Hodaka wanted to fly. He wanted to be free from everything. One day, he was going home from school. On his way, he saw black clouds chasing him. He was so distressed but tried moving forward hard by bike. He hated everything around him. Parents were noisy about his scores. They wished he would enter a good university to get a good job. Hodaka didn't want to study at school anymore. He wanted to discover a new thing. Something exciting. He wanted to run away from his parents.

As if the black clouds stopped him, soon it began raining hard. His bike nearly fell down on the ground. Squinting at the cliff in the distance, he tried to catch a glimpse of the sun light. The thin shaft of light from the grey sky was seen. Hit by fat drops of rain, he pedaled his bike up the slope. When he reached to the top, he got off. The shaft of light had already gone far on the sea.