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Chapter 1: How it went wrong.

-December 31, 2018-

Harry currently had his wrists bound and shackled to chains that were attached to the ceiling of the room he was in. His magic was sealed by the runes on the shackles. His body was covered with old scars and still bleeding wounds. The word 'Useless' was carved into his chest. The look on Harry's face was one of someone who had nothing left to live for. Harry was a broken man and after so many years in this room, he no longer felt anything anymore.

As he hung there, Harry wondered where everything had gone wrong. He had destroyed the Horcrux's, sacrificed himself and then made the choice to come back and kill Voldemort. There had been a huge party followed by a huge memorial for those who were gone. Harry had returned to school when it was fixed. He'd actually knuckled down in his final year and received Outstanding's in nearly all his classes. He'd become an Auror and the whole time he had been in the best relationship with Ginny Weasley. Where had it all gone wrong?

"Heh…I just had to ask her to marry me, didn't I?" Harry asked himself as he remembered how everything changed after he purposed. At first, it was small little things like her snapping at him over stuff like the dishes not being done or the trash not being taken out. None of that bothered Harry since they were planning a wedding while Ginny was also right in the middle of her Quidditch career. So, Harry had just chalked it up to stress.

That is until a few years after the honeymoon. The two of them had been trying to have a child and that's when she got worse. She got really abusive the longer it took. The more attempts they made the more failures they had. The more failures they had the more abusive she got. Eventually, they went to St. Mungo's and that was when Harry found out the second killing curse had taken away more than the Horcrux. Harry was no longer capable of having children. The whole way home Ginny said nothing while Harry was crushed. All Harry ever wanted was a family and now that was never going to happen. Once the door was shut, Ginny blasted Harry in the back with a cruciatus curse stronger than any other he had felt until he blacked out. The next thing he knew he was here in this room.

The door opened, pulling Harry from his thoughts as he watched Ginny walking in. Had it not been for everything she had done to him he might have found her attractive. She was wearing a very tight red leather skirt, a white button-up top with fiery red robes over them. The moment she reached him her eyes flashed red as she smacked him across the face. Harry didn't even feel the sting anymore. At one point he had been curious about the red flash in her eyes but that was a long time ago and now it no longer mattered.

"Do you even realize how useless you truly are?" She asked as she smacked him again.

"Why?" Harry asked yet again and she laughed.

"Always with that same stupid question. You're not even fun to play with anymore." Harry just looked at her with lifeless eyes. While he had long since lost his reason for living, this one question was the only thing that kept him going. He really wasn't even sure why he wanted to know. "You know what maybe I will tell you. You're obviously to stupid figure it out on your own. You really are nothing but a pathetic little pawn." Harry continued to look at her with lifelessness in his eyes. Harry knew that if he showed her any sign whatsoever of hope she would deny him his answer and then beat that hope out of him. "Yes, I think you're finally ready." She conjured a chair with her wand and sat down. Once she was comfortable her eyes flashed red again, she pointed her wand at him and shouted, "CRUCIO!" The torture curse hit him and while his body felt like it was being stabbed all over, he no longer screamed in pain. "Yes, you're definitely ready now." She settled herself as she leaned back and folded her arms. "From the moment Voldemort tried to kill you as a baby until this moment, you've been nothing more than a puppet on a string. You'd been a very good little plaything right up until you told me you could never have children. Up until that moment, everything was going exactly the way Dumbledore said it would…"

Harry almost shouted at her in shock, "Dumbledore!?" Ginny hit him with another Crucio causing him to shake with pain, but it still wasn't enough to make him scream.

"Yes, of course, Dumbledore, he was behind it all. The moment he heard that prophecy he put everything into place. Hell, he was even the one who made it seem like the Potters were more of a threat to Voldemort than the Longbottom's." Ginny laughed and rolled her eyes. "As if those morons could ever be a threat to anyone." Harry gave no response or reaction to this. He just waited for her to continue. "From the moment you met us on the platform to now Ron, my mother and I have been slowly pushing you towards this. My brother did it for the fame, my mother did it for the money, and I did it because being married to the great Harry Potter was a childhood dream. We were supposed to have kids and I was gonna be Lady Potter." She smirked at him. "Well I'm still Lady Potter and now that I've found the first of many replacements for you, I'll be able to start my family while you just die." Harry still didn't react to anything she said. He no longer had anything to live for.

