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The original fic was written in German and I have to admit that it lost quite a bit of it's quality, since my vocabulary in English isn't the biggest one. So far I was okay with it though, since I had Slytherin's silver snake and Sadistra, who helped me a lot with the grammar. You are both great, girls.

WARNING: This story deals with detailed torture, neglect, mentioned rape and is full of disturbing content. There is a lot of harm before any comfort and when you think it can't get worse, it will. Please, if you are squemish or if such content disturbs you, DON'T read this fic.

Of killers and traitors:


Sirius Black and Severus Snape had never been friends. On the contrary, since the day they had met, a deep dislike, almost enmity, had ruled their dealings with one another. But now, as they stood face to face, fists balled, bodies rigid with tension and barely contained anger, pure hatred lay in their eyes.

„Sit down, you're making a spectacle out of yourselves in front of the students," Dumbledore admonished the two wizards. Snape and Black stood behind the Head Table, two meters away from each other, squaring off like two enraged manticores.

The Great Hall fell silent as hundreds of eyes were drawn to the Head Table by the spectacle playing out before them, but neither Black nor Snape seemed to notice and continued glaring at one another with hate-filled eyes. Dumbledore's words had fallen on deaf ears, and the two men remained on their feet.

„I've known it all along. Snape. You're nothing but a greasy, traitorous opportunist," Black hissed.

Snape just glared at Black for a moment before a vicious smile stole across Snape's face and he relaxed slightly. A sinister triumph glittered in his eyes and his voice was neither loud nor sharp as he replied, „And you, Black, are a liability, a fugitive wanted by the ministry... dead or alive."

Before anybody had time to react. Snape slipped his wand from his sleeve and leveled it at Black. His face twisted into a sneer as he mouthed two words. „Avada Kedavra."

Black had just enough time for his eyes to widen in disbelief before the piercing green light hit him.