Chapter 23 – Pick you up on our very first date and is it cool if I hold your hand?

Amber's POV

I can't believe how nervous I am. It's a good type of nervous. The kind that you feel when you stand up on your board as you ride a big wave or the kind that you feel right before you jump off the cliff into the water down below.

Taking the jump that's definitely what this feels like. Rosalie and I are about to embark on the next chapter and I can't wait to take the plunge.

Speaking of tonight it's kind of amazing how we were we were able to pull off getting everything together. I've never been more thankful for my brothers.

I fiddle with my shirt and adjust the flowers in my hand and then take a deep breath right before I knock on the door.

A few seconds later the door opens up to reveal Edward's amused face.

"From the look on your face I take it that you heard the pep talk that I was giving myself in my head?" I apprehensively ask.

"Only the general idea about what you were thinking. Don't worry it's still hard to read your thoughts. I generally get the jest of what you're thinking, but the specifics are still a little fuzzy and distorted." Edward explains.

"I'm very relived to hear that. Not that I don't love you Eddie, but I would rather keep my thoughts to myself. Alice shared my theory about why I'm so fuzzy to the both of you I take it?" I ask him as he gestures me into the house.

Edward smiles as he says "She did and I'm fairly certain that you are correct in your assumption. Since you do go with your instincts more often than anything then it would make sense that Alice and I would only be able to pick up bits and pieces."

I stand up straighter as I see Carlisle enter the living room with his nose stuffed in a book.

"Hello Sir, how are you this evening." I say as I shake the doctor's hand.

Carlisle smiles with a bit of surprise at my formalness. "I'm doing well. I take it you're a bit nervous."

I smile as I confess "A bit, but I was also raised to show respect. Especially towards the father of the girl that I intend to take out on a date."

"As a traditionalist myself I appreciate your values as unnecessary as they are. I gave you my stamp of approval long ago. You have shown me many times over that you are someone that I had always hoped my daughter would find." I get a little choked up after Carlisle's little speech.

"I couldn't agree more" Esme says as she walks up to me and giving me a kiss on the cheek.

I couldn't help the blush that adorned my cheeks at their confession and their approval.

We're broken out of our little bubble by Alice clearing her throat as she and her sisters, minus Rosalie, walk into the living room. They walk over to their respective partners. Alice points towards the opening in the living room.

My breath escapes my body as I turn around and I see Rosalie in the doorway. It wasn't the tight jeans that seemed to be painted on or the jacket that she had on that seemed a few sizes too big and oh so familiar, though seeing her in my clothes stirs something inside of me. I think it had to do with the radiant smile on her face and the fact that it was not only directed at me, but that it also held a promise to the beginning of this new chapter for us.

I stand there speechless as a smile lights up my own face as she struts right up to me with that contagiously radiant smile lighting up her face.

We melt into a hug as I try and keep from crushing the flowers in my left hand.

When we break apart I present the bouquet of flowers to Rose with a smile.

I watch with a happy smile as she gives me a shy smile and takes a deep breath from them.

"I'll go put those in some water for you, so that you two can get going." Bella says as she delicately takes the flowers from Rosalie's hands.

We both say thank you as I grab one of Rose's now empty hands as we make our way to the front door.

"Goodnight everyone, I promise to take care of Rosalie and have her back at a reasonable time." I can't help but revert to my proper manners that my parents and grandparents made sure to drill into me.

"We never had any doubt that you would dear." Esme responds.

"I'll be staying at my apartment tonight, so don't wait up." Rosalie informs her family.

I nearly fall off the front porch steps when I hear Emmett teasingly say "Oh planning on getting lucky tonight Rosalie? Bow-chicka-wow-wow."

Rosalie's response was a middle finger as she slammed the front door on her family.

I cleared my throat as I offer Rose my arm as we make our way towards my truck.

"Not that I'm apposed to anything happening, but I was raised to respect the woman that I plan on courting. So that's what I'm going to do." I say as I hold open the passenger door for Rose.

"I never had any doubt that you would always treat me with respect. I do agree that a first date is a little too soon to jump into that kind of physicality. We both are a little old school in that regard. I just want space to myself before my family bombardment. Though that doesn't mean that I don't want to drag you into the back seat and have my wicked way with you." Rosalie gives me a mischievous smile as she uses my hand and arm to help her get into the truck and then shuts the door.

I'm left staring wide eyed at the spot where Rosalie was a moment ago.

I shake my head and can't help but shake my head and mutter "That woman will be the death of me" under my breath as I make my way to the driver's side.

I can see Rosalie stifling a laugh behind her hand as I haul myself into the truck and shut my door.

I can't help but laugh a little bit as well as I say "You're lucky you're gorgeous." as I start up my truck and back out of my parking spot.

I look over at Rose and I can't help but give a satisfied smile as I see the shy blushing mess that my confession has turned her into.

I reach over and grab her hand and rest our conjoined hands on the center console as we make our way to our destination.

Rosalie's POV

I can't believe that Amber and I are finally on our way to our first date.

I wish the circumstances were different and that we weren't on a count down to her leaving, but regardless I can't be more relieved that we have finally worked our way into each other's arms.

I'm broken out of my thoughts when Amber casually and almost absent mindedly brings our joined hands up to her lips and kisses my hand before placing them back onto the center console with a smile.

I can't help but give a gentle sigh at Amber and her sweet and loving gesture.

I'm a little confused when Amber seems to be driving us into an open field and then she parks next to and old run down building.

Amber gives me a smile as she quickly hops out and runs around to my door where she gallantly helps me out of the truck then tells me to close my eyes.

My breath hitches when I feel my love come up behind me and I feel he slide her hands over my eyes as my back seems to melt into her front. Amber slowly walks us forward.

