Bell sigh heavily after Hestia and the other in the Hearth Mansion living room. The reason was just simple. The 2 stranger that fight him before was a new member of Hestia Familia. Hestia in other hand also sigh to them. She know that both of them want to fight Bell, but she never thought both of them would be that crazy to wait Bell in front of gate.

"To think they really serious want to fight you." Hestia.

"You should told me if you are the new member, i almost hurt both of you." Bell

"We are really sorry for our reckless, Bell-sama. We just want to know how strong Bell-sama is. Sasuga Bell-sama is really strong. We even didn't have a chance."

The Red girl hair just smile brightly with small blush in her cheek. She had a red short hair and wearing a brown leather armor. she had quite slim body. In other hand, An Elf just blush looking at Bell. She even cannot talk properly after see how handsome and cute is Bell. She wearing white outfit with some blue string with it. Had a long black hair and beautiful red crimson eyes like Bell.

"But Hestia-sama, to think they act as my Maid and Bodyguard. I think they still can be a normal adventure. No need to guard me after all." Bell

"They the one who assign to be like that." Hestia.

"Bell-sama didn't want us?" There a sad tone in that statement.

"No...No.. It's just I don't want to waste your girl talent. You guys also a First and second rank adventure." Bell flustered.

"Bell-sama is really a nice man just like the rumour says. To think Bell-sama praise our talent, i will really work hard to protect you, Bell-sama."

Bell sigh again. "If you guys okay with it, i'm fine."

"I need more stronger for Bell-sama also." Naaza

"i will also grow stronger." Airmid

"You two need to keep calm okay. Get stronger is important but don't force yourself too much." Bell.

"I'm also cannot lose to them. i will train more harder." Mikoto.

"Yare-yare.. to think them become like this." Bell sigh. "Okay please introduce your girl name."

"My name is Revis, Bell-sama. like Hestia-sama say, i'm already level 5 adventure." Revis give a soft smile.

"Uhmm..M..My Filvis, Bell-sama. I'm level 4 adventure. Hope i can be help to Bell-sama." Filvis talk while blushing. This girl sure very shy one but when come to battle she is scary one.

"By the way Filvis-san…." Bell

"HAIKK!?" Filvis.

"Why you flustered like this?" Bell sweat drop.


"Bell-sama, Filvis already become your fans when hear about your heroic thing you do. She always try hard to train everyday." Revis smirk.


"Soka… i'm glad had a pretty girl as my fans. Thanks for joining Goddess-Hestia Familia" Bell smile

Without he know, Airmid, Naaza, Lili, Mikoto and Hestia pout how Bell always compliment girl easily. Filvis had a blush in her face. To be praised by her idol, She beyond happy.

"You're the one that sneak for attacking me from behind right, Filvis-san?" Bell

"That's right Bell-sama, sorry for-"

"No.. i'm bit surprised that you can hide your presence completely from me. If i was level 5 or 6, maybe i already injured." Bell

"I had a skill that let me to hide my presence better. I trained by an Assassin when i was little, and i got this skill after Hestia-sama give her Falna to me. it's named [[ Jinada ]]."

"indeed that's skill really good for spying." Welf

"To think there someone who can hide her presence to Bell-sama, Filvis-san is sure really strong" Mikoto.

" Mikoto-san, i'm still need to learn. i believe if it's real battle i'm already lose to Bell-sama." Filvis blushed.

"Okay, now Let's go to our meeting room. there some objective i need to renew a bit." Bell

"haik Captain."

"Ja~ Bell-kun, I'm going to meet Miach and Take again today. I will leave it to you." Hestia


As all of them already on meeting room. Bell looked so serious. When he work as Captain, He always serious. Because he take responsibility about his comrade life. For him, this is not something that he shall take lightly. So he need to renew some rule that still not good.

"Okay i begin renew your guys objective. First, for Revis you can come with me in some important meeting but you have a free time to go dungeon when you got nothing to do." Bell

"But i thought as Bodyguard, we supposed to be always at your side, Bell-sama."

"No it's okay. If i need you to guard me i will tell you. After all i still want you live as an adventure not a bodyguard for someone like me." Bell

"W-what are you saying, Bell-sama? Become your bodyguard is an honor for me." Revis

"Okay.. stop..that...i begin feel embarrassed." Bell blushed a bit.

"Also, Revis even you are level 5, but i want you also being respect to Mikoto-san and the other. after all they more long in here than you. even they under one level from you, they all executive from My team. Mikoto-san and Lili is our top Executive when Welf-san is Vice-captain." Revis

"Of course i will respect them. After all, they are all Bell-sama precious comrade." Revis.

"Second is Revis and Filvis, i also want both of you to become the Vice-Executive in Hestia Familia. also Both of you the one will train low level adventure in our Familia."

