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Chapter 3: The Memory

"Your wish has been granted." Porunga boomed as his eyes glowed red. Dende had successfully made his wish.

Goku had been revived and sent to the Lookout on Planet Earth.

"Goku!" Krillin shouted, running up to his childhood friend and hugging him.

"Hey, Krillin." Goku said softly.

Krillin quickly let go of Goku. Everyone's expressions tensed up, including Goku's.

"Alright, from the way I see it, Gohan could be trapped in different alternate universes and realities. Am I correct?" Goku asked. Krillin nodded.

"Alright then, so there's 100 of them to search through, and it might take a lot of time."

"Hey, Goku. Will it be alright if I can help as well?"

"You, Trunks? But... what about the androids back at home?"

Trunks suddenly remembered. "Oh, yeah. Alright, I'll go back and take care of them, and then I'll come back to help you. Does that sound good?"

"Sounds good to me." Goku agreed. Trunks nodded and went to take his leave, but before he could even get off the ground...

Something dawned onto Goku's mind.

"Wait a minute! If Gohan survived, doesn't that mean... Cell survived as well?"


"Yeah! It would only make sense! So where ever Gohan is, that monster is there too!" Yamcha exclaimed.

"Grr... now Gohan has to deal with that monstrosity again!" Piccolo shouted.

"Now, now, Piccolo, let's not jump to conclusions. Maybe Gohan has already taken care of Cell. And if not, he's also probably training to get ready for the next time he sees him."

"You know, Goku has a point. Cell would definitely have to train and Gohan knows that, so maybe he'll be training as well." Tien pointed out.

"Alright then, let's head to Capsule Corp. It's time we go find my son." Goku said as everyone took off.

"Good luck." Mr. Popo said.


"Look, Gohan isn't dead, we know that for a fact, but he's just trapped somewhere, but we don't know where." Goku told his wife.

Good had everyone including Chi-Chi and her father come to Capsule Corp to tell everyone about what happened to Gohan.

Chi-Chi immediately started bawling her eyes out.

"My baby Gohan! He could be trapped with more disgusting monsters, and it's my fault!" Chi-Chi cried.

"Come on, Chi-Chi. You gotta calm down." Her father, the Ox-King said.

"It's not your fault. It's no one's fault, Chi-Chi. We never expected this to happen so don't put the blame on yourself." Bulma said as she tried to comfort her friend.

"R... really?" Chi-Chi said calming down.

"Yep." Chi-Chi stopped crying at Bulma's comforting words.

"Alright then, from what you told me, Gohan is trapped in one of the one hundred alternate universes out there, and you think I might have something that could possibly help your search." Bulma said.

"Yep, that sums it up, Mother." Trunks clarified. "Do you think you can help?"

Bulma thought long and hard about this. "I don't have anything that could help you, but I guess I can try. After all, I'm one of the most brilliant people to ever walk on the planet, right?"

Everyone chuckled.

"Enough fooling around, woman! Can you make something to help us or not?" Vegeta demanded.

"Yes, I can, Mr. Prince of all Saiyans." Vegeta growled at the mocking nickname Bulma gave to him.

"All I need is a few days to build something that could help you, then you can find where Gohan is. But, like you asked, I cant find a way to know exactly where Gohan is, but I can make the device to let you travel through these alternate universes."

"Thanks Bulma. I really appreciate it."

"Anytime, Goku."

The next day, everyone continued on with their lives, some were training, Piccolo still he one thing on his mind, Gohan. Bulma was making the device she promised to help find Gohan, and Vegeta was training in the gravity room.

Meanwhile, Goku and Chi-Chi we're taking a stroll around the nice fields they lived nearby, and they were thinking aboutt a certain moment.

Oh, stop sulking, Vegeta! It's just a photo!" Bulma called with mild annoyance from where she stood with her camera, fixing it to a tripod in the middle of the back garden of Capsule Corp. "It's rare that we get the whole gang together like this!"

"Yeah only when the world is ending." Krillin whispered into his ear with a roll of his eyes.

"Shut up Krillin!" The blue-haired heiress snarled, causing the preteen to giggle. "Now come on everybody, into position! Goku, put the hotdog down!"

"Bu' mm' eatin'ghh!" His father frowned from the buffet table, his cheeks full with barbecue and another hotdog in his palm.

His mother sighed from where she was sat on a sun lounger, bouncing a baby Trunks upon her knee. "And you've done nothing BUT eat since we got here! For Kami's sake Goku would it really kill you to put your plate down for a few minutes?"

