In an observatory in the outskirts of Rome, Father Luigi Benedetto was looking at real-time images from a space telescope on his twin monitors. Clicking on an image to enlarge it, he sees an object slowly making its way into Earth's orbit. He quickly consults an ancient tome on his table, flipping through the pages to confirm what he had just seen. He gasps then says loudly, "The One is coming!"

Father Benedetto dials a number connecting him to the Papal Apartments. A voice answers on the other side, "Hello? Who is this? Can't this wait till morning?" Annoyed, Father Benedetto replies, "This is Benedetto at the observatory. No, it can't wait till morning. I need to speak to Pope Luke. The One is coming."

It took Father Benedetto forty-five minutes to reach Pope Luke's office at the Papal Apartments from the observatory. In his messenger's bag, he carried his laptop and the ancient tome from his table. Father Benedetto was ushered into the office quickly by the Pope's secretary. Pope Luke was already at his desk, Father Patrick McKenna, the Camerlengo stood to the Pope's left. As the door closed behind Father Benedetto, he bowed and kissed the Pope's ring. "What is it you want to tell me, Luigi?" asked Pope Luke. The priest shakily replies, "He is coming, your Holiness. The one prophesied to save the world from doom."

From his bag, Father Benedetto retrieves his laptop and using a secure wi-fi connection, he projects high definition images recorded earlier onto a wall mounted monitor. The images revealed an object which appeared to be a spacecraft making its way into Earth's orbit. Father Benedetto then reaches for the ancient tome, flips through the pages and hands it to Pope Luke. The Pope stares at the page of the ancient tome and the screen, and says "There is no doubt, it is the One. When do we expect this object to enter Earth's atmosphere? Where will it land?"

"Your Holiness, based on its present trajectory it will be in Earth's atmosphere in twenty seven hours. It will land somewhere in Smallville, Kansas in the United States of America," replied Father Benedetto.

Pope Luke looked over to Father Patrick McKenna and said, "I had hoped it will land somewhere else. Inform the local diocese but discreetly and dispatch the Vatican Knights to retrieve the One. Time is of the essence."