Two days. That's it right there yep. End of story. Nope not starting it. Don't say anything! Not listening lalalalalalalalalalala!

Anyway….That's how Tony Stark was feeling straight after the Battle of New York as it has been deducted by the press. The battle had gone over two days if you started from when Loki appeared in Stuttgart, otherwise it would be closer to five days when he first arrived on Earth. It had been two days since he had been returned to Asgard and the battle had ended and Tony still hadn't had enough sleep. He'd been able to have a maximum of two hours for the past two days and he really hated it. He'd been so desperate to sleep after the battle but his injuries and heart–and mind–wouldn't leave him alone.

The memories of the battle seemed to plague his mind keeping him high on adrenaline as fear would take over his mind-set, still thinking that he was fighting a battle only this time it's mentally. The bruises that covered his back, arms and legs made it practically impossible for him to get comfortable and fall asleep in his bed next to his beautiful wife who'd almost killed him in fright after he finally returned home to her and their children. His heart was darn right the worst. After suffocating in space and then returning to Earth dead before having his heart restarted, it had been complete agony forcing his heart to push against the shrapnel to move it back to it's original position before his heart went out. He'd had to do that for the entirety of the two days and it had only just moved back when he'd received a call from Fury.

He'd just been about to fall asleep and gain at least another hour of sleep when his phone had started ringing, blaring out Beethoven's Ninth symphony (Ode to Joy) which is the only thing that can wake Tony up when he's exhausted–unless it's someone touching his Arc Reactor that isn't his wife or children, even in a coma he'd wake up. No seriously he really would, it has happened before. He doesn't really know why that piece of music wakes him up since his parents used to play it to make him go to sleep, hmm…. Maybe it's because they're gone that the memories wake him up? Anyway…. Moving away from the emotional parts, he'd just been about to fall asleep after putting Angelo to bed when his phone rang.

Tony groaned in dismay but his mind was already up and wide awake so there was no chance of him falling asleep again after that. He turned over carefully so that he was resting on his left side, which had the least amount of bruising on it, and managed to reach for his phone blinking blearily as he stared at the number. It was Fury, his Dad-in-law I guess. Yeah, Yeah, shocking he knows. He's married to Fury's oldest daughter, whatever we'll get back to that stuff later, right now let's get back to what's important. The call reader said 'Eye-Patch' which Fury hadn't found funny but Nicholas had. Fury has two sides you see, the super-secret-spy who couldn't keep a single secret from Tony, and then there's Nicholas. Nobody calls him Nicholas or Nick/y or Joseph, just plain old Fury even his family do. But Nicholas is kind, caring, and has a great sense of humour believe it or not. Nicholas treats Tony like his son, which is great after his parents' death and Stane's betrayal. Nicholas was another member of his contacts right next to Abigail whereas Eye-Patch was at the bottom. You can clearly see the difference, but unfortunately when Eye-Patch calls Tony has to answer and face the coldness instead of the warmth.

"Stark." Were the first words that Fury said to him, his voice unemotional and stern, irritating Tony immediately.

"Fury." Tony responds curtly, his annoyance clearly expressed in his voice.

"You were supposed to be at the meeting twenty minutes ago on the Helicarrier." Fury says a bit of frustration leaking into his voice.

"Was I? Wait what meeting?" Tony says bewildered, he hadn't heard a thing about it and that was very unusual for him. He quickly, yet slowly so as not to hurt himself, climbed out of bed which is absent of Abigail, also strange he swears she went to bed with him.

"Yes you were, didn't Agent Hail tell you?" Fury asks now slightly surprised. Agent Hail is Abigail's SHIELD name so that no one knows she's related to Fury or married to Tony. It's actually an inside joke, since when the three all met each other for the first time it had been hailing and Tony had broken his arm trying to get out of the hail storm when Fury and Abigail had found him and taken him to the hospital. It turned out Tony's father had sent them out looking for him after he'd run off again, it proved to be a very interesting conversation when people asked them how they met (when they weren't being Fury, Agent Hail, or Tony Stark that is).