"Was there anyone else in on this?" Harry wasn't sure where this question came from but couldn't stop himself from asking it. He watched as Ginny tapped her finger to her chin in thought.

"No…not really… Well, I guess you can say Snape was in on it, but he was being used by Dumbledore to protect you. In fact, I think Dumbledore's cruelest moment was when he made it so Snape was the one to tell you about having to die. While Snape hated how much you reminded him of your father, your eyes and his promise to Lily, made him protect you. The biggest arguments they got into was over your treatment at the Dursley's. Snape would rage for hours to Dumbledore about it and Dumbledore just went on and on about the blood wards that would keep you safe. The irony of it was they worked, but only until your first year at Hogwarts. Once you started calling Hogwarts your home the wards broke, not that Dumbledore cared mind you. He kept sending you there so you would constantly feel like your life was worthless. Which made it so much easier to control you. The biggest issue was Gringotts since they tried so hard to get you to claim your inheritance and have the Potter's will read. Which is why you never went to the bank to get your money after your second year." Ginny laughed and shook her head. "Hell, even that trip was designed to get you to pity my family's lack of money and want you to do everything to help us." Harry raised an eyebrow at that.

"I never cared about how much money you had or didn't have."

Ginny rolled her eyes and ignored him to continue. "The real issue was dealing with Sirius. He fought so hard for your rights and what was best for you. Makes me glad I used a compelling charm on Bellatrix to kill him." This actually got a rise out of Harry, but only in the form his mouth opening slightly.

"You're lying…" Ginny laughed at him as she shook her head.

"Oh, no dear husband I am telling the truth. I compelled her to quickly knock out Tonks and then kill Sirius. It amazes me that no one noticed. I mean Bellatrix never just killed someone she always liked to play with her food first. Can you imagine how bad she could have been if she just finished off her opponents instead of toying with them?" Harry could feel his life slipping away with every word she spoke now. "Well Dear, while this little chat has been fun. I think it's time we end this, don't you?" Ginny just started to raise her wand when the door was blasted open. Before Ginny could even turn around the disarming charm hit her and sent her wand sailing into the intruder's hands.

"GINEVRA WEASLEY!" Harry recognized that voice.

"Hermione?" He questioned and she glanced at him for a moment.

"Oh Harry, I'm so sorry!" Hermione returned her attention to Ginny, with murder in her eyes. Ginny, however, looked extremely calm, almost like she not only expected this, but she planned for it. "Did you really think you could get away with this Ginevra?" Hermione asked and Ginny laughed.

"What makes you think I haven't gotten away with it?" Hermione leveled her wand and was just about to cast when a spell came out of the corner and Hermione's eyes clouded over. Harry knew that look, Imperius Curse. Harry looked for the source and saw Ron appear out from under Harry's invisibility cloak.

"You know I think she was actually going to kill you, Ginny." Ron chuckled as Ginny took her wand back from Hermione.

"Yes, luckily we knew she would make it down here after all that was part of the plan." Ron and Ginny turned to face Harry, and in that moment, he realized what the point of Hermione being here must have been.

"You would really use Hermione in an attempt to draw out any remaining hope I might have had?" The two of them laughed as Ron pointed his wand at Hermione. She turned and faced Harry pointing her wand right at his chest.

"No, you brainless git. Hermione has been nothing but a pain in my arse. Add in the fact that she's a bloody dyke, I had to Imperize her just to get laid. So, we brought her here to kill you." For the first time in years, Harry felt anger and would have loved nothing more than to rip Ron and Ginny apart. "She's going to kill you and the Aurors I called for will come for her. Arriving only just a bit too late to save you from her clutches. Now let's get this over with, I got a sexy new wife and a new toy to get to." The two of them laughed and Ron pointed his wand at Hermione one last time. As she opened her mouth Harry saw a tear roll down her cheek.

