It is a beautiful day in Hau'oli City. Nearby at Melemele Sea, Elio is relaxing, taking in the sun, reminiscing about his date with his girlfriend Lillie. They had met up at Paniola Town, walked through Paniola Ranch, Alola Route 5, before spending most of their date at the Lush Jungle. Here they also met up with Mallow, who gave them the best food they had tasted in a long time.

"What a day yesterday was. Tomorrow, we'll meet up again at the Aether Foundation" Elio said to himself, smiling.

Suddenly, he gets a phone call. Taking it, he finds his mom on the other end.

"Elio, you'd better get back to the house quick. Something major's just happened at the Aether Foundation" his mom said, and panic immediately flooded Elio. Lillie was there, if she was affected in any way, it'd be his fault. Jumping up, he said, trying to keep his voice steady, "I'm on my way", the communication was cut, and he ran for it towards his house.

Meanwhile, a figure with green eyes, blonde hair that obscures one of his eyes, a black jumper with a red slash mark on it, a red belt, red, white and black shoes, and ripped, black pants, is running across Route 1 towards Elio's house. At the same time, a youngish man with Brown hair, Blue eyes, fair complexion wearing a green shirt, blue pants and grey shoes is running towards Elio's house from the other side of Route 1.

As they approached the house, they inevitably crashed into each other.

"HEY! Watch where you're going" Gladion snapped at the brown-haired figure, who replied "You watch it. Where are you running to anyway?"

"I'm heading for the house of the champion of this region, I need his help" Gladion replied.

"I need someone's help as well. My realm's been attacked, and my portal tech has been stolen, and now I think I know where the tech is being used" the figure replied. He then added "By the way, my name's Steve"

"Gladion. The champion's house is this way" Gladion replied. Steve nodded, and they ran towards the house.

While Gladion and Steve are arguing and running towards the house, Elio has made it home. Panicked, he runs inside and watches the news report. As he does, the look on his face changes from panic to horror.

"It was about ten minutes ago when it happened. A mass of White, block-shaped clouds appeared above the Aether Foundation, what looked like a blocky Ultra Wormhole appeared, and swallowed Lusamine's mansion. Only two people have been seen leaving the mansion, one was Gladion, the former associate of Team Skull, and a strange, fair-skinned man with blue-and-green clothes. We will update you on the situation at hand when we can" the TV reporter said. After a few moments, the Reporter at the Studio said "Alright, we'll cross back to you when you have information"

The screen then went dark.

Back to the room, Elio looks on, horrified.

"I have got to get there, Lillie's trapped there, she's probably their target. She always seems to be the target of some group or another" he said. Just as he went to leave, Gladion and Steve burst into the room.

"Alola Gladion" Elio's mum said, to which Gladion replied, "Alola to you too, and sorry for barging in all of a sudden, but, did you see what happened?"

"Alola to you too Gladion, and to your new friend, and I sure did! That was a weird Ultra Wormhole" Elio said. Steve then said "Alola, I'm Steve. Who are you?"

"I'm Elio, the champion of the Alola region, nice to meet you, Steve" Elio replied.

"Yes, the Ultra Wormhole suddenly appeared over the Aether Foundation, and took over Lusamine's Mansion, and started attacking the Aether Foundation. They captured Lusamine and Lille, and I need your help to recapture the Aether Foundation" Gladion said, and Steve added "My realm's been attacked by some of your people, and my portal technology has been stolen, and it looks like we know where the technology's been used. In all honesty, one or both of them have been probably taken into my realm"

"I will. Lillie's in danger, and as the Champion, I have to respond to Regional threats" Elio said, to which both Gladion and Steve nodded, and said 'Thanks"

"Be careful honey, please?" Elio's mom said, to which Elio replied "I will mom" and Elio, Gladion and Steve headed out.

As soon as they head out, they are confronted by two figures wearing Blue-and-White suits, the Shirt having a V sliced into four parts on it, a blue hat, gloves, and shoes, and a Villager. The first one had a Rampardos ready to fight, while the other had a Haxorus ready to fight.

"I'll handle the Villager, you two take the Aether Foundation Members. You guys don't know how to battle Minecraft Mobs, and I don't stand a chance against the Aether Foundation Members" Steve said. Gladion and Elio nodded and engaged the Aether Foundation Members.

Since both Steve and the Villager were using Minecraft Mobs, a box formed around them, so they could battle using Minecraft world rules.

The Villager summoned a Zombie, while Steve summoned his Iron Golem. As it turned out, the Zombie's Iron Armour sponged a significant amount of damage the Iron Golem was inflicting. In addition, despite flicking the Zombie into the air, its Feather Falling cuts the damage. However, when the Iron Golem was hit by the Zombie's Sword, it took little damage as well.

"What the?" the Villager asked, to which Steve replied, "My Iron Golem is special, it can hit harder than other Iron Golem's, it can regenerate its health slowly, and it doesn't take as much damage as other Iron Golem's". His Suped-Up Iron Golem was able to fairly easily kill the Villager's Zombie, forcing the Villager to flee.

Meanwhile, Elio and Gladion face off against the two blue-and-white figures.

"Tsareena, let's go," Elio said, and Tsareena was called into the battle. Gladion also said "Silvally, let's go" and Silvally materialised with a Grass RKS System inside it.

