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"You know very well that I don't feel comfortable with all the Potters in the house. Maybe when the little demons are older and have become somewhat decent human beings, then they can come over," Severus muttered from the couch, Aidan sitting on his lap as his father read to him.

"Don't talk that way," Hermione reprimanded from her nearby desk where she was reviewing lesson plans. "We don't want Aidan hearing and saying such things. And anyways, he needs to interact with children his own age, and Artie, Albus, and Jimmy are very eager to meet him."

"Do you really want our son to frolic with children who have names of a house-elf?" Severus replied sarcastically while Aidan slapped his cheek restlessly, wanting the story to continue.

Hermione sighed. "Listen, tomorrow will come, and Ginny and Harry will be here. They'll keep their kids under control."

"Of course, like last time," Severus grumbled, turning the page of Aidan's book and continuing on with his reading.


Artie Potter was an expert in biting. No one who knew him had escaped from one of his bites. And, ever since his teeth had started to come in, he was able to make his way between his brothers with his teeth, quite literally. He was only two years old, but he was quite big with predominant Weasley genes he looked like his uncle Ron. He was one of those children who are only cute when they're sleeping.

Aidan really wasn't the most sociable child. He could spend hours playing quietly with his blocks, and now, this Artie boy was being very upsetting. Aidan loved to build large towers of blocks and then tear them down. However, the other boy would let Aidan finish his tower before knocking it down. Aidan suddenly stood up, his small legs having grown quite strong, and shouted a loud, "No! Mine!" He bent down and picked up some large blocks, hugging them to his chest to keep them out of reach of the other child.

Artie, the youngest in the family, not accustomed to ever receiving no for an answer, tried to pull one of the blocks from Aidan's hand while crying loudly.

This was the scene Hermione found when she went to check on the children in the room. Her son continued to repeat, "Mine, mine, mine," as her nephew started to pull the blocks away with unintelligible, but clearly frustrated screams.

She turned back to the kitchen momentarily where Harry and Ginny were quietly talking with a tearful Alby Potter who was begging for a biscuit.

Turning back, Hermione quickly approached the children and separated them, holding each by an arm.

"Children, that is enough," she said, looking at them both carefully. Her son had bright eyes which looked on the edge of tears, and Artie had a face red with tear tracks already running across it. "There are enough blocks for the both of you. Aidan, you must learn to share. Artie came to play with you."

Aidan, though still with a small pout, extended a small arm with a block in his hand in the direction of Artie, though clearly reluctant. Artie, though, already quite annoyed, didn't have much desire to play anymore and with a quick movement, bit Aidan on the arm.

Aidan, who up until now had maintained his composure (as much as a two year old child could) screamed in pain and began to cry heavily.


Severus decided to sneak out of the meeting for a while. Now, he was sitting at his desk in the lab, reviewing some order forms and statements. Since he'd been down in the den, he had had to listen to the frequent screams, shrieks, and constant crying. He became aware of how loud the Potter children were, but after a few minutes he was able to tune out the sound.

However, the crying he'd been able to somewhat ignore for the past few minutes, suddenly grew louder and was entirely distracting. It was much louder than the occasional noises he'd heard and he knew that this time, it wasn't a Potter child, it was his son.

Alarmed by the safety of Aidan, he ran up the basement stairs, forgetting to shut the laboratory door. He went directly to the sitting room, entering just at the moment when Aidan threw a building block at Artie Potter's head, a frazzled Hermione trying to keep them separated.

Severus was shocked by the violent gesture that wasn't characteristic of his son. He quickly approached, looking for some kind of explanation. But then, he saw red on the skin of his son's arm where the indents of the Potter brat's teeth were clearly marked.

"Aidan –" Severus spoke, moderating his tone, trying not to scare the already emotional child.

The boy looked up slowly, his face furrowed with tears and sad expression. He quickly ran to his father and jumped into his arms, eyes blurred by tears.

Severus held his son close while he cried disconsolately into the hollow of his father's neck. Severus watched his wife who had found some ice in the freezer, applying it to Artie's head where a bump was beginning to form. Ginny had come in, hearing the commotion, and picked her son up, holding the ice onto her son's head. Artie was writhing in tears, his mother's arms holding him tight, trying to calm him down. Hermione approached her husband and son in a corner of the living room, gently running her hand over his back to reassure his little baby.

"Aidan, love," she said calmly, close to her son's ear. "You shouldn't throw things at Artie, baby. I know he shouldn't have bitten you, but we've talked about this before, Aidan. Throwing things is not right."

Aidan pulled his head from his father's neck and looked at his parents, his eyes still red.

