The main differences between The Life of a Pet Owner and The Princess and Her Foxes are that Talia has brown splotches in with the green of her eyes and she still lives with the Xanatoses because she's 17. Also, Alex is 20.

Chapter 1

Welcome Home Surprise

"The library was a good idea." Adri brought back a stack of books.

"Beanbag." I rolled over.

"Yes. These beanbags are soft." She sat.

"What's that one?" I pointed.

"It's a book about Pets." She opened it.

Pet Basics

By Layuh Simone

Introduction and Common Misconceptions

Satyrs, also called Pets, are humanoid hybrids. They typically have an animal lower half and human-esque upper half. They also may have ears or horns on their heads as well. Their senses are normally twice as strong as humans. Physical strength varies between species. However, these are not the only things that distinguish Pets from common animals.

Pets have secondary genders: Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Alphas are very territorial, especially during ruts. Ruts are when an Alpha's hormones spike and the desire to mate increases as well as their aggression. Their pheromone production also increases to attract any potential mates. They can go into rut little as once every six months or every three months depending on the species. Though it may change if there are any unmated Omegas/Betas in the area.

Heats are when Omegas are most fertile. Their hormones spike and produce more pheromones as well. Omegas will be warm to the touch, but if they become delirious or faint, then a vet should be called to monitor the Omega. They will often isolate themselves in their nests for the duration of their heat. It is important not to disturb the nest as Omegas feel most vulnerable during their heat. However, it is not uncommon for an Omega to want physical contact with their owners or other Pets. Heats can happen once every six months or every three months depending on the species.

Betas do not go through heats or ruts. Their hormones do not change as dramatically as Alphas or Omegas, but their pheromones do increase when they are willing to mate. In wild packs, they often protect Omegas and Alphas during the heats or ruts, and thusly become territorial when their pack mate(s) are going through their heats/ruts if they are not chosen.


"Alphas are dangerous. They attack for no reason."

Alpha Pets are no more dangerous than a large dog. They want to protect their territory and pack. However, problems arise when owners do not correct their Pets behavior. There is training and/or therapy for every species of Pet. There are dozens of types of birth control: pills, implants, injections. Neutering/fixing your Pet should be a last resort. It can be a traumatic experience for Pets of any age. But most behaviors can be fixed with time and patience.

"Omegas only attract strays."

As I stated in the previous paragraph, there is birth control for Pets. If it is a stray Omega, I suggest calling your local Omega shelter. Alphas will fight other Alphas and Betas for a chance to mate.

"Betas cause mischief."

Betas need toys and attention from their owner. They are often neglected because they do not have a consistent reaction when they crave attention. Omegas become clingy and Alphas will become insistent in an attempt to play or cuddle. It is up to the owners to learn how their Betas response.

Titania, Grandma came to get us. "Children, your lunch is almost ready."

We followed her to the kitchen. She got a basket and we went to the courtyard. We sat on a blanket under a big tree. Grandma smiled as she passed out the sandwiches. It was sunny and warm. But it was always summer on Avalon. A breeze blew by, cooling us a bit. I saw some butterflies. I smelled the flowers from the garden.

We had some chips, berries, salad, and cupcakes after we finished the sandwiches. Grandma packed everything up and sent it away. We went back inside to get our clothes and stuff. Lord Oberon was waiting for us in the Great Hall. We said goodbye and went through the portal.

The portal that brought us home from Avalon closed. Our family was waiting for us. The elevator dinged. David frowned. Two women came out and two fox Pets followed them. They had a few bags with them.

The first woman was copper with a yellow undertone. Her black pony tail slipped over her shoulder. The freckles across her nose and upper cheeks drew attention to her light brown eyes. She had a mole near the left side of her mouth. The woman wore a light blue sweater with big buttons and gray tee shirt.

The other woman was a dark shade of brown and she had shoulder-ish length brown hair. Her eyes were brown. She wore a light blue button up.

The white furred fox was a girl. She had a short black stripe on her tail. The brown furred one was a boy. They were both, at least, as old as me. Seventeen.

"Happy birthday!" The copper skinned woman smiled.

"No, Sanuye. Not you too, Renee." Alex said.

"C'mon, Alex you gotta take them. We can't take care of them." Renee gestured.

The Pets sniffed the air and wagged their tails as they saw me. They came over and begged for pets. Adri and I petted them both as best we could. I rubbed their tummies.

The girl's upper half was cooper skinned with a yellow undertone. She had freckles across her nose like Sanuye, but medium brown eyes. She put her black hair in a ponytail too. The boy's top half was dark brown. He had hazel eyes with a mole near his left one. His medium length brown hair was cut to stop at the bottom of his neck.

They played with each other now. The girl pounced and bit his ear. The boy yelped and smacked her. She hit him back. They growled and pushed each other.

"Why don't you take them to the shelter?" He asked.

"They think we're their moms." Sanuye whispered.

"Why?" He asked.

"I think I accidentally fed Zara and then she got into the house." Sanuye frowned.

"You named her?" He asked.

"She already had one. ZARA, be nice. I saw you nip him." She scolded.

"Ragen was living in the old shed. He stole our laundry." Renee added.

"My turn for pets!" Ragen barked.

"Mine!" Zara shouted.

"Are you two gonna be good?" Renee asked sharply.

"Yes." They answered.

"They seem to like her." Sanuye looked at me.

"That's my sister, Talia. She's adopted. And the brown haired one is her girlfriend, Adri." Alex pointed.

"Hi." She waved.

"Hey." I waved too.

Ragen bumped my hand and I petted his ears. His tail wagged. Zara jumped on me. I felt something familiar coming from both of them now. I frowned a bit. Owen raised his eyebrow.

I felt around their spirits. They pulsed happily. I noticed a spark reaching out from the core. I followed it. There was a little blob of energy. It was dormant. I poured some magic into it. I shielded my eyes from the bright flash.

Zara was now a wild fox. She was a little over two feet tall. The black stripe went up her spine and she had some black spots on her face. She yipped and spun around. Zara whined and laid on her back. Adri petted her. She smelt of blackberries, pine nut, and clover.

Ragen, however, turned human. He sniffed around. Saffron, nutmeg, and honey filled the air. He looked at his legs, confused by what he saw.

"Ragen, leave it!" Renee told him. He whined, startled.

"Talia, what did you do?" David asked.

"She woke up their magic. They are Halflings." Owen hummed.

"How is that possible?" Fox asked him.

"Fox spirits like mating other foxes. Mortal or not." Puck shrugged.

I turned them back into their normal selves. Zara was still for a moment before resuming her quest for pets. Ragen shook his body and ran on all fours to his mom. She cooed and petted him until he was calm. Then he rejoined us. I let him nuzzle me.

"Ok, so Zara loves running around and digging holes. I brought her favorite toys and some treats. No, Zara, no treats yet. Here's her suppressants and vitamins. I got her combs and bathroom stuff in this one. There's her nesting stuff. Oh and she likes her nest facing east to watch the sun rise." Sanuye gave Alex her bags.

"Wait-" Alex frowned.

"Ragen doesn't like men or other Alphas so you gotta be careful when approaching him. He'll bite and stuff. Here's his toys, you'll have to get more rope toys, he wears them out. Nest junk, hygiene products. And… his suppressants." Renee gave him her bags. Then they both started leaving.

"Where are you going?!" Alex cried out.

"We'll be back at dinner time." They got in the elevator.

Alex howled in frustration. Zara and Ragen howled too. Then they went go sniff my family.