I've never seen his eyes. I've seen him a few times without his glasses or visor, but then all I see are two eye-shaped holes filled with crackling red energy before everything is obscured by an optic blast.

            I've always wanted to. When we first met – we were little kids then, just eight or nine years old – I was forever annoying him by trying to snatch his glasses off his face, physically and telekinetically. It wasn't until Professor Xavier pulled me aside for a long and very serious talk that I stopped. Scott thinks it was my way of teasing him – which was a fun side-effect – but it was mostly because I wanted to see his eyes.

            I've never seen a picture of him, before his mutant powers manifested, and I can't bring myself to ask for one. I'm not even sure he or Alex have any. As a last-ditch effort, I could see him as he remembers himself, with my TP. But in the first place, I've long ago made it a pact never to look into Scott's mind without permission, and like with the photo, I can't bring myself to ask. In the second place – does Scott even remember how he looked like before…well, before?

            Would his eyes be blue, like Alex's? Or a rich reddish-brown, to match his hair? I've imagined him with both. I can come up with some pretty detailed mental images – an unexpected bonus from my TP training with the Professor – but somehow they never seem as…right…as when I think of him with his signature red shades.

            It's how I've always known him. It's probably how I'll always know him.

            Still…I wonder…


AN:  Well, this took a pleasantly short time to complete. Even if it isn't that profound, just completing a fic is such a rare event that it causes me great joy. See my joy? :D

            This 300-word drabble is the product of (in chronological order) the viewing of X2, the viewing of two VCDs and a TV episode of Evolution in the period of four hours, and reading Julia456's and joanofarc15's excellent Evolution fics.

            I will now take this opportunity to make myself an outcast of the X-men: Evolution fandom by announcing that my favorite character is Jean Grey.

            (watches as several fans recoil from her like Dracula from a silver crucifix)