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For the people who lived on the reservation in La Push rain was something they became accustomed, the stormy weather visited them mostly every day. The sun would occasionally tease the reservation, they could see it rising over the horizon of the water, but it would quickly turn the other way leaving them with gloomy clouds. However the weather, it never kept the Quileute tribe inside their homes, from running around the woods to cliff diving into the dangerous waters. They were daring and reckless, but did they ever care much when knowing they could live for years to come?

On this particularly day the sun was shinning over La Push, causing the tribes to come together on such a day like this, not wanting to waste times of a beautiful day like this. They decided to gather at the beach and have a panic, letting the little ones enjoy the time together as well outside. However, all but one gathered with the pack. She sat on her bed in the house she was raised in, looking around desperately at the memories that were held in just this single room. The smiles, the tears, the fights that happened in this room. She watched as the room was changing right before her eyes, her emotions getting the best of her as a tear escaped her eyes and ran down her cheeks.

She swore to never let herself break, but the news she had kept in over the past week she couldn't bare the thought of letting anyone in this home know. Knowing it would break their hearts. She was only eighteen, just graduated high school and now in a mess of a love triangle that the answer to broke her heart. It made her want to scream and cry, letting the pain shed from her emotions but at this point it didn't matter how much she cried, she would never get the love she longed for or the person she longed to love her back.

The bags packed by the door was a reminder for her to wipe her tears away, knowing her family could come back home any second and stop her from leaving this place; taking a deep breath she stood up from her bed, grabbing a few pictures off her desk as she passed by it, her room may've been small but she made the best of it. It used to be her safe haven, emphasis on the past tense.

Her tall figure stood the doorway as she looked back at the bedroom. She had lived her whole life in this room, since she was a day old she spent it in this bedroom, now she was leaving for good reasons. Would it be hard for her to walk away, indeed. However, she didn't need to explain it when the love of her life was in live with someone else, her cousin for that matter. She didn't long to sit back and watch their love any longer.

Grabbing her bags she made her way out of the bedroom and down the hall passing her brother's bedroom, she would miss him terribly. He didn't deserve to lose a sister, but she needed to leave. She placed the envelope by his door and made her way into the living room. She passed by every other room without ease, her keys in hand as she walked out to her old truck throwing the bags in the back of the pickup.

She sat in the driver side and started up the car, looking back at the home in the rearview mirror, tears once staining her cheeks once more. Could she stay back and live here longer, knowing the life she would be living, it wouldn't be possible. The positive pregnancy test that she took a week ago was a clear choice of that matter, she couldn't raise a child in this predicament. Not around the father who didn't want much to do with the mother while he was in love with another person.

Leah put the truck in drive and pulled out of the driveway, watching as the memories she left behind being broken. Her fingers pressed tightly around the steering wheel as she got closer to the edge of the reservation, knowing the time she would leave it, there would be no coming back to this place. She reached across the truck turning on the radio, listening to the random music she had never heard to pass the time and help clear her mind.

Leah Clearwater looked back at the town she knew her whole life, not knowing where she would be going to or even heading into, she only knew this life. Now it wasn't just going to be her life, it meant someone else being in her life, a child, her child. It wasn't just about her anymore, she would devote her life now to the child that was innocent out of this mess. Passing the town line Leah felt a sense of relief and pain mix together, not longing to come back to this place. Which is why she didn't look back after that, the sense of knowing she would take care of the child would be the thing that kept her going.

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