It was late in the early hours of Friday morning when Olivia was woken by the sound of her mobile ringing. She rolled over and grabbed the phone quickly, answering it before the noise woke Noah.

"Benson," she said softly.

"Hello, is this Olivia Benson?" a woman's voice asked softly.

"Yes, how can I help you?" Olivia asked looking over at the time and frowning when she saw that it was a little after 4 am.

"Olivia, my name is Susan Hopkins, I'm a nurse at Mount Sinai and I'm afraid a Mr John Munch has been brought in following a major cardiac incident. I spoke to him briefly and he asked me not to call anyone...but I found your number on some of his old records as an emergency contact, and well I…"

Olivia was already up and tugging on her clothes, holding the phone against her ear as she listened to the woman talk.

"'m glad you called. Munch…I mean John and I were colleagues and friends for a long time. I'll be there as soon as I can, I just need to find someone to look after my son."

"Of course, Ms Benson. I'm so pleased. I hope you understand that I'm taking a little bit of a risk calling you like this...without the patient's permission…but I could see from his records that he was a cop and I couldn't bear not calling anyone."

Olivia nodded, understanding the woman's concern, "I'm a police lieutenant, Nurse Hopkins, so you don't need to worry about this swinging back on you, even if Munch does make a fuss."

She could hear the smile in the nurse's voice when she replied, "Thank you, Ms Benson…I mean, Lieutenant."

"Olivia is fine…and I'll be there as soon as I can…"

Olivia said goodbye, hung up and then stared at her phone. She couldn't phone Lucy at this hour, Fin would need to come with her to the hospital, Rollins had Jessie…

She smiled and rolled her eyes - thinking of the cliché about friends who you can call when you have an emergency in the middle of the night. She scrolled through her phone, pressed call and waited.

"Barba," his voice sounded rough and half asleep, which was to be expected at a little after 4 am in the morning.

"Hi, Rafael, I'm so sorry to call you at this time - it's Olivia."

"What's wrong?" He asked urgently, she could tell he'd sat up quickly in bed.

"Munch has had a heart attack. He's at Mount Sinai…" Olivia explained succinctly, "...I'm going to ring Fin, but I need…can you…?"

She could hear Barba already moving around in his apartment, "You need me to come to watch Noah?"

"You don't mind?" Olivia asked guiltily.

"Hey, it's clearly an emergency…we're friends aren't we?" Barba said with a softness in his voice that she'd only ever heard him use for her.

"Thanks, Rafael…" She whispered.

Half-an-hour later, Barba arrived at her place in jeans and a pullover - looking less 'ADA Barba' than Olivia had ever seen him.

"I'm so grateful," Olivia said as she opened the door and showed him through. "School starts at nine, he knows what he has for breakfast…any problems just call me."

Barba nodded his head, "I think we're fairly capable men...your son and I…we'll be fine."

The front door, which had not been fully closed, swung open and Fin stepped inside. "Liv?" He called quietly and then looked surprised when he saw the ADA, he smiled and nodded, "Barba..."

"I called Rafael to look after Noah," Olivia explained and then grabbed a bag from the kitchen counter as she rushed to the door. She stopped for a second in front of Barba, "Thanks again, really just call me if…"

Barba shook his head, "I know how much he means to you, go. I promise we'll figure everything out."

Olivia nodded gratefully then rushed out of the door with Fin following not far behind her.

They arrived at the hospital and walked straight toward the desk.

"John Munch," Olivia said quickly to the man sat behind the computer and then felt a chill down her spine when she heard a very familiar voice behind her.

"They just took him down to surgery…"

Fin spun around and looked as shocked as Olivia felt. Then he gasped, "Stabler?!"