Chapter 7

Cuddles for Zara

Ragen's rut went smoothly after the first day. He wanted cuddles from us and mark a lot. Although Ragen was well behaved, he still butted heads with Owen. It started when Zara had discovered that my room was a rut free zone. Ragen couldn't get in unless he was allowed to. Zara snuck into my room one night and we found Ragen waiting outside. Now Ragen demanded he should be allowed in too.

"Zara in Mistress room! I go in too." He growled.

"No, you're in rut. That is Talia's room. Talia doesn't want you making a mess." Owen repeated.

"Nu huh, am good boy." Ragen shook his head.

"This is your fault." I looked at Zara.

"Ragen stinky." She chewed her toy.

"Zara, be nice." I frowned.

"Ragen no cuddle." She pouted.

"His rut will be over soon then you can play together." I rubbed her tummy.

"Ok, Mistress." She licked my arm.

I let her scent me and we walked out. Ragen perked up when he saw us. His tail wagged. I let him mark me for a minute. We went to breakfast. It was omelets and French toast. We ate. After breakfast, Ragen sniffed around Zara. She rebuffed him and went to go play. I had to go do some school work.

Talia's POV End

Zara's POV

Mommy was in the lounge room. She was reading a school book. I sat next to her. She scratched my ears. I whined. She put the book down and gave me more pets.

"How you doing, Zar-zar?" Mommy asked.

"Ragen no cuddle." I pouted.

"Yeah?" Mommy paused.

"He mate then no cuddle." I grabbed at her hand.

"Boys are dumb sometimes. You have to take control." She told me.

"That good idea." I agreed.

"Did you ask Alex?" She rubbed my tummy.

"Mistress said rut will be over soon then we play. Mistress has Adri. Adri smart." I explained.

"I suppose that's true." She said.

"I love you, Mommy." I licked her.

"I love you too." She kissed my cheek.

"Bye bye." I left.

I went to the bathroom then I started to walk. Ragen found me. He ran up to me then laid on the floor. His spicy, sweet honey filled my nostrils. It was nice and warm. My scent mirrored his.

"Zara wanna mate?" Ragen waited.

"Ok." I said.

His ears perked up and he yipped happily. I followed him to his room. It was stinky. I smelt his moping and sadness along with his arousal. Ragen got in the nest and looked at me.

"No, nest stinky. We go new nest." I said.

Ragen dug though his nest and got all the not stinky stuff out. We took it to the nest near the dining room. The nest didn't smell enough like pack. I went out to find someone. I saw Ragen's Mama in the hall.

"More clothes!" I told her.

"Again?" She gave me a sweater.

"Ragen make new nest. Old one stinky." I sat in front of Owen, tugging on his pants. "Gimme sock!"

"Zara, I will get you some sheets." He said.

"Mistress! Need Mistress scent!" I ran to her room.

I got the blankie off the bed and some squeaky toys. Adri's bag had her clothes. I sniffed them. They didn't have enough scent. I found some jammies on the floor that smelt like both Mistress and Adri. It was nice. I took everything back to Ragen. The room smelled more like him now. He incorporated them into the mating nest. Owen came with more scented stuff. I gave them to Ragen so he wouldn't get mad at Owen. Owen scratched my ears.

"Have fun, Zara." He smiled.

Owen left. The door closed. Ragen finished the nest.

"Zara mate now?" He looked at me.

I took off my shirt. Ragen's tail thumped on the bed. I laid next to him. He rubbed his scent on me. I did too. He barked appreciatively. I petted his butt. He lightly nipped at my glands. I whined. He licked them. My scent changed to excitement. Ragen rolled on top of me. He was trying to mount me.

"NO MOUNT. You sleepy after mating. I want cuddles." I remembered.

"Zara…" He whined, moving his hips.

"Lie down!" I said sternly.

Ragen lied down. He was still hard. He whined pitifully. I thought for a moment. This is what Mommy must have meant. Ragen wasn't a bad Alpha, he was just dumb.

"We gonna mate then cuddle." I said.

"We mate now?" Ragen asked hopefully.

"I mate you now." I sat on top of him.

Zara's POV End

Talia's POV

Zara and Ragen had figured out their differences and they had mostly spent the rest of his rut together. She still wanted tummy rubs and marking time. But they were getting along again and that's all that mattered. She also learned that she could get more pets if she wiggled her way onto our lap.

When Ragen's post rut hit, his appetite came back and he slept more. We gave him lots of cuddles. Alex decided he would take the Pets and their moms to the park. He wanted me and Adri to come too. We packed some toys and treats. Then we went to the car.

"Ok, we got the treats, some water, toys…" Alex thought.

"Has anyone seen Zara?" Sanuye asked.

"She probably got distracted." Renee looked around. "Uh oh."

"I thought they wanted to go to the park." Alex mumbled.

We heard some Pets bark at each other. We ran toward the sound. Ragen was about to fight with another male Pet. The male was a black furred fox. He had black hair and a beard. The tip of his tail was white. His skin was copper and he had sea glass blue eyes. Zara and a female fox were sniffing each other curiously. She was blond with shoulder length hair and turquoise eyes. She had a mole on left cheek. Her fur was yellow and her paws were white.

Talia's POV End