"It's okay Hermione. I'm more than ready to die." Harry saw more tears fall as he closed his eyes.

The last thing he heard was, "Avada Kedavra!"

-Scene break-

When Harry opened his eyes again, he was back at the Kingscross station. He got up slowly and quickly wished for robes. After he was dressed, he turned around and was shocked to see a platinum blonde woman with violet eyes wearing purple robes and armor, holding a scythe.

"I am so sorry for what I've done to you." Harry just blinked at her.

"Death?" He asked and she chuckled at him.

"Yes, but I prefer Beatrice if you don't mind." Harry just stared at her not sure if she was kidding or not.

"Not to be rude but why am I here?" She smiled at him as she motioned for him to sit down.

Once they were both comfortable, she sighed. "Harry I'm so sorry. I'm afraid this is all my fault." Harry just stared at her.

"I'm sorry but how is this all your fault?" She sighed again as she waved her hand a floating screen appeared in front of them showing him Tom Riddle. He was truthfully the last person Harry wanted to see but being held prisoner for however many years had tempered his emotions.

"This man is the first person to truly defy me. While others in the past have attempted to create Horcruxes and some had succeeded in some way, most died in the attempt of it. Tom Riddle was the first to truly succeed and I hated him for it. I chose to send the prophecy that put you through all of this. I was so focused on claiming his soul that I ignored yours in the process. I didn't even try to talk to you when you came here the first time. I let that old fool talk to you. I should have stepped in then but at the time I figured 'Yes he's gone through hardships but it's gonna get better now.' So, I let things play out. While I knew what the three Weasley's and Dumbledore were up to, I didn't see how it could end like this." She was staring at the ground unable to even look him in the eye.

"So, this was all your doing?" Harry asked not sure he would even believe this. She looked up at him and to his surprise, she was crying.

"Yes, and I'm here now to offer you a chance to change it." Harry just blinked at her.

"What do you mean?" She smiled at him as she waved her hand again and the screen vanished, and two doors took its place.

"The door on the left will take you on to the next life. There you would be judged and given the good word I put in for you. Everyone who ever truly loved you, that has died will be there to welcome you with open arms." Harry started to get up to head to that door, but death grabbed him and pulled him back. "Don't you even want to hear what the second door is?" To be honest Harry didn't but decided to humor her. She smiled as she let go of him. "That door will take you back in time to the summer just before your fourth year. You will wake up in the Weasley house before the world cup and you will remember everything."

Harry just stared at the door for several minutes before turning to Death. "So, you're saying that if I go through that door, I will not only see a lot of my loved ones alive again I will be able to save them?" Harry asked and she nodded to him. "What about my parents?" She frowned at him, "I'm sorry I can't send you that far back for two reasons. One, if I did and I erased the prophecy then Tom would never have anyone as an eternal enemy. He would rip the world apart as an immortal Dark Lord killing anyone who got in his way. You have to survive him as a baby and become the boy who lived no matter what or you will have no future." Harry hung his head and turned his attention back to the other door.

"But if you go back you can have the chance to save Sirius, Cedric and everyone else who died at Tom's hands. Including the ones that you now know you could have saved if things had gone differently." Harry knew she was right. He had learned so much after the war was over and he hated how much he could have fixed if he had just looked in the right places, but now he had lost his will for life in that room Ginny had kept him in. Harry looked back at the left door that would lead him to the great beyond. He was about to get up and walk towards it and just move on. "You don't want to save them?" Harry noticed the shock in her voice, and it caused him to sigh before looking at her.

"Beatrice I've spent my entire wizarding life trying to save people. In case you haven't noticed, I suck at it. Why should I go back just to screw it up again? Why should I go back so I can get used? Why should I take the chance that I might bring these people back only to see them die in front of me again? Tell me why I should punish myself all over again when I can walk through this door and see them all in a place where nothing can hurt them."

