Chapter 13

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It took a lot of arguing, death threats, and yelling before Bel was able to convince Squalo to allow him to go to England. After that phone call, the elite were suspicious. Not that Bel could blame them (he still would though) since he'd be suspicious too. But that didn't change the fact that the longer Bel spent arguing with them, the longer it took to get to Harry.

Tired of arguing and eager to hurry up and leave, Bel caved in and told them the truth. Harry was his girlfriend. They met when she got lost and bumped into him. A few hours later she found him again and asked for his help. He took her home and they talked a bit. When he returned to the manor he did an in depth search of her and her family. There were a few very large gaps, but it made sense all things considering. Digging a little deeper allowed him to fill those gaps. He deemed Harry not a threat and your typical civilian. But she still interested him. So Bel found himself going back there the next day. And every day he could after that. Being with Harry was relaxing. She accepted him and never once seemed phased by his quirks. In fact, she managed to amuse him further by scolding him for putting knife marks in her wall. Not even so much as a flinch for nearly being cut by the knife. That was all he would say to them on that matter. He would be willing (not really but as willing as could be) to revisit the conversation when he came back.

And now, sitting in his usual seat on the fastest Jet the Varia had, Bel found himself thinking. He would never meet someone like Harry again. Not that he would want to. He loved her, which was a strange concept to Bel. He never thought he could fall in love, let alone that someone would love him back. The first time Harry said that she loved him, Bel had felt his mind shut down. He hadn't been this happy since before Xanxus was frozen.

So Bel did something he never thought he would ever do. He contacted his grandfather. After killing his twin and escaping from his old life, Bel never expected to have anything to do with his biological family again. But that was also when he figured he'd never find someone worthy of his affections. If he was going to be with Harry, he was going to do things the proper way. He would court her, which meant he needed to get a few things. In order to get those things, he needed to contact his grandfather. Bel was surprised when, instead of a letter or phone call, the old man showed up in Italy. He wanted to meet the girl that held Bel's interest. Bel didn't have much of a choice but to introduce him to Harry.

The three of them went to lunch together. Harry was nervous at first but then relaxed. It was as if a switch had been switched. She went from a polite, bordering on shy girl to one full of excitement and happiness as she spoke. She came to life as she told her favorite story to his grandfather.

"They just had this intense staredown before Hedwig decided to approve of him. Next thing I know, she's treating him like he was her chick!" Harry said laughing at the memory. Bel didn't even notice he was smiling at her until a few minutes later. Harry excused herself to use the restroom and his grandfather took the opportunity to talk to Bel alone.

"She makes you happy," his grandfather commented. It wasn't a question, merely an observation, but Bel felt compelled to answer anyway.

"She does," he replied. His grandfather gave him a long stare. The one Bel remembered him using on the peasants that came and tried to mooch from their family during Bel's childhood. Then his grandfather laughed, a great booming sound that drew many eyes towards them from the surrounding civilians.

"She is good for you grandson. I approve of her." Those words caused Bel to release a breath that he wasn't even aware he was holding. Out of his family, his Grandparents were the ones Bel was closest too. They practically raised him. So to hear his grandfather approved of Harry was a weight off his shoulders. He may have abandoned his family, but he still cares deeply for his grandparents.

Harry rejoined them shortly after and they spent the rest of the day showing his grandfather around Italy before he had to return home. The next day, Bel received a package with the crown he wished to give Harry. It had been the gift his grandfather had given to his grandmother when he courted her. The same crown his mother wore when she was being courted by his father. The mate to the crown Bel currently wore. It was only fitting he gave it to Harry as he courted her. In a way, the crown symbolizes that Bel was serious about their relationship. Which is why Bel was anxious to hurry and return to her side. Harry needed him there. That was all there was to it.

In the end, it was decided that Mammon would accompany Bel. While he didn't like the assumptions this action implied, he would deal with it. At least it was Mammon and not the other three. After Xanxus, Mammon was the most tolerable member of the Varia. It was for this reason that they were Bel's normal partner on missions. They wouldn't get involved unless asked to and could keep a secret if needed.

And honestly...Bel had been planning how to introduce Harry to Mammon after her vacation anyway.

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