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Some people would say that not everyone is created equal.

In a world where people got random superpowers that ranged from extremely powerful to completely useless, and in a world where sometimes your dreams, status, and worth can be decided by these powers, it's easy to see why.

And for someone like Izuku Midoriya, who had no quirk, it seemed like he was destined for an insignificant life.

He was picked on day after day. His former best friends would call him Deku. Until his mother heard of this and punished him for it.

But that didn't stop him. He found a new name for him. Komori. The word for bat. Because much like a bat, Izuku lacked something important.

And for years people treated him like trash, and he just let them. Every day his dream of becoming a hero seemed more and more impossible.

Then one day. Something happened that would change his life forever.

That terrible day.

Seven-year-old Izuku Midoriya walked home, battered and bruised, from school.

Another day another beating. Bakugo had been picking on another student and of course, Izuku had to get involved.

When he got home he was greeted by his mother. But...something was wrong.

She rushed him inside and closed the door.

"Izuku I need you to go to Mitsuki's right now!" She said, her tone was rapid and she looked panicked.

"M-mom is everything ok?" Izuku asked, concerned by his mother's strange behavior.

"Y-yes." Inko lied. "I just need you to-"


Inko froze for a moment, then she quickly picked up Izuku and put him in the closet.

"I need you to stay here, and stay quiet," Inko whispered. "Promise me you'll do that."

Izuku nodded.


Inko swiftly closed the closet and turned to face the door.





Izuku heard the door being kicked open.

"Did you think you could hide from me?" He heard someone say.

Summoning all his will Izuku cracked the door open, just enough that he could see what was going on.

To his shock, the person that had broken into the house was, Frightening Bolt. Or just Bolt for short. A minor Pro-hero.

"Please, I didn't tell anyone!" Inko said trembling in fear. "Please don't ahhh!"

Bolt slapped Inko down to the floor.

"Like that matters." He said. "You saw. And since your too fucking fat for me to make any money off of, then you need to die."

Bolt then pulled out a gun from his belt.

Fear filled Izuku's body. He wanted more than anything to go and help his mother. But his legs refused to move.

"You see if I used my quirk people might suspect me." Bolt said. "But with this. No one will ever know."

"P-please, you're a hero. You're supposed to help people!" Inko begged.

Bolt smiled. "I am helping someone. Myself."


Izuku looked on, with shock and horror as his mother went limp.

So many emotions clashed inside of him, too many for him to process. So he went numb.

Everything was a blur. Bolt left, the police came and took him out of the closet.

They asked him a few questions and were barely able to get a despondent answer from the boy. All he could see and hear was the sight of his mother's body and the sound of the gun.

"He seems to be out of it sir." One of the police officers said.

"You would be too if you just saw your mom die." The chief said. "Anyway, we found his dad. Some big shot in America."

"Than let's send the kid to him." A detective said.

A week later in America.

Izuku was riding in a black limousine. The car was built so no one could see him.

After the ride, Izuku was rushed into what looked like a fancy apartment building. He was surrounded by large bodyguards making it impossible for anyone to see him.

He was brought into the elevator and was brought up to one of the higher floors.

After about a minute of riding in the elevator, they had arrived.

The apartment of Hisashi Midoriya was not what you thought when you pictured an apartment. The whole place was huge and fancy looking. It looked like the typical place any business person would live.

At any other time if you told Izuku he would be seeing his father he would be infuriated. He had always hated his father for abandoning his mother. But now he just felt so...numb.

The man himself walked in.

"Izuku." He said with fake excitement. "Come in, come in. Guards your free to go."

The guards left but Izuku stayed where he was. Staring at the ground.

Hisashi sighed and dropped the act. "You're already fucked in the head huh?"

Izuku said nothing and Hisashi slicked back his hair in frustration.

"Alright let's talk." He said.

Hisashi brought Izuku into his office and sat him down in front of his desk.

"So," Hisashi said sitting down. "I'm going to get the point. You don't like me do you."

Izuku said nothing. He just looked up at his father. And the look in his eyes gave Hisashi his answer.

"Alright then, well then it's a good thing you won't have to deal with me for long," Hisashi said. "You see having a quirkless son might cause some...complications for my company. So to get rid of those complications I have an offer for you."

Izuku showed slight interest.

"You see sending you to an orphanage or just simply abandoning you would cause even more complications if anyone found out about you. So the offer is I will give you as much money as you need to do, whatever it is you want, go anywhere you want." Hisashi continued. "The only thing we need from you is to make sure no one finds out about you being my son."

"Deal," Izuku said instantly. As long as he got to be away from his father.