Harry turned to open the left door only to find it already open and his mother blocking the door. Harry immediately looked at the ground unable to look her in the eye. "What's the matter, son? Can't look your mother in the eye?" Harry looked away even more. "Do you know why?" Harry said nothing and she sighed at him. "Harry, I love you so much and I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you when you were growing up. Maybe I don't have the right to say this, but I am extremely disappointed in your decision. I can't believe you would turn your back on your friends like this." Harry laughed and it wasn't a happy laugh, no it was cold and lifeless.

"I don't have any friends just people who want to use me for one thing or the other." His mother sighed as she walked over to the bench and sat down next to Beatrice.

"Show him." Beatrice nodded and a screen appeared in front of him again.

Hermione appeared first and she was crying while sitting in a cell. "Harry…hic… I'm…so…sorry!" Harry watched as the dementors gathered around her cell to feed. She screamed as the scene shifted and Luna was crying in a corner of her room covered in only a sheet. "Oh, honey I'm home." Ron walked in the room slowly taking his clothes off. "Are you ready to play?" Luna screamed and looked like she was about to run but Ron waved his wand and she was put under the imperious curse. The scene shifted again and this time it showed Neville in a room like the one he had been in. The only difference was Neville was chained to a bed with the same look of lifelessness in his eyes. "There's my good husband." Ginevra walked into the scene and she was holding her stomach. "Congratulations, you've helped me conceive an heir to the Longbottom line. Sadly, that means there's no more use for you, is there?" As she raised her wand the scene changed. This time it was George and he seemed to be running for his life. When he came to a dead-end, he turned and was facing Ron and Molly. "We're sorry to have to do this George. But a joke shop is not appropriate for my son. Now be a good boy and go work at the ministry." Molly said as she leveled her wand at George. Harry watched as the imperious curse took hold of him, "Yes Mother." George said as the screen vanished. Harry just stood there wanting not to care but he just couldn't find it in himself. Rage was building up in him to the point where he felt like he wanted to explode.

"So, you see Harry. Dumbledore gave those three Weasley's a taste of control and power, and as you can see, it went right to their heads. They started controlling everyone and anyone that couldn't be controlled well…" His mother let her voice trail off, but Harry got the point. Harry rounded on the two women and they were surprised to see how angry he was.

"THAT STILL DOESN'T EXPLAIN WHY IT HAS TO BE ME! WHY DO I HAVE TO SAVE THESE PEOPLE! WHY IS IT MY MERLIN BE DAMNED JOB TO HELP THEM!" Harry's emotions were all over the place. Sure, he wanted those people to be saved, but why did it have to him? Why couldn't someone else save them?

Harry was about to start yelling again when someone placed their hand on his shoulder. He turned and found himself staring at himself only with brown eyes. "It's you because that's what Potter's do. Auxilium Natus Est Omnis, the Potter's family credo. It means Born to Help Everyone, Hermione had it right when she said you have a saving people thing. That thing is just what Potter's do. We save everyone we can and punish ourselves over the ones we couldn't. We never walk away from someone in need of help son." Harry just stared at his father. At some point, a familiar lopsided grin appeared on Harry's face before he started to chuckle. His chuckle soon turned to a full blow barking laugh.

"Oh god, he's learned to laugh like Sirius. We've officially failed as parents." His mother said which made everyone laugh. Eventually, the laughing stopped, and Harry looked at the other door. Sighing he started to walk towards it.

"Gonna leave without hearing about all the perks you're getting?" All three Potters looked at Beatrice with confusion on their faces.

"I'm getting perks?" Harry asked and Beatrice grinned at him.

