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Chapter 1: A Tough Struggle

Several pieces of debris flew around the air as a struggle between two immense beams began.

On one side of the beam struggle was the diabolical android Cell. After attaining his perfect form, he hosted, The Cell Games, a tournament hosted in order to test his perfect power against the strongest warriors the earth had to provide. After a long fight against the planet's hero Goku, he was suddenly forced to fight Goku's son Gohan who was promised to have an even greater reserve of power than even Goku. After Gohan unleashed his hidden power, a long battle ensured which resulted in the death of Goku and nearly his own was it not to his regeneration abilities, he came back stronger than ever with the sole intent on finishing this battle once and for all.

On the other side stood Gohan, the son of the valiant hero Goku. Although reluctant at first to fight Cell as he wasn't a fighter like his father he was persuaded, for a lack of better words, after the death of the kind-hearted Android 16, where he unleashed amazing power, surpassing everyone including Cell. Following Goku's noble sacrifice after Cell attempted to blow himself up, Cell came back and after a brief scuffle intended to blow up the earth along with everyone on it. Thanks to his father's encouraging words, Gohan countered Cell's Kamehameha with one of his own. Now the two were clashing, locked in an epic beam struggle that would decide not only the fate of the world but the entire universe itself.

Gohan grunted as he attempted to overpower Cell's Kamehameha, but his recent injuries were making it difficult to do so, something that Cell noticed.

"Gohan! Focus!" The voice of Goku spoke telepathically to Gohan as his spirit was right there with Gohan in an attempt to give him assistance in the ongoing battle.

"Good. You're fighting through the agony far better than I would've expected!" Cell commented as his Kamehameha was beginning to overpower Gohan's, nearly making the young boy stumble in his tracks.

The rest of the Z-Fighters watched in worry for their friend and his decline in power.

"Cell's Kamehameha! Gohan simply can't hold it off!" Piccolo gritted his teeth in frustration as a smirk appeared on Cell's lips.

"Enough! It's time to put you out of your misery!" Cell yelled as he gave more energy to his beam, making it appear even larger.

Gohan could only bite his lip in near defeat before nearly falling on one knee before forcing himself back up.

"What's wrong? There's way more power in you! Why are you holding back?!" Goku exclaimed to his son whose self-esteem only seemed to decrease as each second past.

"I'm not. This is all I've got! I'm not good enough. I'm just the same weakling crybaby I've always been. It's true, Dad. l-I'm sorry!" Gohan apologized with low confidence as frustrated tears came to his eyes. Why? Why couldn't he do it? His father had been a hero at a young age so why couldn't he?!

"Stop doubting yourself! I don't know where you got it in your head that you're weak, but you're wrong! You've saved my life, and our friends' lives so many times, and you're going to do it again, right now!" Goku argued back with the utmost faith in his child who he believed had the power to put Cell down for the count as Cell could only smirk at Gohan's conversation with his father.

"What are you whimpering about over there, huh? There's nobody left to save you, boy!" Cell laughed as the beam battle continued going his way.

"Hang in there, Gohan!" Goku commanded his son who suddenly felt a fire he thought was extinguished begin to slowly ignite again. Gohan then stood back up before putting power into his Kamehameha, making the beam struggle at an equal stalemate as Cell grit his teeth in horror at Gohan's second wind while he could only ponder where it came from.

Piccolo silently observed the proceedings as Cell began to add some of his power into his attack, pushing the struggle in favor of himself.

"Foolish child! I have now evolved to the ultimate and fighting perfection! You're attacks are NOTHING to me!" Cell screamed as he pushed his beam harder.

"Impossible!" Gohan gasped before nearly beckoning to one knee as Goku contemplated ways on how to help his son.

"Wait! What if he's still..." Goku said as he realized how Gohan must be holding back.

"Gohan, if anywhere in your mind you're holding back because you're worried about the planet, forget about it! Any damage you do to Earth can be fixed with the Dragon Balls. So don't hold anything back, got it?!" Goku reminded his son who was still unsure of his power. He thought he gave it everything he had. What more does he have?