"No, they didn't." Tony says whilst buckling a belt with one hand with a practiced ease. They never included the gender of an agent when they were talking on the phone in case someone else was listening in as Fury's line wasn't quite as secure as Nicholas's.

"Well I'll excuse you just this once, now hurry and get over here!" The call ends abruptly and Tony sighs, he knows Nicholas will talk to him later about it since it is unusual for Abigail not to tell him about a meeting for SHIELD. After quickly pulling a shirt over his back and wings–again that will be explained later–he glances up at the ceiling out of habit before addressing JARVIS.

"J, where's Abi?" He asks quietly so as not to awake the sleeping one and three weeks old baby sleeping in a cot near Abigail's side of the bed. Tony hadn't gotten around to finishing Angelo's nursery due to the fight with Loki and it hadn't been done before he was born because they didn't know they were expecting another baby. Plus he'd been busy with Stark Industries before that so he couldn't even finish it after Angelo was born.

"Mrs. Stark is currently throwing up in the bathroom and has been for quite a few minutes now sir." That startled him, why was Abigail throwing up? She wasn't sick was she? In his sudden panic he quickly runs to the bathroom door at the other side of the room whilst regretting–and not for the first time either–making the walls sound proof. Bursting through the door he immediately spots Abigail kneeling on the floor puking into the toilet whilst trying to keep her long black hair away from her face. As soon as he's next to her he pulls her hair away from her face and gently rubs soothing circles on her back. About a minute or two later she finally finishes throwing up. Carefully leading her away from the toilet Tony gently lays her down on the cold tiled floor to rest before flushing the toilet and grabbing a water bottle from the emergency kit hidden in a wall. He opens it up whilst helping her to stand so that she can rinse her mouth and spit it into the sink before taking a much needed drink. She looks pale–which is pretty hard to notice on a black skinned person unless you know what exactly to look for–making his brow crease in worry as he notices the sweat on her neck and back. After about another five minutes, in which Abigail has brushed her teeth and showered briefly, they return to the bedroom where Abigail lays down on the bed for a moment. Her eyes are closed and she's curled up on her side facing Tony whose arm is being used as a pillow.

"Are you okay?" Tony asks speaking quietly. She nods almost imperceptibly and Tony can tell that she's exhausted. She should probably take sick leave from SHIELD with how she looks, she's a nurse as well as an agent from time to time and he's certain that someone else could take over for her.

"You don't need to worry Tony." She says her voice barely above a whisper. He raises an eyebrow at that which makes her smile even though she can't see him. She knows him almost perfectly Tony thinks. "It's nothing bad, honest." Tony stares at her for a moment before speaking.

"That didn't look anything but bad Abi, what is–no, what isn't wrong?" Tony says making Abi chuckle quietly before opening her eyes to look him in the eye, the exhaustion yet happiness bright in her blue gaze. Yeah don't ask how that one happened, nobody in the family knows how she ended up with blue eyes.

"I'm pregnant again Tony." She says with a smile. Tony stares at her in shock. They'd only done it once a while after Angelo had been born, he knew that it was possible and that it could happen, but now?

"Okay..." He lets the word drawl for a moment trying to get his racing mind to calm down. "I'm not going to ask how long since that's obvious, but what? I don't really know what to think but that, I mean it's never happened before so I'm just shocked right now." He says looking her in the eyes. Her lips twitch into an amused smile before she sighs.

"Yeah I know, that was my reaction too. I found out the day you–you–" She breaks off as her lips began to tremble and tears fall from her eyes.

"Shh-shh, it's okay baby. It's okay. I'm alive don't worry." Tony soothes her, gathering her into his arms for a moment and letting her cry onto his shoulder whilst wrapping his black, neon-blue, and white wings around her shaking body almost making her completely invisible.

"I keep thinking I'm dreaming." She whispers out. Tony looks down at her face and into the tears still pooling in her eyes. "Sometimes I used to think I was dreaming that I have this life with you, but now I keep thinking that I'm dreaming that you're alive, like when Afghanistan happened. I don't want to lose you Tony." She says earnestly, grasping onto his T-Shirt. Pulling her closer to him, he plants a firm yet love-filled kiss onto her lips and she relaxes somewhat before Tony's phone starts ringing again. Tony sighs and breaks the kiss much to both of their displeasure, this time seeing that it's the Captain thanks to JARVIS and his technology. How had he managed to find his number and navigate a phone? Someone probably helped him, his brain supplies. He sighs again before picking up his phone and answering the call.

