It was night time. Tonight wasn't an ordinary night for the US. It was Purge night. Ryder & the pups were with Angel, Elias, Kelly, Terry, Ella, Ethan, Harry & Susie watching TV in the lounge of Elias' mansion. The Purge was still an hour away from beginning but everyone was still on edge unsure of how the night would play out.

"I think it's quite shocking that someone could think of an idea where all crime including murder is legal for an entire night. That's messed up" said Chase in a disgusted voice.

"It lasts from 7PM tonight until 7AM tomorrow morning" said Ryder.

"It's certainly a crazy idea. Whoever came up with it is 1 sadistic psychopath" said Elias with a shudder.

"I'll say. Hopefully we all survive" said Kelly as she gulped nervously.

"We will" said Elias in a reassuring tone. Ryder then suddenly went pale having realized Koda was in Los Angeles visiting their parents.

"I better call mum & dad to check on Koda" said Ryder as he grabbed his Pup Pad.

"Is something wrong Ryder?" asked Chase in a concerned manner.

"I don't think Koda's ever heard of the Purge before" said Ryder with panic in his voice.

"WAIT WHAT?" cried everyone as they gasped in horror.

"That's not good. If Koda's still out on the streets of LA he could be in all kinds of danger" said Elias in a worried voice.

"I better see if he's at home" said Ryder as he called Isaac & Rita. In LA Isaac & Rita were preparing themselves for the Purge. Koda hadn't returned home by this point.

"Where is he?" asked Isaac as he looked outside hoping to see Koda.

"Is Koda not back yet?" asked Rita in a curious tone.

"No. He said he'd be back by now. It's almost 7:00. The Purge is about to start. I don't even think Koda knows what's going on" said Isaac with a nervous gulp. Rita's tablet then started ringing.

"I better see who that is" said Rita as she grabbed her tablet & answered the call. It was Ryder.

"It's Ryder" said Rita.

"Why would he be calling?" asked Isaac in a confused manner.

"Is Koda with you guys? We have to warn him about the Purge" said Ryder.

"He's still out on his walk. We told him to be back by 6:50 PM & he hasn't returned" said Isaac in alarm.

"I hope he'll be back soon" said Ryder as he sighed.

"It'd be heartbreaking if something happened to him tonight" said Rita with a shudder.

"If push comes to shove I'm sure he'll find a way to survive" said Ryder in a confident voice.

"We'll come to LA to help if needed. Koda's safety is a top priority" said Elias as he smiled reassuringly.

"It sure is" said Ryder with a nod of agreement. The clock then struck 7 causing the Emergency Broadcast System to play on TV.

"Oh no" said Ryder in a horrified manner.

"The Purge has started" said Isaac as the announcement of the Purge played.

"This is not a test. This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the annual Purge sanctioned by the US government. Weapons of class 4 & lower have been authorized for use during the Purge. All other weapons are restricted. Government officials of rank 10 have been granted immunity from the Purge therefore they shall not be harmed. Commencing at the siren any & all crime including murder will be legal for 12 hours. All forms of emergency services will be unavailable until 7AM tomorrow morning when the Purge concludes. Blessed be our new founding fathers & America as a nation reborn. May God be with you all" said the Emergency Broadcast System as the sirens sounded signalling the beginning of the Purge.

"Looks like Koda's going to be on his own tonight" said Isaac with a sad sigh.

"I'm sure he'll use his wits to stay alive" said Rita in hope.

"That's the best thing he can do" said Ryder as he nodded in agreement.

"I have no doubts that Koda will be fine. He's got the intelligence to make it out alive" said Elias in a certain voice.

"Even so it's pretty scary knowing that he's all alone" said Ryder.

"Should we call him & see how he's doing?" asked Elias in a curious tone.

"Good idea. See you tomorrow morning" said Ryder as he hung up. He then called Koda.

"Koda are you there?" asked Ryder as Koda was seen looking scared.

"Ryder what's going on? 1 minute I was on my way home & then suddenly a voice announced that for 12 hours all crime was legal. Right now I'm trying to avoid some of dad's former employees. They keep saying that they'll finally get revenge on me & that I deserve to die for being a son of a bitch" said Koda in a panicked manner.

"You need to get to safety immediately" said Ryder in horror.

"I managed to lose them but I don't understand why this is happening. What's this Purge thing all about?" asked Koda in a confused voice.

"It was set up years ago by the US government. For 1 night each year everyone can go out & commit any crime they want without consequences. That happens to be tonight" said Ryder.

"That's sick. I don't know what fool would think of something like that" said Koda with a scowl.

"The creator of the Purge is a psychopath. Anyways whatever you do make sure to stay out of harm's way. The last thing any of us want is for you to suffer a horrible fate" said Elias in a concerned tone.

"Don't worry. I'll be fine. I'm not going to let anyone hurt me" said Koda in a reassuring manner.

"Excellent. What part of LA are you in at the moment?" asked Ryder in uncertainty.

"I think I'm in the downtown area" said Koda as he looked around.

"THERE HE IS" yelled Shepherd Institute of Tomorrow ex employee Mr Gumson as he & his friends spotted Koda.

"I have to go. See you tomorrow morning" said Koda as he started running.

"Stay safe" said Ryder with a sigh.

"I will" said Koda as he hung up.

"All we can do now is pray for Koda's safety" said Ryder in a hopeful voice.

"I think he'll be OK. He always knows how to get out of sticky situations" said Elias with a smile of reassurance.

"Good point. As long as he's careful he'll get through the night without incident" said Ryder as he nodded. Back in LA Koda was still running. He was then suddenly ambushed by Mr Gumson & 2 of his friends.

