The nine realms of Yggdrasil were comprised of three layers of three worlds each. The top layer was made of Asgard, world of the Æsir, Múspellheim, world of the fire giants, and Jotunheim, world of the ice giants. Most powerful NPC figures originated from these worlds, and players from larger humanoid races started here. The middle layer was the typical starting layer for humans and most humanoids. The realms here were Midgard, world of the humans, Álfheim, world of the light elves, and Vanaheim, world of the Vanir. The lower layer was the starting areas for heteromorphic creatures, and a few dark-dwelling humanoids. The realms were Niflheim, Nidavellir, and Helheim. Niflheim used to be the home of the ice giants, before it became uninhabitable due to the aftermath of war. Now it was a frozen wasteland, with only a few established cities and villages dotted around. Nidavellir was the most thriving of the three lower realms, as the home of the dwarves. The legendary craftsmen brought commerce and established a healthy society in this world of eternal darkness. Helheim had no cities of villages whatsoever. Here, only monsters and the dead thrived. The only living who made a home in this realm did so for the higher average quality of guild bases, or because of Eljudnir. Eljudnir was the former castle of Hela, and had become an even more powerful stronghold and home to refugees under the rule of the Master of Death.

Since arriving in the world of Yggdrasil, Harry usually bummed around the bottom layer. He had only visited the other layers to view auction houses, or for the one meeting he had with Trinity about the luminite mines. Today, the Master and the Goddess of Death were exploring the gate zone on Niflheim. They weren't just visiting, however. Harry had received a quest to help Hel free Fenrir from the bonds of [Gleipnir] using the artifact they had picked up from Nidavellir. The duo searched the town, hoping to find information relating to the quest.

After several hours, Harry and Hel walked out of the town holding a map. Calling it a map was doing a disservice to true charts, as the paper was simply a dot surrounded by wavy scribbles and a few landmark indicators. However, with his Marauder's Minimap, Harry was able to accurately follow the scribbles until he spotted a dot labelled 'Fenrir,' and using that as a marker for the rest of the journey. Eventually, he and the goddess reached the bank of Amsvartnir, a fog covered lake containing the island which Fenrir was trapped on.

The two beings of immense power simply froze the water into a serviceable ice bridge before crossing the lake in quick strides. What greeted them was a gruesome sight; The large wolf, similar in size to a minivan, was laying on the ground with its eyes closed and its mouth open. A sword covered in blood-red runes had been shoved through the wolf's jaw and into the ground, cruelly pinning the beast. The gold and red ribbon [Gleipnir] looped over Fenrir's body and around his legs, preventing more than minuscule movement. After observing from afar for a while, Hel approached her brother while Harry inspected the bonds more closely.

"Fen, it's me!" The goddess whisper-shouted as she shook the wolf. "I've brought a friend who will free you. Just sit tight and we'll be out of here in no time."

Fenrir cracked an eye open and whimpered pitifully around the sword. Seeing this, Harry pulled Hel aside for a quick word.

"Hel, we need to do this carefully. I need you to keep Fenrir calm as I pull out the sword," Harry stated gravely. "He's going to be in a lot of pain, and I can't do much for him if he's bit my wand arm off."

Hel nodded seriously and approached her bound brother. She whispered comforting nonsense as Harry prepared for an undoubtedly dangerous operation. The wizard grabbed the sword, and in one swift motion, pulled it out from Fenrir's jaw while replacing it with a small packet. As soon as the sword was freed, the wolf roared and gnashed its teeth. By doing this, he unwittingly swallowed the packet, and soon fell into a near unnatural calm.

"Alright Hel, the worst part is over and I've given him a heavy dose of calming draught," Harry said as he began casting diagnostic and healing spells. The results came back as unsurprising malnourishment, and the lacerations stab wound quickly disappeared. After finishing with the treatment, the wizard pulled out a glowing green dagger and cut the dwarven ribbon at its equivalent of the Gordian knot. Harry stashed the remains before turning to his goddess friend. "Alright Hel, he should be good to go. If you'd like to come back to Eljudnir and rest up, you're always welcome."

As the Master of Death said this, a quest notification popped in his head.

