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"Donna," said Sam, stroking her hair with the hand that lay under her neck. "Are you awake?" It was five thirty in the morning, the rising sun shining in little shafts through the closed shutters and falling on Donna's hair where she lay beside him. "Mmm," she murmured, turning around with a drowsy smile on her face. "It's so hot, I can't sleep." They must have got to bed at about half three after saying goodbye to Sophie, just before it started to get light. It had been hard for Donna to let her daughter go, and she'd been a little tearful on the way back to the villa. But she had to remind herself that Sophie needed space to set out on her own adventures, and though nothing could replace her little girl, it was a new and comforting sensation to be heading back home with Sam by her side. She had never thought she would get married, she hadn't been the marryig type. She'd assumed after Sophie was born that she was going to spend the rest of her days single – and on the whole it hadn't felt so bad. It gave her a feeling of freedom and self-assurance, and she'd accepted it as just the way things were. But sometimes she would dream of the handsome man, who would come and whisk her off her feet, and take care of her 'til death do us part'. It was a silly daydream, and one she'd never taken much notice of. But as she grew older she did long for a companion, someone to talk to in the evenings, lie with at night, grow old with.

"I'll never get used to this," Sam whispered.


"You lying next to me."

"I can't believe you've made an honest woman of me," she smiled.

"It would take more than a wedding to do that."

Donna slapped his arm playfully, and then instantly regretted the movement as she felt herself flush with warmth. She lay on her back and looked up at the ceiling, letting the slight breeze that blew through the shutters drift over her. "I never thought I'd get married," she said reflectively, more surprised than anyone by the events of the last twenty four hours. Sam put his arm around her and looked at her with regret in his eyes. "God, I wish we'd done this thirty years earlier, I was such an idiot."

"No, you were young. We both were."

"We'll just have to make up for lost time," he said moving closer to her.

"You're such a romantic!" Donna laughed, rolling over and kissing him. She felt like she was twenty one again, when she had first found the island—and Sam—and everything was exotic and exciting and romantic! Except now that sensation came with a warm feeling of security because they were older and wiser and nothing could go wrong this time.

There was a sudden knocking at the door.

"Oh God," Donna moaned "Who the hell is that at this time?"

"I'll get it," said Sam, sitting up.

"No, I'll get it," Donna rushed out of bed, picking up her dress from where it lay crumpled on floor and putting it on. Though she was over the moon to be back with Sam, her sense of independence had grown stronger over the decades they had been apart, and it was precious to her.

"Yes, I'm coming, I'm coming," Donna breathed as she went down the stairs, rubbing her eyes. She opened the door.


"Sophie?" said Donna, surprised, she should have been half way toward Athens by now, "What happened?"

Sky was holding Sophie in his arms. "We pulled into the bay at the end of the island, thought we'd watch the sun come up, Sophie tripped on the rocks–" he replied breathlessly.

"It's ok," Sophie said, wincing from the pain. She tried to put on a brave face seeing the look of shock on her mom's.

"I think she's broken her ankle," Sky continued.

"What?" said Donna concerned "Let me see." She examined Sophie's ankle. "Does it hurt a lot?"

"Yeah," replied Sophie.

"We better get to the hospital," Donna said leading the way "You ok, honey?"


"Donna?" said Sam, coming down the stairs, she'd almost forgotten about him in all the commotion. "Has something happened?" He asked, seeing Sophie.

"We think she might have broken her ankle," Sky answered.

"God," said Sam, concerned, he'd been her dad for less than a week but he already felt very fond of Sophie, and hated to see her in pain. "Are you alright?" he said going to her.

"I'm fine," Sophie affectionately smiled at his fussing, though she really was in quite a bit of pain.

"Kids these days, you can't trust them on their own for a minute" Donna joked laughingly, as she grabbed the keys from a hook on the wall. "We're going to get to the hospital," she added to Sam.

"Can I do anything? Do you want me to drive you?" he replied.

"No, no, I'll do it " Donna said, slipping her shoes on.

They drove down the winding island roads toward the small, and somewhat rundown little hospital. Sophie's ankle was put into a cast and she was told not to walk on it for six weeks. That meant postponing her travels for more than a month.

"I'm sorry Sky," she said on the way back home, her head leaning against his shoulder. "I've messed everything up."

"Don't say that, it's not your fault."

"I know how much you wanted to go travelling—so did I."

"It's ok, we've got all the time in the world."

"Looks like your stuck with us old fogeys for a few more weeks," Donna called behind her from the driver's seat as they pulled up.

"I'm sorry mom," Sophie said as Donna helped her from the car "It was supposed to be your wedding night."

"Don't be silly," Donna replied tenderly, repositioning Sophie's crutches "Don't you know how happy I am to have you here for a bit longer? I'm gonna be in full mother mode, spoil you rotten, and there's nothing you can do about it it."

Sophie laughed and kissed her on the cheek.