No, there's nothing to say about the terrorist. There never is. She failed and died, as all the terrorists do.

She wasn't a threat to Britannia. If I wonder anything, it's this: if she knew that she wasn't a threat to Britannia's rule. Did she think that if she merely entered the settlement and set off a bomb, Britannia would leave Area 18? I wouldn't have thought so: more likely it was some secondary motive, like she thought that it would galvanize the natives or that it would create an opening for their three tanks to storm the palace and overtake the infrastructure. It wouldn't work, of course, even with the circus in Area 11. If I died, who would take command here? And if he died, how badly - truly, how badly do we need laborers? Schneizel had planted the idea of relocating numbers from a pacified area with the prospect of honorary Britannian status, but he knew upfront there was nowhere to put them yet. If an area kills two royals, though, you suddenly have a candidate. If she succeeds, this goes nowhere, and if it does happen to go further, the less of her people remain.

Still, as cheaply as the numbers are bought, I should be impressed. If the eradication of her people meant the deaths of Cornelia li Britannia and Schneizel el Britannia, it's more than other dead clans have bought.

Am I giving her too much credit? Hah. Probably. How many Mariannes are there, really? Was there a clone of the greatest woman in history, just lurking in Area 18, for this girl to learn from?

Marianne alone could inspire like this. As brutish as the Britannian military is, Area 18 is notorious for its infantilizing of women. They are dolls here, hidden away. Dressed up as playthings. She overcame that? With whom? Did she have a Marianne? Did she have the resolve of Marianne? Of course not.

Marianne would have succeeded. Marianne would have done the recon work necessary to carry it out. Marianne would have succeeded in killing me, and she may have even lived. If that happened, Britannia would not have lost, but the cost of retaining this area would have been paid with the blood of more royals than any war we have ever seen.

Imagine comparing her to me or to Marianne. The numbers are used to squalor - and it's easy, so easy, for the squalor to make you stupid. Marianne alone resisted this gravity of the lower class. Marianne alone was able to fight back. This, this terrorist - she is not Marianne.

We succeed in this world by fighting, not committing some big sordid suicide. Suicide - that's all this gaudy display was. That or some mouthbreathing attmempt to make a statement. What did she say? That Britannian soldiers cannot simply be surprised by anklebiting number? Truly worthy of comparison to Lady Marianne. Marianne was known to have simply fought a knightmare with her bare hands and expect victory. Marianne, few knew, was actually terribly stupid.

Victory is victory, and that is all that matters. Marianne fought for those victories, and try as the Britannian nobles might, her success could not be denied. She alone ignored what men said she could do, and she did it. Fight enough, win enough glory, and you will end up at the top. Marianne knew this. Marianne had that resolve, and the victories she won for the empire were greater than any other. How many territories would Britannia have if not for Lady Marianne's power? Far fewer. By far.

Do not think of putting this gutter rat in the same sentence as lady Marianne. Do not speak her name in reference to this. Do not let these brutes think of her as a martyr, equal in any way to Lady Marianne.

Guilford... I think I'll be on the front lines for this one.

a) lmao holy shit I completely cannot write fiction
b) Cornelia is a terribly sad character for me
c) this fic may be deeply problematic, i truly don't know, and i'm sorry if it is