"Daddy, Daddy," the boy muttered softly, pointing a finger at his wounded arm.

Severus quickly summoned two different bottles from his warehouse which flew to his hand. He gestured for Harry, standing near Ginny, to come closer.

"Potter, it would be appreciated if, next time, Arthur keeps his teeth to himself," Severus said rather coldly. His hand tightened around the bottle in his hand. A potion for a child's bruises. "Aidan is not aggressive, but he won't remain calm if someone hurts him."

Harry nodded, knowing the mania of his youngest son. Alby and Jimmy had also suffered a good deal of bites, and he and his wife had hoped it was only a stage. Harry approached Artie and proceeded to rub a thick substance onto his son's forehead.

"Now, little one, this will burn a little but it will make it stop hurting, okay?" Severus said, holding his son with one arm and passing a bottle to Hermione with the other. "Mummy will put it on and make you feel better, alright?"

Aidan merely nodded and let the ointment go on, calm as could be, obviously exhausted from the situation; he didn't have much energy to spare for complaints.


Alby Potter was the nightmare of anyone who enjoyed order. He had four solid years under his belt of nothing but disobedience, crying uncontrollably when not given his way, and tantrums. He would scratch and hit people who took him away from something, he seeked attention and control over all the Potter children. Therefore, he happened to be the one that Severus wanted to put a permanent silencing spell on the most.

Taking advantage of the uproar caused by his younger brother, Alby decided that he would have those cookies that his parents had odiously denied him. He grabbed at the plate and grabbed a handful, dodging quickly under the table, eating them quickly and smiling broadly.

After eating as many cookies as possible, he decided that he was very bored and so went out to explore a little. In the kitchen was Teddy, playing on his video game. Teddy never lent it to Alby, and that bothered the little boy a little. He thought of himself as already being a big boy. His dad had promised him that if he was also a good boy, he would buy him a video game as well, but sadly, Alby knew that his birthday wasn't for quite a while yet. With a pout on his lips, bored and annoyed, Alby first noticed something on the table. It was a notebook or something similar. Padding over to it, he opened it and decided to grab a nearby pen. He knew his parents loved his drawings so he concluded that if he drew a very nice picture, maybe his parents would buy him a video game sooner.

Smiling at what a good idea it was, he started to draw. After a while, however, he thought the picture was too small. He knew it had to be a great big drawing to convince his parents to buy him the game, so he stopped drawing, calmly formulating a new plan.


Severus was very upset with Potter and his offspring at the moment for making him entertain them with this ridiculous meal. Aidan was still tied to him like a monkey, quietly playing with the buttons of his father's shirt, clearly drained by all the previous action. However, the youngest Potter child was obviously not phased at all by the events for he was jumping on the sofa like a trampoline as though nothing had happened at all.

His parents, once again oblivious to him, were talking to Hermione, holding a tense smile on her face, not tearing her eyes away from Artie jumping precariously on the couch.

Suddenly, a crash resonated through the house. It was the unmistakable sound of glass breaking. And it came from the basement. Severus was quickly reminded of his spectacular exit from the lab and the non-existent safety measure he left it with. Moving quickly and handing Aidan to Hermione, he quickly ran to the lab. And he knew that there could only be one explanation. The Potter children were at it again.


Jimmy Potter was an imp requiring careful supervision, six years of incredible foolishness had done nothing to make him more mature. With the tendency to see with his hands and the delicacy of a rhinoceros, he was the terror to glass objects, delicate objects, or family heirlooms. Often, he ran into them or broke them by accident. He like to "borrow" people's things frequently. He had big blue puppy eyes which earned him the indulgence of his parents, but when they visited the Snape home, Severus made sure to collect everything important out of reach of the boy. Sadly, though, it didn't always work.

Wandering downstairs, James found a door standing ajar. This place had always intrigued him because he was not here very often. When he did, however, he loved to explore all of the strange things he could. In all his explorations, this door had never been open. Always it had been tightly locked shut. One time, his hand had gotten burned while trying to open the door, as well as intimidated by the eyes of his creepy uncle. Today, however, the uncle in question was busy and distracted by his little brother. Jimmy knew the pain of his brother's bites, and he had to admit that he felt slightly sorry for the baby.

Going down the stairs, taking care not to make much noise, Jimmy arrived in what appeared to be a laboratory/office. There was even a children's pen in the corner like the one for Artie with small children's things inside it. That really didn't draw much attention though. No. What intrigued Jimmy were the many jars all along the nearby shelves. And, without fear of being discovered, Jimmy ran forward and tried to take one of the jars off the shelf. Not expecting it to be that heavy, though, as soon as it was free of the shelf, it slipped from Jimmy's hand and crashed onto the floor. Glass spun everywhere, making a dangerous and disgusting mixture of viscous liquid, hard shards of glass, and multiple, slimy eyes of a doubtful origin.


