Her Last Week: Chapter 1

Summary: After four years of dating, Bella is finally ready to be turned into a vampire.


It was the single most important source of energy for all life on earth. Power was a word that was an understatement when it came to describing the sun, and yet on most days, it struggled to pierce through the clouds that haunted the sate of Washington. Today was not one of those days; today, the sun displayed its supremacy for all to see. Seattle was brighter than she'd ever seen it. Today, Rosalie was grateful for the UV filtering glass Esme had installed in her office. She could sit and enjoy the rays without the technic color display her skin couldn't help but show when the sun was out. It was one aspect about vampirism that she still hated; the others had faded over the last few years. In fact, she would go as far as saying she was happy. No, she wasn't just happy, she could finally see the joy immortality had to offer.

"Hey, Bella," Rosalie growled in annoyance at the voice constantly harassing her mate. She bolted out her office and made to the shop in no time. The courier in question was currently busy staring at her mate's ass to notice Rosalie. She knocked a spanner over removing his attention from Bella's ass to her eyes and he promptly paled at the murderous look Rosalie was giving him. "Is that everything?" He was now in a hurry to get out of the shop.

"Yep," Bella answered none the wiser about her mate's murderous intentions. He bolted out of the shop with barely a muttered goodbye.

With a possessive growl, Rosalie matched over to the still bent over Bella. One hand gripped Bella's hip and another on her shoulder. "Next weekend, I will love nothing more than to find you in this position. You'd be hard-pressed to remember your name by the time I'm through fucking you." She threatened, not that either one considered it much of a threat.

"I'm told as a newborn, my only interest would be blood and sex. So my not remembering my name isn't much of a feat." Bella muttered in a bored tone.

She shrieked when she was promptly lifted up and seconds later deposited onto Rose's desk.

"Do you really want tomorrow to be the day you don't remember your name?" Her hand was already under Bella's shirt, tweaking her nipple.

"I'm sure... someone will remind me." She moaned. "Do your worst." She bravely challenged.

"Two hours later, Bella knew Rose had this planned all along. It didn't matter what occurred she was always going to end up getting fucked on the blonde's desk, chair, couch, and against the window. The toys she had pulled out an hour ago was proof of that. Bella was currently riding a strap on with Rose's help. Her hip undulated as she chased another orgasm. Rose had left her on edge for so long, Bella was close to losing her mind until the blonde had kindly taken her clit into her mouth and sucked hard. Bella would forever argue she saw God as she came. An hour later, she was still being fucked hard, she might be the one on top, but she wasn't in charge of shit, and Bella really could care less at the moment, she just wanted to come. "Please, please, please." She chanted, as Rose could so easily stop her movement until the need to come eased off.

"I'm not that cruel." Rose moaned, but in reality, she was. When it came to sex, she loved nothing more than torturing her poor mate. She knew the brunette loved every second of it. But today, she was feeling merciful, so she gripped Bella's hips and started slamming her on the strap on.

"Oh... God yes, yes... thank you... yes." Bella hissed as she came. Her head fell on the blonde's shoulder. Her heart was threatening to burst out of its cavity with how hard it beat.

"I'm going to miss that," Rose whispered. "I'm going to miss your flushed skin, your pumping heart. I sure as fuck I'm not going to miss you getting sick."

"I wasn't sick, I had the sniffles. You just went overboard with worry." Bella argued.

"Sure, that is why Carlisle came down to look you over and prescribe you meds." Rosalie scoffed gently lifting Bella off her. The girl in question winced as she moved. She was sore, and but boy, did she enjoy it. "I will quickly lock up, and we can get you home." She murmured as Bella started to drift off.

When her eyes finally opened after considerable effort, she was at home in bed. She stretched and yawned out loud. She was cutting it close and reluctantly got out of bed and headed for the shower. Half an hour later, she had just walked out of the bathroom to Rose leaning against the door. "Cutting it a little close, Bella."

"So that's my name." She quipped much to the blonde's amusement.

"Yes, it's Isabella Marie Swan, but you prefer Bella, and you are going to be late for your graduation if you don't hurry up." Rosalie retorted

"I will be done in fifteen, I promise."

"Yes, you will because you have help." Alice chirped as she breezed in. Rosalie simply rolled her eyes and left them to it.

"Where is the soon to be college graduate?" Esme asked.

"She will be down soon, at least soon by Alice's standards," Rosalie grumbled.

Both the Denali and Cullen family where attending Bella's graduation. She was graduating from the University of Washington with a BA in English, and a minor in business. Taking a business course had never occurred to Bella until she started working at Rose's shop. Rose had never had help in the shop and never needed one, but Bella wanting to spend more time with her mate started doing the paperwork while Rose tinkered with one classic car after another. It was a business she'd had for eight years after the Cullen's plan to move to Forks fell through due to Alice's vision. Their presence would have destroyed too many lives in La Push.

It was on the drive back to Seattle when Rose saw the shop for sale. She didn't know why, but she felt the need to check out the crumbling establishment. Within hours Rosalie owned it and had commissioned Esme to refurbish the place. Now, she was the foremost authority on classic cars in the Pacific Northwest. Of course, being a vampire, and able to work twenty-four hours a day at speeds unimaginable to humans helped a great deal. She was a one-woman show, but no one was any the wiser. Her ability to appear from anywhere from eighteen to fifty allowed her to stay in one place for long periods. She could also use that ability on other vampires, but she rarely did. Her families weren't very keen on staying in one place for too long, but she loved the idea of her and Bella settling down in one place for a couple of decades before starting all over again elsewhere. They had another three decades in Seattle before they had to move on. Next Sunday, Bella would wake up a vampire, and another chapter of their life would begin, and she was looking forward to it.