{Hidden Quest - Hela's Family 1: Fenrir

Difficulty: SS (Level 90+)


• Aid Hela in Sindríbu

• Obtain [Strengr ór Sleppa]

• Free Fenrir

- or -

• Inform Odin of Hela's plans

• Go to Hel after (3) days to receive your reward

After being trapped in Helheim for millennia, Hela Lokidottir misses her family. Help her to reunite with her loved ones. You have found the goddess of death in the treasure hall of Sindríbu. She seeks to use an artifact to free her brother Fenrir from his dwarven bindings. After retrieving the artifact, you have freed Fenrir and reunited the siblings. This is a marker for the Ragnarök game event. Hel needs some time to bond with her brother, but will remember your benevolence and reward you. Beware Odin's wrath in the future!}

Life would undoubtedly become more hectic in the near future, but Harry was confident that the situation wouldn't shake him.

The next morning, though it was hard to tell the time due to the lower realms' eternal darkness, two humanoid figures and an extremely large wolf exited Helheim's teleportation matrix. The trio quickly walked along a familiar path towards the deeper parts of the realm.

"Hel, Fenrir, we should reach Eljudnir within a few hours. I've already informed the guards to expect us, and the servants will have rooms and a hot meal prepared. You are both welcome to stay as long as you need; I'd like to show off some of the improvements to you anyway, Hel," Harry said excitedly. The castle had truly come along nicely in the past few months, with a total of three luminite mines and an NPC guild branch for each minor profession. Amongst the blacksmiths especially, Eljudnir had become known as a golden opportunity to learn new skills and techniques, due to Harry providing textbooks of some methods he'd picked up over the millennia he'd lived.

Beyond just providing opportunities to learn and expand professions, the wizard had also started several projects to increase the quality of life for the heteromorphic and lesser humanoid races in the area. The original small village had been expanded into a good-sized town and was still growing slowly. Just the guarding and jobs related to luminite alone provided jobs for more than half the population. Visiting players were seen regularly in the stronghold; the auction house of Helheim had finally been established when the NPC population requirements were met, providing a main hub on the realm for heteromorphic players to learn minor professions and make money without going off-world. This also led to a rise in players choosing heteromorphic players, as the main argument against the races was a difficult early-game period.

Because of this recent development, the trio saw large amounts of carts regularly moving in and out of the stronghold gates as they approached. Hel was very appreciative of what Harry had done for her people, and knew that she had made the right choice to hand over the Master of Helheim title to him. Fenrir's presence caused players to give the group a wide berth as the approached the gates. A group of guards quickly surrounded and escorted them to the main castle. Fenrir and Hel were given neighboring rooms in the 'Family and Friends' wing, while Harry went to the joined treasury/personal workshop to deposit [Wrath Mk. IV], [Strengr ór Sleppa], and the other loot he'd grabbed over the last few days. Afterwards, he headed to the throne room to receive visitors and meet with foreign ambassadors.

Several hours later, the wizard tiredly stumbled into the master bedroom and flopped into bed. Before he could fully drift off, however, there was knock on the door. Sitting up and ensuring he was presentable, Harry called for whoever was outside to enter.

"Master, I wanted to thank you again for helping me free my brother. Fenrir and I have been close since we were small," Hel said as she walked in. Approaching Harry, she handed him a small piece of glass on a chain. "I have had this little trinket with me for a long while; I don't need it anymore, but you should get some use out of it. Thank you again," she explained, before leaving and shutting the door quietly.

Harry inspected the piece of glass, and was shocked when the results came back.

{[Death's Eye]:

+15 Perception

A piece of an unknown gem from the deepest pits of Tartarus, threaded on the first [Lifeline] created by the goddess Hel. Provides the ability of [True Sight], allowing the wearer to see through all deceptions below a World Item level}

While world items could still be disguised from the artifact, it would combine well with the Marauders Minimap to help Harry find hidden areas and unearth secrets. Even the most common of magical items that were hidden in such places would be a cut above the rest. After playing around with the necklace for a while longer, Harry put it to the side and went to bed, vowing to utilize it in the morning.

It was a week before another significant event happened in Eljudnir. The Master of Death had been receiving visitors in the throne room when a particularly haughty aesir appeared. The buff warrior had ignored all etiquette that other dignitaries had presented, choosing instead to look upon the throne room with disdain.

"What reason do you have for visiting, sir Asgardian?" Harry asked with a smile that didn't reach his eyes. While the wizard had plenty of experience with people disrespecting him and underestimating his abilities, he was currently sitting on a throne in his castle. The situation warranted a certain degree of respect from even fellow rulers, much less an unknown aesir. As Harry wondered how to deal with the situation, the Asgardian began to speak.

