Achilles Heel

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Chapter 05 – Aliens on Earth

January 1952

The completion of the deception operation onboard the freight Achilles is completed and after everything is confirmed to be accurate the news of the recovery and 'investigation. is released. The story 'U-Boat Destroys American Freighter Before Pearl Harbour Attack' make headlines throughout the United States. Investigators sent from the states quickly confirm the findings and the bodies of the crew are returned for burial. This would provide closure for the Mitchell family in particular their eldest son. Whose father had been to captain of the Achilles when the vessel disappeared.

All crew are buried with full military honours.

During final water tank pressurization testing of the de Havilland DH 106 Comet the body of the aircraft fails catastrophically. The cause of which is eventually identified as metal fatigue caused by improper riveting with dangerous concentrations occurring near the square windows. As a result the aircraft was extensively redesigned with Oval windows, structural reinforcements and other changes. The delay doesn't effect sales all that much and initial orders are for three hundred aircraft.

In addition the Royal Air Force shows interest in developing a military version of the jetliner. This would become the Hawker Siddeley Nimrod which would be adapted into a number of versions covering a variety of roles. Including Airborne Early Warning, Airborne Command and Control Relay, Airborne Refuelling Tanker and Signals Intelligence Craft. Like with other British military products these would be widely exported.

MI5 who had been asked to find if there had been any traces of a Goa'uld on earth stumble across something surprising.

Atomic Energy Authority (AEA)

With the coming test with the United Kingdoms first Nuclear Weapon the government establishes the Atomic Energy Authority. The goal of this organisation is to study nuclear power and further ensure Britain's energy independence. The first task is to build Britain's first civilian nuclear power plant.

This AEA will study the various methods of generating nuclear power. These include methods of safely naturalising a Nuclear Reaction to prevent a possible meltdown. As part of this program the AEA will study two different types of possible sources of fuel for these reactors Uranium 235 and Thorium. In order to better understand the different fuel sources the construction of two test reactors are ordered.

This will begin the United Kingdoms love affair with Nuclear Power with a goal for nuclear energy to eventually supply eighty to ninety percent of the countries electrical power. The remaining is set to be taken care by Coal Power Planets though this will eventually be changed to Oil powered plants after the Great Smog of London in December 1952.

Base Camp


Desert Planet

January 15th 1952

If there was one thing that surprised Colonel McKay during the past few months was the fact that. Despite the known presence of domesticated animals not one person had come near the pyramid. If the pyramid was a religious structure like Doctor Littlefield had claimed and indeed was supported by the evidence. Then surely somebody would have come here during the time here. But nobody had. Upon further examination it appeared that the last time the pyramid had been used in that function had been at least twenty years ago.

They had sent a small scouting unit ahead and discovered a rather large Egyptian town. Days of reconnaissance had revealed that the population was around twenty thousand. What these people where doing here confused them until the recon party had followed a group heading out of the town and discovered a vast open cast mine. Though it was what they where mining that had gotten the most interest a dark brown metallic substance. Several samples of this material had been retrieved and upon testing had revealed some that it had some remarkable properties.

For one thing the metal was incredibly dense and after analysis was confirmed to be the same metal that the stargate was made out of. Further experiments had revealed that the metal greatly amplified the energy of any reaction that it was added to. This naturally attracted significant interest with the upcoming Operation Hurricane. The test of the first British Nuclear Weapon. With the test scheduled for October 1952 and construction of the Bomb well underway. It was decided to construct a second bomb of the same size in order to get an idea of how much the unknown material amplified the ten megaton nuclear reaction. This second test was to take place four days after the first.

Shaking his head he decided to go for a walk. Walking around it continued to amaze him how much the pyramid had changed in the few months he had been here. Where there had been empty rooms now sat barracks for the men and a fully functional galley. Sure it had been weird adapting to the twenty eight hour day but everybody had done so with varying degrees of success. Though as he had to travel once every month back through the gate to report he had been getting what he termed 'Gatelag'.

Deciding to get some breakfast he headed towards the galley. Passing by several marines who saluted him as he went by he entered the galley. The galley itself remained him of that which would be found on a warship. Keep forgetting where they got the equipment he thought as he remembered that all this equipment came from scrapped vessels. Walking up to the counter the cook said "Hello sir what can I get you today".

The Colonel smiled before saying "Can you get me a cup of tea and a Full English breakfast please".

