Just like Bell promise to them,now they go to Hostess of Fertility to fill their stomach after a long practice with Bell. With a bunch of adventure lead by Bell, many people open the path for them. Many people respect Hestia Familia as the kindest familia after Loki and Freya Familia.

"It's them! Hestia Familia!"

"They look so cool!"

"One day i will join them!"

"KYAAA~! Their captain so handsome!"

Revis who hear the girl scream just annoyed by them. Bell who notice Revis expression just give a sign to her for not to feel annoyed like that.

"No need to feel annoyed, Revis." Bell.

"They all too filthy toward you captain. I don't like it." Revis look away while blushing."

""""Ahh~ she is a tsundere."""" All of them.

"No need to response it then. After all what they say about me it's not true anyway. I'm not handsome after all." Bell smiled.

"But captain for us you are really handsome." let me list the girl, who think like that. Filvis, Revis, Lili, Mikoto, Naaza, Airmid and Hestia girl member.

"Yare-yare, our Bell is lady killer." Welf.

"Stop it, Welf. I'm not a womanizer tho." Bell.

"Stop teasing captain, Welf-dono." Mikoto.

Suddenly a little girl come and hug Bell. Of course all of them shocked. Bell in other hand just smiled at the little girl which make the kid blushed.

"Oh my, I'm so sorry!"

"No. it's okay. She even didn't do anything wrong to me. is she your daughter?" Bell.

"Yes… She is my daughter."

"You have a adorable daughter. She so cute." Bell even pat her head which make all the girl feel jealous.

The girl who get patted immediately hug Bell again which Bell accept with smile.

"Origami, why you hug Bell-sama like that?!"

"I want to talk with Bell-nii-san." Origami let go the hug.

"You want talk to me?" Bell smiled while looking at the kid eyes.

The kid just blushing while looking at Bell. She feel shy because Bell is too handsome.

"You're so cool, Bell-nii-san. When i grow up, i want to become a good adventure like you and help people in city like you." Origami smile.

"Wow you have a good aspiration. I will looking for it when you grow up." Bell.

"UHmm! When i'm grow up, i also want to become your wife." the kid blushing.


All the girl who hear it shocked.

"Hahaha. When you grown up, i'm already grow to an old man. Find someone who more young little kid." Bell.

"It's okay. I'm already 10 years old. I can get married when i got 16 yo." Origami had sparkled in her eyes.

"I'm sorry for my daughter. Please forgive her."

"It's okay ma'am. She just want talking to me. She didn't mean any harm. Please stop apologize, i feel like a bad people." Bell.

"Bell-sama is the kindest man." Lili.

"I begin think. What if Bell-sama has a kid?" Airmid.

"And what if one of us is his wife?" Mikoto.

All of them begin think a Bell and Mini-Bell laughing. Bell carry his Mini-Bell and run together. The playing with smile in their face. Suddenly both of them look at the girl.

"Darling…." Bell smiled

"Oka-san…" Mini-Bell also smiled.

All the girl had nosebleed and blush in their face. Imagine the Bell and the mini-Bell. Bell just looking at them with sweat-dropped in his head.

"What happen to them?" Bell.

"Just ignore them, Bell. Better hurry, i'm already hungry to the dead." Welf.

"Oh, Okay." Bell.

Finally they arrive at Hostess of Fertility. Many adventure was shocked with Hestia Familia entrance. Bell as their Captain already produce some intimidating aura with him, make some adventure feel afraid for a bit.

"Mia-san, we coming." Bell.

"Oh… It's you, Kiddo. Over there. I already reserve a table for you. Make a sure spend some money." Mia.

Bell just smiled at Mia word. Without wasting time, Bell throw a pack with decent amount valis to Mia. Of course Mia catch the pack and look at it.

"is it enough?" Bell.

"Yup. It's enough. You even already put some bonus on it. I will immediately bring out the food. Chloe! Anya! Bring the food out." Mia.

"Haik! Mia-ka-chan" Anya & Chloe.

"Okay everyone, enjoy the lunch as much as you like. it's all on me!" Bell.


Everyone seem enjoy the lunch. Bell smiled as he saw his comrade enjoyed the food. Revis in other hand keep take a peek at Bell face. She even cannot eat properly because she distracted with her captain handsome face. Suddenly a girl with brown ash hair and cute face come closer to Bell place.

"Ah~ Bell-san."

"Syr-san… " Bell.

"So you really come?! I miss you so much!"

Without thinking, Syr just throw herself to Bell. Of course all of them shocked to see how bold Syr is. Revis quickly separate them. She didn't know why she feel uneasy seeing that sight.