"Probably." The man mustered cheekily after he had swallowed his mouthful causing the gang to titter and the ox-princess to shoot him a playful glare.

"Photograph. Now." She stated, though Goku's grin only got wider.

"Right you are babe." He smiled with a solute before joining the group on the grass.

Gohan laughed as his father's large hand ruffled his golden spikes of hair, and ignored Chi-Chi's protests of making his wild mane even messier.

"Stupid woman and her idiotic shenanigans." Vegeta's disgruntled voice grumbled behind him as Bulma finally managed to coax him out of his hiding place.

The young saiyan looked up at the prince, even though the year in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber had certainly given him a growth spurt, the man was still much taller than him. Though he was quickly catching him up. He couldn't help but allow a knowing smile play on his lips as the usually stoic, crass saiyan was following orders from a weak earthling woman. He must really like her. They had Trunks together after all. Mum had told him that to have a baby that people had to be in love, so him liking her was more than a strong possibility.

"What are you smirking at, brat?" He growled suddenly, causing the boy to jump.

"Oh, er, nothing." Gohan cringed, quickly turning back around to face Bulma who was busy yelling at Yamcha to get in line.

"Leave him be Vegeta." Goku chuckled teasingly. "What's gotten you so grumpy? Are you worried that Bulma won't get your good side?"

The prince merely scoffed, turning his head away as Krillin snickered beside him.

"I have to say I don't like this much either." Tien sighed, his arms folded across his chest as his three eyes positively glared at the offending camera.

"Me neither." Piccolo grunted, causing the halfling to cock his head towards him.

"Aw come on Mister Piccolo, Tien, I think it's nice!"

"You would kid." The Namekian said as he raised an eyebrow in amusement. "You're all for this sentimental drivel."

"Well I just think it's nice to have memories of the good times you know." Gohan shrugged. "You can always look back on them when the bad times come. It reminds you to fight to feel that way again."

The group of warriors stared at him, before sharing a glance. It was clear that the young boy did not quite understand just how profound his words were in that moment.

"He's right you know." Trunks said, giving the boy a knowing wink.

Piccolo placed a hand on the preteen's hair, a wry smile playing on his lips. "Alright kid, we'll do it your way."

"That's the spirit!" Goku laughed, as Gohan gave his mentor a dazzling smile.

"Alright nearly ready!" Bulma shouted over them, adjusting her camera lens. "Let's have the shortest at the front!"

"She's talking to you Vegeta." He heard Yamcha mutter under his breath.

"I will MURDER you, weakling!"

"Hey! No killing each other until I've at least taken the photo!" yelled Bulma, as the rest of the gang snorted with laughter, "Let's all pretend that we get along for a minute alright? Gohan, get in front."

The young saiyan obediently did as he was told, placing himself in front of his father. Though to his surprise, the man grasped him by the shoulders and pushed him to stand at the centre of the Z-Fighters.

"I think you should be centre stage for this one son." Goku smiled, when he looked at him in confusion.

"That's great Goku! Nice angle!" Bulma grinned in approvable. "Now Yamcha if you just move a little to the left. No my left! That's it, and Krillin just come forward ever so sliiiighty, and Trunks, yep that's perfect!"

As the woman continued to organise the rabble that was the warriors of Earth, the young saiyan felt guilt creep into the pit of his stomach. Cell's tournament for the fate of the world was all but a few days away, and instead of training and getting stronger he was lounging around having a barbecue at Bulma's house. He had spoken,

well tried to speak to his father about it that morning, when he announced to the small family that they would be spending the afternoon at Capsule Corporation. Gohan had asked whether he thought it was a good idea, to relax rather than train to prepare themselves for the fight of their lives.

But alas, the man had provided him with more or less the same answer he had given him ever since they had emerged from the time chamber. He told Gohan relax and have fun, that there was more important things than training for today. It was a beautiful day after all.

His father had been right in a way, the day really was beautiful.

Bright blue skies, the warm May sun beating down on their backs as they relaxed in the Briefs' garden, multicoloured butterflies dancing around Mrs Briefs' glorious flowerbeds. And the way the laughter carried on around him, no one would have thought that the world could be ending in the matter of a few days. Even Trunks, who seemed forever anxious and serious due to the horrors he had faced in his future seemed to be enjoying himself. But Gohan could see that behind the boisterous laughter and beaming smiles that the Z-Fighters were worried, there was still a tension in the air that was impossible to ignore.