"Hello?" He asks though he knows who it is anyway.

"Stark, you were required to come here over half an hour ago." Steve answers shortly his tone a bit hard. Tony can practically see the disappointed look on his face right now in his mind.

"I am aware Rogers, and what happened to your manners? Never thought you'd be one to skip on formalities?" Tony responds smirking a bit when he hears an annoyed huff on the other end of the phone. Abigail just laughs quietly next to him, he'd already told her everything that had happened during the battle and before.

"Like you're any better Stark." Is the response he gets surprising Tony and hurting him slightly. Abigail can hear the conversation since it's on speaker and she frowns at the phone before placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. "Where are you?" He asks.

"Still at home, I'm waiting on the repairs on my suit to finish so that I can get there. I might be around 10 or 15 minutes." Tony answers his voice betraying nothing. It was true. His armour was pretty bunged up after the battle and he'd subconsciously sent JARVIS a message to finish working on the suit when he'd received Fury's phone call, all of that possible thanks to his mutant ability to control and communicate with technology.

"Hurry up." He finishes and ends the call.

"Talk about rude." Tony mutters before gaining the information from the tech that his suit was finished and ready to be deployed. He sighs again not wanting to leave Abigail on her own but knows that he can't escape this meeting with the captain on his back. "I have to go now darling, I'll be back soon. Get some rest for me okay?" She nods in response though he can tell she's terrified of him leaving again so he quickly plants another kiss, very much like the previous one, on her lips lasting quite a bit longer thanks to no interruptions. Once they break apart Tony unwraps his wings from around her and reluctantly leaves the room and flies down the stairs in a bit of a rush to get to his suit and to the Helicarrier.

The Mark VII is completely repaired and he folds his wings tightly into his back before remembering that he never had the zips zipped up on the back of his shirt–all of his shirts and singlet's have long cuts from the hem up to his the top of his wings so that he can put them on without any difficulties befalling with his wings. The zips are almost completely invisible and don't even reflect light so that no one notices them but he usually needs help from one of the children or Abigail in order to zip them up since his wings have a tendency of getting in the way on the odd occasion. Sighing he quickly zips them up and thankfully his wings don't cause too many issues aside from screaming in pain due to the bruises still staining his back when he has to shift them slightly to pull the zip the whole way up otherwise there'd be exposed skin. Focusing deeply, Tony concentrates all of his power onto his wings and makes them disappear on his back, though the shirt still looks the same on the back with no holes in it. Using so little of his power seems to have drained him and he has to steady himself as he sways, the exhaustion from the battle and so little sleep makes it difficult for him to use any of his power right now but he must use it. The Avengers can't know about his wings.

As soon as he finishes zipping up his shirt he relaxes his tense muscles before stepping into the suit and letting it fold around him. When it's all connected Tony blasts his way up through the garage and out into the night sky. It's ridiculous that Fury should call them all to a meeting at this hour–it's 9pm–but who knows what's going on? Tony could probably have JARVIS hack into SHIELD and find out but he's too tired to bother with it right now. Within 15 minutes, like he said, he arrives at the Helicarrier which surprisingly is hovering just over LA. The suit disappears from around his body when he arrives in his hangar and he walks quickly to one of the meeting rooms that JARVIS told him contains all the Avengers and Fury.

He doesn't even make a dramatic entrance when he comes in, instead he opens the door quietly and takes his seat at the table. There's a bit of a conversation going on around him between the Captain, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. Thor, who's surprisingly returned back to Earth, is just watching them in curiosity whilst Bruce just observes saying nothing. Fury's standing at the head of the table watching them, he gives an imperceptible nod to Tony when he sees him and Tony puts a finger to his lips signalling that he wants to wait. Tony, with his enhanced sight, sees a twitch on the Directors face on his lips letting Tony know that he's going to enjoy this one.

