*waves nervously* Hi, first time dipping my toes into writing for this fandom~ I've got a whole list of fic ideas but I'm trying to start small with a cute drabble :D No spoilers here, but I wrote it with the idea of it being set sometime post-canon.

Jin Ling bolts awake in a cold sweat, struck with a sudden burst of realization. Somehow, he didn't wake either of the two men sleeping in his bed - his personal guests from the GusuLan Sect. He takes a deep breath, trying to calm his racing thoughts and elevated heart rate, before piecing together what, exactly, caused him to wake so suddenly.

He can never tell his Uncle Jiang Cheng about his relationship, and not just because of the inappropriateness of it. Of course, that is part of it - society in general would do more than frown on a polyamorous homosexual relationship - but that isn't the biggest issue. His uncle will blame this on Wei Wuxian's influence, and Jin Ling decided to be a cut sleeve all on his own, damn it!

He groans, falling back into bed. There will never be a 'good' moment to bring this up, but Jin Ling at least wishes he could be held accountable for his own decisions. Not every bad choice can be blamed on Wei Wuxian, no matter how much his uncles wants to, and-

A rustling next to him pulls Jin Ling out of his thoughts, and he feels Lan Jingyi shift. "You're awake?" a voice still rough with sleep asks.

"No," Jin Ling answers defensively, and Lan Jingyi chuckles. "Quiet!"

"You woke me up! Come on, go back to sleep before A-Yuan wakes up and scolds us…" he says, trailing off at the end to yawn.

This is enough to stop Jin Ling from arguing anymore, and he does his best to settle down and curl back up between the two of them. At least he can rest easy knowing that they're with him.