Hisashi smiled. "Good, good. Well, a few things. First, take this."

He handed Izuku a phone.

"This will be your way of contacting me." He said. "It has a tracking device and will notify me if it gets destroyed so I can give you a replacement. Next up take this."

He gave Izuku a card. "This will give you all the money you need. And lastly. We need to change your name."

Izuku's gave him a confused look.

"You can't have any connection to me. Whatsoever. So we need to give you a fake name." Hisashi said.

There was a pause then Izuku said.

"Komori, Deku." He said.

Hisashi gave him a confused look but just shrugged. He honestly didn't care what he called himself, so long as he was out of his hands.

"Well, I think that's all. Any place you want to go in particular?" Hisashi asked.

Instinctively Izuku wanted to say home. But then the image of his mother's body on the floor flashed in his mind. He couldn't go back there.

Tears started trailing down Izuku's face as he realized he couldn't go home. He couldn't see his mother again. The life he knew was over.

"Uhhhh." Hisashi had no idea what to do here. "Why don't you sleep on it. If I could make a recommendation then why not Tibet? You can go there and get in touch with your emotions, learn kung fu or whatever. You can look up places on your phone. Go to your room and you'll leave tomorrow ok."

Hisashi brought Izuku to his temporary room and Izuku laid down on the bed.

Later that night

"AHHHHH!" Izuku yelled as he jolted up.

Another nightmare. A dream filled with nothing but his mother's body, the sound of the gun, and Bolt's face.

Izuku's thoughts lingered on that face. He had felt many things since his mother's death. Denial, sadness, self-loathing. But now as he pictured the face of the man who killed his mother, he felt something else. Something new.


Never before had he ever hated a person. Never before has he wanted to hurt someone. Never before had he lamented his weakness so much.

"AHHHHHH!" Izuku yelled, this time not in sadness but rage.

"WHY!" He yelled as he cried. "Why would a hero-Why would a hero do this!"

Hero. Suddenly that word felt so wrong.

Heroes were supposed to help people, save people. They were supposed to be good people!

But that man...that monster. Was not a hero! No matter what test he took or license he had. That man was not, nor would he ever be a hero.

Rage filled Izuku. And yet no one believed him. He told them who did it! But they didn't believe him!

The feeling of being powerless was not new to Izuku. He felt it every day. But never before had it felt so suffocating, so overwhelming that it made Izuku want to break something.

"WHY! Why did I have to be quirkless!" Izuku screamed.

He couldn't do a thing. He couldn't fight back, no one believed him and he had no one who would back him up.

He couldn't stop Bolt from getting away with this.

There was a long period of silence as that information sunk in.

"No," Izuku whispered. "I won't let him. I won't let him win! I'll stop him! Somehow!"

With newfound determination, forged by his fury. Izuku made a promise.

"Mom! I swear! I swear I'll make him pay!"

The next day.

"Hey, sport!" Hisashi says with his fake smiled. "Did you find out where you want to go?"

"Tibet," Izuku answered instantly.

"Oh," Hisashi said, surprised by how sudden the answer was. "Well I'll get the plane ready and you'll be on your way."

Izuku said nothing. He was to busy planning in his head. He was going to take down Bolt as anyone else who abused the title of hero and villains too !. He would be a hero! But not a pro-hero that title had been stained forever in his mind. He would be a hero like the ones in the comics! The hero the world needed.

And so he decided he would train his body and mind in every way possible! He would travel the world and learn from all the places he could. Starting with Tibet.

11 years later

Eleven long years had passed for Izuku.

Years of agonizing training, miraculous wonders and long periods of study.

And now Izuku stood at another airport, ready to travel to his next destination to train.

Then his phone rang.

Instantly Izuku answered. He knew it wasn't his father because his father never called him, so for him to receive a call from this phone, means something must have happened.

"Hello are you Hisashi's son." said a man Izuku didn't know.

"Who is this?" Izuku asked curtly.

"I am the new CEO of the company." The man said. "I'm sorry to say that your father had passed."

Damn it! Izuku thought. He still didn't like his father but he no longer hated him. After all, he did supply him with the funds for his training. But without him, he would no longer be able to continue his training or acquire the gadgets and supplies he needed. Looks like he would have to go with plan B.

"However good news he did leave you a large sum of money in his will." The man said.

Izuku's eyes widened. He hadn't expected his father to leave him anything, let alone a bunch of cash. Perhaps he would need to pay some respect to his father after all.

"However as for your deal, as you can expect, I won't be giving you any money to continue doing whatever you want. The money had been transferred to your card. Have a nice day."

