Authors notes:

I do NOT own Twilight or any of its characters; no copyright intended. Twilight and its characters belongs to Stephenie Meyer, my characters belong to me.

The Cullen's are vampires, but with some differences than what were in the books. The differences will be explained as the story progresses. Bella Swan is in this story. Bella and Edward did meet in Forks and got married, but they never had Renesmee. Charlie knows about the whole vampire thing because he married Sue and therefore was let in on not only the wolf secret but the vampire one as well. Bella and Edward are traveling and will join up with the family later on in the story. Don't worry though; it will be sooner rather than later. The Wolves and the Cullen's don't hate each other and are extended family. James, Victoria, and Laurent did go after Bella. Laurent didn't go to the Denali Coven; therefore Irina did not get tricked into believing that he was her mate. The Volturi didn't go after Bella, because mates are allowed to know the "Big Secret" even if they choose to never become a vampire. That means that Irina did not die, because there was no battle.

There is going to be a lot of military related things in this story. Some fact and a lot fiction. I wrote things in a certain way, fact or fiction, to be able to fit the story.

For instance; the military does issue ID Cards to get in and use the Military Instillations. To not only the military member, but to all of their dependants (their families). The Cullen family will all be given ID Cards even though Carlisle is a civilian.

Rosalie's POV:

Trees...Trees, and more trees. Trees are all that I see as I run through Mount Baker faster than any human could see. As I use my vampire speed to race home, I'm reminded that this isn't least not yet. As a vampire family we move every few years. This time we moved just outside of Spokane, Washington. My father figure and sire Dr. Carlisle Cullen has taken a new hospital job, but this isn't just any job. He now is working for the Unites States Air Force. That's the reason for me racing home after a nice long hunt.

You see my family and I are vampires, but not the same ones from old folk lore. We don't burn from sun light or sparkle like diamonds the way they've portrayed us in recent literature. The sunlight has no effect on us at all. My family's diet mostly contains human blood, but only old or diseased blood that would just go to waste anyway. Most vampires choose this method. The only exception are those few vampires that hunt or torture humans for fun. My family and I do mix animal blood into our diets so that we are able to blend into the human population better. Most covens are nomadic or stay out of the public's eye so they don't generally consume animal blood. You see human blood turns a vampire's eyes red but adding some animal blood will turn them golden or amber colored. It's easier to blend in with humans with golden eyes than with red eyes.

I didn't realize that I had made it home, because I was so consumed with my thoughts until I smelt muffins that my "mother" Esme had made. That's another misconception; we can eat and taste human food. It just doesn't have any nutritional value, so why bother.

As I step into the kitchen I see my two "brothers" Jasper and Emmett. They are by far the most excited about today's excursion to the Air Force Base.

When they realize that I have returned from my hunt, they all say good morning to me.

"Good morning. I see that you have been busy baking in my absence. Who are they for?" I say as I take a seat at the counter.

Emmett excitedly explains that they are for the SERE School, and starts going on and on about how he can't wait to finally be seeing the school house.

"What exactly is this SERE School?" I asked still confused over this whole concept.

Jasper steps in and explains that SERE stands for Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape. In the Air Force, Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) specialists serve as subject matter experts who train all aircrew personnel (and others at risk) on how to handle themselves if they're ever caught up in hostile territory. They also work as personal recovery experts. They truly are a special breed of people."

"They sound like badasses" exclaimed Emmett which resulted in a look from Esme for the use of language.

"Your father should be here any minute so make sure that everyone has their ID Cards so we can leave as soon as he gets here."

"Yes Mom" we all reply.


Rosalie's POV

Esme, Alice, and I are being shown around the school by one of the sere specialist. He's trying to be as respectful as possible, which is hard to accomplish when being surrounded by the enhanced beauty of 3 vampires. When all of a sudden I smell a fragrance that has me quite literally stopping in my tracks. The next thing I know is that I'm in the arms of someone almost in a dancing dip position and I'm looking up into what I can only describe as wolf eyes and an almost wolfish half smile to go with it.

Alice POV

After I see Rosalie freeze up I smell this truly unique smell. The next thing I realize is that it's accompanied by the sound of boots running. Before I can have another thought I see a figure run into Rosalie, but that wasn't what had me in a state of wonder. It was the fact that this person ran into Rosalie and knocked her over. Though I can't actually say that Rosalie looks distressed in the embrace that they are in.

I realize that the figure is a woman in an Air Force uniform. They both seem to be lost and frozen in place. That is until a coughing sound is heard, which seems to make this unknown girl come out of her gaze as she straightens up and puts Rosalie back on her feet. But not before muttering softly "Talk about fallin' for a girl" while staring into Rosalie's amber eyes, though only a vampire would barely be able to hear it. She's tall, about 6"1 or so (most likely around 5"11 without the boots) and with a body and physic that I can only describe as a living Viking. Big broad shoulders that anyone can see are full of muscles, with arms to match, that taper down like a V at the waist. Though you can tell she is muscular she doesn't look overly muscular like those body builders that you see. The unknown name of this strange girl isn't unknown for long as she immediately apologizes with a "My apologies Ma'am" and introduces herself as Amber Becole with a Texas twang that I would be able to spot anywhere thanks to my mate Jasper. You see Jasper is a Texan born and raised and I know that no matter what comes out of meeting this Amber that my Jazz will most likely gain a new friend. Though from the look that's on Rosalie's face I would wager that I'm about to have a new sister down the road. I don't know how I didn't see this one coming.

After my inner musings I hear our tour guide which Amber calls Mike say "Leave it to you Becole to always make an unforgettable impression".

Amber chuckles and smiles then she turns to Rosalie and asks if she's sure she's alright. In Rosalie's state of what I can only call shock she doesn't answer. We can all tell that Amber is getting uncomfortable and nervous that she has offended or worse hurt Rosalie. Before anything can be said we all hear a shout of "Becole" down the hall. Amber curses under her breath. She turns back to us and apologizes again and asks if we're sure that everyone is ok. Thankfully Rosalie has regained enough senses to at least nod. Which makes Amber smile and say "Are you sure, because we can exchange insurance information if you're not" before anything else can be said we hear another shout of "Becole, come on, we gotta go". Amber sighs and apologies one more time, which I know now for certain that she is a Texan (because only a Texan would be that polite), does this funny hand movement with Mike and then she takes off running towards the yelling people down the hall.

I realize that Rosalie had kept her eyes where Amber was standing only moment ago and didn't move until after Amber was half way down the hall to stare after her.

I may not have seen this coming but I do know that things are about to get a whole lot more interesting for our family.

Rosalie didn't see Amber again the rest of the time that they were there touring the schoolhouse.

When everyone left after the tour Emmett and Jasper kept talking about the combatives class that they got to whiteness. That's where Amber was running off to in such a hurry. Apparently she was helping with some of the more advanced fighting techniques. Though Rosalie wanted to know more about this girl that had her head spinning, she didn't have a lot to go on. Carlisle would be the only one that could possibly have any more information.

That's why when he finally got home later that night he was cornered almost back into the front door that he just closed.

Sadly Carlisle didn't have much information to go on besides she was a Sere Specialist and seemed to be an enigma. Carlisle wished that he was able to give his daughter more insight, but it seemed that this was one mystery that everyone would have to help solve. He didn't have any specific information about this Amber, but he did talk in great length about the things that he noticed regarding the members of the SERE Squadron. It seemed like everything was in uncharted territory. One thing was certain though; Rosalie had found her mate, and so talking to her seemed to be the next logical step. Unfortunately for Rosalie that may be easier said than done.