"I'm... trying," Gohan reluctantly admitted as Cell maniacally laughed at his upcoming victory.

"Hahahahahahaha, yes! I can feel you slipping away! Haha!" Cell cheered in absolute glee as the other Z-Fighters watched in horror as it seemed that Cell would come out as the victor, any second now.

Well, almost all of them as Piccolo kept on staring at Gohan and the difficulty he was having.

"It's not fair," he said as he watched Gohan struggle against Cell before he decided enough was enough.

"I've gotta help Gohan, now!" Piccolo declared before powering up and flying off, not paying any attention to the protesting voices of Krillin, Tien or Yamcha.

"Piccolo!" Krillin yelled in concern for his friend. He then ran a few steps before stopping. "You can't!" Piccolo kept flying until he behind Cell, and prepared to launch an attack at him.

"Take this, Cell! Ha!" Piccolo yelled as he fired down the yellow beam, striking Cell in his back, getting his attention and his annoyance as a result.

"Don't interfere, weakling," Cell said to Piccolo before he was swatted away from a gust of wind by the wings on his back as if he was nothing more than a common house fly.

"No, Piccolo!" Goku exclaimed.

"Please be okay!" Gohan growled as he watched in horror, feeling the fire he thought was extinguished begin to reignite as Piccolo hit the ground.

"D-damn it!" Piccolo muttered as the heroic Namekian steeled himself to get right back up. "Gohan."

Foolish Namekian. Vegeta thought as he watched.

"It's brave and all but he's still crazy! Cell's completely out of our league, we can't even touch him!" Krillin chastised as Tien exhaled.

"Piccolo knew that full well Krillin, and he went in anyway," Tien said

"Tien, you're not thinking of..." Yamcha said before a sudden surge of energy began to emanate around Tien, letting the others around him know his intentions.

"Oh man. Come on, don't tell me you're about to go charging out there too!" Krillin asked in disbelief. He already lost three people important to him today, he didn't want to increase the number to four.

"What's worse, dying here or standing here doing nothing while Gohan is out there all alone fighting to protect us!?" Tien argued as Yamcha couldn't help but chuckle despite their recent predicament.

"Yeah, the sitting on the sidelines thing. It does knot the old pride, yeah," Yamcha joked while Tien didn't laugh as it wasn't the time or place.

"Yes it does. We have nothing to lose, and I wanna know I gave it my all," Tien said to Yamcha who nodded in understanding.

"We're giving it a shot! You watch Trunks, ok?" Yamcha added.

"Yamcha, you too!?" Krillin yelled.

"You ready?" Tien asked. Yamcha nodded as both of them took off to assist the Namekian and the son of the valiant Saiyan, with the other martial artist watching them.

"Last one there's a rotten egg, huh?" Krillin laughed before turning back to the unconscious Android 18 as he thought of his love for the robot.

At least, I get too see you one last time, 18. Goodbye. Krillin thought and once this was over, he'd definitely give her the second chance she no doubt deserved.

As the three humans flew to assist the half-Saiyan, Vegeta scoffed at the absurdity of their plan.

"And now those three? What the hell's gotten into those fools all of a sudden?" Vegeta questioned himself as the beam struggle between Gohan and Cell continued.

"Release your power, son. Trust me!" Goku encouraged and as Gohan grit his teeth in anger and frustration, Cell's smirk grew only wider.

"These are your final seconds, boy! Do your best to make them count!" Cell smirked before an oddly familiar voice knocked him from his current train of thought.

"Take this!" Piccolo yelled as the spiral beam collided with the top of Cell's head. Cell looked back in surprise before Tien, Krillin and Yamcha surrounded him from all sides.

"Tri Beam!" Tien yelled as the triangular prism of energy assaulted Cell from his side as Krillin and Yamcha added in blasts of their own.

"Yamcha? Wait, and Tien? And Krillin!?" Gohan yelled as he saw his friends coming to his aid.

"Gohan, put more energy into your attack! I promise it'll work!" Goku told his son who shook his head. How could he ever hope to not think about them when he's the only one who can stand up to Cell?

