Dragonball: RPG X

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Chapter 12: Lost It All

Unknown: Unknown

(If this next part doesn't make sense to you, please reference Chapter 1 of Naruto: System Test.)

It starts at first with a simple beeping, a small alert that barely grabs anyone's attention. Barely anyone looks up, working away at their stations, monitoring the program as it runs. The beeping stops, before transitioning into an alert that pops up on everyone's screen at once. It takes only a moment before the panic sets in, and multiple phone calls are made. They sit in near silence, all eyes locked on the alert in front of them, before the door behind them is thrown open, a tall man entering the room.

"Report!" He barks, pulling his own station up.

"Sir, the system is reporting that one of the subjects has somehow broken from Level 3 to Level 2." One of the senior technicians says.

"Shit...Is it the hacker?" He asks, rapidly typing into his system, his face paling considerably.

"No sir, we can track him when he makes incursions into the simulation. He's still within Level 3." She replies, "We can't get a reading on this one."

The man looks up then, studying her for a moment. "What the hell do you mean you can't get a reading on them? Do we have a second hacker?"

"Just that, sir. They...Something isn't right here." She answers, shaking her head, her eyes widening just a bit.

"...I see." The man says, at last, nodding. "Activate Emergency Protocol Break. We can't have incursions to other levels, not on top of everything else happening right now. Who knows what will happen to the system's integrity should one of them break through to Level 1."

"But sir, that's untes-" She starts to reply, before being cut off.

"Just do it!" He snaps, "Give the subjects some extra points or something, but this session ends now!"

Somewhere Between Worlds

"Aargh!" Logan screams, clutching his head, as blood leaks from his nose.

"Concentrate, Logan!" Chris says, holding his friend's shoulder. "I need you to tell me everything you know about that other gamer?"

"W-what? What about him...ARGGH." Logan says, screaming again. "Shut up shut up shut up!"

"Logan!" Chris says, digging his fingers in. "Tell me!"

"F-fucking christ! Chris, he's a fucking prisoner, just like us. The hell you….want? You have his files!" Logan says, sliding to his knees.

Chris lets go at last, floating screens appearing all around him, his eyes jumping from one to another.

"No...No I do not."

Time Nest

"-what was the point-?"

"-ekian child seems to be in on it."

"Their path of destru-"

"Do you think Beerus?"

My eyes open at last, the sounds of a conversation filtering into my ears. I blink, clearing the drowsiness out of them, as I finally make sense of what's being said.

"Beerus won't help...Saving lives isn't his job." I reply, answering the unanswered question.

My eyes focus at last, and I find myself in a room of pure white marble. Standing nearby are Trunks, Vegeta, and Chronoa, the Supreme Kai Of Time.

"Oh!" Chronoa says, startled. "You're awake!"

I nod, moving to get up.

"No no, stay still! You're still injured." She says, pushing me back down slightly.

"What do you mean?" I ask, before a sudden stinging in my arm announces exactly what she meant.

My arm is still broken, mangled, the blood having soaked through my clothes. My clothes stick to me, the blood having dried long since. As I look around the room I take in the fact that I wasn't able to see the information above their heads as I normally would. The Vegeta from before walks over, a soft glow of energy washing over me from his outstretched hand, the energy within me boiling over as my arms cracks back into place with a grunt. The wounds disappear, not even healing, just disappear. I sit back up, touching my arm, studying the figures before me. Vegeta, Trunks, Goku, and Chronoa.

Chronoa rounds on Vegeta, "What were you thinking, Vegeta!? Bringing a mortal through time like that. Do you have any idea what Zeno will do if he finds out?!"

"I was thinking he had answers, Chronoa," Vegeta says calmly. "Answers that we need."

"Tell me young Saiyan...do you know why the Frost Demon wanted you dead so much?" Vegeta asks, looking at me. "Several times during our fight he abandoned attacking me to try and kill you."

"I don't...I don't think I know any more than you do. I...They plan to take more Namekians, that's all I know." I reply.

"I see." Vegeta replies, "That's easily rectified."