Then, there was trust. Trust in Goku, his father. For Goku always knew the right thing to do, to say. He had overcome every single challenge, every villain he had faced - one way or another. But somehow, and Gohan did not know the reason why, it was different. His father had never been so blasé about a fight before. So dismissive and apparently uncaring that even though Trunks' presence had drastically changed their present, their future could still end up the same way.


As he looked up towards his father beside him, he frowned, he was smiling so widely, aiming his grin towards the camera in preparation for the snapshot. No notion of worry or trepidation upon his features. But for the first time, the young boy noticed something in his eyes, something that had been there since he had made his comment about looking back on good memories. It was something deeper, as if there was some sort of internal struggle going on behind the emerald orbs. Just what was his father thinking?

It seemed that Goku had caught onto the sudden tension emanating from the child as he suddenly snapped his head towards him, kneeling down to his height as Bulma was now shouting at Krillin for pulling a silly face.

"It's just my face, I can't help it Bulma!" Krillin had replied.

"Hey kiddo, what's up?" His father asked him, still smiling, only less than before.

Gohan felt his throat run dry, he immediately felt as though he was in trouble. Though he knew he hadn't done anything wrong, his mother had already scolded him for breaking his breakfast plate that morning and his father had given him a lecture on controlling his strength more. But the way the man was searching him with his eyes, his golden hair shining in the sunlight just as his did, he couldn't help but feel weary under his gaze.

He shouldn't be doubting his father like this after all, he was a bad son for even questioning him. But yet his lips moved before he could even stop himself.

"Dad, do you really think that we can beat Cell?"

That did it. It was only for a moment, a split millisecond at that, but Gohan was a very perceptive boy, and caught it straight away. The way his father's resolve faltered, his smile disappearing and his eyes darkening ever so slightly, before BAM, the cheery mask was back once more. Confusing the halfling even more so.

Goku ruffled his hair once more, his infectious smile prompting his own lips to twitch at the corners. "Gohan, I -"

"Everybody look this way!" Bulma's call cut across them as she waved frantically from behind the camera, one eye pushed against it, "One! Two!…"

Gohan turned quickly, forcing the biggest smile he could muster as his father threw his arm over his shoulder, grinning just as madly. He could feel the gang move into position behind him, as Bulma continued her countdown.

"Three! Smile!"


The halfling blinked the harsh light out of his eyes, just as an irate shriek echoed across the garden.

"Damn it Vegeta!" Bulma snapped. "You had your eyes closed! I said after three!"

The Saiyan prince growled. "Shut up woman, you said three so I went on three, you never said you would say smile!"

"I said AFTER three monkey man!" Bulma snarled. "And everyone knows you say smile before you take a picture! That's how it works!"

"How am I supposed to know about your pathetic Earth customs?! It doesn't even make any sense! I didn't even want to be in the damn picture anyway!"

"Why you!"

Gohan couldn't help but allow the laughter escape his chest, as the gang around him were sent into hysterics, all the while making Vegeta even more irate. He felt tears spring into his eyes as he continued to giggle uncontrollably. His father stood next to him, positively beaming as he watched the scene unfold, and Bulma tried to hit the prince with her very expensive camera, prompting his mother to chase after them in order to salvage the precious photo, but not before thrusting a squawking baby Trunks into his arms.

Goku and Chi-Chi had no idea they were thinking of the same moment.


"Yes, Chi-Chi?" Goku responded. There was silence between them for a few seconds until the woman spoke again.

"Do you really think we'll find our baby boy?"

"Definitely. And he's not a baby anymore, honey. He's stronger than me, for Kami's sake. He can take care of himself in the meantime."

"Oh, Goku." Chi-Chi said happily as she then hugged her mate, and Goku responded by doing the same thing.

I promise you, Gohan. I will find you no matter what.

"Umm, Goku. I... have something to tell you."

"Well, what is it, Chi-Chi?" Goku asked as Chichi grinned.

"I'm pregnant!" Chichi announced as Goku, went wide-eyed at the revelation

"WHAT?!" Goku announced.

"I wonder if it'll be a boy or a girl…" Chichi giggled and smiled as Goku was as still as a statue before a loud thump was heard on the lookout.

"Goku!?" Chi-Chi yelled. A few seconds later, the Ox-Princess chuckled.

"I guess I'd better tell everyone else."

The bio-android was now in space, training hard for when he and Gohan would face off against each other once more. Thanks to Frieza's ability to breath in space, Cell has the same ability as well.

"Well now, it seems these warmup exercises really do me some good." Cell said.

There were plenty of space rocks around, and he spent almost all of his time breaking them and even flying around them.

Then, he saw an incredibly large asteroid, that looked big enough to destroy the planet, heading his way. He then smirked.

