No One's POV-
She was tired, and exhausted, her traverse through the woods merely a blur to her eyes, and a flash in her memories. She didn't remember how she got there, in the woods that is, nor did she recall where she was in the first place; the scenery around her unknown and hard to pin down. It wasn't familiar, yet unfamiliar, just at the tip of her tongue.

At first, she didn't know where she was going, picking a simple direction to her left before she was stumbling over stones and fallen trees. But when she pushed the shrubbery aside and her eyes took in the oddly shaped tower of stone and vines, her instincts told her to approach, and she did so with little hesitance. All she wanted was somewhere to sleep, she was just so tired.

It was Princess Enka that first discovered their future temporary 'guest' while taking her daily Wednesday surveillance. It had been an average day like any other; blue skies, fluffy clouds, Tofus of the like going about their business. The Tower had never been more peaceful, and tranquil. Until she saw her.

Enka gasped in surprise and swiftly made her way down the tower and towards the gate, where she met the girl just barely passing the guardian with little problem.

She couldn't be older than 12, 13 at the highest. Her once white toga smeared in mud and dirt, making her pale porcelain skin stick out in contrast, and her ruby fuchsia eyes glow inhumanly. Her hair was no different, the onyx tresses clumped together and matted as if the girl had lived in the woods all her life. And had just barely gotten to civilization, their Tower, that is.

Enka couldn't help but put on her signature smile of shyness, by now, it was reflex and hopefully was kind enough to not scare away any of their 'guests' "Greetings and welcome young one, I hope finding this tower hadn't been a problem." the child shook her head, "Good, please, before we get to introductions a bath would do you wonders." the Princess made an obvious show of disgust towards the mud and twigs adorning the child; while the Princess was ugly herself -warts and missing teeth in all- she was still a Princess; once royalty of the highest luxury, mud and dirt where still below her.

The girl made no show of objection, allowing Enka to easily guide the smaller up the steps and towards their nicest restroom, Enka couldn't help but note how thin the child was, unhealthily so.

"Now then, how about we get you out of those rags, and into a nicer dress huh." The Warty Princess suggested. In seconds the Toga was off and the girl was in the wooden tub, the eldest beginning her hygienic routine with little hesitance.

"I should introduce you while we have the time." Princess Enka went on, beginning to scrub the mud off the girl's arms "My name is Princess Enka, and you?"

The girl made a show of pursing her lips, before turning away to stare down at the dirty water "Kaida, Princess Kaida."

Enka blinked; mind caught between agitation and surprise. She decided to go with the former, no need to scare away the child, it scared the princes away after all "A Princess? why how fortunate then! we're all princess here me and my three sisters." she grinned, happily clapping her hands for effect "Its lucky that your cursed too! the gatekeeper would have never let you in, only cursed princesses are allowed into this Tower, number one rule!" she couldn't help but add, the Princess in her showing.

Kaida raised a thin brow "Cursed?"

Enka raised her own brow "Why of course. You are cursed, aren't you? you have to be, especially with those. .. horribly mutated appendages of yours, why you look like a goat! or maybe some sort of horned beast." the Princess went on, showing little care for her harsh comment.

Kaida hummed and turned to stare down at the muddy water, the reflection of her eyes peering back at her "I guess you could say that." she mumbled bringing her knees close.

Princess Enka smiled and gently squeezed her shoulder "But you don't have to worry, we're all cursed here, its only a matter of time before we'll be set free."

Kaida made no reply. And Enka made no show in continuing with their small conversation. When the eldest was done, she uncorked the tub and dried off her hands on the towel "I'll go grab the clothes, why don't you just wait here and dry off. I"ll be right back." and then the Princess was gone, locking the door behind her. "Another one, how unfortunate. . " Enka frowned, she'll have to tell her sisters of the bad news.

Kaida could tell that she was lying.

Standing up from the tub, the twelve-year-old carefully stepped out and studied herself with a curious gaze. Dragging her fingers along the skin of her arms, and tracing the blue silver scales on her stomach to her pelvis "So small." she mumbled, flexing her fingers.

She stared at them, eyes hard and brows furrowed in contemplation; how did she end up like this? so small. . weak. . . so nostalgic. Dropping her arms she turned her attention to the room that she was locked in, it was standard for a restroom, a tub, toilet, water basin, shelf, and dresser. She stopped at the door, with doubtful curiosity she padded towards it and redundantly pulled as if doing so would unlock it "How peculiar." It wasn't, Princess Enka clearly wasn't fond of her.

She wondered if the other Princesses that Enka mentioned would dislike her too.

Her gaze shifted to the mirror poised in the corner of the room, casting the door one last glance she ambled towards it and studied her figure closely, a look of complacency on her face.

From the sharp claws on her feet to the scales adorning her face, shoulders, stomach, legs, and tail, her finger hooked at the end of her black coal horn, and she hummed "I guess, I am cursed. . . " the wings on her back extended and flapped, as if in agreement.

But cursed was a strong word, in her opinion.