As promise, Bell already wait them in Hearth training ground. Many Hestia member look Bell in awe. Some of them is bit scare of him, some of them look at him with respect. Bell ended look at them and smile to them.

"Konichiwaa Minna-san." Bell greet them with smile.

Some of new girl member already fall in love just from look at Bell handsome face. and the guys member look at Bell with respect.

"Captain.. Konichiwaa.."

"You guys must be training hard. please don't force yourself to much." Bell

"Iee… captain.. we will get stronger so we can be use to you."

"I'm happy for you guys motivate to get stronger but please don't say something like that. Please get stronger because there are someone you guys wanna protect." Bell

"uwahhh.. Captain is so dreamy. I'm glad join Hestia Familia."

"He look so pure yet so manly. ahhh! i want to go on a date with him."

"I will get stronger so i can be useful for Hestia Familia and captain."

"Yeahh! we shall always train hard now for captain!"

Bell can hear the man motivate. But he actually worried about them. Goddess-Hestia accept them for them had a chance to rise not for become his tool. he afraid their mind set will corrupted.

"Bell-sama, what type girl you like?" this time Bell swarmed by his girl member.

"E..ehh?" Bell blushed a bit.

"Captain is blushed… kawaiiiiii!"

"Don't tease captain!" Revis

After hearing Revis yell to them, All of them immediately scatter away. Bell only sweat drop looked at the view. Revis immediately run to Bell.

"Konichiwaa~ Bell-sama." Revis smile brightly to Bell.

"ah… Konichiwaa.. Revis-san."

"I'm sorry for being late. I'm so ashamed myself for late today. I will receive any punishment from Bell-sama."

Bell only give a smile. "You actually come in time, Revis. It's me who come too early. Stop blaming yourself. Actually I'm proud of you for being on time."

"Because i want to get stronger so i can protect Bell-sama. As a Guardian of Bell-sama i will do my best to protect you Bell-sama, even if i may lose my life."

Suddenly Bell looked at Revis with a cold eyes. He did appreciate Revis good intention to him, but he did not like something like sacrifice her life because of him.

"Revis-san, I will really mad if you sacrifice your life only for protecting me. You can protect me, but i don't like about you use your life for protect me. Please, i will happy if you safe even you didn't protect me." Bell.

"I-I-I'm sorry Bell-sama. For me making you mad bec-" Revis

Bell cut her word with a pat to her head. "Please.. stop doing that. You do nothing wrong. It just i don't want you using your life for that purpose. I really appreciate it, Revis. But i will more happy if you can keep life on and doing many good thing. I count on you, Okay?" Bell smile brightly to Revis.

Revis blush madly. She never get kind gesture and word that addressed to her. Maybe this is the first time she can feel warm of a people who really care about her. Revis smile. She really happy join this familia and meet a really kind Captain.

"I understand, Bell-sama. I will promise that i will more treasure my life and grow more. Please keep watching me Bell-sama." Revis smile.

"Of course.. I will watching you. You are my family now." Bell

"Ah… what is this feeling…. I cannot fall in love with my own captain. I'm not deserve enough to get his love. But my heart cannot stop racing." Revis blushed.

Bell who looked at revis with red face begin to worry. "You okay Revis-san?"

"I-I-I'm okay, Bell-sama. P-please.. d-don't worry.." Revis shutter a lot this time.

"Really? Your face was red. If you sick please don't force yourself to participate this training." Bell

"No.. Bell-sama. I cannot miss this training. I need to prove that i worthy to be your bodyguard. But the thing is, how can i try to fight with Bell-sama. I cannot even imagine myself for hurting Bell-sama." Revis blushed.

"Woahh.. Captain is really awesome. He even can make Revis-sama smile and blush like that."

"Ughhh.. i also want to see Revis-sama smile at me like that."

Let's just say, Revis and Filvis already being introduce to them beforehand. So many man in Hestia familia like see Revis and Filvis.

"AAHHH i'm late!" Mikoto.

"Ughhh… This your fault that i late, Naaza-san!" Airmid.

"Whattt… you the one who take a long time to bath!" Naaza.

"Konichiwaa, Bell-sama. We are sorry for being late." Filvis.

"It's okay. You guys actually still on time. Are you guys already take your lunch?" Bell

"Ughh.. because we're afraid being late, we just rushing here and forgot about to take our lunch." Airmid

Bell smile to them. "How about i treat a lunch to you all after done training?"

"ehh! no.. Bell-sama… You no need to treat us anything. we can make our lunch." Naaza.

"For Bell-sama buying us lunch, it's make use become a worst comrade." Filvis.

"Please don't say anything that make me feel like a cruel person." Bell sweat-dropped.

"I don't want to hear a rejection. I will treat you all. Just consider this as a date." Bell smile.

"DATEE!?" Airmid, Naaza, Revis, Filvis, Mikoto blushed.

