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Chapter One


            Bobby Drake toyed with the water molecules in the air. He sighed as he urged them to fly around his head and narrowed his eyes in concentration. Positioning the molecules together faces started to from in the air. First his mother, then his father, and then his brother Ronny, their faces changed as they soared through the sky. His heart felt as frozen as the ice he could form as he thought back about his family. Even though he suspected that they would freak when he told them he was mutant, he never thought they would call the cops. He knew his brother did it in fear, but the effect still remained. Standing on the steps leading into Blackbird that afternoon in Beantown, Bobby made a choice. He left the family that created him for the family that accepted him.

He stilled the molecules and even though he wanted to curse his genes he couldn't. He ran his fingers through his short blonde hair and thought about his mutant family. Xavier was the patriarch. Even though he was contained in the wheel chair, he was the strongest person he knew. His mind could do so much but he never did anything to hurt another soul, until recently. Bobby's skin turned cold as the memories of Alkali Lake returned, the memories were too fresh of the pain his own powers created when the Professor concentrated on the mutants of the world.

After the Professor, there was the leader of the X-Men, Scott Summers. His beams were not the only reason he should be feared. He was the one teacher at the school that did not have a qualm against giving pop quizzes! But Cyclops was not himself lately since the return of the lake. It was only a couple weeks since Jean Grey sacrificed herself to save them all and you did not need to be a telepath to see that Scott blamed himself. She was his only love and everyone doubted if their dorky teacher would ever be the same.

The only other mutant who had been a founding member of the X-Men team was Ororo Munroe, codename Storm. Her powers over the weather helped her out in her African home but it was her piloting that brought them all to safety many times during the last mission. With her long white hair and coffee colored skin she was a unique as they got. Well except for Nightcrawler. Kurt Wagner was the most recent addition to the bunch. He was the star of many European circuses and the most religious man Bobby knew. With his dark blue skin and tail he stood out in the crowd and it was a surprise he made it as far as he did into the White House as he did when he was under the control of Stryker.

Bobby thought of all the younger children in the school. Each one of them was unique and special in their own right. It was his job as one of the oldest students in the school to take care of them, no matter what.  That fact was proven when the army troupes invaded the school and Marie, John, and he had to round up the kids from their beds into safety.

He stood up from the edge of fountain that sat in the middle of the patio. His eyes watered at the sight of the school. Even though the Professor had hired teams of contractors to invade the school to fix the damage, half the building was still in disrepair. Everyone had to take up temporary residence in the old wings of the building since their rooms had taken the brunt of the attack. Bobby was happy that he couldn't go back to his old room. He did not want to go through the possessions of his old room mate John "Pyro" Allardyce. It hurt to think of the pleasure John had when he torched Bobby's old house and then left with Magneto to turn to the "dark side" of being a mutant. 

Bobby started to walk towards the side entrance of the school when he noticed a dark shape standing by a doorway. He turned and walked in the opposite direction. Even though Bobby was relieved Logan wasn't going to take Marie away from him, Bobby still felt terrified when he saw the man with metal in his hands. Witnessing what Logan did to the soldiers made Bobby want to lose his lunch and even the thought of the attack left Bobby weak in the knees. He walked up the path to the main entrance of the school. He pushed through the old wood doors and smiled at the job the carpenters did. No one would ever know the blood bath that had graced the elegant floors.

He walked into the huge kitchen and his stomach growled. He opened the freezer and hummed with pleasure as he found the last pint of chocolate ice cream. He opened the container and scooped a dollop of ice cream with his bare finger. Bobby turned sharply when he felt a thump on his head. He prepared to attack but smiled instead.

Standing behind the kitchen bar was the most beautiful creature in the world. With her emerald eyes and auburn hair, Marie was just simply gorgeous. Instead of seeing her in front of him with a bag of popcorn, Bobby had a flash from the past. He was in his bedroom in Boston. Marie was in his arms and her warm lips were against his ice cold ones. Even though the pain had been excruciating when her imprinting began, he had no regrets. He actually preferred that she thought her power was the reason he shook instead of the awe he felt for her.

"A penny for your thought Bobby."

He dipped his finger back in the chocolate. "My thoughts are worth more than a penny." He licked his lips suggestively as he sat down next to her.

"You know that the ice cream isn't just for you!"

"Mhmm!" Just to annoy her he repeated his actions.

She laughed at her boyfriend and tossed another piece of popcorn at his head. Instead of hitting him again, Bobby leaned his head back and caught it in his mouth.

"Thanks Marie!"

All of a sudden Rogue latched her arms around his shoulders and they both went tumbling to the ground. The ice cream flew out of his hand and went splat against the recently clean tile flooring. Rogue had landed on her boyfriend's chest and watched her smile reflect in his bright blue eyes. He mocked a pout.

"That was my ice cream!"


"You know you have to pay now, right?"

"Sure Iceman. I'm trembling in my boots."

Before he could think up his revenge, he noticed the smile leave Marie's face. He turned his head and stared into the sunglasses of Scott. Even behind the ruby shades, Bobby noticed the tear drip from his eye. Rogue jumped off him and Bobby stood up on his feet.

"We promise to..." Rogue started to say but Scott exited the kitchen to fast to listen. Bobby picked up the carton and stared at his girlfriend. Rogue went into the pantry to get the mop and she sighed.

"If only Jean was here."

"If only."

Bobby couldn't imagine what his teacher was going through. Even though he and Marie just started dating 5 months before, Bobby couldn't imagine letting her go. He put his hand on her shoulder and Rogue looked up. She placed her glove covered hand to his cheek and stared into his eyes. He started to lean down to meet her lips but she turned her head. He ended up kissing one of her white strips of hair.

"You won't hurt me."

"I already did." She hugged him close to her body making sure that none their skin touched. "Bobby, it has to be this way. I care for you to much to hurt you."

He breathed in her smell. "It would be worth the risk." He pulled back and sent her a dazzling smile. "But one day, Marie, one day I'll kiss you again and you will be concerned about other things besides hurting me."

She hugged him harder. "You are so overconfident about yourself. But hopefully you are right." They hugged each other for awhile. They were the most content they had been since they returned from Alkali Lake and they both secretly prayed they always would be like this.

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