"I think those pathetic humans might enjoy a little light show."

Cell then stopped the asteroid, sent a blast to it's center, breaking into into hundreds of pieces.

"One day, boy. One day, I'll destroy you, along with this planet."

Meanwhile, one day has passed since Gohan arrived in Never Land, and he was still pretty surprised it actually existed. His mother did read a book to him about it when he was just a little boy. Gohan had even asked if they can go there. Chi-Chi chuckled at that statement.

The half-breed was a bit disappointed it didn't exist at that time.

Right now, he was outside, on the sandy shore of Pirate Island, staring at the large island in front of him known as Never Land.

He had been thinking about the events from last night.

The second he heard about where he was, he was shocked. In fact, so shocked that he flew out of the hideout immediately, and flew straight through the second star. He went somewhere in London to get a map of the world, and he couldn't find West City on it. He then asked what the Cell Games where. The man then thought Gohan was going nuts, and asked what the Cell Games even was. That's when he knew he was in another world.

He honestly couldn't believe it at that time. Once he came back to Pirate Island, he just stood on the beach at the island. Jake and the others could tell the boy was still pretty shocked, and knew there was probably no way he could ever possibly get home.

He was then calmed down by Jake. But if he knew his dad, he would find him no matter what. Soon after, Peter Pan had left to go exploring once more.

That night, at three, he woke up to have an early morning snack, which wasn't really a snack at all. To Gohan, a snack was probably two dinners. Jake found him about to eat too. Jake apparently, also wanted to eat something.

Gohan then asked Jake if he wanted to eat with him. To the Saiyan's surprise, the boy said he could probably eat more than him. Immediately, Gohan had accepted the challenge.

Half an hour later, Gohan looked perfectly fine as he was finished with his large meal.

Jake, on the other hand, looked very, very full, with his tummy sticking out to the point where he couldn't even see his own feet in front of the chair and half-closed eyes. He yawned and seemed to be fighting to keep his eyes open. He only had one cup of juice left, and Gohan chuckled at the sight.

"I... I just can't. I'm so full." He said.

"Come on, it's just one cup of orange juice. It's not that bad." Gohan taunted.

Jake thought that Gohan was mocking him at that moment.

"Alright then, I'll do it!" Jake had just stared at the cup of juice in front of him.

"Come on, it's only one cup." Gohan said. Then, Jake immediately chugged the whole cup of orange juice down his throat, and it was very hard for him to do as he felt really full.

Finally, he was finished with it.

His stomach growled as it grew an inch or two from the cup of juice. He then belched loudly, soon blushing in embarrassment as Gohan merely giggled.

"Man, I'm stuffed. I feel like I'm gonna burst." Jake said.

"I don't think you can even move at this point." Gohan replied. "You know, with the amount you ate, if you didn't have such a big belly, I could easily take you for being a Saiyan."

The two boys chuckled and Gohan then carried the big bellied boy back to the bedroom, and placed Jake and himself on the bed and before they fell asleep...

"Gohan, how are you so strong? You carried me without even getting tired."

"I'm a Saiyan remember. We're much stronger than humans."

"Oh yeah. I forgot. And do you think-"

"Don't worry, all of that fat in you will probably go away in the night. For now, just have a good rest." And the two boys fell asleep minutes later, snoring away.

The half-Saiyan thought about what he could possibly do, and he knew Cell was still on the loose, so he could probably train. But he then decided to make himself a bit stronger with a challenge. He wanted to wear a cape, like he did before the Cell Games.

"Gohan?" The half-breed looked back to see the whole crew looking at him.

"Oh, you're all awake?"

"Yeah, we don't normally sleep a lot." Jake replied. Gohan could see the boy was back to his original shape. Though, he knew that would happen.

"So, we wanted to ask to you a question, if that's alright with you." Izzy said.

"If it's about the Saiyans, then I already told you everything I know."

"Actually, this isn't about that." Gohan was utterly confused. What else could they want to talk about? Then, it dawned onto us mind.

"Oh, you want to know more about my past?"

"Yeah, if that's alright with you."

Gohan chuckled. "Maybe later, for now, I'm gonna go. I'll be back, don't worry. You guys can go on an adventure or something. I'll be back." And Gohan immediately flew off without warning.

Jake and his friends just stood there, astonished at how fast the boy flew away. Jake bet even Peter Pan couldn't match up to the half-breed's speed.

"Well mateys, what do you say we go treasure hunting?"

"I say yay hey!" Izzy exclaimed.


"Alright then, let's get aboard Bucky. This should be a great day!"

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