Koda woke up while it was still dark. When he checked his watch he saw that it was 4:30 in the morning.

"The Purge is still going for another 2.5 hours" said Koda as he began trying to get home. Along the way he saw various people lying dead in the streets.

"This whole Purge thing is sick. It's a good thing that-" said Koda as he was suddenly shot in the right front leg. He kneeled & held his arm in pain.

"I've got you now" said Mr Gumson as he emerged from the shadows.

"Don't come any closer. I have a gun & I'm not afraid to use it" said Koda in a stern voice.

"You don't scare me. Do your worst Shepherd" said Mr Gumson with an arrogant smirk.

"OK" said Koda as he shrugged & shot Mr Gumson in the groin. Mr Gumson screamed in pain & fell to the floor curling up in a fetal position. He dropped his gun which Koda snatched away.

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU & EAT YOUR CORPSE YOU SON OF A BITCH" yelled Mr Gumson in an agonized tone.

"Good luck with that" said Koda as he ran off. An hour later he saw even more damage done to Los Angeles. He checked his watch & saw that only 1.5 hours remained of the Purge.

"I only have a short amount of time left. Soon all crime will be illegal again. Thanks to the dummy rounds I haven't killed anyone" said Koda as he walked into someone. It was Big Boss.

"Hi Big Boss" said Koda in a surprised manner.

"Hi Koda" said Big Boss.

"Are you taking part in the Purge as well?" asked Koda with curiosity in his voice.

"Yes. I enjoy it" said Big Boss as he smiled.

"Perhaps we can do it together" said Koda.

"You say that like you've never done it before" said Big Boss in a confused voice.

"I hadn't heard of the Purge before 7:00 yesterday night" said Koda with a chuckle.

"You're joking" said Big Boss in a shocked tone.

"No I'm not" said Koda as he shook his head.

"How have you found it?" asked Big Boss in an uncertain manner.

"Eventful. I've been asleep for most of the night but during the time I've been awake I've been running from former employees of the Shepherd Institute of Tomorrow" said Koda.

"It's good to see that you're still standing" said Big Boss with a relieved smile.

"I can say the same for you" said Koda as he nodded in agreement.

"THERE HE IS" yelled Mr Finnegan as he spotted Big Boss & Koda.

"RUN" cried Koda as Big Boss & himself ran off.

"Why are they trying to hunt you down anyways?" asked Big Boss with confusion in his voice.

"I exposed them as frauds. They attempted to steal my ideas & pass them off as their own but after they were caught they got fired" said Koda.

"They made the same mistake Mr Wentworth made" said Big Boss as he chuckled.

"They kind of did. Are you targeting anyone specific?" asked Koda in a curious voice.

"Only those who I've had trouble with in the past" said Big Boss.

"OK" said Koda with a nod of acknowledgement.

"Have you killed anyone?" asked Big Boss in an uncertain tone.

"No. I've only caused horrible pain to those I have issues with" said Koda as he shook his head.

"I'm not sure if that's better or worse" said Big Boss.

"The people I'm going after deserve it. Karma's going to bite them really hard tonight" said Koda in a devious manner.

"Let's get down to it" said Big Boss with a cocky smirk.

"Right behind you" said Koda as Big Boss & himself looked around for Koda's enemies. It didn't take long for them to encounter Mr Amigo.

"There you are" said Mr Amigo as he scowled in disgust.

"Trying to steal my projects again Mr Amigo?" asked Koda with snark in his voice.

"Actually I'm here to silence you forever" said Mr Amigo in a sinister voice.

"I'll kill you if you touch him" said Big Boss as he growled.

"I'd like to see you try" said Mr Amigo with a scoff of arrogance.

"Is that dad wishing to rehire you?" asked Koda as he pointed behind Mr Amigo.

"Are you for real?" asked Mr Amigo as he looked behind him. Koda then shot him in the groin causing him to scream in pain & drop to the ground in agony.

"YOU'RE DEAD YOU LITTLE PRICK" yelled Mr Amigo in an angry tone.

"I don't think so" said Koda as he rolled his eyes.

"You just got a taste of the nutcracker" said Big Boss in an amused manner.

"You're lucky I didn't kill you Mr Amigo. Big Boss we need to take his weapon" said Koda.

"I'm on it" said Big Boss as he grabbed Mr Amigo's weaponry. He & Koda then ran off leaving Mr Amigo curled up in the street.

"OK that's it. Koda leaves me no choice" said Mr Amigo as he grabbed his phone & called his friends.

