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THIS IS BOOK 3! If you have never read Dragonball: RPG Rebirth, then this still will make no sense for you. Please read(And review!) that before starting on this.

Epilogue: A New Day, A New Life, A New Challenge...

I like to think of myself as smart. I could obviously be tricked, but when I have all the information I need, I think I tend to do pretty well for myself. There were several points of failure in my last life that held me back, or slowed me down unnecessarily, that I had plans to fix at the get-go. The first point of order was my point spread. I'd put so much of my starting points into Strength and Endurance, even though it should be obvious now that I could increase them with hard work, and stronger gravity. I had ignored Charisma, and that stopped me from being trusted and followed for the first five or so years until Bara was willing to follow an idea of mine and my Charisma starting slowly moving up. With all that in mind, I divided up my stat points like so:

Stat Points Remaining: 0

S. 1

P. 5

E. 1

C. 10

I. 15

A. 4

L. 4

I knew I could increase Strength, Endurance, and Agility easily with training, Perception, and Luck I could use my points from leveling for, and of course, Charisma, and Intelligence would go up with use. My Power Level would start out low, but I wasn't terribly worried about it. If anything, being born with a low Power Level would help me survive being an "Anomaly". A few pushups in normal gravity would give me some points, so increasing it afterward wouldn't be a problem. So with that selection done, I moved on to the Feats. The list wasn't different, though two things did catch me off guard. A Legendary Story wasn't greyed out anymore and had a description attached to it. Enhanced Zenkai, however, was greyed out.

4. A Legendary Story - (New Game ++ Restricted) Live a life of adventure and amazement. Your story will be one of legends…

I was a bit confused as I remember assuming that it was related to the Legendary Super Saiyan perk I had already bought, but I guess I had no real way to know. I had a lot of perk points available to me, so I went ahead and bought a bunch of extra feats, and went to town choosing everything I thought I could make use of. In the end, I selected Energy Suppression, all three levels of Energy Sensing so I wouldn't need to deal with having a third eye and being ostracized for it, A Legendary Story cause why the fuck not? I finished it off with all three levels of Oxygen? Who needs that!.

I considered burning some more points to grab some others but decided to save some for later on. I had of course chosen The Gamer, and Legendary Modifications as my perks, plus extra feats. I decided to skip How old am I, and live out my first five years. Finishing off everything, and finalizing my selections, I'm met with a new screen I'd never seen before.

Due to Unlocking abilities and techniques through hard work during your last playthrough, some start as unlocked for New Game++!

Abilities and Techniques Carrying Over:

Instant Transmission

Final Atonement

Oozaru Control Lvl 1

Super Saiyan Grade 2

Super Saiyan Grade 3

Super Saiyan 2

'Nice!' I thought as I swiped through.

It made sense for Instant Transmission as I could relearn it instantly using energy sensing and my own energy control. It wouldn't be very useful until I raise my stats as it's a bit of an energy sink. The two grades of Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 made sense as well, as those used complex energy control to unlock. They were greyed out though, which made sense as I wouldn't have access to the normal Super Saiyan forms this time around. I would have needed to unlock Super Saiyan anyway, which until I can grab the Gamer's Mind feats at level 9, I wouldn't have been able to do anyway. I tab through a few more things, before I end up on the final page, my character sheet, which answered why I couldn't choose Enhanced Zenkai.

Name: Kll

Title: The Legendary Super Saiyan

Race: Saiyan Anomaly

Age: 0 Years

Status: Alive

Lvl: 1

0/2000 XP

2000 XP till Level 2!


S. 1

P. 5

E. 1

C. 10

I. 15

A. 4

L. 4


Strength x Endurance x Level x 20:

(1 x 1) x (1 x 20) =20HP



Strength x Endurance = Base Energy

Base Energy x Battles = Energy Regen

Energy Regen x Level = Power Level

Power Level x Energy Modification = Total Power

1 x 1 = 1

1 x 50 = 50

50 x 1 = 50

50 x 4 = 200

Base Energy: 1

Energy Regen: 50

Power Level: 50

Energy Modifier: 4

Final Power Level: 200

Feats: Energy Suppression, Energy Sense Lvl 3, Oxygen? Who needs that! Lvl 3, A Legendary Story

Remaining feats: 2

Perks: The Gamer, Bonus Feats(x5)

Special Abilities:

Legendary Zenkai - Healing from less than 30% HP adds 1 to your Energy Modifier. You begin play with 4.0 Energy Modifier

Legendary Power - Using the Legendary Super Saiyan form increases Energy Modifierover time.

Saiyan Prowess - Every Battle lends to your strength. Every battle against someone that could kill you, that you win, increases your Battles by 1.

Legendary Super Saiyan: Your potential is unlimited. Energy Modifier cap removed.

It would seem that the Legendary Modifications name made sense, as it modified several things overall. The Zankai and Power changes were nice, plus I started with a title. A few more clicks and everything faded to black…

Being born wasn't pleasant, and we shall leave it at that. Being a newborn wasn't pleasant either, as it seemed that consciousness wasn't constant. There were times where I was aware, and others were I simply drifted off into daydreams. I dreamt often of my last life, of Bara, and of Broly. Of the threat that was Beerus, of Turles and his wishes, of Frieza and Cooler. I wouldn't be fully aware for many days, but I could sense many things happening around me. I used this time to unlock Observe, and even level it twice, as Saiyans came and left, as I floated in my pod.

