Based on the Young Justice fanfiction "With This Ring".

Once, there was a warrior named Xalitan Xor, who served his master faithfully, and fell in love with his master's daughter. But there was another who envied him and wanted the daughter for himself, and he accused Xor of a crime he did not commit. Xor's master stripped him of his rank, his name, and his tongue, and sent him away to a distant world.

And because Xor could not talk, the inhabitants of that world could not understand him, and they were afraid of him, and in their fear they attacked him. But a man came and stopped the fighting, and called himself Illustres, and he had a magic ring that let him speak with anyone, and he asked Xor what he wanted. And Xor asked to have his name and his tongue back, so that he could defend himself. And Illustres sighed, and gave him the ring, and Xor could talk to people again.

But the people took him and brought him to their place of judgement, to decide what to do with him. And their laws and customs were strange, so that even with the ring, Xor could not understand what to do or say. And Illustres brought a man to defend him, who knew the laws and spoke eloquently, and Xor was set free.

And once he was free, Illustres took him to see the world, and asked him again what he wanted, and Xor said that he wanted to fix his mistakes. And Illustres looked at him, and gave him the power to heal any injury or illness. And Xor went out to heal those who were hurt in the fight, but they were still afraid of him, and those whom he had not healed began to complain about being neglected, and the world still did not want him there.

And Illustres took Xor out into space, and asked him what he wanted. And Xor was angry at how he had been treated, and he asked to fight against wrongdoers. And Illustres sighed again, and gave him power to travel among the stars unaided. And Xor went out, and found a pirate ship, and tore it open with his great strength, but inside he found no pirates, only a crew who had been falsely accused as he had been. And Illustres came and rescued them, and took them to their homes, and asked Xor again what he wanted.

And Xor thought upon the things that had happened, and said that he wanted to understand the truth. And Illustres smiled, and they went together to Xor's home, and found out the truth behind the crime and published it far and wide. And Xor married his former master's daughter, and together they set out to bring truth and justice to others who had been wronged.

And Illustres had what he wanted.