"I'll... try!" Gohan replied as a vein appeared on his head in frustration while Cell looked to his side in utter annoyance.

"Pesky runts! If you're in such a rush to meet oblivion, I'm more than happy to hurry you along!" Cell nearly laughed before shooting out a surge of Ki, knocking the brave warriors several feet back, as Gohan gasped in horror.

Piccolo! Gohan thought in pure rage as he roared before unleashed his inner flame, pushing the Kamehameha back towards Cell who only prepared to counter it back.

Meanwhile the other Z-Fighters slowly brought themselves back to consciousness as only one thought appeared in their minds: Help Gohan.

"No Gohan. I'm not going to let you die all alone out there. You were the first person who ever saw me as anything but a monster, and I'm proud to call you my friend," Piccolo smiled as memories of Gohan's acceptance began reeling through his mind before getting on top of his feet as Krillin slowly followed.

"Hehe… don't... know why I'm getting back up again. It'd be a heck of a lot easier just to stay down. Yeah, back in the old days I so would've given up by now. I guess it's Goku and Gohan's fault I'm like this. Thanks to those two, now I don't know when to quit. And you know, someday, I'm gonna get 'em for that," Krillin chuckled as Tien and Yamcha were fully up before the four men reeled themselves to fire energy blasts at Cell.

Goku, you've been my inspiration as a martial artist for as long as I can remember. Everything that I am now, I owe to you. And how did I repay you? I stood there and watched you die! I will not make the same mistake with your son! Tien though and vowed as he channeled more energy into his attack.

Hey buddy. That kid of yours is pretty incredible. Every bit is father-son and I really mean that. And I'm going all out! Doing right by him! Yamcha thought and proclaimed while providing more energy into his beam as he and the others did their absolute best to assist Gohan.

"I grow tired of your meddling!" Cell exclaimed as he knocked away the others even harder than previously.

While Yamcha and Tien, Piccolo and Krillin shot their own blasts at the murderous Bio-Android.

"You dare challenge ultimate perfection!?" Cell kept pushing them, but the Earthlings and Namekian simply wouldn't give up. Yamcha and Tien finally got up and joined in on the fight as the four fired at Cell.

"Buzz at me all you want, you puny gnats! You're all gonna DIE!" Cell yelled triumphantly as his Kamehameha began to slowly grow in size as it began to overpower Gohan who was sent several steps back.

Gohan... Dende thought in horror as it seemed all hope was lost while Goku refused to give up. They had come so close, it couldn't end like this!

"Gohan! You gotta fight back!"

"Dad... I..."

"Remember all the pain he's caused and the people he's hurt! Use your anger! Let your power explode!" Goku yelled to his son as the weight of Cell's crimes began to process through Gohan's mind. Absorbing hundreds of innocent people, nearly killing his beloved master Piccolo, absorbing the Androids before they had a chance to redeem themselves, terrorizing the earth, attacking his friends, murdering Android 16 in cold blood along with Trunks as if it were a mere game and the most important and disgusting crime of all, killing his precious father. The long lost fire in Gohan erupted before that fire slowly surged through Gohan's veins as power flowed through him rapidly, something that went unnoticed by Cell.

"Say hi to dad!" Cell laughed as he intended to stop playing around and end this trivial game once and for all. Before a small blast hit him right on the top of his skull. Upon looking around, he looked up to see none other than Vegeta, panting in exhaustion.

"Vegeta!" Cell gasped in surprise as both Goku and Gohan noticed how Cell's guard was gone.

"NOW!" Goku yelled, nearly pushing his son as Gohan yelled, finally letting all his hidden power out at the surface before Gohan's Kamehameha slowly began to overwhelm Cell's as the bug could only gasp at horror as he realized how he was becoming overpowered as he made out the silhouette of Gohan walking towards him as he slowly began overwhelming him more and more.

Gohan's beam slowly enveloped Cell who struggled in vein.