"Certainly sir please sit down and it will be brought to you" the cook replied. If there was one thing he liked about this posting it was the lunch service. In an effort to make staying on another planet full time more comfortable the navy had installed several things that ordinarily wouldn't be found in any other facility. This included the galley which though being built in military style operated like a civilian restaurant. That included the full range of food choices which the Colonel was taking full advantage of. Though there where a number of differences which became apparent as he sat at the metal table. The table itself was thicker than normal as it was made of recycled armoured plate. This was to provide cover should the pyramid come under attack. In addition groves in the metal floor indicated where the flipped over table could be locked in place.

Soon the waiter walked over "Here is your meal sir" placing it neatly in front of him.

"Thank you" he replied and the waiter returned to the kitchen. Taking a drink of his steaming hot tea he tucked in to the delicious breakfast. Twenty minutes later he was finishing when Major David Hewlett head of the Royal Marines Combat Engineers team assigned to the pyramid came over saluting. "Sir".

Looking up as the waiter returned to take away the used dishes he said "At Ease. Why don't you sit down" indicating the seat on the opposite side of the table. As the major sat down he said "So how goes the final excavation".

"Very well sir. Estimates place completion of the removal of all rocks from the final passageway for two days time" the major replied.

Smiling he said "Excellent however I sense that that isn't the only reason you came over here".

"That is correct sir. We just received word from command. You and SG's 01, 02, 03 and 04 are ordered to return to earth for an operation" Major Hewlett replied.

Raising an eyebrow slightly confused he said "Very well I will be there as soon as possible". As part of the effort to increase efficiency a number of name changes had been adopted including the shortening of Imperial Stargate Teams to just SG teams and the adoption of the Dial-Home-Device or DHD as the official name for the pedestal. Finishing his teas he got up tucked his chair in and headed to the barracks.

A short walk later and he was entering the barracks. If one didn't know where they where one could mistake it for something they could find on earth. Four lines of bunk beds lined the room as he made his way over to the recreation area. Entering the room he saw the members of his team and SG-2 playing a card game while SG-3 was chatting in the corner. Noticing him enter one of the marines said "OFFICER ON DECK!".

Replying "At ease" before everybody good get up he said "Alright guys we have to do gather your gear we have a job to do". Finishing the men saluted before moving putting their jackets on and going to the equipment lockers.

Five minutes later everyone had there gear and was assembled in the gate room. Seeing that everything was ready the Colonel said "Lets go" before the gate activated and everybody had stepped through.

Briefing Room, Naval Headquarters

Scapa Flow, Scotland

United Kingdom

January 15th 1952

When they had been gone through the gate they had been told to hand in their equipment and that they would be issued new equipment in its stead. The teams where soon in the briefing room at naval headquarters waiting for whoever would conduct the briefing. So the Colonel was surprised to see Captain now Commodore Hood if going by the pins enter the room. "Ah, Colonel good to see you again" he said smiling and holding out his hand.

Standing up he shook his hand "Good to see you to sir. Congratulations on the promotion" he said.

After shaking his hand the Commodore took the seat at the head of the table "Please seat".

When everybody had sat down he continued "To those who don't know I am Commodore James Hood. I was recently appointed by Admiral Vian to the position of head of the Royal Naval Research and Development Institute. Which means I am now head of the Imperial Stargate Program. Now I imagine that your are wondering why you are here today".

Seeing the room nod he continued "When Doctor Littlefield uncovered the Book of Ra we gave both MI-5 and 6 the task of searching for any evidence of a Goa'uld being on earth. We didn't expect to find anything however researching for cults we came across this" he finished. Then he turned to the aide who dimmed the lights and turned on the projector on.

"Now as you might imagine everything we found indicated that most Goa'uld worship died out by at the very latest 500BC. This included nearly all of the Goa'uld listed in the Book however one stood out" he trailed of and the aide placed an image of a symbol.

"That's the symbol of Setesh" Doctor Littlefield muttered before realising he had spoken what he was thinking out-loud. It was quite comical watching his calm expression change into a sheepish one.

Commodore Hood simply directed a look before saying "You are indeed correct doctor. That is indeed the symbol for Setesh" pausing long enough for Ernest to start to sink into his chair he continued. "We bring it up because out of all the Goa'uld system lords this is one that simply wouldn't vanish. We tracked variations of the Cult of Setesh all the way through history with each cult usually ending in a violent manner like most cults with a massacre. Now MI-5 have been able to locate where the latest incarnation of this cult is residing" he paused allowing the aide to display a picture of a walled manor house.