"He's always late for everything isn't he?" Natasha mutters glaring at the door Tony had just come through. He's sat to her left away from the door and could definitely be seen in her peripheral vision if she was paying any attention to it.

"He's a Stark they're always late." Clint says in response making the Captain frown.

"Howard wasn't like that. Not always anyway, he was hardly ever late to anything." Cap says in response his face still frowning at the Hawk.

"Well, I guess he must have gotten it from his mother then." Clint waves off Cap's words with a hand. Tony tenses in anger at what is said of his mother and his hands grip the armrests of his seat with such strength that his hands and fingers paled tremendously to stop him from launching himself at Clint. Fury sends him a quick look asking if he's okay. Tony responds by making his eyes retract. It was a way of how they could silently communicate without showing any emotion whatsoever. Making their pupils dilate and retract whilst saying everything they don't want anyone to know. Fury responds by dilating his eyes slightly, letting him know that he'll put a stop to the conversation if it becomes too much for him.

"I wish he'd hurry up. If he was anything like his father–" Cap starts to rant before Tony finally explodes and speaks up loudly.

"I would be dead!" He says startling everyone, except Fury, in the room. Clint and Natasha both jump out of their seats with weapons in their hands instantly, both of them staring at him like he's a threat. Thor looks up simply surprised and Tony can guess that he's used to Loki appearing up out of nowhere. Bruce has a hand over his chest as he tries to calm his racing heart whilst staring at Tony with wide eyes. Cap, who is sitting opposite to Tony, is simply shocked. His eyes so wide it almost looks comical. "If I was anything like my Father," Tony starts, his voice quieter as he glares in rage at the three Avengers who had been speaking about him. "I would be dead. I would have died in the car crash that killed him and my mother and for your information Barton–" He spits out his surname like it's poison, actually making them all flinch at the venom in his voice as his expression darkens along with his eyes which he's having to fight not to flame up to electric blue. "My mother was never late, for anything. I have a lot of work that I have to do which can leave me exhausted very often. I didn't know there was a meeting going on tonight which is why I was late. So don't you dare condemn me for something I had no power over and if any of you ever talk about my parents like that again I'll send you into you worst nightmares!" He finishes, his voice had deepened tremendously going from his high tenor to an extremely low base so that it almost sounded like he was growling instead of speaking.

Through his peripheral vision he can see Bruce actually looking at him in fear as well as Natasha and Clint who are both rather pale and struggling to keep their masks up though the Captain is paler than them both together, his body is shaking in either rage or fear he couldn't be bothered in figuring out which. Fury, although no one else could see it, was actually rather alarmed yet upset that Tony had ended up having to speak to them like this and something else too, but Tony was too focused on the other three Avengers to think about what it meant. Then there's Thor who is actually glaring at the other three Avengers and seems to agree with him judging by his expression.

"I agree with you Man of Iron," He starts making everyone turn to face him in surprise excluding Tony and Fury that is. "They should not have spoken about you in such a way nor of your parents. They have no right to condemn you and I am certain that you are nothing like how you were described. I am sorry I did not defend you." Thor says sincerely sending another glare towards the three star-struck Avengers.

"Thank you Thor." Tony says quietly and sincerely, letting one of his real smiles spread slightly across his face for a brief moment. "I really appreciate it." Then he claps his hands together, startling them once again, and returns to his snarky self with his voice back at a tenor. "So! What do you want us all here for Eye Patch?" Tony says turning to smirk at the Director who does nothing but let his eye twitch slightly in amusement though that remained unbeknown to the other Avengers.

"Well now that you have all stopped clawing at each others throat, I have a matter of great importance to speak to you about." He paused making sure he had everyone's attention before continuing. "SHIELD is currently unable to house the Avengers in any facility that we have, yes you have been staying in the Helicarrier but we cannot keep housing you here as we have too much work to do and not enough resources for it either." He paused again, all of them had gone tense in anticipation of what Fury was about to say. Tony and Fury quickly make eye contact and have a quick conversation in which Tony agrees to his decision. Fury looks back at the Avengers, their silent conversation had been only two seconds long. "You shall be transferred somewhere else, in which I mean you will be going to live at Stark's Malibu mansion." There's silence then–


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