Okay, I PMed NeoGamer and told them that I was going to turn their request into a story all its own in place of the now deleted Curse of the Moon because I'm going to be honest, I don't think it was going to go anywhere, and I didn't want to force it. This is going to be rated for reasons, expect possible character bashing and sight possibility of OOC, and like its sistering story, Curse of the Moon, this will borrow some elements of the one-shot trilogy Pink Moon, so please keep that in mind while reading this.

If everyone is okay with that, please enjoy the first chapter…slow pace warning for this chapter, sorry.

Izuku stood in the courtyard as the cool, evening air blew past him. Taking a deep breath, Izuku closed his eyes as green lightning began surrounding his body as he felt the power of One for All course through his body. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes as the green lightning slowly faded, "I'm getting better, and after interning with Grand Torino, I can control One for All at a higher per-"

"Midoriya," his eyes widened as he looked back to see his classmates Momo Yaoyorozu, Kyoka Jirou, Tsuyu Asui and Mina Ashido walking towards him, "What are you doing out here?"

"I…I uh…could ask the same thing, Ashido," the four looked at him and Izuku swallowed hard and shook his head, "I uh…getting some training done,"

"And if you don't let your body have a chance to rest, you'll end up dropping dead, Midoriya," Momo took a deep breath before shaking her head and crossed her arms, "Why don't you join us in a walk around campus? It's a nice night and it's better than destroying your body," Izuku frowned and looked away, "Either you join us on our walk, or you can go back to the common room, but you should really give your body a break from all this training,"

"And I don't have any other choice, right?"

"Ribbit, you can go for a walk with us, or go back to the common room," Tsuyu croaked and Izuku sighed and shook his head before he walked away and the four followed him.

The five heroes in-training walked around the courtyard as a cool wind blew past them. Izuku hummed as he narrowed his eyes and mumbled under his breath, "Why in the hell are they stopping me from training? So I've been pushing myself a little harder than normal, but that doesn't mean that they needed to-" before he could finish his line of thought, he heard the sound of his female classmates groaning.

Looking back, he saw the four holding their heads, "Hey uh…are um…are you four okay?" they looked up and shook their heads, "R-right…we should get back to the school and you four should get to your rooms," he walked over to them and helped them up, "C-can you four walk?"

"We'll be fine, Midoriya," Kyoka grunted, "But you're right, we should get back to the school," Izuku nodded and the five of them slowly walked back to the school.

Izuku stood in the common room and watched as Tsuyu, Momo, Mina and Kyoka walked down the hall leading to the girls' dorms, holding their heads as they quietly moaned. Izuku frowned and shook his head as he heard four doors open and closed before he turned and looked up at the night sky, "They seemed fine a few minutes ago, so what happened? Are they getting sick? Are-"

"Midoriya," he looked back and saw his other classmate Shouto Todoroki walking out from the hall leading to the boys' dorms, "Aren't you usually training at this hour?"

"Todoroki," Izuku sighed and shook his head, "Yeah, but Yaoyorozu, Asui, Ashido and Jirou approached me and told me that I should take a break. I went for a walk with them and then they…looked like they were hurting…I think," Shouto hummed as he nodded, "Do you have any idea what might be bothering them?"

"Hmm…no, sorry, but I'm not exactly close to any of them to say," Shouto shook his head, "It's possible the stress from our training caught up to them,"

"Huh…and they told me to take it easy before my body gave out," Shouto arched a brow as Izuku sighed and shook his head, "Never mind," he walked passed by the bicolor teen and began walking down the hall to the boys' dorms, "Do me a favor…if uh…If Yaoyorozu, Ashido, Jirou or Asui come out and they look ill…can you either take them to the infirmary or come and get me?"

"And why would I come and-"

"Just do it," Izuku shook his head as he continued to walk down the hall and Shouto sighed as he looked up out the window at the full moon resting in the sky.

Izuku stepped into his room and closed the door behind him before walking over to his bed. Collapsing onto the mattress, Izuku turned on his back and groaned, "What the hell was wrong with them? Todoroki said it could've been training, but if that's the case, why were they the only ones effected by it…if it were something in the air, I would've been effected too…so what's wrong with them?"

Inhaling slowly, Izuku closed his eyes and mumbled under his breath.

Like I said, a bit slow paced for the first chapter, but things will pick up. As always enjoy everyone and please let me know what you all think.