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The city around Shirou was ablaze, the sky a dark ash, while everything else was in ruins. It was a scorching pit of death, yet he was happier than ever.

This was it, he could feel that his meeting with Artoria would be soon. His Saber… Would she remember him? Even though Shirou Emiya was in the middle of one of his recurring nightmares, he felt a joy like no other. Surely he would summon her, he had no other catalyst besides Avalon.

At least he felt excited, the other master beside him looked as if they were completely out of place. They probably had no idea what they had to do or why they rayshifted in the first place.

The uniform she wore was dirty, tainted liked the rest of this place. Her red hair glistened with sweat, while dust and grime coated her hands. She was sorta plain looking, just like himself if he was honest.

This was Ritsuka Fujimaru or as the staff at Chaldea would say: Gudako aka The Boring Girl. She has red hair like him, it was one of the traits that stood out the most so far.

"If you guys don't hurry up then we will all die out here! I'm sick of being shot at while you flail around uselessly."

Ah, that was Olga Marie Animusphere, the head director of the base that will save humanity. Marie, just like everyone else, had been covered in ash. Her face was scrunched up as if this entire place had offended her. She was trying to hold her pride as the head director, but being shot at had ended her high and mighty act.

"Mh, not you Shirou… You have actually been quite the help. Though it was stupid of you to try and combat a servant!"

Praise? From Marie? Or should he say Olga? She was starting to remind him of Rin… Even if she tried to hide the blush that came with the comment, it wouldn't have escaped Shirou. His own eyes were the eyes of an Archer, one that was very annoying in fact.

"Ah sorry! I'll finish up now!"

Ritsuka looked quite fed up with Marie, even if she wasn't suited to combat she at least wasn't bossing them all around. In all honesty, Shirou felt bad for the poor girl. She obviously had no idea why she had been put in this situation.

"You may go first Ritsuka, I feel that your summoning will be great." "S-H-I-R-O-U, how many times have I told you? Call me Fuji or Ritsu, anything else and I'll hit you!"

Oops, forgot to call her Ritsu again. There is no way in hell that Shirou Emiya would call his new friend Fuji. Reminds him too much of his 'caretaker'.

"Sorry Ritsu, but I feel that it's impolite?"

He didn't want it to sound like a question but oh well.

"I'll ignore it for now, but I'll make Mash bully you if you try to call me by name."

And with that, she had finally started to summon her servants. The walls of the cave sparked with great intensity. The light reflected off the surface, it lit up the cave like a beacon. Shirou felt like smirking while looking at Ritsu, she was awestruck. The light brightened up the cave enough for him to see that all in all, Ritsu wasn't that bad to look at.

While the area glowed a bright blue, he thought about 'Mash' or Mashu Kyrielight. She is a nice, honest girl, who somehow became a demi-servant. Yea it was weird at first but hey, Shirou would never want an innocent to die.

If it was anything, Shirou thought that Mash was a homunculus at first. The way she acted, her looks, and the secret project that no one else knew about beside Marie and herself. His first time seeing her bought back memories of Illya. The girl he couldn't save, the one that Gilgamesh had killed.

In all honesty, he was glad that she was saved by a heroic spirit. Shirou knew that he had to tell her about Galahad, he would once he got the chance.

Once the summoning was over all Shirou could do was laugh. "

Ah? Shirou why are you laughing like that? Its kinda scary so could you stop? Now I feel self conscious…"

Looking back on it, he felt bad for laughing at her, or rather the people she summoned. She looked hurt, as if he had just stomped on her hopes of being a master. She obviously didn't understand what was so funny.

"Archer and Berserker? Both from my own grail war?"

Archer looked ready to kill someone, probably himself if Shirou was honest. Berserker looked hardly amused, the great Heracles just stood there, waiting for his masters command. It was funny to him, both himself and Archer had been made here. They were now back where they began.

"Ah Shirou, why can I not escape from this fate? Leave me alone already with your cancerous ideals!"

His face was scrunched up as if he really had to take a shit, but couldn't. It sent Shirou in another fit of laughter.

"You know Shirou? And Shirou knows you?"

Ritsu probably had no idea what was going on. She was confused, as any normal person would be. She tilted her head in a way that reminded him of a curious cat. This only aided him in laughing even more.

"Yes master I know him-" "Well he is myself after all."