The first thing Severus found was obviously the open door of his lab. Cursing internally, he quickly proceeded into the room, the other adults behind him.

Fortunately, James was unharmed as of yet, though covered from head to toe in a sticky substance. His parents ran to him, casting diagnostic spells around him without considering, even for a moment, that the substances could be possibly volatile. Luckily, though, Severus had no volatile potions in the lab at that time.

Already losing patience and incredibly angry at the parents' passivity in not properly disciplining their children, he spoke with traces of the dread potions master.

"Enough! Please, withdraw from my laboratory and keep your offspring out of here. Reckless magic like that could've caused on explosion. And just so you know, that ingredient there was very valuable, Potter, and very difficult to acquire. You are being disrespectful of my work and my home and I hope to be reimbursed for all the trouble this has caused me and my wife."

Knowing the explosive temperament of Severus Snape, the Potters quickly retreated with an apology, dragging Jimmy along by the arm.

After everyone had returned upstairs and the disaster had been cleared away, Severus took a deep breath. It seemed that the situation was under control. Aidan was laying his mother's arms while she talked to Ginny and Harry who kept Artie who was (thank Merlin) asleep in his father's lap and Jimmy, who sat next to him. The elder boy bore a frown that screamed for hours that he was grounded.


Entering the room quietly and sitting on one of the chairs was Teddy. His appearance indicated that his video game had run out of battery and was now forced to socialize. He had been so engrossed in his game that he hadn't even realized the entire disaster that had happened in the living room and then the basement or disaster he left behind in the kitchen.

Teddy Lupin, adopted by the Potters when he was four years due to his grandmother's death, was the only Potter child that was half tolerable. Not always though. He was calm, at least as calm as a twelve year old could be - when visiting your Deputy headmistress you tended to maintain a medium decency level, . He could have conversations for hours about Quidditch and maintained a constant changing of hair color, giving the boy the appearance of a walking neon sign. Severus often developed migraines around him.

Aidan, curious to see someone with such strange hair, slid off his mother and walked cautiously to the curious stranger. When he was right in front of Teddy, the elder boy morphed his features into a funny look, making Aidan laugh. Having been around three young brothers, Teddy had picked up a few things on cheering them up.

The atmosphere was now much calmer with the Potter children now sleeping, punished and playing an excellent babysitter. Severus felt he could finally breathe a little easier and joined in the conversation every now and then. Hermione and Harry and Ginny were talking about children, constantly being glanced at by one of the parents.

"Have you thought of any more children?" Ginny asked with bright eyes. "Siblings are good for children I think." Severus snorted at that wild comment, though internally. What would do to those children good is more discipline, not siblings.

"It really isn't something we've thought about. Aidan deserves all our attention for the time being and for now I think it's more than enough. A new adoption process is somewhat tedious," Hermione replied, leaning into the side of her husband who summoned some glasses and a bottle of wine from the kitchen.

Being a person of impeccable manners, though reluctant to show them, Severus poured all the adults glasses before placing them down on the coffee table politely. After taking a sip of his and offering one to his wife, he gestured to the guests to take one while he took another sip.

"No thanks, Severus," Ginny commented. "We wanted to wait till the food to announce in but I'm actually pregnant!" she announced happily.

Severus choked on his drink as he suddenly had the image of another Potter in this world. Rolling her eyes at the drama of her husband, Hermione ran forward to hug her friends and congratulate them. While he was stealing Aidan's attention she'd been playing with some action figures so far with Teddy.

"We're really very happy," Harry said. "It may be a girl this time," he said excitedly.

"I'm hungry," Teddy suddenly spoke, staring accusingly at the adults as if the main point of the meeting had been forgotten. "When are we going to eat?"

Severus could only think of how bad it would be if Aidan's manners morphed into anything remotely like these children's.

"Let's go do that, honey," Hermione replied, standing up and directing everyone to the kitchen. But as they entered, she let out a loud exclamation

Severus suddenly knew what it was. They had left a Potter loose in the house without supervision. The children outnumbered them. Sighing, he approached, just to see another disaster.

He saw the great stain immediately. His white walls was now scratched with childish strokes. He knew that with the arrival of Aidan, childish pranks were inevitable, but this was not mischief. This was, frankly, vandalism. Alby Potter stood by the wall, smiling happily.



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