Kaito's Fairey Tales
"Run run as fast as you can..."
By Icka! M. Chif


"Once upon a time, there was a Thief. A very good thief. A Phantom Thief, which is as everyone knows, the best kind of thief. They're polite, playful, occasionally helpful, never kill and the best part is that they never get caught unless they want to be. The last part is the most important.

Now this thief had a name, as all good Phantom Thieves must. He was a Magician Thief, known as Magic Kaitou, or the Kaitou Kid. He wore white, because only bad guys wear black.

Well, one night, the Kid had a heist. He'd already sent out a notice in advance and everyone was ready. The Kid snuck in, grabbed the gem, because he was fond of large jewels, and made a grand escape.

Nakamori-keibu shouted and roared as he chased after the Thief "Run, run as fast as you bid!" The Thief shouted back. "You can't catch me, I'm the Kaitou Kid!"

Eventually, the Kid vanished out of sight of the kindly Inspector, so Nakamori-keibu shouted for his men to follow, the Police leaping to action to chase the Thief in their cars.

The Thief laughed. "I've out foxed Nakamori-keibu, and I'll out fox you too! Run, Run as fast as you bid! You can't catch me, I'm the Kaitou Kid!"

And so the Police chased the Kid around and around until he lost them too. Then a young Detective took up the chase, following the Kid.

The Kid laughed harder, for all the Detective's clever traps and plans. "I've out foxed Nakamori-keibu, the Police and I'll out fox you!" The Kid crowed. "Run, Run as fast as you bid! You can't catch me, I'm the Kaitou Kid!"

Eventually, the Detective too lost the Kid's trail and he continued on.

He caught the eye of a Dark Sorceress, who decided to try to ensnare him. They parried back and forth a bit, the Kid laughing all the while.

"I've out foxed Nakamori-keibu, the Police, the Detective and I'll out fox you!" He grinned with a respectful bow, because a Phantom Thief is always polite to the ladies, "Run, Run as fast as you bid! You can't catch me, I'm the Kaitou Kid!"

And so he danced around with the Dark Sorceress for a while before loosing her and continuing on.

By that time, the Kid was tired and needed a break. He stopped to rest by a river, and ran across a girl there.

"I've out foxed Nakamori-keibu, the Police, a Detective, Dark Sorceress and I'll out fox you!" He boasted. "Run, run as fast as you bid, you can't catch me, I'm the Kaitou Kid!"

She just looked at him like he was a moron. "Idiot." She informed him. "I'm just watching the sunset."

"Oh." The Kid paused for a moment, taken back by the reaction. He paused for a moment before asking "...Can I join you?"

She shrugged back before making room for him on the grass. "Okay."

So the Kaitou Kid sat down besides the girl and watched the sun set.

And that is how he was caught. Not by chains, traps or spells, but a simple invitation to watch the sun set.

The End."

Kaito looked around at the small knot of people sitting around his desk, listening to the story. "Well?"

"You goofed up the ending." Hakuba informed him dryly. "That's not how the story ends."

"You tell it like you want to, I'll tell it like I want to." Kaito retorted staunchly.

Akako snorted, looking vaguely amused. Either that or she was planning something really evil to do to him for casting her as an opponent in the story. It was hard to tell.

"... I thought the Fox ate the Gingerbread Man at the end of the story." Aoko mused innocently.

Kaito grinned broadly at his friend. "-And she'll tell it like SHE wants to!"



Once Upon a time, we had the bizarre idea of Kaito sitting on top of his desk telling a story to the rest of his class, who were huddled around the storyteller for entertainment during break time.
And thus several strange stories were born.

This was a twisted re-telling of 'The Gingerbread Man'.