"Stop getting in my way, and who are you anyway?" Syr

"I'm Bell-sama personal bodyguard. You're not allowed to do something indecent thing to Bell-sama." Revis.

"You're just a mere bodyguard. Not like you are his lover. I have my right to hug him whatever i like. He even didn't have a problem with it." Syr.

"Ano both of you, please calm down. You guys make some people feel uncomfortable." Bell.

"I cannot calm down after what this girl do to you, Bell-sama." Revis.

"Bell-san, Look at her. She gonna hurt me." Syr.

"That's witch!" Revis.

"Revis that's enough. calm down. You're being rude calling some witch." Bell.

"I-I'm sorry Bell-sama." Revis looked down.

"Also, Syr-san you should not do something like that in front of many people. Also your word about Revis being a bodyguard it's bit harass." Bell.

"But she just a bodyguard, right?" Syr.

"She is my comrade. My new family. She may appointed to be my bodyguard but she still someone that important to me. I can make her to stop become my bodyguard and appoint her become my lover right now if i want to do it." Bell using his serious face.

All the girl include Revis shocked at Bell statement. Revis is blushed so much because Bell bold statement. To think Bell will fight back Syr with such statement, she cannot help herself but to feel happy. Leaving the lover thing, for Revis she already happy for her captain defend her. Syr is pouting because Bell always being kind to any girl he meet.

"So mean, i just want to tease her a bit because she keep look at your face while eating. I'm sorry for tease too far." Syr struck out her tongue while smiling.

"Eh?" Revis.

"You keep looking Bell-san with eyes full of love. So i just want to tease you a bit. I never think Bell-san will defend you like this. Now i'm so jealous at you." Syr pout.

"N-N-N-N-Noooo! I-I-I-I'm not! I'm just make a sure Bell-sama is okay! After all there no way Bell-sama will attracted to me." as she mumbled softly at the last part. Revis voice tone also change to more girly than usual. She even didn't notice that her voice sound differently.

""""KAWAIIIII!"""" even Welf also blushed.

"No need to be like that. i'm just joking, right Bell-san?" Syr

Bell in other hand just blushing while looking other way. He cannot deny that Revis is very adorable. The way she talking just now, giving a different vibe of her. Right now Revis really had a innocent girl face while looking at Bell. A single tear can been seen in Revis right eye.

"I-I-I don't know." Bell blushed.

"Bell-sama like it?!" Lili

"There no mistaken, Bell-sama must think Revis was cute! I also want Bell-sama think i'm cute!" Airmid.

"Stop teasing her already. Revis g-get some l-lunch now." Bell.

"H-Haik Bell-sama." Revis again using a soft girl voice.

"For some reason i feel losing right now... " Syr.

"Why they look like having crush to each other?!" Mikoto.

"Ughhh! I also want to have a lovely conversation with Captain!?" Naaza

"Revis you playing unfair for using you girly voice and attitude to seduce Bell-sama" Filvis pout.

"Revis-san is so kawaiiii!"

"She even look more girly like that!"

"Stop calling me like that or i will make a sure you cannot walk!" The boy got silent after Revis give a hard glare.

"We are sorry." all the boy scared to death.

"Ugghh! Now everyone hear my real voice beside Bell-sama. I just want Bell-sama is the only one who hear my voice. ugghh! I hate this!" Revis

"Oh yeah, Mia-san. I see there a reserved place as well. Who will coming?" Bell.

"You will know when they coming here. And i believe you will know them." Mia smirk.

Suddenly the door was opened and reveal Finn who standing in front of the door. And again some adventure who being there had surprised look in their face.

"Yare-yare to think Finn-san also come here." Bell.

"Oiii… Stop copying my way of talking. It's not suit you after all." Finn.

"Where are the other?" Bell.

"On the back. They will coming in." Finn smiled.

The door was opened again. This time Gareth, Bete, Ais, Tiona, Tione, Riveria, Lefiya and Raul enter the place. All adventure was surprised with all of the Loki Familia executive enter the place. In other hand Welf, Mikoto, Lili, Filvis, Revis, Naaza and Airmid also stand up suddenly and move toward their captain. same like to Loki familia member who also move toward their captain.


"To think the 2 big familia in Hostess Fertility…"

The other adventure can feel the pressure between 2 Familia. Both familia power was balanced. Both of them had Sword user. They had a good front line. their difference is Hestia Familia have 2 Sniper, Loki Familia have 2 mage.

"Why are you all so tense?" Bell

"Yeah, i'm also curious about it." Finn.

