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Scroll One: Mysterious Little Visitor

                The sky was dark and dotted with stars, and the crescent moon was brightly glowing. A campfire burned, crackling and popping gently; six forms were seated around the firelight—two small, and four larger, and wait a very tiny one; so the number was up to seven—the little eyes saw.

                The little eyes watched from the bushes, moonlight spilling into them, and shining with a mischievous glint. 


                A young woman with long black hair that was tied with a ribbon at bottom of her hair, sat there, basking in the warm glow of the firelight, though she herself wasn't exactly generating the same glow, as her fists continued to shake in anger; her eyes huge with small pupils. "What a lecherous monk! You're so immoral!"

                The little eyes took in the image of the angered woman—nice, tough looking but very pretty. It's Sango—they deduced.

                A young Buddhist monk sat there, arms crossed; his staff nestled in between his chest and arm, sticking straight out of the ground. He sat there with his eyes closed, trying to look sagely in thought. "Sango, I do not know why you are so angry…." He sported a large lump on top of his head, which he reached up with a rosary-covered hand and rubbed.

                The little eyes shifted around in the bushes, almost in an amused manner at the monk—lecherous, attempting to be so innocent. It has to be Miroku—the eyes concluded laughingly, as the lump on Miroku's head turned purple.

                "You really don't know when to back off, do you?" a little demon-boy said as he jumped on to a log, his little fox feet giving him fair balance.

                Little eyes glinted again, as if remembering something rather funny—fluffy tail, perfect for a handle. Ah, it's nice to see Shippo so small—the eyes smirked.

"Lord Miroku! You really should have learned better by now…." another young woman sighed, a small sweat drop creeping down the side of her face. The wind blew back her black hair, and ruffled her green skirt.

At this sight, the little eyes crept and appeared at a bit closer location, being so careful of not being noticed—long black hair and gentle grey eyes; a beautiful young woman…. It's her; Kagome…my….--the little eyes became gentler and less mocking at seeing Kagome.

"Feh, served the idiot right. If he went groping after Shikon Shards like he does women, we would have found the whole Jewel long ago," another young man, with a demon-form, snorted gruffly. He leaned back, clutching the sword in his arms as he sat next to Kagome. His amber eyes gave off the same glint as the little eyes; mischievous and smirking, very confident but kind.

The little eyes grew wide with astonishment and wonder—the silvery hair, the slightly arrogant attitude, the dog-ears, the sarcastic tongue; it's gotta be him….--before the little eyes could finish their conclusion, the man they were observing got up.

"Inu-Yasha," Kagome asked curiously, "what are you doing?"

Inu-Yasha's dog-ears twitched. "Shh…. I hear something." He rose and began walking over to the bushes where the little eyes lingered.

"I thought I heard something too," Sango murmured.

Kirara mewed, as she too had heard it.

Kagome stood up, the whole group now on their feet, except for Shippo.

The littlest form hopped up and down on Inu-Yasha's shoulder as it spoke. "Master Inu-Yasha, what do you suppose it is?"

Hmm…the scent of demon is heavy right there…. "Don't know, Myoga." He began to turn away.

The little eyes relaxed.

"But I'm going to find out!" Inu-Yasha suddenly whipped around and raked his claws through the bushes. "Sankon Tetsusou!"

The bushes were ripped apart and nothing was there.

"Huh?" Shippo wondered aloud for everyone.

"Where the hell did it go?" Inu-Yasha asked confusedly, standing there in completion of his strike.

Shippo heard a faint rustle. "Hey, try over there, Inu-Yasha!" he exclaimed pointing over by Kagome's bag.

Inu-Yasha struck where Shippo pointed. A loud crack, and a good-sized rip in the ground from his claws, and he saw nothing there…or did he?

Huh? He noticed something sprinting off at a breakneck speed. What the hell was that? He peered closer and saw a flash of red and silver flying down towards a gully nearby, easily dodging through the dense undergrowth of the forest. That son of bitch knows its way around here!? Another minion of Naraku, I bet. Inu-Yasha took off after the blur.

"Where are you going?" Miroku called.

Inu-Yasha snapped his head back quickly. "To find out where this spy's headed!"

Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kagome all clambered aboard Kirara and followed him.

"What do you think it is?" Sango hollered over the rushing wind.

"Minion of that bastard Naraku!"

Strange, thought Kagome, it doesn't feel like a threat….

Its smell…. Hard to tell right now, it's moving pretty damned fast. Smells sort of like…. Inu-Yasha perked up his nose, closing in on his target. Smells like a dog-demon!? He swooped down from the air, with his sword in hand. "Tetsusaiga!" He ripped through the target's path, leaving a fissure in the ground, with little vein-like cracks coming off from the center of the strike, a smoking crevice.

Its eyes flicked back, sparkling with confident light, but a bit frightened at the power of Tetsusaiga. The figure jumped down into the gully with a quiet splash and waited as the rest of the gang showed up.

"What the—?" the half-demon slid to a stop at the edge of gully and looked down.

A young boy's voice drifted up. "There's no need to fight me," he said with great courage and much arrogance. "I'm not worthwhile." I hope to the heavens he doesn't use Tetsusaiga and cleave me…

"Feh. So why the hell were you spying on us for then, eh?" Inu-Yasha rotated the blade in his grasp, itching to kill anything that was in slight favor of Naraku.

The demon-boy smiled. "Heh, your first thought is I'm after the Shikon Shards that Kagome carries…well and Kagome herself moreover. "

"Huh?!" Kagome gasped, clutching the Shikon Fragments in her shirt. How did he know?….

