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You're Not Alone

Ginny gently lay down beside Hermione, her eyes drifting over her beautiful sleeping form as the feelings coursed through her body, reminding her of how close she could have come to losing her, all because of her own brother. She sighed and got out of the bed, her mind in turmoil as she approached the window, every single emotion she felt demanding her attention, pulling at her mind and confusing her. She sat on the window sill and marvelled at the night sky, clear and crisp, making everything seem so perfectly placed. She let her rest against the wall and let the tears which she had been holding for so long trail down her pale cheeks. A pair of arms gently embraced her and she leant against Hermione's chest.

"How did things get this bad baby?", Ginny whispered, turning to look at Hermione, exhausted mentally and emotionally from the events. Hermione softly kissed the top of her head before gently rubbing her nose in an eskimo kiss.

"I don't know", she murmured, closing her eyes as she leant her forehead against Ginny's. Ginny pulled Hermione in and softly kissed her, reveling in the velvety and gentle feel of Hermione's lips and the not quite gone taste of her lipstick which always reminded Ginny of cherries for some reason. Their moment was destroyed by a frantic knocking at the door and Hermione walked over to open it. Draco was stood there, his hair disheveled and unbrushed, making him look almost comical if it hadn't been for the dismayed, horrified and angry look upon his face. Hermione stepped back and let him in the room, a sense of foreboding taking over her body.

"What happened?", Ginny asked as Draco stood between them, trying to rationalize his thoughts.

"Ron", he replied before going into detail over what had happened.


Harry wrapped his arms around Draco and leant in to kiss him, an action which Draco didn't take to kindly to thanks to the thoughts swirling throughout his head. Harry frowned, creasing his handsome features. Draco stepped back and turned his head away from Harry, guilt pulsating through his veins as he struggled with his words, unsure of how to approach this subject.

"What's wrong with you Draco? After what happened the other night I thought we were...", Harry started, Draco lifted a hand and placed one finger on Harry's lips, halting their movement.

"Harry...look....you're amazing Harry. And anybody, male or female, would be glad for your affection it's just...", Draco was cut off by Harry this time.

"You don't", he whispered.

"It's not that Harry, honestly. I just...don't...do relationships", he stammered, the guilt throbbing more prominently as Harry's eyes began to tear over, "I'm sorry Harry". Harry turned away this time, angry at the tears which were starting to spill out.

"I guess it's best that we both know what's going on rather than us waste our time", Harry mumbled, kicking the floor. Draco sighed and pulled Harry into his arms, hugging him, angry at himself for what he'd done to Harry.

"Whoever you're with Harry, is a very lucky person", Draco whispered into his ear, Harry nodded and stepped back, his eyes no longer tearful but his expression still drawn.

"Malfoy", Ron snapped, stepping forward and demanding their attention. Draco gave Harry a wary look and turned to face him, his arms folded across his chest and his eyes narrowing slightly.

"What do you want?", he asked slowly, eyes wandering down to Ron's hands to check that he wasn't carrying anything. Ron took a step forward and held out his hand before dropping a piece of paper at Draco's feet.

"Give that to the dyke", he snarled before turning on his heel and dispersing into the shadows.

"I take it he meant...", Harry started,

"Hermione", Draco finished, crouching down to pick up the piece of paper, an odd sensation of dread sweeping over him as he stood back up, "Should we read this?". Harry took the paper and quickly scanned through the scawled writing, a scared look slowly gripping his features.

"He's demanding a challenge", he said quietly, "Tonight...at 2 o'clock". Draco's face held an expression almost of anguish for a few seconds before he took the paper and went to go to Hermione's room. He realized Harry wasn't following him, he stopped and glanced over his shoulder at the other boy. Harry slowly shook his head and, with a sharp nod of his head, Draco carried on walking.


Hermione finished reading the note and handed it to Ginny. Draco watched as her eyes slowly cleared of emotions and she set her face to one of determination.

"Okay...I'll be there", she whispered, Draco nodded.

"So will I", he said, reaching out and placing a hand on Hermione's shoulder before pulling her into his arms.

"I won't leave you", Ginny whispered when they seperated, "Even if it means standing against Ron, I'm not going anywhere". Hermione gave her a slight smile before Draco went to the door, mumbling something about seeing them later and they were left alone.

"Are you sure you want to do this?", Hermione asked, moving closer to Ginny and lifting a hand to stroke her face.

"Yes....I love you Hermione", Ginny whispered before softly kissing Hermione, "And I'll be there with you all the way". .

Hermione leant against the wall and waited, silence controlling the room. Her eyes were void of emotions, simply blank orbs staring into the centre of the room, concentration etched across her face. Ginny shot her another nervous glance, unsure why they had to do this, why they were being victimised. Draco paced slowly from one side of the room to the other, his brow furrowed with concern, every so often glancing up at the doorway, wondering when Ron was going to make his entrance.

The monotonous sound of footsteps reached their ears in a dreary echoing down the corridor, they all froze, uncertain of what was going to happen. Ron stopped just as he entered the room and let his gaze slowly drift over all of them.

"So you've chosen her, Ginny?", he demanded. Ginny took a step forward to stand at Hermione's side.

"It's not a case of choosing, Ron, you forced me to do this", she whispered, a small tear finding its way to the back of her eye. She shook her head slightly and locked eyes with Ron, willing him mentally to stop. He removed his gaze from hers and looked at Hermione.

"Are you ready? First person to collapse loses", he stated simply.

"Wait...how do you mean...", Draco was cut off as Ron pulled out his wand and spun around, calling out an enchantment and launching a ball of flames, enriched with a deep purple towards Hermione. Suddenly thrown into action, Hermione dived into a roll and pulled out her own wand. Her own words which she uttered quickly were far more careful and articulate than those Ron had yelled and the blast which followed, deep golden in colour and flickering violently, send Ron cascading into the wall, hitting it with a sickening thud. He groaned in agony as he collapsed to his knees before standing back up and uttering more words, launching a rain of sand towards Hermione and effectively blinding her, temporarily. Disorientated and confused, Hermione stood, silent, listening for Ron's footsteps before calling out and firing another blast, this time chrome silver towards were she guessed Ron would be stood. She guessed correctly. Ron collided with the wall, a crack resounded around the room and he clasped hold of his arm in anguish. He struggled to regain his footing before crumbling to the floor and dropping his wand.

"You win", he whispered. Ginny and Draco ran to Hermione's side as she finished wiping away the sand. Ginny made a move to approach Ron but he held up one hand and shook his head harshly at her.

"Never come near me again", he snarled, "She won"

"But what did I win?", Hermione demanded, "I don't understand any of this Ron, why did this have to happen?". Ron stumbled to his feet and walked towards the door.

"You won her", he replied, nodding towards Ginny, before slipping out of the door into darkness.


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