"No! I refuse to let it end here! I am Cell! Dr. Gero's ultimate creation! I won't lose to some snot-nosed toddler!" Cell yelled before his second wind suddenly ignited as he beam began to grow again before the two beams were equal.

The two beams continued their power collision before they slowly got bigger and bigger.

The two warriors glared at each other as they intended on finishing this fight.

"YOUR TERROR WILL END TODAY!/I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL!" Gohan and Cell yelled simultaneously before each Kamehameha grew bigger and stronger then ever, before they slowly erupted as a dome of energy surrounded the two. Both fighters could say nothing before their beams were disintegrating as the two were suddenly whisked away along with their beams.

"W-what the!?" Cell gasped in horror as Gohan was equally horrified.

"What's happening!?" Goku yelled in horror to no one in particular at what was happening.

"What's going on!?" Gohan asked before the light died down around the two warriors, leaving nothing but a small crater deep in the earth's crust.

As the dust around died down, Krillin was the first to notice the lack of Cell he could sense.

"I-I can't believe it! He did it! Gohan finally did it! He stopped Cell!" Krillin cheered as pure adrenaline rushed through him as Tien and Yamcha smiled happily at the demise of the evil creature.

"About damn time," Tien chuckled as he helped Yamcha up.

The only one not celebrating the joyous occasion was Piccolo who was deep in thought before gasping in horror, getting the attention of the other men nearby.

"It can't be!" Piccolo gasped in horror.

"What's wrong Piccolo?" Krillin asked.

"It's Gohan! I can't sense him!" Piccolo remarked as the other warriors stared at the Namek skeptically before trying to feel his Ki before they noticed the same thing.

"Y-you're right…" Yamcha could barely mutter.

"You don't think it's possible….that the beams were so powerful they overwhelmed Gohan and he was destroyed with it?" Tien raised an eyebrow in disbelief.

"I-It has to be the only reason….I can't feel him anywhere…" Piccolo said in horror as the men looked down at the demise of his young friend who was the first person to accept him.

The Z-Fighters said nothing for a while, instead they stared at the bloodied ground where the events had taken place. A sacrifice that should never have been. Too many had been sacrificed that day, Android 16, then Goku and now Gohan. Yet hope that they would see their friends again carried them to The Lookout, and none of them even turned back to hear the frantic cries of one Hercule Satan and the reporter, who were in desperate need of a lift home.

However, Piccolo had stayed behind.

"That was brave what you did," Piccolo praised the Saiyan Prince for his earlier action against Cell who scoffed at the Namek's compliment.

"Hmph, you can save your applause. Now go on, I don't need anyone's help," Vegeta rebuffed in an attempt to savor his pride as a smile adorned Piccolo's lips as he realized Vegeta's reaction and subsequent rage for his son's death proved he wasn't the same monster who oversaw his death all those years ago. At least some sorrow was drained away from Piccolo's grieving over Gohan.

"Your call," Piccolo replied before following after the others while Vegeta stared blankly into space as the events of the entire day replayed through his mind like an old record player.

"He has beaten me completely. First by his own actions and then through his son's. And what has he left for me here?" Vegeta asked in a near defeated as his recent failures kept eating away at him. This whole Cell mess was caused because of his selfishness and arrogance yet he could do literally nothing in this face of this entire debacle. Rather, it was his rival and rival's son who were able to succeed where he literally failed so many times. Vegeta grit his teeth while clenching his fists in a combination of anger, frustration and even sadness as the weight of his failures weighed down on him.

"How… how could you both die like that? I'll... never… get the chance to prove my strength to you! You and your son both died honorably without fear. Yet I..." Vegeta stammered before lowering his head while releasing his fists as he exhaled.

I will become a better warrior… I definitely will!" Vegeta vowed with a determined expression on his face before reluctantly going after the other Z-Fighters.

It would be several, several hours later when Gohan would later awake not to a world of Z-Fighters but rather, a land of myth. As Gohan tiredly opened his onyx colored eyes, the first thing that came to mind was his recollection of the events prior to now.

"Dad! Piccolo!" Gohan yelled in a cold sweat before exhaling.