"The following are images that a MI-5 team managed to take on a reconnaissance mission" and the aide started to display a series of images showing weapon emplacements. "As you can see these cultists are heavily armed however that by itself doesn't prove that a Goa'uld is present. But I think that these do" as the aide placed a zoomed in picture on the guards.

Which clearly showed serpent side arms on their belts.

"As you can see the presence of the serpent side arms are the final clincher. I and command agree the chance to acquire a Goa'uld. Without exposing ourselves to them is far to big to ignore. Gentlemen you mission is to capture Setesh alive and bring him back for interrogation. Even if his information is out of date his knowledge of how their technology works has been deemed crucial for our survival" the Commodore said before saying "Do you have any questions".

It was Colonel McKay who spoke up "Do we have any idea of the opposition we will have to face".

"We asked the Royal Navy to do conduct an aerial reconnaissance mission using a Canberra Recon Craft. These are the photos it took" he finished before the agent displayed a black and white photo of the manor house with a series of circles marked on it. "This circles mark the positions of what have been identified as .50cal anti aircraft cannons. As you can see there are four cannons I an even spread around the house. In addition further recon conducted by MI-5 has revealed that a significant surplus world war two era weapons. Honestly there are far to many for me to go through all of them now but we do know that he possesses a number of Bren and MG34 Machine Guns. The full list of what we identified will be given to you. Full blueprints of the mansion are available for you in the folders. The planning of the raid itself is up to you Colonel".

After a few moments he heard a whistle coming from the commander of SG-3. Before he said "Do these people know the meaning of the word overkill". Looking at the list he couldn't help but agree.

Turning to the Commodore he asked "Do we have an image of the target".

The Commodore said "Yes" before turning to the aide who seemed to get the message and placed the photo of a forty year old man on the projector.

"Any further questions" seeing everybody shake there heads he said "Good report to Warehouse 42. I believe Professor Cormac has some new gear for you. After that you are to go to the airstrip where a plane will be waiting to take you to there. Once on the ground you will meet up with MI-5 personnel already on site. They can give you a more up to date briefing dismissed".

RAF Colerne

Wilshire, Southern England

United Kingdom

January 15th 1952

Five hours later and the transport plane containing the three SG teams was about to touch down at RAF Colerne. Looking to the side he saw the new EM-2R rifles that had been given to them by the Professor. While there wasn't many differences the main was that it was modelled after the new EM-2. As it was the newest model it featured the new rail system for additional attachments. Which at present was occupied by a stripped down version of the serpent side arm.

Over the past eight months the scientists had been trying to understand how it worked. It was determined that the weapon functioned by sending an electrical pulse that on first shot stunned the target with the second shot proving fatal. They had with some trial and error managed to reconfigure the weapon into a more useful form. The trigger for the weapon sat further down from the main trigger.

At least it will make this operation easier he thought. Before he could think on it any further the pilots voice came over the intercom. "This is the captain. All passengers please fasten your restraints and prepare for landing".

"Alright people you heard the captain" as the men fastened their restraints he looked out the window as the plane began to descend. Seeing the plane get lower and lower he braced himself before with a hard thud the plane touched down on the runway. Before slowly taxing to the hanger.

With a jolt the plane stopped and the colonel could here the sound of the engines shutting down. Then hearing the bolts for the cockpit hatch he looked up just in time to see it open and the pilot say "Hope you folks have had a pleasant flight" before opening the side door and Jonathan exited first. Looking around he could see a number of Hawker Hunters and at the hanger entrance three Land Rovers in British Army Green. With a man in a army uniform standing next to the middle one.

Hearing somebody groan he turned back around to see Lieutenant Snyder looking rather unsteady as he got out of the plane. Smirking he said "Something wrong nancy" to which the Lieutenant responded with "I hate flying".

Chuckling he said "Lets go" turned back around and headed towards the agent. Upon reaching the area the agent asked "Colonel McKay?".

Handing him his ID he said "That's correct".

To which the agent seemed satisfied as he handed the ID back and said "You may refer to me as Agent Smith I will be the liaison between your unit and MI-5. If you have any questions just ask".

Jonathan nodded before saying "Any change in activity".

"None at present. Guards regularly patrol the manor house in teams of two. There is a brief gap during the changing of the guard but this isn't for very long. Only a couple of minutes at most before the next shift takes over" the agent replied.

