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The motor pool was, like the rest of the base and the Klouderhoven basin, dank and saturated with the smell of mass-epended H-fuel. It was invisible but its presence was almost suffocating. Much of the base's garrison had donned their level 1 bio-nuclear gear masks to operate. Though the suits could hardly be called comfortable, it was better than the steady torture of a feeling of suffocation Dorothy and Quatre had to endure to the motor pool building.

In the motor pool's ready room, Dorothy and Quatre looked like a sort of sci-fi royals, standing on a platform and holding their arms out as assistants and technicians scurried up around and about them, taking measurements, making notes and fitting them for their EAA (Extra-Atmospheric Activities) suits.

All the while, the young lieutenant , his tag naming him "Redfearn" was giving directions to the crash site , an introduction to EAA , and an explanation of how their suits worked at 20x rapid-fire as he worked his miniature briefing tool built into his PDA. Quatre and Dorothy did their best to absorb that information as the ant-like army of uniformed men and women fawned over them.

After what seemed only 3 minutes , They were being strapped into an LRB-10 rover. It resembled a small 2-seat jeep , but the back where an anti-infantry chain once was, was now a rear-facing jump seat, extra space and electronic equipment. The partners both were being yelled at by the pool sargeant (he had to yell as the mechanics ripped materials off the vehicle to reduce weight) about operating the jump thrusters and the 4-wheel steering system while they exchanged nervous looks. Soon they all were checked to go and everything strapped down. The trip would be extremely dangerous because the road to lm-6 was nothing more than craters from the fail of its final rocket , a multiple warhead missile that deployed soon after launch and came back down , to they would have to ride full speed using the craters as jumps in order to get there. Unfortunately for the heavy vehicle to fly, it would need to lose all extra weight , including extra O2 tanks. Speed was the key here.

Dorothy and Quatre's breathing would be sustained by a single o2 tank inside the vehicle, as moat of their EAA would consist of the long drive to the launch pad. With minimal backup systems and basic suits with little redundancy, the two were soon speeding down the broken trail that led to LM-6.

The tension began to disperse as the path never grew any more violent than the occasional pothole. Quatre kept vigilant, however, as he had insisted on driving there , telling Dorothy that if she absolutely HAD to drive, it would be best on the way back as she would have at least minimal knowledge of the road and she would make it to LM6 to accomplish their mission first. It had not been easy convincing Dorothy however, he basically had to push her out of the way and begin strapping himself in before she had finally given in.

At the moment, she was occupied with the thruster panel, calibrating the angles to her liking and getting a feel for the obscure sport of lunar dune-drifting and crater-jumping. "Here comes a big one, get ready" he warned. Dorothy braced herself against her seat and tightened her grip on her thruster controls. The buggy hit the steep incline of the outer crater and it reared up on the back wheels. As the vehicle threatened to flip Dorothy quickly depressed a control toggle and compressed gas spewed from a nozzle in foresection and the buggy soared frontways into the lunar sky. As they sailed on, the ground dropping away beneath them as they crossed the first of many craters, Dorothy finally stabilised. As she checked the guages and trajectory markers to ensure they were perfectly on course, she let go of the controls. Quatre who was fixed on the wheel , cought this in his peripheral vision and double taked.

"WhoA! The thrusters!"

"Its fine!"

Quatre took another look at the wheel and then quickly leaned over to Dorothy's console. Dorothy giggled as she leaned over. She broke into a laugh as Quatre calmed down. "See , I told you" she mused. Quatre shook his head good-naturedly to Dorothy's amusement.


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