"Hey guys it's me. Do you remember the address of the Shepherd residence?" asked Mr Amigo in curiosity. Meanwhile Koda was trying to get home. He checked his watch & saw that it was 6:00.

Only 1 hour remains until the Purge ends" said Koda.

"I've taken down all my enemies" said Big Boss in a satisfied voice.

"I have to inform Mrs Hannigan that her husband was killed" said Koda with a sad sigh.

"No you don't" said a voice. Big Boss & Koda turned to see that Mr Hannigan was behind them alive & well.

"You're OK Mr Hannigan" said Koda in a relieved tone.

"I sure am" said Mr Hannigan with a nod.

"How is that possible? Koda told me you got shot" said Big Boss as he tilted his head in confusion. Mr Hannigan revealed that he was wearing a bullet proof vest underneath his jacket.

"I didn't see that coming" said Koda in a surprised manner.

"Never go purging without this" said Mr Hannigan with a confident smirk.

"Do you want your gun back?" asked Koda.

"Yes please" said Mr Hannigan as Koda handed him his gun.

"I altered it to shoot dummy rounds" said Koda.

"OK. At least they're effective enough to incapacitate anyone who tries to hurt us" said Mr Hannigan.

"I guess you're right" said Koda as screaming & gunshots were heard from the beach nearby.

"We better see what's going on" said Koda as Big Boss, himself & Mr Hannigan went to investigate. They saw people running for their lives as various houses were engulfed in flames & others being gunned down.

"My parents might be in danger" said Koda in a sad voice.

"Hopefully they're OK" said Mr Hannigan with a nervous gulp.

"Let's see if we can save them. Anyone who gets in our way will get hurt" said Koda in a stern tone.

"You got it Koda" said Big Boss as he, Koda & Mr Hannigan continued towards the Shepherd mansion. To their horror it had also been set on fire.

"NO" cried Koda in horror.

"They've beaten us here" said Big Boss with a gasp.

"OK THAT'S IT" yelled Koda as he activated his pup tag & called Ryder.

"Are you there Ryder? Come in" said Koda in a desperate tone.

"Hello Koda. Is everything OK?" asked Ryder.

"No. Our parents' mansion is on fire" said Koda in a shaky manner.

"WAIT WHAT?" cried Ryder in shock.

"I have a feeling it was a group of former employees that have been hunting me down that did this" said Koda with a sigh.

"We'll be there soon. Stay safe" said Ryder in a reassuring voice.

"I will. See you soon" said Koda as he hung up.

"I hope Aunt Rita & Uncle Isaac are OK" said Elias in a concerned tone.

"I do too. We need to get to LA & make sure nothing bad happens" said Ryder as Angel, Elias, Kelly, Terry, Ella, Ethan, Harry, Susie, Carlana, Jake, Carlos, Cali, Katie, himself, the pups, Lunabelle, Lupinus & their kids raced to the Lookout. They then got in the Air Patroller & flew to Los Angeles. On the way there the pups put their gear on.

"PAW Patrol ready for action Ryder sir" said Chase as he & the other pups stood at attention.

"This is the biggest situation we've encountered yet. My parents' mansion was set on fire during the Purge" said Ryder as the pups gasped in horror.

"That's awful" said Chase in a worried manner.

"Indeed. We need to find them, make sure they're OK, put out the fire & find the people responsible" said Ryder.

"I say we wait until 7:00 when the Purge ends so that nobody can get away with any crimes" said Elias with caution in his voice.

"That'll be another 45 minutes. Here are your assignments. Brian & Chase you 2 need to use your tasers to incapacitate anyone who tries to attack us" said Ryder as he clicked Brian & Chase's icons.

"We're on the case" said Chase as Brian & he saluted.

"Lucky & Marshall you guys need to put out the fire & try to find my parents" said Ryder as he clicked Lucky & Marshall's icons.

"We're fired up" said Marshall as Lucky & he saluted.

"Angel I need you to help Brian & Chase deal with hostile forces" said Ryder as he clicked Angel's icon.

"I'm ready to protect & serve" said Angel in a confident voice.

"The rest of us will help out in any way possible. We'll need all the help we can get" said Ryder.

"You can count on us Ryder" said Carlos with a reassuring smile.

"Isaac & Rita will make it out alive" said Jake.

"Together we'll all have everything sorted out in no time" said Katie in an eager tone.

"We'll land on the beach & camouflage ourselves. As soon as the Purge ends we set out" said Ryder as everyone continued the journey. Back in Los Angeles Koda looked through the mansion for Isaac & Rita.