"Do you have a clearer idea of how many people we are facing"

"While we can't give an accurate assessment we believe that there are close to fifty people within the manor itself this includes the guards. Although we believe that all of them have been brainwashed and will defend their 'God' fanatically to the death. We don't know how it was done but by what we can gather from accounts of ex members. It was done extremely quickly which is highly disturbing to the intelligence community. We understand if it isn't possible but could you whilst you are inside find out how it was done. It may help us find a defence for it" the agent replied.

Sure like a defence is all you want he thought with a scowl. But he didn't let his thoughts show as he naturally replied "I will see what I can do but the target takes priority".

Agent Smith didn't seem to be effected as he said "Understood". Before the team piled into the Land Rovers and they set off. For the next forty minutes the teams drove in silence before finally arriving at the edge of a wooded area.

"This is as far as I can take you without being spotted. The manor is three miles away through those woods" the agent said as the teams disembarked from the three cars before getting out himself. Walking over to the hood of the he pulled out a map of the manor before the team commanders joined him.

"Now MI-5 recon units have been able to make a concealed entrance here" he said indicating a position on the map. "We have also been able to locate an escape tunnel here. We have been able to track this tunnel and it leads all the way to a ladder that should provide covert access to the building. That was all we had been able to find out without tipping off the cultists. We have multiple agents surrounding the manor in sniper positions and they are available to you should you need to use them. Their radio frequency is noted down on this" he paused passing a slip of paper to Jonathan "I am afraid that is all the help I can give you. Good luck gentlemen" he finished before the agent got back into the car and along with the other two drivers drove off.

"Alright people you know the drill. I want SG's two, three and four to assault the manor from three directions on the surface while my team SG one will go in via the escape tunnel". Checking his watch he continued "We have three hours till sunset so we will make the assault under the cover of darkness. All team members have two Goa'uld shock grenades so use them wisely. And remember they are loud so only use them if you have to. Let's move" he finished.

And as one the sixteen strong group made their way into woods.

Woods near Target House

Wiltshire, Southern England

United Kingdom

January 15th 1952

The sun had set an hour ago and the moon had just risen. All teams had managed to get into position more than half an hour ago. Disguised in ghillie suits they where lying in wait for the next change in the guard. The silence was something that always unnerved Jonathan and remained him of his activities in Normandy blowing up supply depots. Clearing his head he checked the watch Only a few minutes left.

Pressing the button on his radio he whispered "All teams prepare to move in". As the time got closer he tapped the transmit button two times the signal to get ready. Seeing the guards begin to walk inside he pressed the button a final time.

The operation had begun.

Using hand signals them teams moved silently with SG-1 quickly reaching the concealed escape tunnel and climbing down the ladder. The colonel was the first in sweeping the empty corridor before the rest of the team followed him down. With the team together they moved silently down the corridor passing by several store rooms. Before they reached the end of the tunnel which looked like a grain silo with a hatch at the end and an circular indentation in the floor.

Taking a look at it Lieutenant Snyder whispered "This is exactly like the one we found on the desert planet".

Jonathan looked at him before replying "I think this confirms our theory. Lieutenant Armstrong stand guard here". Before opening the hatch and ascending the ladder being careful not to make any noise. Reaching the top the colonel pushed open the hatch emerging into what looked like a store room. Looking around he could easily see the more serpent side arms and shock grenades.

Trying the door handle and finding that it refused to budge Jonathan whispered "It's locked".

"Let me" Lieutenant Snyder replied as he pulled a long metal paper clip which he bent into a straight line and proceeded to pick the lock. A few moments later there was a click as the lock disconnected.

"Alright everybody get ready" Jonathan whispered before he pressed the button on the radio a final time. Before gently opening the door and moving inside.

Outside the other teams commenced the assault and the MI-5 snipers quickly eliminated the four guards manning the fifty cal's. The teams advanced quickly and silently using their secondary weapons to knock out the guards on the outside. Before entering the manor themselves.

Inside the SG1 continued to move silently through the manor making their way towards the master bedroom eliminating guards as they went. Meeting SG2 as they made their way up the stairs from the ground floor they silently joined them sweeping the rooms of the first floor. After rounding the corner the team arrived at the master bedroom. Lining up on either side of the door Jonathan slowly turned the handle and pushed the door open.

Quietly entering the room and seeing the target sleeping peacefully he raised his rifle and fired a stun pulse. "Clear" he said no longer bothering to whisper and walked over to search the target. Finding some kind of golden bracelet he removed it before securing the target.