"Odin All-Father has declared that Hel Lokidottir and Fenrir Lokison are to be brought before him," the dignitary began. Harry could tell that the summons wasn't going to lead to anything good and cut the man off before he could continue.

"And what reason does the ruler of Asgard have to request the presence of two of my citizens? The realm of Helheim has not sworn fealty to Odin, and does not follow his laws."

"Hel has illegally freed the beast Fenrir from his prison, and as such both have been labelled as criminals. If the two are not presented to Asgard within a fortnight, Odin will summon the einherjar and hunt down the abominations. Choose your path wisely, false ruler, lest you be hunted with them."

The Master of Death snorted at this proclamation; being hunted was the last thing he needed to worry about. With a single hand motion, luminite-clad guards surrounded the haughty aesir and forcefully escorted him out of the stronghold. As the man's shouts about criminals and fools faded out, Harry continued to meet with visitors.

A few hours later, Harry, Hel, and Fenrir were seated around a small table in one of the antechambers of Harry's suite. They had been discussing how to respond to Odin's demands. Submitting to the All-Father was out of the question. The Asgardian Armies would undoubtedly march on Eljudnir sooner or later. The stronghold had become too powerful for Odin to leave them to grow unchecked, and this situation just gave the king an opportunity to pressure Helheim.

If the war was fought with just NPC's and Harry, then then Helheim would be able to defend themselves. However, such an event would involve players. It would become a battlefield for the humanoid races to battle the heteromorphic races. Ainz Ooal Gown and Seraphim would be involved due to their long-standing feud. Others would rally behind the flags of these two popular guilds for this fight, unless another monstrosity like Trinity got involved. However, Trinity had a history of remaining neutral regarding Game Events. Their players chose sides on an individual basis, with the results deciding inner-guild power struggles.

Harry was hoping to establish agreements with a few other guilds, such as the Mercenary Magicians Guild. The group of level 100 magicians would be a force to be reckoned with on the field, and Harry was hoping to exchange a few sets of luminite gear for their help. The luminite equipment had a particularly potent effect on boosting magical abilities. The destructive power these magicians could wield would provide a significant boost to Eljudnir's defenses.

The trio continued to discuss options for a while longer before an idea came up – Jormungandr. The world-serpent would likely agree to help his siblings against Odin. With such a powerful being's help, Helheim would be able to withstand almost anything that Asgard threw at them. The trio decided they would head to Midgard to seek out the beast the next day.

On October 31, 2131, over five years after the VRMMO Yggdrasil launched, a dark-haired figure, flanked by a little girl and a giant wolf, picked up a snake from a beach on Midgard. The snake was the transformed version of Jorgunmandr, the Midgard World Serpent and brother to Hel and Fenrir. At the same moment that these four figures gathered together, every player online on Yggdrasil's servers received the same pop-up. The single line in the golden window would cause havoc for another half-year. The line read:

[System Notification: Ragnarök has begun]

Author's Note:

To KrisB-71854: I've thought about how Game-Hel should acknowledge Harry as the MOD. In the end, I decided to go with the idea that nothing can escape Death, and so everything can sense it and knows it. It's just that Hel as a goddess of death, even as AI, has a stronger connection than most. In regard to the prismatic ores, everyone knows they have value, but most just think it's for weapons and armor and believe Harry is trying to build up guild forces with it, so they agree to sell info for a decent price. The guilds selling info just think he has some method for easier mining that they won't be able to force out of him.

To Lonely Samurai: Harry gaining NPC's will start with Wrath and evolve from there. Job Specialization is a great idea though, and I'll keep it in mind.

To Guest about guilds: I'm playing on the fact that Harry is considered a special case by the system and so he can use the guild base without having an actual guild to claim it.

To Guest about pairings: Harry is mostly A-everything after several millennia and considers any version of Hel as a little sister.

To Guest about Hedwig AI: Probably combining with Lonely Samurai's idea.

To ReaperofThings2002: YES Harry is definitely dragon-like in his hoarding; that was actually one of my ideas for an animagus form!

To several people about NEW WORLD: Yes, more people will be transferred over than in the original Overlord anime/web novel. No spoilers!