"How can we cannot feel any tense!" scream all adventure that watching them.

Bell sigh. "Adventure this day take a matter to seriously."

Finn also do the same. "I know. It's really pain for see some adventure like that."

Suddenly, Both Bell and Finn clashed both of their fist and create a shockwave make some table and chair fly away. Not only the table and the chair, some low adventure got knocked a bit by the shockwave. Only the Member Of Hestia Familia and Loki Familia can withstand both of their leader power right now.

"Su-Sugoi… one year he gone to a journey and he already match with Captain strength." Tione

"To think i see this power in front of my eyes, It's make feel so weak right now even though i'm mid tier level 5." Revis.

Bell and Finn smirk to each other. Both of them throw something to Mia. Mia who already know just catch it without saying a word.

"Both of you shall stop doing this habit every time both of you meet." Mia

"Sorry Mia-san, that's a bad habit of us." Finn.

"i already put more money to you buy more durable table and chair." Bell.

"That's not the issue stupid! You guys might scare away my customer!" Mia.

""Ohh! Gomensai…."" Both of them saying that with innocent look in their face.

"Are they really a captain of big familia?" all adventure sweat-dropped.



Both Familia ended sit together. Revis always make a sure Bell is safe. Not because she afraid there an assassin after Bell, but Ais, Riveria, Lefiya and Tiona keep looking at Bell with love in their eyes. In other hand, Bete seem interested at Revis. Bete don't know why he attracted to her. Maybe because she giving same vibe like Ais.

"Oh ya, You are the new Hestia Familia member?" Bete.

"Yeah… What do you want [[ Vanagard ]]?"

"So you know about me. It's cannot be helped. I'm famous anyway." Bete.

"it's a common thing for us as level 5 adventure know each other. After all we listed as first rank adventure in Guild board." Revis.

"So you are level 5? Why are you join Hestia Familia? Loki Familia more suit to you. You just waste your power with them anyway." Bete

Revis who begin understand that this werewolf want to look down her familia. Just look at Bete with boring look. Revis just answer Bete without looking at him.

"Because i had my right to choose where am i gonna join." Revis.

"Cih… Hestia Familia consider as Big, it just because that's stupid rabbit brat they consider as the strong familia. But they just a bunch low level adventure." Bete.

"Bete stop that." Riveria,

"Stop talking bad about my familia especially my captain. As his bodyguard i cannot accept such word toward my captain." Revis.

"Wait-wait! You are that rabbit brat bodyguard?"

"Yes… and my duty is to protect him from any harm." Revis.



Bete laugh like crazy werewolf. In other hand, Revis just ignore him and even did not look at him anymore and checked at her captain again. More like she actually pissed off by Bete attitude toward her captain.

"Something wrong, Revis?"

"No Captain, I'm just refresh my mind after talked with stupid werewolf." Revis smile to Bell.

All who hearing that just giggle at Revis bold statement. Bete a bit annoyed by Revis but he play it cool.

"Hah! You better find someone better than your captain. How about we go out sometime? And maybe we can know each other better?"

"Seriously? is Bete just ask a girl out beside Ais?" Tiona

"It's really rare to see him interested with another familia girl." Gareth

"Finally i can free from him." Ais.

Revis who a bit disturbed by Bete begin stay away from Bete and hide behind Bell. Bell in other hand just surprised with Revis act.

"Bell-sama please don't let that werewolf near me." Revis.

"That's rude manner, Revis. Bete-san is a good guy." Bell.

"I'm really sorry, Bell-sama. Even if it's you say that to me, i'm still cannot think he is good person. he even insult you, Bell-sama. I already at my limit to hold my anger." Revis.

"Hahahaa~ that's girl was the best.. Hahaha~." Gareth laugh so much.

"Grr! Why are you so attached with that rabbit? I admit that this stupid rabbit is strong. are you attached to him because he strong?! i'm also strong you know! " Bete

"That's because My Oni-sama is a kind gentleman who always being kind. Not some Werewolf who just know how to insult and looking down on people. I bet Revis-san also think the same." Lefiya

Gareth laugh again. "Nice one Lefiya~ hahaha."

Bell sigh. "Lefiya, stop picking fight with Bete-san."

"Nii-sama, I'm just stating a fact. It's depend on him can take the fact or not." Lefiya.

"You stupid elf!" Bete

"Oh you must be Bell-sama little sister, Lefiya-sama." Revis.


"Bell-sama always talking about how he had a cute little sister, Lefiya-sama." Revis

Lefiya blushing. "R-Really? No need to add -sama in my name just call me Lefiya."