"Mom, dad where are you?" asked Koda in concern.

"Mr & Mrs Shepherd can you hear us?" asked Mr Hannigan as he tried to see through the flames & smoke.

"SOMEONE PLEASE HELP US" cried Isaac in a desperate voice.

"GET US OUT OF HERE" cried Rita in a panicked tone.

"We're on our way" said Big Boss as he, Koda & Mr Hannigan walked towards the sound of Isaac & Rita's voice hoping to rescue them. Soon they found them.

"MOM, DAD" cried Koda in a relieved manner.

"KODA" cried Isaac & Rita as Koda ran over & hugged them.

"It's a relief to see that you're OK" said Isaac.

"We need to get out of here. Your former employees started the fire. It's an act of revenge" said Koda with a scowl.

"Those jerks won't get away with this" said Rita in anger.

"Let's get out of here" said Koda as everyone tried to find a safe exit from the fire. Back in the Air Patroller everyone was waiting for 7:00 to come.

"Once the emergency services are available they, Lucky & Marshall will be able to administer 1ST aid to those in need" said Ryder.

"It's almost 7:00. Just a few more minutes" said Elias as everyone continued to wait. Koda & the others managed to get out of the mansion safely only to be ambushed by Mr Amigo, Mr Finnegan & Mr Gumson.

"We've got you now" said Mr Amigo in a devious voice.

"You're not going to escape this time" said Mr Finnegan as he & his allies pulled guns out.

"The only place you're going is heaven" said Mr Gumson with a sinister grin.

"I should've known it was you 3. By now I would've thought you'd learned your lesson" said Isaac with a sigh of frustration.

"Dad's right. No matter what you say the truth never was, is or will be overrated" said Koda as he nodded in agreement.

"Keep telling yourself that" said Mr Amigo as he scoffed.

"Your luck has run out Shepherd" said Mr Finnegan in a threatening tone.

"We'll make you suffer the worst pain imaginable" said Mr Gumson.

"You don't scare us" said Koda with an eye roll.

"He's right" said a voice. Mr Wentworth then appeared much to the ex employees' glee.

"Good to see you Lazlo" said Mr Amigo with a relieved smile. Mr Wentworth then pulled a shotgun out.

"Leave my boss alone" said Mr Wentworth as the ex employees went wide eyed.

"What are you going Lazlo?" asked Mr Finnegan with a nervous gulp.

"I can't believe you're sticking up for them after they screwed you over" said Mr Gumson in a disgusted manner.

"I was wrong to do what I did. I recognized my mistakes & learned from them. You 3 can do the same. Don't make this any harder than it has to be" said Mr Wentworth.

"No. The truth is overrated. Get out of our way before-" said Mr Amigo as he was cut off by a siren that signaled the end of the Purge.

"The Purge is over. Now all crime is illegal again" said Koda with a smug smirk. In the Air Patroller everyone heard the siren go off.

"There's the siren" said Elias.

"PAW Patrol is on a roll" said Ryder as everyone emerged from the Air Patroller & ran to where the others were.

"Get away from the Shepherds" said Chase with a growl.

"Don't make us use lethal force" said Angel as she aimed her taser at the ex employees.

"What's going on?" asked Mr Finnegan in a confused voice.

"I knew you 3 would play dirty even though what you did was technically legal. I decided to fight back by calling the PAW Patrol for help. Until now they had to wait to take action" said Koda.

"You guys have a choice. Either you walk away or kill us & wind up in jail or even death row" said Isaac with a harsh glare.

"Don't be stupid you 3" said Rita.

"The police are nearby. What's it going to be?" asked Koda as everything went silent.

"This isn't over. Let's get out of here" said Mr Gumson as he & his allies walked off in anger.

"That was close" said Isaac with a sigh of relief.

"I'll say" said Rita as she nodded in agreement.

"Now all we have to do is put out the fire" said Elias.

"I'm on it. Ruff water cannons" said Marshall as he deployed his water cannons. Lucky did the same before he & Marshall began blasting water at the flames trying to put the fire out. Slowly but surely the flames were extinguished. Soon the fire had been put out.

"Perfect. Good job Lucky" said Marshall as Lucky howled happily.

"This year's Purge was easily the scariest we've ever had" said Isaac with a shudder.

"Indeed. I'm just glad we're all OK" said Rita in a relieved tone. Lucky then got his medical gear out & checked for injuries. A few minutes late he howled indicating everything was fine.

"Mum & Dad are OK" said Koda with a smile.