"Just…what happened? Why am I in a bed? Am I back home? If so, where is Mom, and everyone?" Gohan asked himself before attempting to feel the energy signatures of all his friends before coming to a startling discovery.

"I can't feel anyone! What the heck's going on? Did they all die? Wait shouldn't I be dead?" Gohan wondered before the pain from his injuries came back full force as he grunted in pain. It was then he realized that bizarre effect that happened during the Kamehameha clash with Cell.

"Just… what… the heck is going on?" Gohan moaned

What he saw in front of him was the bottom of a wooden bed, and when he looked to his left, he saw what looked like three children, and a parrot watching over him.

"Uhh, my head," Gohan muttered as he held it. Gohan felt a bandage on his forehead, which was to cover up the spot where the blood was.

"Are you going to be alright?" the shortest kid asked.

"Yeah. Don't worry," Gohan assured as he reached into a pocket of his torn gi, and pulled out a green colored bean.

"What is that?" the bird squawked.

"Its a senzu bean. It heals all of your injuries," Gohan said as he put the healing bean in his mouth, and began to chew. This was one of the only three he had left. Once he swallowed, his upper body shot up from the bed as if nothing was wrong with him.

"There we go. Back to one hundred percent! Haha." The kids were more than astounded.

"Wow. A bean can do all of that?" The girl asked. Gohan nodded in response.

He then looked at the three kids. "Hey, um, I don't mean to be rude or anything, but, are you the ones who found me?"

"You bet. I'm Jake. And these are my friends, Izzy, Cubby, and Skully. We have four other friends, but it looked like someone else also came crashing down like you, so they went to see whoever it was, and bring him, or her, here."

Gohan's eyes widened. No one else was close enough to get caught with him but Cell. Immediately, without warning, Gohan jumped out of the bed, and flew outside, straight away.

"Hey, wait a minute! Where are you going?" Izzy asked. She immediately sprinkled pixie dust on her and her friends as they followed the spiky haired boy to Never Land.

Where is he? Gohan tried to sense the location of Cell, and snsee him at an island far away.

There! Gohan then turned Super Saiyan 2 and flew as fast as he could with Jake and his friends following behind, but weren't as fast.

"Yay hey, no way! He's so fast! We'll never catch up to him!" Izzy exclaimed.

"Never say 'never', Izzy! We'll catch up, don't worry!" Jake assured.

Gohan had plenty of things running down his mind. What had happened? How did he get here? How is Cell alive? How is HE alive? He wanted all of those questions answered, but he would have to wait. For he knew, innocent people could be getting tortured by a certain devilish creation.

Meanwhile, on an island called Crimson Isle, the mighty, diabolical android himself was now standing over the great Peter Pan, like he was just a toddler.

Cell enjoyed his screams of agony as the other three kids, and a fairy could only watch in horror and couldn't possibly do a thing about.

"I should thank you for being ever so kind, but I'm not the kind of person you'd want to help out." He then stomped on Peter's stomach hard, before taking his foot off it, and then punching it, harder. He sent Peter Pan into unconscious as he then diverted his seemingly pink eyes towards the other three kids cowering in fear.

"Just look at you simple humans. Such friends you are for not helping out you're little green companion over here. Then again, humans are fragile and idiotic creatures," Cell chuckled.

He started to walk towards the three kids, and just as he fired a ki blast at them, Gohan zoomed right in front of them, and deflected the blast.

"Oh, it seems you survived, boy," Cell admired. "Then again, you are one of the strongest beings in the universe, after me that is."

Gohan only growled.

"Got out of here now, this isn't a safe place for you," Gohan said to the kids behind him, who couldn't even move due to being so scared and afraid.

"DID YOU NOT HEAR ME!? GO NOW!" Gohan demanded. The kids and fairy were shaken out of their trance, and immediately do as told. Gohan then looked back at Cell, ready to finish what he started not long ago.

"This is it. I don't intend on playing with you any longer!" Gohan snarled as his ki flared up.

"Marvelous! I shall enjoy this then," Cell replied.

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