker into Gentle's arms. "I need to get back into campus before they get suspicious."

"Of course," said Gentle. "I hope that our paths will cross again."


As Gentle watched the teenager walk away he couldn't help but be a little confused. When he had heard Rin talking on the phone, he was certain that she had called the person she was talking to a fully grown man who had lost an arm. The lad had indeed lost his arm which was highly disheartening but he was by no means a grown man.

Perhaps there was some kind of inside joke that he was missing.


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