It was a beautiful,sunny day at the Parks Department of Pawnee,Indiana.

Leslie Knope was sitting at her desk, writing her ideas down for next park to build.

Tom Haverford,Leslie's assistant , was on an online dating website to see what girl would be into him.Ron Swanson, the supervisor was being grumpy as usual. April and Andy,the newlyweds,were making out on the shoe shining chair. Donna was minding her own business. Ann taking was taking a break and Jerry was all by himself drinking coffee. Everyone wants Jerry to be where he is..all by himself.

Leslie was focused on writing down each word. All of a sudden her telephone rang,so,she dropped the pencil on the desk to pick up the phone,

"Leslie Knope, Parks Department." she said into the phone.

"Hello I was wondering if you would like to come to Jurassic World.", said the very busy the woman on the phone.

Leslie stood up from her seat,

"I'm sorry! Who is this? What is Jurassic World?",asked Leslie.

She hoped it wasn't one of those prank callers she heard about on the news.

"Well Claire Dearling, Operation chief of Jurassic World,",We keep dinosaurs to observe".

That made Leslie's face light up. She always like to be a to help with a amusement park but with live dinosaurs that makes it even better!

"Alright me and my team would be there in a giff.",shared Leslie.

"Good. I will send the boat in for you guys to come to Isla Nuber for tomorrow."said Claire "Alright bye.", Qquppp, as she hung up the phone after that phone call

Leslie felt like she should do a dance instead she moved her hands side to side in happiness that brought attention to Tom

"What are you so happy about?' You got the order for the chicken I ordered right?" Asked Tom that made Leslie rolled her eyes because Tom was too busy focused on the online dating website instead of hearing her on the phone.

"No silly we're going to Jurassic World." announceLeslie. Tom was shocked to hear the news

Tom watched as his eyes were about to pop out of his head. April and Andy ran in after hearing Leslie's voice so did Ann,Donna and Ron,Jerry came in also as everybody else did "Get out Jerry the office isn't for you to be in!",yelled Leslie.

Leslie said Jerry listened and went straight out the door leaving the group and discuss their trip to Jurassic World.