The man hung up.

Izuku sighed with relief. While this situation wasn't favorable it was far from the worst-case scenario.

Still, I don't have unlimited money anymore. Izuku thought. I suppose my training is done then. It's time to go home.

A few months later

Finally, it was built.

Midoriya Manor.

Izuku had stopped using his fake name, as his father was dead and the deal was off.

The Manor was a large four-story manor that looked like your typical rich person mansion.

However, the place was secretly covered in all sorts of defenses. Turrets filled with tranquilizers hidden in the plants. Scanners for motion, heat and more all over the place. All the doors and windows could be fortified and covered by layers of steel at any moment.

Izuku walked through his new Manor. It had cost a quarter of what his father left him but he needed a well-fortified base of operations and while this wasn't necessarily it, it would do until he figured out how to develop his real base.

Walking into his study the whole place was lined with bookshelves. In the center was a circular carpet, right in front of his desk.

It's finally time. Izuku thought.

He pulled on a book in one of his shelves, and then the carpet opened up.

The center circle of the carpet rose and revealed his armor. His Batsuit.

When Izuku was thinking of what to call himself he decided he would theme himself after a bat. He was already trying to show he wasn't worthless so why not do it dressed as the thing he'd been mocked about. After all, Izuku was a fan of irony.

Izuku suited up and put on the cowl.

"Computer. Review what we know about the target." Izuku said.

"Target is the Pirana." The computer says. "A pro-hero that has secretly committing cannibalism. Eating innocent citizens at the docks on Saturdays and using the water to hide their bodies."

Izuku had been investigating the Pirana in the last few weeks. He was discovering evidence on Bolt when he stumbled across a lead that led him to the Pirana's crimes. He would have liked to take down Bolt first but he needed more evidence.

He looked in his utility belt to make sure he still had the flash drive containing the evidence that would convict the quote on quote hero.

Alright, time to go. Izuku thought. I need to make it before he eats someone else.

Later at the Doc's.

"HELP!" A woman cried.

She was running away, her leg bleeding, from the Pirana.

Eventually, she made a wrong turn and was backed up against a shipping container.

"Don't run. You'll only make this take longer." Pirana said.

Pirana was a large, bulky man with gills on his neck and razor-sharp teeth and he had nothing on but a pair of wet pants.

"Please. You're supposed to be a hero! How can you do this?!" The women screamed.

The Pirana smiled. "Like this!"

He lunged at her and the woman closed her eyes and prepared for death.

But it never came.

"What the?!" The Pirana yelled.

The woman opened her eyes to see that there was some kind of rope wrapped around the Pirana.

They both looked back to see Izuku in his armor was holding a grapple gun.

The Pirana struggled against the rope and Izuku struggled to keep his footing.

"You think you can hold me!" The Pirana yelled!

"I don't need to," Izuku said.

He pushed a button on his grapple gun which sent an electric shock through the metal rope.

"GAHHHH!" The Pirana screamed as he was electrocuted.

Izuku took his hand off the button and the shock ceased.

The Pirana fell to the ground. Knocked out.

The women gasped. Tears of joy coming from her eyes as she limped to her savior. "Thank you! Thank you so much!"

"Your leg," Izuku said. "It's injured."

The woman looked down at her leg which had a bite mark from the Pirana. "He surprised me. I managed to get away but if you hadn't come-"

"I should have come sooner," Izuku said as he pulled out some medical supplies from his utility belt. "If I had you wouldn't have been injured."

Izuku disinfected and bandaged her leg before putting the supplies back in his belt.

"The police will be here soon." He said. "When they come I need you to do three things."

The women nodded.

"First tell them he attacked me first," Izuku said. "I don't have time to explain why just please do it."

"Ok." The women said.

"Secondly make sure to tell them I used this," Izuku said pointing to his grapple gun. "You don't need to know what it is, just make sure they know it wasn't a quirk."

"Ok." The woman said.

"Lastly give them this." Izuku handed her the flash drive. "This has all the evidence needed to put this disgrace away for the rest of his life if what happened tonight wasn't enough."

"Yes, sir!" She said as she held the drive close to her.

"Thank you. Goodnight." With that Izuku walked away and aimed his grapple gun at one of the cranes.

"W-wait!" The women said.

Izuku turned his head. "What?"

"Who...who are you?" The women asked.

"You can call me...Batman." And with that Izuku fired the grappled and rocketed off into the night, with a smile on his face.

He had done it. He had saved someone and put a villain in jail.

Tonight was the beginning. Now all those who lurked in the shadows underneath the notice of most heroes, would face the Batman!

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