Chapter 1

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Welp. It was official. She had no idea where she was. And she couldn't ask for directions either, as she didn't speak Italian. Harry sighed and turned left, hoping that she'd either see something she recognized or run into someone who spoke English. The language barrier was the reason she wandered father from her new house than normal. She was trying to find books that would teach her Italian. All she accomplished was getting lost.

Her third year at Hogwarts ended with her relatives picking her up at kings cross and driving straight to an airport. Vernon had gotten a job promotion, which is why he packed up and moved countries. Good thing the muggle at the bag search believed her excuse of a cosplay event for why she had the wizarding stuff.

That was two weeks ago. She was adjusting to living in Italy easily enough. The house her relatives lived in was a nice two story with a walk in basement. The basement was fully equipped with its own bathroom, bedroom, living room area, and kitchen which made it a perfect place for Harry to live. She basically lived on her own but was still technically living with her relatives. They got to pretend the other didn't exist and everyone was happy. And since Harry had her own entrance to the basement, she didn't have to worry about accidentally running into the Dursleys at all.

Harry was even given a monthly allowance to buy her own food. The allowance basically allowed her to live as a broke college student. However it did allow her to take a cab to where Hermione found the entrance to the magical enclave. She was able to get plenty of cash so she could buy proper furniture, clothes, and groceries. The stuff already in the basement was better off just being thrown out and replaced. The walls and stuff needed repairs as well but the Italian ministry was much more lax about underage magic at home than the English. As long as she upheld the statue of secrecy then she was free to use magic in her own home.

Harry had registered with the Italian ministry the same day she had went to the bank. She didn't even know she would need to do that until the goblin she was with explained things to her. He was a lot nicer than the goblins at the English branch. He actually helped her with registering and explained about magic usage for underage children. He gave her a pamphlet (the Italians used actual paper instead of parchment. Harry was loving them more and more each day.) about certain rules she'd need to know about magic usage in Italy. He even gave her directions to a store that sold enchanted bags so she wouldn't have to worry about her money being stolen.

Harry was snapped out of her thoughts when she collided with a wall. If it weren't for the wall's fast reflexes and strong arms, she surely would have hit the ground hard. Turns out the wall wasn't a wall at all, but a boy a couple years older than she was. He had blonde hair that covered his eyes and crown perched on his head. Something about him was dangerous but Harry's instincts said he wouldn't hurt her.

"I'm sorry!" Harry exclaimed once she got over her shock and the boy let her go. "I should have been paying more attention to where I was going," she said. The boy studied her for a moment before smirking.

"Ushishishi. Just watch yourself next time peasant. The prince won't be around to catch you a second time," the boy said. Harry nodded and the boy went on his way. By the time it registered that he actually spoke English, it was too late. He had already disappeared. The first person she found that spoke English and she forgot to ask for directions because she was too busy thinking about his looks. Harry sighed and continued walking. Although this time she didn't let her thoughts cause her to run into any more people.

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