"But Bell-sama for us already accept such high position…" Filvis

"I don't want to hear complain about what i have already decide." Bell

"I'm sorry for make such a fuss to you Bell-sama." hear how serious word Bell is, Filvis decide to not ask more than that.

"I'm decide this because both of you already worthy enough. Lili give me the list."

"Yes, Bell-sama.. here the list." as Lili give some paper to Bell.

Bell look at the paper seriously. At least for this month there are 10 new member of Hestia Familia who still level 1. Hestia proper accept them after no familia let them join. So for now there at least 23 low level adventure under Hestia Familia. Bell give it to Revis.

"This is….." Revis

"List of level one member of Hestia Familia. I'm sorry for giving you such troublesome job, but there are also my family now. So i want them properly trained if they want to go to dungeon. Also Mikoto, Naaza and Welf you guys also will accompany Low level adventure if they gonna explore dungeon. i will tell the new rule for them so we can avoid unnecessary casualty." Bell

"Very well, Bell-sama / Bell-dono / Captain." Revis, Welf, Naaza, Mikoto.

"Third is Airmid because you are healer, i will need you to work as doctor in our Familia. I hear you also had do some medicine experiment."

"Yes Bell-sama, I'm with Lili-san help do some experiment in healing herb." Airmid

"It's good then. Airmid had Herbalist and mixing as her skill. She can make a good healing potion for us." Lili

"So are Airmid-san will only work at Mansion?" Welf

"No.. Welf, she will surely come if we on our expedition. But if only explore some dungeon, she no need to go. But she still have my permission to going to dungeon. But she must be guarded by some adventure. Or maybe myself." Bell

"EHH… for what Bell-sama go with Airmid-san alone?" Lili pout.

Bell look at Lili while frowning. "To help her gathering some herb of course."

"But for Bell-sama doing such low objective like that…." Airmid

"Nah.. it's okay. I also want to learn some herb from Airmid. So if someday i go explore dungeon by myself, i can help bring some useful herb. so there no need to waste her energy." Bell smiled

"Typical Bell-sama. He is just want to help. But thinking about go to dungeon with Bell-sama alone, it must be great." Airmid smile while blushing little.

"Also there something i want to tell you guys before we close this meeting." Bell

All of them look at Bell serious face.

"We gonna have a Training camp with Freya and Loki Familia in Colosseum. So all of you will participate." Bell smile

"WHATTTTTT!" All of them

"Bell-sama, to train with them….." Lili

"Relax Lili, this is training camp just a our purpose to have a match. So you all can say, I and the other Captain use this as an excuse. so we can fight each other." Bell

"So Captain mean, Captain will have a match with the other familia Captain?" Naaza.

"Yes. But of course this not mean you guys only see us battle. But you guys will also battle one of us." Bell

"Battle…" Welf

"With…." Mikoto

"One of us?" Lili

"We battle one of 3 top adventure?!" Naaza

"Yes. and it's random. So you may get to meet Finn-san or Ottarl-san or maybe myself." Bell

All of them can feel their soul begin to left them, But not to Revis who excited to fight top adventure in Orario. Filvis actually feel excited a bit. Welf and Mikoto already tremble in fear to think they gonna fight we Finn or Ottarl.

"So because of this training thing, Tomorrow i will give you guys a special treatment." Bell


With a heavy tone and stern one. "Tomorrow, all of you fight me in a battle. So i will wait you guys tomorrow at 1 PM at Hestia training ground and You guys dismissed. Remember don't try to make an excuse to not come tomorrow or you guys face the punishment."

All of them can feel their jaw dropped. Fight Bell? Even abnormal Udaeus cannot do much in front of Bell. Bell may look not strong in outside but if he really already use his real strength and his skill. it's just matter of time all of them will knocked out by him.

"I think we can win this." Revis smile

"Revis-san.. don't think because Bell-san alone we can win this. He even can fight against 4 first rank adventure in same time and survive with knocked 3 of them." Welf

"Ughh.. tomorrow i will fight Bell-sama. i don't think i can hit him properly. This is a torture for me to try hit Bell-sama." Airmid.

"Tomorrow will the first of my history that all my arrow will never hit my enemies. If the enemies was captain, i may ended let him hit me. How can i hurt a pure bunny like captain." Naaza

"You guys are too much. Bell is not a weak bunny you know." Welf sweat-dropped after hearing Naaza and Airmid statement.

"Don't think too much and get to sleep now. I don't want one of you late tomorrow." Bell walk away from them while smiling.

"Ugg… Bell-sama is scary when in captain mode." Lili.

"Even he treat us as a like that, he did not had any choice. This because he really care about us." Welf.

"We better go to sleep now. I need to rest and prepare my mental for tomorrow training." Mikoto.

"Yeah… Me too." Naaza.

In other hand Bell still wait his goddess in his room. Today he want to update his status. He cannot underestimate his own family. Both Revis and Mikoto will be the best combo for tag team vanguard. Filvis and Naaza work as sneaky attack, With Filvis [[Jinada]] Skill and Naaza [[Kaleidoscope]] Skill they can attack enemy in blind spot.