"We've got you now Shepherd" said Mr Gumson with a sadistic grin.

"You're about to pay for getting us fired" said Mr Gumson's friend Mr Fennigan as he aimed his gun at Koda.

"It was your own fault you got fired. You'd still have your jobs if you hadn't tried stealing my ideas" said Koda with an eye roll.

"We wouldn't have gotten fired if you weren't such a brat" said Mr Gumson in an angry tone.

"Tonight we'll finally have revenge" said Mr Fennigan in a sinister manner.

"Think again" said Koda as he ran off trying to hide in the shadows. The ex employees gave chase.

"GET BACK HERE SHEPHERD" yelled Mr Gumson at the top of his voice.

"YOU WON'T ESCAPE THAT EASILY" yelled Mr Fennigan as he shot blindly hoping to hit Koda. Koda continued running whilst hiding in the shadows.

"I better get home before something goes horribly wrong" said Koda as he kept running. He then saw a man get shot by another guy.

"That's not good. Seeing as weapons of class 4 & lower are OK to use I better use that guy's gun for defense" said Koda as he waited until the assailant left. He then snuck over & retrieved the gun from the man who'd been shot. To his delight it was a Desert Eagle firearm.

"This is my favourite firearm. With this my chances of survival shall be much better" said Koda as he suddenly recognized the man. It was Mr Hannigan. He was 1 of the most well known customers for the Shepherd Institute of Tomorrow.

"Poor Mr Hannigan" said Koda as he removed the contact lenses from Mr Hannigan's eyes & put them in.

"Now everyone will know that I'm officially purging" said Koda as he continued walking through Los Angeles. Back in Adventure Bay everyone was watching the Purge on TV. They were unsure of what would happen next.

"It's a good thing knowing Adventure Bay isn't part of the Purge. The thought of being forced to barricade ourselves in our homes against crime is quite scary" said Skye with a shudder.

"Adventure Bay is 1 of very few places in the US where crime is at a minimum. We should be safe" said Elias in reassurance. Cali meowed sadly.

"Don't worry Cali. Koda's survived much worse than this. I'm sure he'll make it through the Purge with ease" said Katie as Lunabelle, Lupinus & their kids whimpered in fear.

"It'll be OK. Uncle Koda knows what he's doing" said Elias as he pet the wolves to calm them down.

"Wait is Koda actually their uncle?" asked Kelly in a surprised voice.

"Not biologically. It's an affectionate nickname they have for him" said Elias.

"Oh OK" said Kelly with a nod. Ryder then dropped his jaw in shock at he saw on TV.

"Is that Koda?" asked Ryder as everyone looked at the TV. To their shock they saw Koda actively participating in the Purge.

"NO WAY" cried Chase in disbelief.

"Did Koda just shoot someone?" asked Everest in an uncertain tone. Cali fainted from shock.

"I don't think Koda would ever do something like that" said Ryder in a shocked tone.

"He might not have had a choice. It could've been self defense" said Elias with an uncertain shrug.

"Maybe it wasn't him. It could've been someone else" said Kelly.

"Good point. Unless it was the only option I doubt Koda would ever kill anyone" said Terry as he nodded in agreement.

"That's the most plausible theory I can think of" said Angel as Ryder's Pup Pad rang. He proceeded to answer the call.

"Hello Ryder here" said Ryder with a professional smile. It was Koda.

"Ryder I've changed my plan. I'm taking part in the Purge" said Koda with a sigh.

"WAIT WHAT?" cried Ryder in horror.

"Tonight's the perfect night to exact revenge on everyone who's mistreated me. They deserve it" said Koda in a blunt manner.

"So it was you that we just saw on TV" said Ryder in surprise.

"The guy I shot was the brother of an ex employee from the Shepherd Institute of Tomorrow. I had to attack him in self defense" said Koda as he sighed sadly.

"How could you commit murder?" asked Ryder as he reached the brink of tears.

"I didn't kill him. I only injured him enough to allow me to get away. I'm fine with attacking anyone who comes after me but I'm not going to outright kill them unless it was an accident or as a last resort in self defense. Even if murder is legal until 7AM tomorrow I couldn't bring myself to murder anyone in cold blood" said Koda as everyone sighed in relief.

"We're just glad you're OK Koda. All of us are worried sick about you" said Elias in a concerned voice.

"I can tell. Don't worry about me. I should be fine" said Koda with a reassuring smile.

"If you need our assistance we'll be there for you. Don't forget that" said Ryder.

"I won't. Thanks Ryder" said Koda in a grateful tone.

"THERE HE IS" yelled Mr Gumson as he & his friends spotted Koda.

"I have to go. See you guys later" said Koda as he hung up & ran off.

"Looks like Koda's in for a rough night" said Ryder with a nervous gulp.

"Agreed" said Elias.

"I knew Koda would never deliberately kill anyone in cold blood" said Chase as he smiled in relief.

"Aunt Rita & Uncle Isaac will be glad to hear that" said Elias in a cheerful manner.

"Are they actually your aunt & uncle?" asked Kelly as she tilted her head in confusion.

"No. I refer to them as such similar to how the wolf pups refer to Koda as their uncle" said Elias with a chuckle.

"OK" said Kelly as she nodded. Back in LA Koda had replaced the bullets in the Desert Eagle for dummy rounds so that he could injure but not kill anyone who came after him. He managed to get away from the angry ex employees & hid on a nearby rooftop.

"I should get some rest. I'll need it" said Koda as he laid down making sure to keep himself hidden. Soon he was fast asleep.