"Ah..i-i mean… like family eating together. As captain, i also want to treat my comrade and my family." Bell smile sheeply after make a misunderstanding.

"If Bell already say that, You guys should accept his invitation." Welf who just coming hearing all the thing.

"Ahh Good afternoon, Welf and Lili." Bell.

"Yo! Good afternoon, Bell."

"Konichiwaa, Bell-sama." Lili smile.

"So about the lunch?" Bell

"We accept it, Bell-sama. We apologize for almost reject your invitation for eating together." Mikoto.

" .. it's not like i'm wanna force you guys…." Bell

"Like Welf-san said, Bell-sama already have a kind thought for inviting us to eat. We will really ashamed if we reject it." Airmid smile.

"Bell-sama is indeed a really kind person." Filvis smile.

"I'm not that kind. it's just i feel guilty for making you guys participate this training. So i think at least i treat you guys a lunch. maybe i also can treat it as a feast for you guys who already working hard." Bell

With all the member already gathered, Bell begin start the training. Because the training ground used by executive member, The low level become the audience. They actually excited to see their executive fight against their captain.

"To think i can watch this fight live…."

"i will observe this fight and learn from them. This will be a good experience."

"Captain do your best!" Cheer the girl.

"Revis-sama.. we cheer on you!"

"Lili-sama… do your best!"

"Mikoto-sama and Naaza-sama… ganbateeee!"

Bell who hear that only can sweat drop. Why this become like a Tournament.

"You guys must do anything to take me down. Don't think about not hurting me because i will not like it. I make this training for you guys to get stronger not to get soft hearted because of me. If i'm the real enemies, you guys might not only lose your life but also make people around you in danger. I want you guys fight with all your heart. don't worry Airmid can heal us if something happen." Bell

"I will grow stronger for Bell-sama. Bell-sama is right. We cannot being soft hearted now. We need to fight seriously. Just for today, I will think Bell-sama as my enemy" Revis draw his long sword.

"We will sure take down Bell-sama. And prove him that we worthy enough to serve him as his comrade" Filvis.

"Welf do you get that thing?" Bell

"Here captain, a bamboo sword just like you request to me. It's durandal weapon." Welf throw the 1 Bamboo sword.

"A Bamboo sword?" Revis

"Bell-sama really gonna beat us if we got no serious. People whole think that Bell-sama is giving us a handicap. But that's wrong." Mikoto

"Really? captain using bamboo sword?" Other Hestia member got confuses at Bell weapon.

"Captain is really too soft hearted. When the other executive using real sword."

Bell try the Bamboo sword.

"This perfect Welf."

Bell looked at big rock in there. Without thinking, Bell rush to the rock and use his [[ Triagram slash ]] which make the rock destroyed completely. See the power of Top adventure, all of the member Hestia Familia in shock.

"W-what the-?!"

"C-capt-captain.. destroy the rock..u-using a bamboo sword?!"

"What a insane power!"

Bell looked back with smile in his face. All of them already can feel a great pressure. They maybe strong but Bell is not a half baked first rank adventure. Of course his journey must be help him grow more faster than before.

"Guys just a reminder, that bamboo sword is not an ordinary sword. It's durandal type weapon. it's may not hurt much if get attacked but i recommend not get hit if it's Bell who use it." Welf.

"Let's start. Come.. you all.." Bell.

Without thinking much, Revis is the one who charge at Bell. Of course Bell easily block Revis attack. But Filvis actually already using her [[ Jinada ]] skill and sneak at Bell behind. Unfortunately, Bell reflex more quick, which made Filvis sneak attack failed. Welf and Mikoto also begin charging at Bell.




"W-we… cannot see what happen..'s too fast."

"C-captain.. movement is too fast."

Naaza and Lili begin to attack using their weapon. They might be lack in close range combat. But in range attack, both of them is a dangerous sniper. Naaza using her [[ Kaleidoscope ]] to predict Bell movement.


The arrow already being shooted. Naaza sure the arrow will hit Bell, but Bell who dodge it with impossible timing make Naaza surprised.

"I..I..Impossible.. to think Bell-sama can dodge it. I'm sure my Kaleidoscope already told me that it will hit Bell-sama left hand." Naaza

Bell still block and evade Welf, Mikoto, Filvis and Revis attack. He surprised that they are really skilled. even Mikoto reaction and speed is fast than a normal level 4 adventure.

"Good all.. that's good all… keep the pace." Bell.

"Hosh..hosh… It's no good. Bell-sama can read our attack." Revis.

"If it keep like this, we really cannot take him down." Welf.

"I will begin to attack now."

Suddenly Bell already disappear from their sight. Revis who see that quickly look around her. But a sudden attack just hit her back. Revis can feel her back like being attacked by something hard.


"ughhhh." Revis can feel the pain come from her back.