"Hey, kid!" Goku says, kneeling down next to me. "What was that transformation you used at the end? I've never seen anything like it!"

"Oh, uh. It's um...the True Legendary Super Saiyan form?" I reply, "It's a mixture of normal Super Saiyan, and Legendary Super Saiyan."

"Wild...It was pretty strong!" Goku says, hopping back up. "You're gonna be a powerhouse one day."

"Thanks, Goku…" I say awkwardly into the following silence.

Behind them, there is a sudden flash of light as a set of scrolls burn with bright red energy, before burning to cinders. Chronoa gasps, before rushing over to them, touching each one in turn.

"Guys, we have a problem!" Chronoa says, whipping around.

Universe 17 - Timeline 2

There is a soft breeze filtering through the area, a soft trill in the air as the birds sing into the spring air. A young Saiyan, no older than 10, rests against the base of a tree, softly snoring. There is a crackle in the air as a dark purple portal opens up, two men stepping out, dropping softly to the ground nearby. The young Saiyan is startled awake, staring at the two interlopers, climbing to his feet.

'Well, this is new…' Mike thought, watching the two men, studying their masks.

New Mission: Time Breakers

Time Nest

"Chronoa!," Trunks says, grabbing her attention. "What is happening in there?"

"I-... It looks like the Time Breakers have returned!" Chronoa says, motioning to the four remaining scrolls still glowing with energy. "Two have appeared in all four of these timelines!"

'The Gamers!' I thought, horrified.

"Just what we need at a time like this!" Trunks exclaimed, clenching his fist.

"We'll take care of them, Chronoa," Goku announces, preparing to jump through time.

Trunks nods, preparing as well, while Vegeta studies one of the scrolls that had burnt to a crisp. He seems to come to a conclusion, before nodding at last.

"You two go, I'll follow shortly," Vegeta says, before locking eyes with me.

As the two Saiyans disappear, I turn to Chronoa, "What about my timeline? Can you send me back?"

"Oh!..." Chronoa gasps, glancing at Vegeta.

"The Frost Demon has seemingly been on a warpath for the past three years, traveling between universes, and timelines. Some, he left untouched. Others, he specifically tracked someone down to kill, before destroying that timeline in some unknown way." Vegeta explains, motioning at several scrolls. "We were unable to determine through what method he was able to seemingly destroy an entire Universe contained within a specific timeline, almost instantly."

My mind immediately goes back to what Whis told me, so many years ago. That two of the six timelines were already dead, barren, destroyed.

"I see you understand...when I took you from your timeline within Universe 17, it would appear that that timeline too was destroyed," Vegeta explains, his eyes hard as shock reverberates through me.

'Why hasn't the game ended for me then?' I wonder, considering everything I know. 'There is no way for me to participate in the Timeline Tournament'.

"But that leads me to a question...Why did those timelines rely upon you, and the others that the Frost Demon killed?" Vegeta asked. "Why, upon their deaths, did trillions of others cease to exist?"

'Shit...how do I explain that?' I consider my words carefully.

"I…-" I start, but the air is knocked out of me as Vegeta grabs me, slamming me into the wall by my throat.

"Vegeta!" Chronoa yells but is ignored.

"Do not lie to me, child, or I will destroy you," Vegeta says, his voice barely above a whisper, his eyes searching my own. "Hundreds of trillions of lives have perished, and I demand answers."

"Z-Zeno!" I gasp out, before being dropped.

I rub my neck, glaring at Vegeta, but knowing I can't do anything even if I wanted to.

"Sometime in the past, Universes 13-20 each split into different timelines. Hundreds of years ago I think?" I answer. "The Zeno within each timeline plans to hold a tournament, putting the best fighters of each timeline against the others. The winners' timeline is considered the main timeline, the others are erased. If there is no fighter, that timeline is erased."

"I see…" Vegeta says, looking in the distance for a moment. "That would explain a lot, actually."

"Could Lord Zeno know ahead of time that these people would be fighters in the Tournament, Vegeta?" Chronoa asks, looking between us.