I can't help my shiver when she removes her hands and whispers in my ear "Open your eyes."

Stunned would be an understatement. The closest thing I could think of to describe what I was seeing was Wonderland.

There were twinkly lights everywhere that illuminated the intimate space full of the softest blankets and pillows that seemed to create a nest that I could not wait to drag and cuddle up to Amber in.

There was a low coffee table that held several containers, a variety of drinks, and snacks.

Several feet in front of the table was a stung up white sheet in between two trees. Amber must have noticed my confusion, because she slides up next to me as she wraps an arm around my waist and explains "I thought we could have a nice dinner and watch a movie or two."

I'm blown away with the simple, but utterly romantic setting.

"Mike and your brothers help me set up. How about you go pick out a movie for us to watch while we I set up our dinner." Amber gives my waist a squeeze before she lets go.

I take my time looking through the pile of DVDs.

"These are some of my favorite movies." I say as I hold up the random DVD in my hand.

I can't help but smile fondly at my mate as she absent mindedly says "Yeah, I know."

A movie with a weird name catches my eye called 'Clockstoppers'. When Amber sees it in my hands she can't help but let off a soft laugh.

"It's a favorite of mine and it kind of fits in with the theme for tonight." Amber says while pointing at the movie.

I can't help but ask "It does?"

Amber gives me a humorous laugh and says "Yeah. It's about this kid who finds this watch that can essentially stop time."

We decide to watch Elvis's movie "Girl Happy" while we ate. That way we could enjoy a movie that we both loved and had already seen so that we could talk a little bit since we both had already seen it.

I can't describe how content I was as we ate and talked while the movie played in the background.

I found out that we were on one of Amber's friend's piece of land so we had complete privacy that added to the romantic element.

The meal was wonderful. Thanks to Esme, who I found out had made the dinner while Amber and the boys were setting up.

After the first movie and our dinner was eaten we snuggled up in the most intimate of ways as we watched 'Clockstoppers'.

I swear I almost came apart when Amber pulls me into her a little tighter as she softly whispers into the side of my head "I wish I had that watch so that this moment would last just a little while longer." Then she kisses my head.

I fall a little more in love with Amber as she pulls me to my feet and we slow dance when the song 'Time After Time' comes on during the movie.
I thought for sure that Amber would kiss me as we swayed to the song that played on in the background, but she simply smiles lovingly at me and says "We should finish the movie."

We both let out a contented sigh as we settled back into each other's arms.

The whole evening seemed to push us into another level of intimacy that I could almost weep for joy at for finally reaching.

Amber's POV

It seemed like only minutes, but in reality was several hours later we were on our way back to Rosalie's apartment.

We were once again holding hands. I couldn't help the contented sigh that I softly released as Rose lovingly strokes my hand.

I love the way she seemed to absently play with my Grandfather's Naval Ring.

I wish that the night could last forever, but sadly I already knew that I would be dead on my feet all day tomorrow with how late it already was. It was a price that I would happily pay with a smile on my face.

As we walked through Rosalie's apartment lobby we passed the same night guard that gave me a dirty look all those months ago the first time that I walked Rosalie home. This time though when they gave me the traditional glare I couldn't help but smile and pull Rose in tighter to me.

It never slipped my notice that Rosalie seemed to almost always gather looks of lust or how others seemed to always give me a glare full of jealousy.

I stopped caring about others and their petty bullshit long ago, but tonight..tonight knowing that I was walking Rose home after our date made me walk a little taller while pulling Rosalie into a more possessive hold as we made our way to the elevator.

As Rose hovered in her open doorway I pulled her into a tight hug and I noticed that we both couldn't help but take a deep breath as we cherished the moment. After that long hug I pulled away, but not before I softly and lovingly gave Rosalie's cheek a lingering kiss and a promise that I would call her tomorrow.

As I turned to walk away I'm stopped by Rosalie grabbing my arm and pulling me back towards her.

I'm sure that the confusion shows clearly on my face.

It nearly broke me when I see Rose's heartbroken expression as she asks "Did you not enjoy yourself tonight?"

I'm thoroughly confused as I utter "I had one of the best nights of my life. I hoped that it was something that we would be able to do again. Why would you ask? Unless you didn't have a good time?"

Internally I start to panic, because I'm not sure if my heart could take it if I had to go back to being just friends. I knew without a doubt that I would, without hesitation. I would absolutely despise it, but I would do it, because if that was the only way for me to keep Rosalie in my life, then I would do it.

Rose steps into my personal space as she puts one hand over my heart on my upper chest and the other on the back of my neck as she starts to absently stroke her fingers over my skin.

"Well it's customary to share a kiss after a successful date, is it not?" Rosalie asks with such a sultry tone that seems to instantly turn me on.

"I would, but I want to do this right. I want this to work and in order to make sure that we have the best foundation and start to this relationship that means that I'm going to do this the traditional way. The way that I was raised to. So I'm going to kiss you on the cheek one more time and bid you a goodnight full of sweet dreams. I hope that that's alright."

After I give Rosalie's cheek another sweet kiss I'm startled when Rose grabs the front of my shirt and pulls me in closer before whispering with such conviction that left speechless.

"I love and appreciate the chivalrous and traditional approach, but I will tell you this the next time that I see you I will be kissing you senseless and with such passion that I know without a doubt that you will either have you cum on the spot or spontaneously combusting. I know that I probably will."

I am so stunned that I can't move. I'm still standing there several minutes after Rosalie shuts the door in my face.

Once I regain my senses I can't help but walk away with a deep blush and a happy swagger that I'm sure would make anyone laugh if they saw.