"Thanks for helping us get through this" said Isaac in a grateful manner.

"It'd be a shame if Aunt Rita & you were hurt or killed Uncle Isaac" said Elias as he smiled reassuringly.

"Are you actually our nephew?" asked Rita in uncertainty.

"No. It's an affectionate nickname I gave you" said Elias with a chuckle.

"You took a page right out of the wolves' book" said Koda in an amused voice.

"I sure did" said Elias as the wolves tackled & nuzzled Koda while howling happily.

"I'm happy to see you too kids. Everything's OK" said Koda in a cheerful tone.

"That's really cute" said Isaac with a warm smile.

"It sure is" said Rita.

"I'm glad the Purge is over. To be honest I actually kind of enjoyed it" said Koda as he grinned cheekily.

"It's a relief to see that you made it through in 1 piece" said Elias in a happy manner.

"You're able to handle any situation seeing as how you can adapt to what's happening super fast" said Ryder in amazement.

"I'm a fast learner. I always was & I always will be. I look forward to next year's Purge" said Koda with an enthusiastic smirk.

"WAIT WHAT?" cried everyone in horror.

"It's nice to be able to let out all the bottled up anger" said Koda.

"I would reconsider that. You almost died last night" said Ryder in a concerned voice.

"I was joking. I'm staying in Adventure Bay next year during the Purge" said Koda as he giggled cheekily.

"You almost gave us all heart attacks. You're quite cheeky sometimes" said Elias with a sigh of relief.

"It's always worth a few good laughs to play a prank or tell a joke" said Koda with a sheepish smile. Everyone then got in the Air Patroller & headed back to Adventure Bay. Koda received a very warm welcome upon arriving back.

"Did everyone watch me during the Purge?" asked Koda in a surprised tone.

"We sure did. Before we came to help we watched you on TV" said Elias as he nodded in confirmation.

"It's good that everyone knows I'm OK" aid Koda with a grateful smile.

"Agreed" said Ryder as Cali tackled Koda before kissing him as tears ran down her face.

"OK Cali I get it. You missed me. Stop getting my fur wet" said Koda as Cali continued crying.

"Guys why is Cali in such a hysterical state?" asked Koda in a confused manner.

"She's been worried sick about you. All night she had a horrible feeling you might have been hurt or killed. She's been freaking out about it" said Katie with sternness in her voice.

"I never planned to get caught up in the Purge. I was forced into it" said Koda as he tried to console Cali.

"Cali it's OK. The Purge is over" said Koda as Katie noticed the gunshot wound on Koda.

"Koda you were shot" said Katie with a gasp.

"It's not that bad. I'm OK with you checking it out. This time it's not really life threatening" said Koda with a shrug.

"That was the day Cali gave some of her blood to save your life" said Elias.

"It was also the best birthday of my life" said Koda as he kicked Cali on the cheek.

"I'm sorry for putting you through this Cali. From now on we'll take baths together at Katie's" said Koda as Cali purred & nuzzled Koda.

"That means yes" said Koda with an amused chuckle.

"Ironically cats hate water" said Elias in fascination.

"She's only agreeing since I'll be with her" said Koda.

"I guess so" said Elias.

"You 2 are such a cute couple" said Ryder as he smiled proudly.

"Agreed" said Kelly with a nod of agreement. Koda was then taken to the pet parlor where Katie tended to his gunshot wound.

"There we go. Until it heals completely I'd advise avoiding strenuous activity with that leg" said Katie as she bandaged Koda's leg.

"It's a good thing this isn't my writing arm. I wouldn't have been able to get Cali's birthday gift in time. Ta-Da" said Koda as he revealed a metallic pink collar. Cali gasped for joy upon seeing it. She then meowed in appreciation & nuzzled Koda.

"You're welcome Cali" said Koda as he put the collar around Cali's neck before activating the tag on it.

"OK Cali go ahead & speak" said Koda with an eager grin.

"Koda you know I can't talk" said Cali as she & Katie then dropped their jaws in surprise.

"Am I actually speaking?" asked Cali in a shocked voice.

"The collar's tag can translate animal noises into speech. It's a little fancy in a way" said Koda with a smile.

"This is amazing. You're the best Koda" said Cali in a grateful tone.

"All for you my love" said Koda as Cali & he kissed while snuggling up close. That night as Koda got in bed he thought about the ex employees & what they tried to do.

Those 3 imbeciles better be ready. Next year I'm staying here & there's nothing they can do about it" said Koda as he fell asleep happy to be alive.