"Ohya Bell-kun, It's rare for you to meet me in the midnight. Masaka….." Hestia Blushed.

"Goddess-Hestia please stop with the joke. I call you because i want to update my status." Bell

"i know..i know… Don't need to be serious." Hestia smiled

Bell immediately take off his clothes and begin lay in bed. As Hestia without wasting time she begin to update Bell status. Hestia a bit confused why Bell already want to update. He just got back from expedition.

"hmmm…." Hestia a bit frown after looking at Bell update.

"What happen Goddess-Hestia?" Bell

"It's first time i see your status update is not leap but still to get 200 pt status increase in level 7 is already good." Hestia give the Update sheet to Bell.

"I already know that it's not easy to get falna when already in level 7." Bell.

"No need to rush much Bell. You today is already good enough to stand as 3 top adventure in Orario. Also your power now can protect many people. Don't blind yourself for power Bell." Hestia worried.

"I understand Goddess-Hestia. Don't worry. I already promise Albert-san to become everyone hero. My objective is already clear and i will never waver for anything.

Bell looked at his Update sheet. Actually he still surprises that he can get 200 pt status increase. He hear from Finn, that when reach level 7 falna will become more difficult get. he actually still grow faster.

Bell Cranel

Lv 7

STR : C 624- C 687

END : C 667 - B 702

DEX : B 753 - B 795

AGI : A 893- S 901

MAG : D 532 - C 612

Skill :

The Night Dawn (active ) : Bell body will surrounded by Particle blue light and spark of lightning . His Agility and Dexterity will increase to 75% of his current status . Also Bell can use it to charge a counter attack with increase 50%-500% strength depend how long he charge it but He will take a side effect if he use it . Bell able to charge 4 times The Night Dawn. The negative effect Bell take is his body will weaken greatly for short period.

Legacy phrase ( passive ) : Bell got this skill after being saved by Albert and promise himself to become stronger that can overcome any obstacle and protected his companion and help his friend . Make him growth at fast pace . his status increase 75% more than normal one . ( Bell cannot see this skill because Hestia blur it )

Magis ( active ) : This skill make Bell can use magic . and whatever Bell using magic his eyes will glow bright also there are passive effect on it . he will spend less [[Mana]] when cast magic .

Concurrent Chanting ( Passive ) : Bell can fight and moving around when chanting a magic . this skill is most rare and also difficult to pull off because need much concentration to sync moving while chanting .

S#1r$ D #c%&d $t ( Passive) : Still secret skill that already on Bell but in this chapter revealed as blur skill ).

Development Abilities :

Luck : D

Abnormal resistance : E

Sword Skill : F

Will Power : H

Sixth Sense : G

Harem : I

Magic :

Lord Of Vermilion ( Fire magic ) : This is Rea Laevatein opposite version . Instead the Fire burst from the ground , it burst from the magic circle that formed in the enemies top sky . The fire will form a laser heat of fire and hit in the ground numerous time . This magic had a wide scale and the most dangerous fire magic that exist in world .

Chant : "I call you the spirit of the flame, Grace me with your power and burn my enemy. Your flame will become my courage, Your heat are my power, Burn anything that disgrases you. With the name of Ifrit, The Devil of Hellfire, Scorch My enemies with your mighty Flame. Lord Of Vermillion."

Cocytus ( Ice Magic ) : Advanced Ice magic that also a wide scale magic. The Area activation will surrounded by cold air and Random Spike Ice will randomly appear and attack enemies. This magic scaled as The Legendary magic.

Thunder To'uch ( Thunder Magic ) : Advanced Thunder magic that Hit one opponent. the destruction of this magic is too big that also affect minor damage to the nearby targeted enemies. This magic can deal penetration damage even if the enemies had resistance of thunder, even this magic can penetrate rubber.

Dante Al-thais (Space time magic ) : the power still Unrevealed

Hestia looked at Bell who still amused looked his status sheet. He still a pure innocent Bell after all. For her to be worried about Bell soul will corrupted because of power is really a stupid thinking she ever do. Hestia never can bored looked at how pure Bell innocent face. He is the strongest in Orario with Finn and Ottarl, Yet he still like a little kid who love hero story,


"Haik Kami-sama?" Bell looked at his goddess.

"Please never change, Okay?" Hestia smile.

"Change? about what Hestia-sama?" Bell.

"No… it's okay… no need to think about it." Hestia smile and walk away from Bell.

Bell who looked his goddess walk out begin to think about his goddess. " am i change somehow? hope i did not do anything that make Goddess-Hestia worried."

With that Bell decide to get some rest now. Tomorrow he will gonna train his comrade. He actually excited to get know how far his companion power. But little he know actually his friend already scared about what will happen to them tomorrow.





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