"Hmph," the little voice said a bit dryly and unimpressed. "I don't really care about the Shikon Jewel. As long as it's safe, I could care less."

"Who the hell are you, little man?" Inu-Yasha growled, gripping the hilt of the katana tighter. And how the hell did he know Kagome's name?!

"Like hell I'm going to tell you," he sneered back. Heh, I've really got him going now, don't I? His temper's probably as bad as I was told…or remember. His face softened, but no one could really see it in the darkness.

"Why you—!"

"Heh." The little figure splashed through the water, a bit closer to the bank, but careful of not letting his face be seen. His eyes itched and burned. "You're quite amusing." I really sound like an arrogant jerk but…if I don't…I might cry…. Then where would I be?

"If you're a new lapdog of Naraku…" Inu-Yasha snarled, cracking his knuckles, "Then I'm just gonna have to rip that heart of yours out!"

"Inu-Yasha, wait!" Kagome cried, rushing over to him.


"Lady Kagome," Miroku said calmly, "do you have something to say about our visitor?"

"Yeah, he's not one of Naraku's underlings."

The little boy smiled again. "Absolutely right. I'm not. Wouldn't have anything to do with him now or then."

The half-demon lowered his claws slowly, watching Kagome's face. "Well, I didn't smell Naraku on the little shit, but it still doesn't give him the fucking right to toy with me…." He emitted a deep, low growl.

"But, what scent does the kid carry?"

"Hmph, smells like a dog-demon."

A dog-demon…. Kagome thought. This child acts an awful lot like Inu-Yasha…. Maybe it's a male dog-demon thing….

Shippo held his nose comically. "Yeah, I wondered why it was stinking so bad!"


Inu-Yasha pounded him on the head.

With a bit of a dreary voice, Sango stepped forward. "Well, then, what are you here for?"

"I'd figure you'd ask first, Sango." He watched as the look of shock spread across her face. "My reason is I need your help."

"Feh, and why should we help you?" Inu-Yasha asked dryly, rolling his eyes; he gave his normal arrogant, crossed arms pose, nose held high in the air—carefully clasping Tetsusaiga firmly, ready all the while.

"It's direly important…Inu-Yasha," the child said, almost shyly and hesitantly when he said the name.

Inu-Yasha took note of it. "Yeah and that would be?" His eyes shifted their gaze, straining to see the boy better.

"My father is very sick…. He will die on the next night that moon does not appear."

Kagome gasped. "Oh my! Is there a cure?"

The child's outline nodded. "There is an herb that can only be found here and now that can heal him. It is hard to find where I am from, but plentiful here. He told me that he found it on a high mountain when he and my mother were…." He's the only one who can help me find it…. No one else can…. I must not cry…. He lowered his head.

"Were what?" Kagome asked softly, stepping a bit closer to the kid, making Inu-Yasha a little nervous.

The kid shook his head. "I-It doesn't matter. But my father's life does. If he dies, all the demons of the area will come and devour our village and everyone else. Please, I beg of you…. I do not want to lose my father." A silvery tear glistened off the child's face and fell into the water below his feet. Then another followed. Then another. And another. And another. Till finally it was a stream trailing down his face.

The child's sniffles reached the groups ears, and Inu-Yasha's heart softened. He remembered quite well what it was like to feel so helpless and have no one to make it any better. He sheathed Tetsusaiga. Before he realized it, Kagome had gone down and was holding the little boy in her arms, kneeling in the water.

"Shh…. It's ok; we'll help you. Don't worry," she said soothingly, rocking the child back and forth, stroking his hair gently. "I promise we'll make it all right."

The little boy listened to Kagome's heart beating in his ear, and it was very soothing for him. He took a deep breath, as he felt a bit more relaxed. The soft scent of lavender wafted in, bringing the feeling safety with it. Mother…. He closed his eyes.

She held him until the sniffles stopped. "Come on," she said softly, "let's go back up. No one will hurt you."

Kagome…. thought Inu-Yasha. You know just how to calm someone. No matter who they are…. I'd know.

She smiled wistfully back up at everyone as she lead the child by the hand.

The kid shivered a little, but gripped Kagome's hand firmly.

"Let us head back," said Miroku, as he, Sango, and Shippo climbed aboard Kirara.

Inu-Yasha nodded. He walked beside Kagome and the little one. He noticed how violently the boy was trembling. Maybe he fell in the water earlier when I chased him….

With a soft rustling of cloth, Kagome and the little boy found themselves with Inu-Yasha's cloak covering them.

"Hmm?" The little boy looked up.

                "You looked cold." His eyes were very soft and serene, much kinder. He was a bit sorry for frightening a little kid. I know what it's like to be in your life, kid….

                The child nodded. He's just the same as always….

                Inu-Yasha…. Your heart is so good. A faint smile played on Kagome's lips as she lifted the boy into her arms, covering her and him with the cloak. "There." She walked alongside Inu-Yasha, leaning ever-so-slightly on his shoulder.

                His heart skipped a beat. But he didn't say anything until they reached the campsite.

                "Is he asleep?" asked Sango.

                "I'm awake still," the boy murmured from within the folds of cloth.

                "So, what's your name?" Shippo asked curiously, a sweet in one hand and stroking Kirara with the other.

                "You really want to know?" He questioned back, being very polite now, and sounding very relieved, like he'd just finished a very tiresome game. The child leapt carefully back from Kagome and landed in the shadows, everyone watching him in wonder. He nodded, the light of the fire reflecting off his hair. "I will tell you." He stepped forward into the light.

                Everyone gasped at what they saw.

                "My name is Inu-Yasha."


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