"It's really hurt a lot. That's just a bamboo sword. If Bell-sama really using sword, i already die from that one attack" Revis.

Bell don't stop his pace and begin move to Mikoto with his fast speed.


"Hooo… Mikoto nice block." Bell amused at Mikoto can block his attack.

"Even it's blur a bit, I still can see your movement Bell-dono." Mikoto.


Bell increase his attack speed. Mikoto who shocked barely can keep the pace and ended get 3 attack from Bell. "Arghhhhhhh!" Mikoto yelp in pain.


"Akhhhh!" Mikoto knocked on the ground.

"Hyaaaaaaaahhhh!" Welf.

Welf not wasting a second and attack Bell with Filvis. but this time both of them must suffer damage because Bell really serious now. Suddenly without Bell knowing, there are 3 arrow that shot at him.

Shoosssshhh! Shoosshhhh!

"Uwah.. it's close one, Naaza-san, Lili."

Bell immediately rush to them. Lili and Naaza try to make Bell confuse. Lili goes to right and Naaza go to left. Bell chase up Naaza first. Because her skill is more dangerous for him. He actually got hit if he hadn't Sixth sense ability.

"I will start with you Naaza!" Bell

Naaza smirk. "Sorry captain i'm really want to let you win, But this time i cannot make my team disappointed." as Naaza ended her statement, she throw a smoke bomb.

"A smoke bomb?!"


The smoke was really thick. Even Bell had trouble to breath.

Shoosshhhhh! Shoossshhhhhh!

Bell still can avoid the arrow that been shooting by Naaza. With Naaza advantage skill, she can shoot even if the view being blocked by smoke.

"Naaza indeed is smart sniper. She know that i will chase her out first because she is the one who had potential to hit me with her arrow. You did great Naaza, But i'm not that weak." Bell.

"Naaza-san!" Lili come to her.

"I already shot several arrow in there. It should be hit him as i predicted."

But this time Naaza had wrong prediction. Bell out of nowhere already behind them and give Naaza a kick attack.

Thud! Thud!



"You should worried about yourself, Lili"

Bell attack again and give a clean kick to Lili which make her knocked far to the ground. All of them completely lose. Bell a bit satisfy with their growth. at least if it's floor boss they can handle it with their own.



Bell barely avoid Revis attack. He really surprised that Revis almost hit him. Bell looked back to the ground where Revis lay down.

"So you actually had a rare skill Revis-san. it's really surprised me." Bell.

"Captain really strong. Even i already use my [[ Shadow Step ]] you still can avoid my attack." Revis.

"Looks like it's just you and me now Revis." Bell.

"No.. Captain. Not just myself but All of us will fight you." Revis

[ Play eiyuu ganbou ]

Bell can feel his comrade stand up one by one. Welf and Mikoto take their sword again. Filvis also stand up again with Naaza and Lili.

"Their wound… healed… Masaka!" Bell looked at Airmid.

"[[ Dia Fratel ]] Sorry captain you never say that i cannot heal them when in battle." Airmid smirk.

All of them begin to regroup again. Bell can feel something different from them. A determination. A faith. Bell smile looking at them.

"Bell-dono… You always the one who take the burden for our Familia. You always do your best to grow stronger." Mikoto.

"You always help us when we needed. Always there when we needed" Lili.

"So Bell.. in this training… we will prove it to you.. that we also can make you proud" Welf.

"In this training we will show you that we also grow stronger !" Naaza.

"We also want to take your burden, Bell-sama. We also want to be the one who can help you." Filvis.

"I remember your word cleary Bell-sama. And yet i know you the one who always try anything to protect someone even the cost is your life." Revis.

"We promise will take you down and also become the one who can share your burden to us!." All

With that mind, All of them charge suddenly. Bell amused with their will to fight. He proud have them as their comrade.

"If this is your guys answer i will also do my best!" Bell.

Revis is the one who first to get in front of Bell. Of course Bell can block Revis attack like that, but what make him surprised is Welf and Mikoto also already in his side to also attack.

"What?! They become faster suddenly..." Bell

Suddenly Revis smile and disappear from his sight. Bell got trapped by Revis scapegoat.

"Using her [[ Shadow Step ]] to make a fake attack. it's smart move. But.. i can still avoid the attack" Bell

Bell success avoid the attack with jump. But they make him surprised again. As he look up, he saw Filvis already in his top to launch an attack.

"They divert my view from Filvis and dragged me to get this situation. I may can block the attack but there must be an another plan again." Bell

Like Bell thought, he can block Filvis attack. But his eyes fixed at Filvis hand. And Filvis give her sly smirk before active the thing on her hand.

"Smoke Bomb!?"


Shoooooshhhhh! Shooooshhhhh!

