Grojband fan fic 3# part 2

The next day arrive as all band assembled in the auditorium to the stage. Scarlet rush was stage left of Iron Fox which were finishing their song, which Alexter, came running to the stage panicking flaring his arms.

Alexter: He's gone!

Everyone is frantic, while Carie get excited. A assistance and the manger comes out trying to clam him down.

Share: What's wrong !?

Manger: Arlo, the turtle is gone. We think someone took him.

Aronld: Why would someone take a turtle ?


Assistance: OK, OK clam down.

She took him back stage and the manager started to take over.

Manger: OK, can not do anything if Alexter is like this and Arlo is to important to lose, so the competion is suspended until further notice. If worst come to come, we disband the contest completely.

Corey rushes up the stage to the manger.

Corey: What!? You can't do that!

Manger: Unless the turtle magically appears the contest is suspended.

Everyone one is going back to the lobby upset, but Carie is about the disappearance.

The police came and two detectives came to interrogate the bands.

Detectives 1#: OK, we will start st where you were at 9:15 pm yesterday ?

Carie: I was at the hotel, like everyone else. Oh, maybe someone took the turtle for a experiment, or the original owner, took back Arlo because he love him to much and his a her.

She smile, creepily cause the detectives to push her out to interrogate later. After they interrogate all, they return to the hotel room where Carie is gushing over the incident to her friends.

Carie: So, who do you think stole him? A sociopath, a spiteful rival or someone who wants to ruin the contest?

Larry: Clam down, it obliviously a prank by someone.

Kim: Yeah the turtle will be back.

Carie: But that's boring. I gonna see the night sky.

Carie goes outside and listen to the records she stole from the detectives.

Carie: Come on, their must be something.

The day arrives and everyone goes back to the Auditorium to see if the competion is still on. The enter the room with the stage to see a sad Alexter.

Alexter:( he said while holding back tears ) I regret to inform you all, but, the contest is cancelled.

Everyone is upset and starts packing. As the bus arrive a loud scream came from the Auditorium. Carie then darts to the building.

Carie: What was that !?

She dashes towards the building her band follows.

Larry: Carie wait!

Carie slides on the floor, stops and opens a door on the west wing of the build.


Alexter: Arlo is alive! But somebody spray him, with black spray paint! ( He said in a furious tone breaking his voice)

Carie: His back? ( She said in a shock and curious tone)

Alexter: And nobody is leave until we if out who did this. ( He said in a anger tone while his voice breaks then stomps out of the room calling the security guards )

Carie scratch her head. The detective were called back and started questioning everyone again.