"Silvally, use Multi-Attack on Rampardos," Gladion said. Elio then added "Tsareena, use Power Whip", and they charged in, with Tsareena's leg glowed green, and it swung it at Rampardos, while Silvally's claws glowed green and it went to slash.

However, the mysterious soldiers said "Rampardos, Protect yourself and Haxorus with Protect", while the other one said "Haxorus, use Dragon Dance", and Rampardos generated a Shield in front of Haxorus, who danced and was covered in Draconic Energy, raising its Speed and Attack power.

As soon as Rampardos dropped its Protect, Haxorus raced in, it's hand covered in Draconic energy, a Dragon Claw attack, which slashes Silvally before it has the chance to respond, doing almost half Silvally's health in damage.

"Tsareena, High Jump Kick!" Elio said, and Tsareena's Knee glowed Orange as it jumped up and smashed her knee into Haxorus' neck, dealing almost three-quarters of its health in damage. Haxorus managed to pull away as Rampardos roared and sent a whole bunch of rocks crashing down at everyone else, a Rock Slide, which neither Silvally nor Tsareena avoided, dealing just over a quarter of their health in damage to both Silvally and Tsareena.

"Silvally, finish Haxorus with Return," Gladion said, and Silvally powerfully struck Haxorus, KO'ing it.

"Now then, Tsareena, finish Rampardos with Power Whip!" Elio said, and her leg glowed green and smashed into Rampardos with immense force, KO'ing Rampardos.

"How did you beat us so easily?" one of the mysterious people asked, to which Elio replied "I'm the Champion of the Alola region, and Gladion is another powerful trainer"

"Ugh. Right" the other mysterious person said. He then said, "But do know that the Aether Foundation is a villainous organisation, and the International Coalition Against Villainy and Corruption won't stand for this! We may have lost the battle, but we will win the war", and at this, they ran away along with the Villager.

"Are you all OK?" Steve asked, to which Gladion and Elio replied "We're fine" as they healed up their Pokémon. Steve, meanwhile, watched his Iron Golem slowly regenerate its health.

"So, where do we go to get to wherever we need to go?" Steve asked, to which Elio replied "We have to head for the Marina in Hau'oli City and take the ferry to the Aether Paradise"

"Problem. The Ferry Terminal has been taken out of action, I had to steal a boat and dock it at the Melemele sea, that's the only reason I'm here at all" Gladion replied. Elio nodded, then said "Then let's go" and the three of them race off towards Melemele sea.

As soon as they arrive at the Melemele Sea, however, they find their path blocked by two Aether Foundation Members. However, they seem to be in the middle of a battle, and their opponents were revealed to be Professor Kukui and Hau.

"OK, looks like ICAVAC have the Aether Foundation people under their control too," Gladion said.

At this moment, however, with Rhyperior out of the battle, Sylveon was being ganged upon, and in the combination of a Decidueye's Glowing Green Wing, a Leaf Blade attack, and Incineroar was cloaked in Flames as it charged into Sylveon, a Flare Blitz attack. The combination of these two attacks KO'ed Sylveon, and defeated both Aether Foundation members. To the surprise of everyone, the two Aether Foundation people stood up and said "Thanks for freeing us from the mind control", to which the second member added "It seems that the group in strange Blue-and-White suits had us under control"

"So, do you know the name of the group that brainwashed us?" the first Aether Foundation member asked, to which Elio replied "The International Coalition Against Villainy and Corruption or ICAVAC for short"

"Thanks for that Elio. But with the rest of the Aether Foundation under their Mind Control, along with people from Steve's realm, seven of us with 26 Pokémon will struggle against dozens of trainers and over a hundred Pokémon. The whole region is at risk too, I recommend we get as much help as we can" the second Aether Foundation member said.

"Alright, I'll call around, and get as much help as we possibly can," Elio said. He then got out a phone and started calling.

As it turned out, there was quite a response. Within half an hour, all of the Trial Captains, the Elite 4, a couple of trainers who had challenged Elio to a battle during his Title Defence, and several trainers from the Battle Tree had arrived to join the battle. However, that wasn't all. A tall, slender, female figure in dark purple clothes had also arrived.

"Who are you?" Elio asked, to which she replied "My name is Shadora, the Ghost-type member of Team Future"

"Nice to meet you Shadora, I'm Elio. We're about to head for the Aether Foundation to free it from ICAVAC" Elio replied. Shadora then shook her head and said "You can't go charging in head-first. You have to go in with a strategy, you need my help, as I have scouted out the positions of the enemy and the building, or else you'll be destroyed"

"Alright, how do we do this?" Elio asked, to which Shadora replied "There is one other way to get into the mansion. Only I know where it is, and I can guide you to it. We should focus most of the gathered forces on keeping the Aether Foundation Employees and ICAVAC busy. Any rogue Villagers can be taken care of by Steve, right?" Shadora asked, to which Steve replied "That sounds like a good idea, my Iron Golem is even stronger than average" Steve replied. Another ship, much larger than Gladion's ship, then appeared. She then turned to face Gladion and said "I'll send the main bulk of the forces on this ship. You send the small one with Elio, yourself, Hau, Professor Kukui and myself to the secret entrance, I'll guide you there"

"Alright," Gladion said. The rest of the force headed onto the main ship, which, by itself, and starts turning back towards the Aether Foundation. Meanwhile, Gladion, Elio, Hau, Professor Kukui and Shadora take Gladion's ship towards the secret entrance.