Naaza and Lili immediately rain the smoke with arrows. Bell do his best to avoid the arrows. But the smoke is really thick and he had troubled to see. suddenly Mikoto and Welf charge at him in same time. Bell already in block stance, ready to block their attack. As Mikoto and Welf already near Bell, they attack bell with their sword. Bell block both of their sword attack. But suddenly Filvis out of nowhere begin to give her last attack to Bell side. Bell amused by how fast their coordination attack signal. He guarantee that their speed nearly match him as a team.

"Sugoi… I even had a hard time to keep pace with their surprise attack and tactic. They must be already determine to take me down. I'm so happy for them do this fight seriously." Bell

Bell quickly do a backstep to avoid Filvis side attack which make them surprised.

"Impossible, Bell-dono even can avoid that!?" Mikoto

"Cih…He is the real monster." Welf.

"But with this, Everything was according to the plan." Lili smirk.

"Wait… that's not the last attack! Filvis also a decoy same as Welf and Mikoto."

Bell who just realize this already late with Revis in his behind charging on him and give a clean hit to Bell backside body. Revis who had more speed will able to reach Bell place with her [[ Shadow Step ]] skill than the other. That's why Revis is not around when Welf, Mikoto, and Filvis attack Bell.


"gakhhhhhhhh!" Bell knocked on the ground.

"We did it!" Lili

"To think we can finally land a hit to Bell-sama." Revis.

"Hell yeah!" Welf.

Bell who knocked at ground can feel pain in his side body. He looked at the sky and smiling.

"They already plan this from the beginning. And only Lili who can do this crazy tactic. To think they manage to hit me. I'm really proud of them. With smoke bomb, they pretend to make a barrage attack from many side. Using Filvis as decoy to got me think that she is the one who land the last attack. they know i can avoid the attack, and what got me surprised is they predicted that i will avoid it with a backstep. They sure grow more stronger now. "

Bell stand up again.

"You guys amazing.. I'm sure Finn-san or Ottarl-san will amuse if you guys can show this to them." Bell.


"Omedetoo~ you guys success take me down."

"But… Bel-sama, we just land one hit to you." Filvis.

"For me it's more than enough. For you guys surpass your own limit and fight as a team is already satisfy me. Good job Minna. I'm really proud of you guys." Bell

"So that mean…."Welf

"uhm~ the training is done now. Well done guys." Bell smile brightly.

All the member can feel relieved now. They never imagine that they actually can fight against Bell and damaged him. But they know Bell is not that weak. it's more like he already notice all of them is tired from the battle. Also, Bell not using any skill but pure his own abilities and power to fight them. No, he may still refrain himself for not using his full power to them.


Revis throw herself to Bell. Bell who startled cannot even think to avoid Revis. At last all of them seeing Revis hug Bell, which make Naaza and Lili blow up.

"R-Revis-san! what are you think you doing!" Naaza

"I want to apologize to Bell-sama, because i'm the one who attack him from behind. I even use full power on that last attack. I'm hurting Bell-sama."Revis sobbing a bit.

"No wonder it's hurt a lot. Revis sure had an insane strength status. her attack actually heavy and strong. Revis-san it's okay. It's not that that attack will kill me." Bell.

"No..No.. this is sin… My sin… i will atone it with my body, Bell-sama." Revis.


"Please behave Revis!" Filvis.

"Ouch… it's hurt..Filvis…" Revis.

"You just make Bell-sama feel uncomfortable and uneasy. You should be shamed and stop doing something like this." Filvis.

"gomeneeee~." Revis sobbing again.

"Okay..okay… Stop scolding her again. She just feel guilty for attacking me, but Revis i'm really okay. This is training anyway. So stop crying now, okay?" Bell smiled.

"Haik… Bell-sama." Revis smile again.

"Are Revis-san had a disorder personality?", all of them sweat-dropped at the view.

"Okay just as i promised, i also will treat you all a lunch. You guys also can come." Bell referring to the other member

"Thank you captain!"

"You guys should prepare yourself. I will take a bath. We will meet in gate entrance. " Bell.

Bell begin walk away from them. Going to his room to prepare himself. Welf and the other still resting in training ground. They can feel their body still ache after that long battle with their captain. what make them speechless is Bell still stand up normally after get Revis full power strike.

"To think Bell-sama still can walk normally after receiver my attack. Sasuga Bell-sama." Revis

"He is top adventure after all. He is two level above you, Revis-san. Of course his endurance is high." Welf

Revis had a blush in her face while smiling. "Haaaaaaaaaaa.. Captain is so dreamy!" All of them sweat dropped.

"We better prepare and get going now. We didn't want to make Bell wait right?" Welf.


With that, the training was over. and they will have a little party in the Hostess of Fertility. But they don't know there will be a chaos gonna happen. A fun chaos to Bell. The one who will swarm by beautiful girl.




I'm back.

Nothing to say.

So happy reading all.