"Harry my dear sweet man. I'm not going to send you back with just the knowledge of everything that's happened. No, I'm sending you back without the Horcrux in your head without taking away your chance at children. I'm going to break all the magical blocks that had been placed on you. Your power will be through the roof. You will need to learn to control it but when you do get a hold on it. Not even Dumbledore will be able to contain you!" Harry just stared at her. "I'm gonna give your natural occlumency shields a major boost as well. Are you ready for that?" Harry nodded and in an instant, she closed the distance and kissed him deeply. James's jaw hit the floor and Lily's face went red with a combination of rage and embarrassment.

When they broke apart Harry was glowing, and he looked fourteen again. "Was that necessary?" Lily asked and Beatrice grinned at her.

"No, but it was totally worth it." Lily got up and started to walk towards Beatrice, but James stopped her.

"Lily flower, remember who this is and what she can do all of us." Lily crossed her arms and looked thoroughly annoyed. Harry just laughed at how much his mom reminded him of Hermione.

"Mom are you sure you aren't related to Hermione?" Lily smiled at that but shook her head.

"Sorry, Harry I'm not but she's still your sister in every way but blood so make sure you protect her. No more repeats of what happened in your third year with that stupid broom got it?" Harry nodded as he walked up to his parents and hugged them tightly.

"I'll make you guys proud this time." They smiled as they hugged him back.

"Son, we have always been proud of the man you've turned into and will turn into again." His parent wished him luck and then they walked back through the left door and it closed behind them. Harry turned to the right door and started towards it.

"Wait, one last thing," Beatrice called out to him just as he was about to grab the handle. "Let things unfold until your name comes out of the Goblet of Fire. It doesn't need to be exactly the same, but your name needs to come out of the Goblet and Crouch Jr needs to make the cup a portkey. Meaning when you're at the world cup you need to let Crouch Jr steal your wand and you need to let him go. If he doesn't become Moody your name won't come out and things won't progress right. Once your name comes out of the Goblet feel free to use any methods you want from there, as long as Tom gets his body back in the end of it. Without a proper body, he can't die. Not even the baby homunculus form counts." Harry nodded to her that he understood. "Oh, and you can share all of this with only one person. Make sure they aren't around your age or it will just be a burden on them as they won't be able to do much to help you. I'll leave it up to you who you want but make sure you can trust them. When you tell them, I recommend a private room at Gringotts and pulling them into your mindscape. I'll place something in your mind to help pass the information to them." Harry nodded at her as he took in all of this and he decided to ask something he was afraid to ask while his parents were here.

"Beatrice do I still need to end up with Ginny this time?" Beatrice narrowed her eyes at him.

"Why? Do you really still love her?" Harry gave a hollow dark laugh.

"No…to be honest I'd probably be better off just staying by myself. I just want to make sure I don't have to be with her." Beatrice once again was looking at Harry with sad eyes.

"Harry why would you…"

"Because all anyone seems to see is the boy-who-lived, The savior, or Lord Potter. I'd be better off just having a lot of good friends and give up on the whole dating thing." Harry sighed as he turned back towards the door, but Beatrice grabbed him and pulled him back to face her.

"Harry, listen to me, Ginny was never going to be good for you. This time keep your eyes open and you'll find someone who can understand you." Harry wanted to believe her, but he still felt skeptical about the idea that someone could like him for more than his titles. However, the way Beatrice was looking at him made him sigh and nod.

"Okay, I promise I will at least try." Beatrice smiled brightly at him, which caused him to give her his lopsided grin.

"That's all I ask, now go on you. You've got a lot of work to do." She made shooing motions at him and he chuckled at her. He turned around and grabbed the handle to open the door.

Just before he stepped in, he laughed and shouted. "HERE WE GO AGAIN!"

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Fanfic Recommendation: Okay, I've seen some other author's doing this and I wanted to as well. My first recommendation is 'Harry Potter and the Rune Stone Path' by Temporal Knight. The story about a Harry Potter that is a Rune Savant. It's a Harry/Hermione/Tonks/Fleur/Daphne fic and Harry also becomes close with Professor Babbling but views her more of a mom figure. The story is well-paced and full of surprises. It was an amazing ride reading it. Also, it's complete which makes it even better.