Unplugging his radio he said "All teams target is secure. I repeat target is secure. Report your status".

"This is SG2 were clear".

"This is SG3 all targets subdued".

"This is SG4 all targets subdued though we had to use the grenades".

Hearing this the colonel smiled before he switched frequency on his radio and said "This is Colonel McKay mission accomplished. Requesting Evac".

"Evac request acknowledged Colonel ETA four minutes" came the reply from agent smith. As they bound the survivors and made them ready for transport the colonel had one thought running through his head.

Mission Accomplished

Interrogation Room

Naval Intelligence Headquarters, Scapa Flow

Scotland, United Kingdom

January 16th 1952

Rousing of unconsciousness Seth immediately knew something was wrong. For one thing he had been expecting to wake up in a comfortable silk lined bed. Instead what greeted him was the feeling of cold hard metal. The second thing he noticed was that he was sat up right. Attempting to move his arms he found that they where bound together which it also seemed to apply to his legs.

Opening his eyes he looked around and found that he was in a barren room with a glass window on his left. Immediately he started pulling against his restrains attempting to use his superior strength to break them however this proved futile as they failed to break. Hearing a buzzing sound he looked over to the door in time to see the red light turn green as the door opened revealing a white man dressed in a suit and tie.

"RELEASE ME!" he shouted "NOW" as he once again pulled against the restrains trying to stand up. The however man didn't appear to be affected and calmly walked over and sat down in the opposite him.

"You are in no position to negotiate" the unknown man said.


The man snorted before he started laughing As the man slowly stopped laughing "Sorry haven't heard such a good joke in a long time. You are no god. In fact you are nothing more than a parasite". Upon hearing his response The utter nerve Seth thought. Though he was rather surprised that is man knew his true nature he couldn't let this upstart know that. Seeing that this was going nowhere he merely growled and sat back down in the chair.

Seeing this the man seemed to smile "Now that you have calmed down we can get to business".

"What do you want" Seth asked.

"Here is the deal. You will tell us everything you know about the Goa'uld. Their planets, technology and tactics and how to duplicate that technology".

"And why would I agree to this 'Deal'" he replied.

"Because either you co-operate with us or you will deal with Ra. And I doubt that he will be as forgiving the us".

All attempts at concealing his emotions failed at that point. He was keenly aware of what Ra would do to him after thousands of years. His vengeance wouldn't be swift or gentle.

"What do I get out of this deal".

The man smiled "Simple you will still be confined to this facility however you will be allowed some freedom of movement although you will be guard at all times. You will get some luxuries and access to information from the outside world. Simply put you will be treated like a prisoner of war. Should you refuse well you know the alternative".

Seeing he had no choice he said "Very well I accept your deal".


With Seth's cooperation assured a number of new discoveries are made. His first contribution the technical blueprints for the Ma'tok staff weapon and the Zat'nik'tel side arm. However his most interesting revelation is the uses of the material known as Naquadah.

Naquadah is a very stable super-dense material and the cornerstone of all Goa'uld technology. The metal has many uses thanks to its superconductive properties and ability to be used in power generation. This is thanks to the materials ability to store and amplify energy. Not only that but it can be used as a power source. This makes the scientists get extremely excited as the uses for this material are practically limitless. With this information at hand the decision is made to contact the locals and see if they can gain control of the Naquadah mine.

The locals of the town now known to Nagada prove to be extremely friendly and think that they are in service of Ra. The teams make no effort to correct this assumption as they didn't want anybody to discover who they where should he return. Thankfully the last time he visited seemed have been two years ago with him appearing every twenty years. With control over the town established technical experts move in and begin to improve the infrastructure in particular its water and establish a hospital. At the mine the workers are introduced to modern mining techniques.

A steady stream of raw Naquadah is now coming through the gate. Until the refinery is completed on the Isle of Mull the material will begin to be stockpiled in a guarded warehouse.

In addition a number of artefacts are recovered from Seth's compound. After evaluations it is discovered that the recovered cultists are now completely free from the brainwashing. When asked how this was possible Seth reluctantly reveals that the substance he used is known as Nish'ta. It is a biological compound that when absorbed into the blood stream makes the victims mind extremely pliable allowing the user to implant any suggestion in the victims mind. It can be countered by using an electrical discharge he then writes down the chemical formula and how to create the compound.

This is put into immediate effect by MI-5 who successfully manage to kidnap Kim Philby who the knew had been operating as a Russian spy. Thanks to the use of Nish'ta he willing gives them all the information they need to round up further spy's. Within two weeks the partially rebuilt Russian spy network is completely under the control of MI-5. Who will go on to use it great effect throughout the Cold War.