"No idea...Zeno likely knows everything, when he wants to." Vegeta replies.

"So then what's going to happen to me?" I ask, wondering at my fate.

"You'll remain here while I take care of the Time Breakers," Vegeta says, before disappearing in a flash of white light.

"Chronoa, what about the fourth timeline that is under attack?" I ask since only three of the Time Patrollers were available.

She frowns, focusing on the time scroll that marks that timeline, as the edges begin to sizzle.

Universe 13: Timeline 2

"This is bullshit!" The young Saiyan, Malori screamed, dodging another blast of energy.

She ducked backward, her bright golden hair falling down her shoulders, the outstretched leg aimed at knocking her head off missing by scant inches. A ball of energy formed in her hand, released in the same instant, the explosion between her body and the ground launching her into the air. She rotated as she went, an outstretched hand catching the fist of one of her attackers.

"Why the fuck is this happening!" She yelled as the second enemy appeared off to her side. "I specifically didn't choose the "Legendary Story" feat."

As she moves to dodge the incoming blast of energy, a second one slams into her side, launching her into the ground below. She manages to get her hands under her, throwing herself sideways as the knees of the short-haired Saiyan slams into the ground where she once was.

"Why the fuck are there enemies from other timelines and canon appearing?" She says, pouring energy into his palms. "I didn't choose the fucking feat, goddamnit!"

With a grunt, she releases the building energy, filling the air with burning fire, decimating the landscape for miles. As the attack is released, a fist slams into her side, launching her through the air, and into the dirt a half-mile away. Two Saiyans, one short, one tall, land beside her, raising their hands as a ball of energy forms between them.

Time Nest

"Chronoa!" I yell as we watch this poor girl getting attacked. "Send me! She needs help!"

"W-what?!" Chronoa yells, "Absolutely not! Do you have any idea how many laws of time that breaks!?"

"Why does it matter?!" I yell back, "If she dies, that whole timeline goes with her!"

"Wait, what?" She pauses. "How can you tell?"

"I...I just can." I reply. "Please, let me help her."

Chronoa is frozen, watching me, watching the girl be attacked, before looking defeated. "I can't send you unless you swear the Time Patroller creed."

"Fine, whatever, just send me!" I point to the time scroll.

"So be it."

New Title Unlocked: Time Patroller

Universe 13: Timeline 2

I had barely appeared in a flash of white before my body was overflowing with energy, the ground shattering for miles around as I launched myself forward.

Time Breaker Vegeta: LVL X

Time Breaker Gohan: LVL X

My fist slammed into the ball of energy they held overhead, launching it away, even as I spun, my leg smashing into the masked face of the false Vegeta, launching him away. Their Power Levels weren't super impressive, barely around my own level of 16B. It would seem that whatever event this was, it was tailored for each set to be able to easily defeat the Gamer in each timeline, but that was it. This would mean interference, such as my own, would easily change the outcome.

'Let's see what you make of a real opponent!' I think, rounding on the false Gohan.

A dark purple aura fills the air around him, but his Power Level doesn't change, which makes me laugh as I appear before him, my fist barely blocked by his arms, but still pushing him back. Left right left right left right left left kick! This mockery of a Gohan was clearly little more than a mindless automaton as my meager fighting skills easily broke through his defense, launching him back as well. I spin, blocking a blast of energy from the false Vegeta, before returning one of my own that vaporizes the creature. As I do so, there is movement behind me as I duck, the foot going over my head with inches to spare. I spin, my fist slamming into the false Gohans' stomach, pushing him back a bit as I jump, my foot slamming into his chin, spinning him around.

As he spins, his body seems to almost blur as he corrects himself, appearing at my throat as his fist crashes into my chin, snapping my head back. His second attack is easier to follow, a left caught in my hand as I duck under it, rotating his arm as I do so, bending him downward at the waist. My left leg comes up, kicking him viciously in the face, and then moving past his head. I bring the leg down, pushing his head down and into the ground, as I yank his arm out of the socket, ripping it free. With a loud pop, he disappears, as an alert slams into my eyes at Mach speed.