"Sorry, i afraid i cannot casually call my captain little sister without honorific."

"Is that so?" Lefiya sweat drop.

"Yeah. I'm Revis and your brother personal guard. I will do my best to protect your brother, Lefiya Sama." Revis.

"Thank for protecting my brother." Lefiya smile.

"I'm still not do my rule yet. I'm just become Hestia Familia member 2 days ago." Revis smile.

"Don't ignore me!" Bete.

"Forget about asking girl out, she already reject your offer, dummy." Riveria.

"Shut up you stupid old elf." Bete.

"But if i'm Revis, i will sure decline your offer, Bete." Tione.

"Uhmm... Me too. I want Bell invite me to a date." Ais.

"You cannot, stupid princess! Stay away from my Oni-sama?!" Lefiya.

"Aren't you guys too rude at Bete-san?" Bell sweat-dropped.

"I don't need your sympathy!" Bete.

"That's the reason why no girl want with you, Bete-san. You're too rude to Bell-sama. I bet you also rude to your own familia member." Naaza.

"Shut up you stupid chienthrope. I don't need your opinion." Bete.

"Okay. i will just back to eat." Naaza just going back to eat some meat.

"How about this, If i can win against you, You will go out with me!" Bete.

"Bete cut it out. Don't do something at your will. Think you manner." Finn finally talked this time.

Finn think Bete always keep messing with Hestia Familia. Bell always being so kind to his familia and he didn't want make any problem to Bell again. If Bete really out of control, he already decide to beat the werewolf by himself.

"Revis, you can accept the duel. Show your training result to that werewolf." Bell.

"Haik , Bell-sama. After all i want to show you that i also grow stronger so i can protect you." Revis.

"Bell are you serious? Bete is-" Finn

Bell smile. "It's okay. I know Bete is known as fastest adventure in Orario with Allen. But that's not mean Revis is weak."

Finn suddenly understand something. Finn begin to smile. "So in term strength Revis is winner."

"i don't say anything." Bell smiled.

"This match is already decide anyway." Bell

As the battle begin Revis already disappear from the sight, Bete who look shocked cannot react again and get a clean hit by Revis fist. With her immense strength, Bete knocked out with one punch. People who watch the duel speechless because Revis already knocked down Bete in a second. No one cannot saw Revis movement at all. But Ais and the other can see Revis. Also Revis strength also really scary.


"I cannot see how she move when she attack the [[ Vanagard ]]."

"Ahh~ Look like i'm overdo it." Revis

"That's skill…" Tiona.

"The only skill that can match Bete speed, [[ Shadow step ]]. I never seen that's skill before, because it's a rare skill." Riveria.

"Not only that, In term strength she may at level 6." Tione.

"Look like Tiona gonna have a rival." Gareth

"To be honest i begin want to invite a duel with her." Tiona.

"Me too. I want to having a duel with Bell personal guard." Ais.

Finn who saw the fight only can smile at Bell. "Looks like you got a strong comrade this time. Training camp will be fun."

"You can expect it, Finn-san. They manage to hit me when i train them." Bell.

All adventure who in there shocked about Bell announcement. Even Finn shocked at Bell statement.

"B-B-Bell got hit?!" Riveria.

"I-Impossible… B-Bell-nii-sama is know as the most fastest speed and reaction when come to battle." Lefiya.

"We ever try to hit Bell-san but none of use success land a hit to him?!" Raul.

"UHmm.. s-sorry it's really rare to see Bell-sama got hit?" Filvis.

"OF COURSE IT'S RARE MOMENT!." all of them.

"At least if you is strong enough like Ottarl-sama or Finn-sama maybe you can hit him. " Tione.

"Now you got me pumped. If you Familia team can hit you, At least they can give me some fun." Finn begin smirk.

"It's because i give them a training to fight against me." Bell.

"When come to Familia matter you always do extra thing like that. I must also prepare my familia or My familia will leave behind." Finn smiled.

Revis run to Bell while smiling. Bell just proud because Revis win the duel. Revis also feel the same. She proud to herself because she show to them that she deserve to stand along with Bell.

"Bell-sama i won!" Revis smile.

"Good job Revis." Bell just patted Revis head casually.

Revis shocked at Bell action and she got blush also flustered. Her face was so hot that she even cannot think properly. But the other girl already pout and looking at Bell. Revis in other hand just keep enjoy the pat from Bell while smiling.

"If i can get a pat from Bell-sama, i don't mind to keep accept someone duel" Revis.

And that's how Revis finally realize that she already fall to her captain charm.




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