If Archer wasn't already annoyed with Shirou then he was now. His usual smug face was wrought into a frown. Shirou could feel the annoyance radiating off of him.

"WHAT! You turn into a heroic spirit Shirou? And what was that about a Holy Grail War? What even is my life anymore?"

She looked like a panic attack waiting to happen.

"Well Archer is another version of me, one I wish to avoid, but will most likely follow if I can't reach Avalon."

She looked even more confused. It was as if the world was unraveling around her. Was she questioning her own existence right now? It sure looked that way.

"Anyway I'll tell you about this stuff later! I need to summon my Saber."

As he got to work a shrill scream rang out. Yep, that was definitely Marie.

"You guys are taking too long! I'm not as good of a servant since I'm a Caster so get out here and protect the lady!"

Ah, another funny thing about all of this. The man who had killed him once, Cu Chulainn, was a Caster in this singularity. He also seemed to remember a different Grail War, but apparently in that universe he still killed Shirou.

"Alright Archer Shirou and Berserker, lets go kick some ass! I'll probably be hiding but whatever!"

The so called 'Archer Shirou' looked ready to kill himself, or rather his other self. It was hard to tell if he was constipated or if he wanted the world to burn. Wait, wasn't that already happening right now?

"I'll try to finish quickly so we could get this over with." "Ha, never thought that a man would actually say something like that!"

God damn it Cu, he's not talking about sex. If Shirou tried hard enough he could practically see the smile on the Casters face.

When the troop had left all he could hear was his own breathing… Well that and sword spam that echoed all around the cave. This was it, his Saber would be in his grasp and then finally he could hold her close.

As he started the summoning ritual he realized something was wrong. Why was the cave bathed in a dark red? What happened to the soothing blue light? Was eerie music playing? Oh no, he must have messed something up.

"My name is Artoria Pendragon, I am of the Lancer class and I shall annihilate your enemies my Mast-"

All of a sudden his brain was on fire, he summoned Saber as a Lancer, she has demonic armor on, and her horse looks evil!

"S-Shirou is that you? I thought that they put a designation seal on you… My one true lover come here." Huh? "Wait your Artoria right?"

She slowly took off her helmet and dismounted her horse. Her face held an ethereal quality to it, as if such beauty wasn't possible. She was as surprised as he was, if not even more than himself.

"Of course I am! And you are Shirou correct? Shirou Emiya, the one who helped save the world from a corrupt cup!"

She was stunning, the woman standing in front of him looked exactly like his Saber. Well, maybe this one was a little older but it still stood that this was Artoria, just not his own.

"I did participate in the Grail War, and with Saber I had destroyed the corrupt Grail." "Yes exactly! While you kept me on a tight leash I came to realize how amazing you are! You are the only one who could dominate me!" Huh!? "Yes, I relish in my defeat, only if it is by your hand."

He was stunned, this was definitely not his Saber. Her lust filled gaze started a hole into his head. Her body language screamed want and she looked ready to take him right there. How would he get out of this situation without being scarred for life?

"Damn kid you move fast! Not even a ladies man like me could have done that in mere minutes."

Cu, now is not the time for jokes… Can't you see that he has no idea, or a clue about the universe that she is talking about? Also get this woman away from him!

"Wait Shirou… Did you say Saber back there?

Her gaze caused a chill to go up his spine. It was frightening, fierce, and a little sad. He swore to himself that he never wanted to see her like this again. Even if it was suicide, he had to tell her the truth. He wouldn't even wish for Archer to have to deal with this.

"Ah yes, I destroyed the cup with a Saber version of you. I am sorry that I am not the Shirou you thought I was."

Damn, now she flat out looks depressed. Her gaze was cast to the ground, all while she trembled with either rage or sadness. Maybe he should cheer her up, he didn't really feel like dying today.

"How about this Artoria, since we are a Master and Servant pair maybe we could figure this out? I mean if you are anything like Saber then I know that your a good person."

Her face lit up as if he had said the one thing she wanted to hear. It was a pleasant surprise when he felt his heart turn in his very own chest.

"Yes if this Shirou is anything like the other…"

She squeezed her legs together. Ah, she looked a little too excited and Shirou could only pray he had said the right thing.

"I accept your proposal Shirou, do not disappoint me or I will teach you how to act."

It was impossible to miss her not so subtle threat. It made Shirou pause all higher brain function. All he knew now was that this was probably going to be a wild ride.

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