EV#*ENT (! C^L EA!R ! *!&!

I flinch as my eyes are filled with a broken alert before I clear it out. The alert itself left a weird taste in my mouth, almost unexplainable.


"Oh!" I gasp, turning around, dropping to the ground.

"Are you okay?" I ask, reaching my hand out.

The female Saiyan rubs her head while taking my hand and getting to her feet. "Yeah...Thanks."

She cocks her head slightly, studying me, before asking "What the fuck are you? You're clearly a gamer, but how the hell did you get in my timeline?"

"Oh...That's kinda hard to explain…" I reply lamely. "If I said 'Muffin Button' would you understand?"

Her eyes widen for a second before she bursts out laughing, a full 20 seconds of laughter, while she holds her stomach pointing at me like an anime character.

"Fucking...Muffin Button!" She crows.

"Yeah...muffin button…" I reply, before shaking my head. "So yeah, I should probably get out of here…"


I stared at the distorted alert, before swiping it away. The female Saiyan continued to look at it, distastefully.

"Oh, right. Well hey, thanks for the help! I don't know what that was about. I didn't choose the Legendary Story feat, but this playthrough has been fucked regardless." She replies, finally standing straight.

"...Legendary Story feat?" I ask, suddenly still.

"Yeah, the one that 'makes your story one of legends'?" She replies, looking at me curiously. "Never used it before? It causes time rifts to break through into your timeline, bringing enemies from canon, alternate timelines, and past playthroughs into your current game, so you have new challenges on new games."

"Oh, yeah, right. That makes much more sense." I reply, nodding along. 'Wouldn't have said no to that explanation on the feat page…'

"So that means that some new enemy has appeared somewhere for you?" I ask, referring to the alert.

"That's right!" She says, looking a little pumped. "Hopefully not more of the TimeBreakers. It's too early in my game for me to fight people like that."

I nod, considering what all of this means. 'If she didn't pick the feat, why is it affecting her?'

'She didn't pick it...but you did...' I hear a low voice in my head.

In the distance there is an explosion, the sky filled with a light so bright we're blinded momentarily, the ground rumbling as a shockwave slams into us, throwing the two of us into the air.

Unknown: Unknown

As the emergency protocol runs, several errors begin cascading down multiple screens, as somewhere, a klaxon begins to sound. There is a look of terror, as everything begins to fall apart.


Universe 13: Timeline 2

"KOOF KOOF!" I coughed, hacking up sand, as I pulled myself out of the dirt I was buried in.

Whatever that massive explosion had been, it had decimated this planet. Massive fissures flowed from the impact in the distance, pooling with molten magma. The air was filled with a groan as the planet literally shifting beneath us.

"The fuck…" I whispered, seeing the destruction around us.

"Us...Wait, where did Malori go?" I say, turning around.

As I do, I freeze, the blood in my veins going ice cold. I can barely breathe at the terror in my heart, as my body reacts to the last thing I thought I would ever see. Thirty feet away, with his foot resting on the back of the female Saiyan Gamer of this timeline, is a sight of pure, abject horror. His dark green, clawed foot digs in just slightly as he stares me in the eye, a ball of energy so bright it nearly blinds me forming in his hand as he points it towards Malori.

"No, don't! If you-" but it was already too late.

The blast erupts, melting her upper half and half the planet with it, the destruction of the atmosphere throwing me into the air as the sudden vacuum causes gale-force winds.

E! !*RR!*! #OR!

My eyes are assaulted by pop-ups, some sort of error causing havoc as the planet crumbles around us.


Yet even as distracting as the system's failure was, I could still see my enemy, the malicious look on his face as he causes the only thing that he knows...Chaos…Even now, without him whispering it in the back of my head, I could still hear it as clear as day.

"I shall remain uncontested for all of time...and if not in this life, then in the next."**

Omega Porunga Lvl 19


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**Chapter 41(36 overall, Chapter 8 of Super GT Rebirth) of Dragonball: RPG Rebirth.