Planet Vegeta - Newborn Pods - Age 767

My eyes snapped open as I glanced around, the liquid in my pod slowly draining out. My mind was clearer than it had been in months it seemed. I could sense two Power Levels around me, one nearly 650k, the other in the low 100s. The glass slid upwards, and two hands grabbed me out. I managed to focus in the darkness, and use Observe, trying to discern who was here.

Name: Potatra

Race: Saiyan

Age: 34 years

Status: Alive

HP: 44,000

Lvl: ?

Your mother! Treat her nicely, or people will think badly of you. One of Vegeta's mates after the death of the Queen, she's considered one of the strongest female Saiyans in the empire.

I almost flinched back but was immediately worried. I turned my head as best I could as a newborn and managed to Observe the other figure standing in the dark.

Name: Vegeta

Title: King of all Saiyans

Age: 35

Status: Alive

HP: 74,000

Lvl: ?

Your father, the King of all Saiyans. Treating him badly would generally be frowned upon, but he tends to be a massive dick.

'What the fuck?!' I think, my mind in turmoil. They start talking, so I concentrate to catch it all.

"Pot, you need to take him and go. Right now, as soon as you can. Take a pod, and go as far away as you can." Vegeta whispers in the dark.

"Vegeta, please...the blood test must be wrong! He's barely got a Power Level of 200. He can't be one of those monsters." Potatra whispers back, clutching me to her chest.

"200, yes. Yet he's as frail and sickly as one of the diseased in the slums. If he was healthy, I have no doubt that he would be just as strong as all the others. I'm sorry...I am. But he can not remain within the empire. There are already fears spreading over the lost blood sample and the possibilities that the traitor could get up to... Would you have me branded a hypocrite to our people? To protect a known mutation only because it's my own flesh and blood?" Vegeta asks.

"I...No Vegeta, you know that. But what if it's wrong? What if he isn't?" She asks.

"The blood test was done twice...He has the genes within him. It will eventually get out, and I'll have no choice but to have him killed. For all our sakes, go Pot, please." Vegeta replies, motioning her to follow behind him.

She doesn't reply as they move slowly through the hospital, eventually ending up at one of the many launch bays in the city. There is only one lone power level here, off in a small booth. They make their way to one of the pods, my mothers hand against the side causing it to open up. She carefully sits down and begins entering information into the computer. As she prepares to take off, Vegeta stops her.

"I...I'd like to hold him once before you leave," Vegeta whispers, reaching out.

"Oh, Vegeta…." She replies, before leaning forward and handing me over.

He holds me at arm's length for a moment, studying me as intently as I study him. A moment passes before he brings me closer, hugging me lightly.

"You could one day be the strongest of us all, Kll...The Royal bloodline continues inside of you…" He whispers, before releasing me and handing me back to my mother. "You can never return Pot, I'm sorry. The Empire will have to brand you as a traitor."

"Goodbye Vegeta…" She whispers as she nods, hitting the launch button, the pod closing up. The simulated gravity within holds us perfectly still as it launches into the sky. I was mentally exhausted already from everything that had changed. I could feel sleep taking me before we had even left the atmosphere.

Title Unlocked!

Prince of All Saiyans

Unknown Planet - 10 Years Later

There is a flash of light and a crack like shattering glass as a tall Frost Demon appears. Behind him, a brightly colored break in reality closes, a tunnel filled with code and colors. His eyes slowly track from left to right as he gets his bearings. He swipes across something only he can see with his right hand, before tapping a few hidden buttons. His muscles increase slightly, as his already massive Power Level jumps even higher.

"That should do for now. This timeline is filled with weaklings." He says, before disappearing with a slight pop.

Unknown Time - Unknown Place

A stooped figure is alerted that something is wrong first by the loud screeches of a bird, which draws him out of bed quite early in the morning. He walks carefully down several long hallways before he comes to a large ornate door, which he easily pushes open.

"Oh my…" He says, staring at what he can only call catastrophe.

Around this room is drawer after drawer, after drawer, each filled with scroll after scroll, after scroll. Each was unique and extremely important. At this moment, all around the circular room, black-purple light was shining from several drawers, another one showing the same light every few minutes. Turning around, he takes off running down the hallway, his age less of a hindrance than first impressions would imply. He quickly reaches a small ornate door, slamming it open the moment he reaches it.

"Chronoa!" He yells as he bursts in.

"Pervert!" She screams, trying to cover herself with her sheets.

"Shut it, girl, we've got an emergency!" Elder Kai yells back. "One of the timelines is under attack!"

"W-what?!" She yells back, jumping out of bed.

"Get the Time Patrollers, Chronoa. We don't have much time." Elder Kai replies, before rushing back out the door.

Chronoa stands there in stunned silence for a moment before she finally starts to move.


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