The final tally of the operation is another one hundred and fifty Ma'tok's and seventy Zat'nik'tel's are recovered. Along with Seth's Hand Device, over a half a billion pounds in American Dollars and the same in gold bullion. This is immediately used to pay off a third of the debt to US. When asked about how they came across it they simply explain that they are seized assets from a cult that was attempting to orchestrate a communist revolution.

This explanation satisfies the US government although President Truman worries that his leverage over the UK government is slipping. With the war debt owed to the US now down to one point seven billion dollars and the upcoming atom bomb test he will soon lose this leverage.

Just before the end of the month the engineers on Abydos finally manage to breakthrough the passageway to find that the room is filled with sand. It is estimated that it will take the remainder of the year to clear it.


With the threat of the Goa'uld and the composition of their fleet clear. It becomes clear to the Ministry of War that the current plans for the 'V' bomber force that was supposed to carry the United Kingdoms nuclear deterrent are far to vulnerable to orbital strike. Therefore the decision is made to switch to a submarine based deterrent as it prevents the loss of strike capability in a single blow.

In order to accommodate this two new designs for a Naquadah powered submarine are submitted. Nuclear power was considered but a Naquadah reactor would not only be more powerful but far more compact than its Nuclear equivalent. The first of these designs is that of a Fast-Attack Submarine. Named the Type 01 Dreadnought-Class it would be the first of a new hull design. At a length on 110 metres and with a displacement of 6,500 tonnes they would be able to travel at 35 knots on the surface and 27 knots submerged. An armament of eight 21 inch torpedo tubes and eight vertical launch tubes would complete the submarine.

The second submarine would be entirely based around its ability to deliver its weapons onto the target. As such the Type 02 Conqueror-Class Ballistic Missile Submarine would be equipped with two 21 torpedo tubes and twenty four vertical launch tubes. At a length of 170 metres and a displacement of 16,500 tonnes they would be the largest submarines in the world.

In addition a new submarine launched missile would be designed that would be able to engage targets in orbit. This missile was named Trident and was secluded to be ready for testing in four years time. These would be funded by a reduction in the 'V' bomber force. The planes themselves would be used for other tasks. The Vickers Valiant would be converted for Aerial Refuelling and Reconnaissance.

King George the Sixth dies of Lung Cancer aged fifty six and the country goes into morning. His daughter Princess Elizabeth receives the news while in Kenya and quickly returns home with her husband Prince Phillip. She will be crowned as Queen Elizabeth the Second on the 2nd of June 1953. it is also decided by the cabinet that they will inform her of the existence of the stargate and Imperial Stargate Operations sometime after the coronation.


Operation Hurricane the detonation of the United Kingdoms first nuclear bomb takes place on the 2nd of October. The ten megaton nuclear explosion announces Britain's presence as the worlds third nuclear power.

The test of the Naquadah enhanced nuclear bomb takes place on October 4th. The bomb contain only five grams of Naquadah explodes with the force of a thirty megaton bomb becoming the largest nuclear explosion in history. The fireball rose to more than 600 feat high and could be seen over 500 miles away. The size of the explosion would nearly prove fatal to the crew of the Cruiser HMS Blake which was assigned as a monitoring ship.

The US was surprised at the wield of the weapon as it was far larger than the planned ten megaton hydrogen bomb test in November. As such the government requests information as to how this was accomplished. But this is rebuffed as a mater of national security.

This is something of a snub as the US had used the same excuse to renege of the Quebec Agreement. Officially this is excepted though begrudgingly by the US Government who could go on to detonate 'George' the first Hydrogen Bomb. Though unlike the UK device this wouldn't be deployable until years later and was far smaller. Never the less Winston Churchill orders that a British Hydrogen Bomb would be built and detonated by 1957. it would remain the largest nuclear blast until the test of Russian 'Tsar Bomba' which had a wield of fifty megatons.

Both of these would be dropped by the Vickers Valiant part of the three 'V' bombers and would be the only one to perform its intended role before the redesign. Work begins on minimising the warhead for use on 'Trident'.

This incident would prompt the USSR to send more spy's to Britain to attempt to find out out it was accomplished. However thanks to the use of Nish'ta this would prove to be a failure with the returning spy's setting up the British Spy Ring within the country. In particular they where to focus on the Soviet Space Program.